July 4, 2013

Broncos Record with Pat Bowlen

1984133 0.813 
1985115 0.688 
1986115 0.688 
198888 0.500 
1989115 0.688 
1990511 0.313 
1991124 0.750 
199288 0.500 
199397 0.563 
199479 0.438 
199588 0.500 
1996133 0.813 
1997124 0.750 
1998142 0.875 
1999610 0.375 
2000115 0.688 
200188 0.500 
200297 0.563 
2003106 0.625 
2004106 0.625 
2005133 0.813 
200697 0.563 
200779 0.438 
200888 0.500 
200988 0.500 
2010412 0.250 
201188 0.500 
2012133 0.813 
Season Record276186 10.596<-average
Playoff Wins1613 0.552 
Total292199 10.593

Interesting to note we have only had one tie and only had 5 losing seasons in 29 years!

April 21, 2013

2013 Draft Competition Submission

Hi everyone. This will be the post to submit your entries for the draft competition to win the title of Broncos Blog Draft Guru (BBDG). I have also posted the information and rules below. Good luck everyone ~ Aussie.

The Competition Submission

The first part is as follows, for each team in the 1st round you need to pick the player that you think that team will chose. Now we are not going to worry about what position that pick is. For example 25th Denver Broncos Gilmore, we are not worried about the 25th position but the player that is picked. So if you think the Broncos will pick Gilmore put down Denver Broncos Gilmore. Therefore you need to pick the player that will go to each team in the first round of the draft. For each correct pick you will get 5 points. There are a maximum of 160 points that can be gained from this section.

In the second part you will need to pick the 7 round draft of the Broncos. Now this can be a little hard and tricky. You can pick the draft as it is with the current picks available to the Broncos. The other option is you predict the trades you think the Broncos will make, for example trade down from 25#. If you chose the right player(s) with a pick that is from a trade this can be the difference between winning and losing. Scoring is as follows:

If you correctly pick a player that is selected by the Broncos that is 5 points. If you correctly pick the ROUND that player is picked in that will give you an extra 5 points. The correct pick of a player but in the wrong round will only result in 5 points. In this section creative is rewarded by the chance of getting more points from trades but it is a riskier option than picking with the current picks. Bonus points may be awarded for correctness of trades.

The blogger with the highest combined point total from both parts will win the title of Broncos Blog Draft Guru (BBDG)!

Rules and Notes:

You have up to the start of the draft that is 8:00 EST of draft day to submit. Any submission after that will not be accepted. Changes and updates will be allowed leading up to the draft. You can submit as much as you want in the comments but it will be your LAST submission that I take. Therefore there is only one entry per person. Also if you update multiple times can you delete the older comments, it will just make it easier for me thanks.

Each person's results will be able to be viewed after I have marked them. I will post them all up after I tally up the results which will be after the completion of the draft. I will post up the winner on here with an analysis of the points for each blogger that participated. Some digression will be taken when marking picks so as to be as fair as possible. As grandmaster of the competition I will get to make these decisions so try to be as clear as possible so I understand what you are doing. Again I will be as fair as possible.

If you are game enough you can predict a trade for a player or trade a player. For example the Broncos trade a 6th to a ‘Team’ for X player or Player to ‘Team’ for X. If you are game to do as such and you are right I will award this person 10 points for correctness of trade (the picks), 10 points for correct player and 10 points for correct team. The other option to make this easier I will award points on the player. If you think we will get X Player put him down. I will not take into account what pick is traded for him. Example ‘Trade for X Player’. If you guess the correct player 10 points, but you have to be game and it could change your mock draft completely. Good Luck.

January 28, 2013

Broncos at the Pro Bowl

Enjoy ~ Aussie.

January 14, 2013

One and Done

January 10, 2013

Divisional Round - Broncos Vs Ravens

The Broncos had a break the first week of the playoffs after obtaining the number one seed in the AFC. They will face the Ravens at Mile High for the Divisional round after the Ravens beat the Colts the previous week. The Ravens had a spirited performance last week on the back of their leader and franchise icon, Ray Lewis, declaring his retirement after the season. The home crowd was rocking and so were the Ravens, getting after Luck and securing the win.

They face a much tougher assignment in this week 15 rematch against our beloved Broncos. Who will progress to the Conference round to take on either the Patriots or Texans? We will find out Saturday.

Other News
Rob Ryan was fired by Dallas.

RG3 to have surgery on knee, will be ready by 2013 season.

Rolando McClain was arrested again

Chargers hire Telesco as GM.

Todd Haley may or may not interview for the Cards job.

Eagles taking a look at Brian Kelly. Bears though are not interested in Brian Kelly.

Cowher mom on possible return.

Tebow has no regrets about year at Jets.

Jets to interview Bears old GM.

Monte Kiffin getting interest for Dallas DC job.

Chris Rainey was waived by the Steelers after arrest.

Mike Mularkey is out of there!

Vermeil thinks Gruden is best man for Eagles job.

Browns pick Rob Chudzinski for HC

Broncos News
McGahee back at practice. Clady, Kuper and Holliday also healthy.

Tuesday Practice Photos

Wednesday Practice Photos

Thursday Practice Photos

Koppen caught peeing at practice. Lols

If you missed it Manning is now wearing a glove on his throwing hand.

Q&A with QB Coach Gase.

Q&A with Knowshon Moreno.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
Broncos in the playoffs, Manning's first playoff game for the Broncos, possibly Ray Lewis last game, what more could you want?

Inside Story
I said it above; this is Ray Lewis's last hoorah in the NFL. His team will do everything it can to get him to one last Superbowl. But we ourselves are trying to take our own legend to the Superbowl and give one final present to a great owner. This game will probably surprise a few people and be really competitive because of it.

Injury Report
Mike Adams (S), Knee, FULL
Ryan Clady (T), Shoulder, FULL
Orlando Franklin (T), Knee, FULL
Trindon Holliday (WR), Ankle, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL
Jim Leonhard (S), Thigh, FULL
Tracy Porter (CB), Concussion, DNP
Matthew Willis (WR), Knee, FULL

Anquan Boldin (WR), Shoulder, FULL
Dannell Ellerbe (ILB), Ankle, LIMITED
Tandon Doss (WR), Ankle, FULL
Adrian Hamilton (OLB), Illness, FULL
Vonta Leach (FB), Knee/Ankle, LIMITED
Ray Lewis (ILB), Triceps, FULL
Albert McClellan (LB), Shoulder, FULL
Pernell McPhee (DE), Thigh, FULL
Haloti Ngata (DT), Knee, FULL
Bernard Pierce (RB), Knee, LIMITED
Bernard Pollard (S), Chest, FULL
Ed Reed (S), Shoulder, FULL
Jah Reid (T), Toe, DNP
Jimmy Smith (CB), Abdominal, FULL
Terrell Suggs (OLB), Achilles/Bicep, FULL
Marshal Yanda (G/T), Shoulder, FULL
David Reed (WR), Thigh, LIMITED
Torrey Smith (WR), Back, LIMITED

The prior game between these two saw the Broncos take control late in the first half and run away with the game. Since then the Ravens have got a number of players back, one being Ray Lewis and are now more acquainted with their offensive coordinate. The previous OC was fired before the Broncos game. The Broncos will face a better team than last time but you can’t look past the Broncos at home. I am feeling a 31-24 score line to the Broncos. Go Broncos!

A few of the lovely ladies from the Ravens.

Funny Vid of the week
Little gem from Ray Lewis.

That is it for this week. Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.