December 30, 2011

Game 16: Broncos Vs Chiefs

It's that time of the year again when the Broncos play their final game of the regular season. The Broncos return home this week after their second straight lose. The Broncos are on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time in years but they have one more task to complete. That is to beat the Chiefs to progress to the playoffs. This game has been made a bigger story by the fact that the Chiefs have come into a bit of form lately with their coaching change and that the Chiefs starting QB is Kyle "Fainting Goat" Orton who as you know was the starting QB for the first 5 games of our season. The Chiefs have gone Win, Loss, Win, Loss in their recent games, one win of course was against the Packers. Their last loss was to the Raiders last week in OT 16-13. The Chiefs are hoping to spoil our season by preventing us from getting to the playoffs. Let's not allow them to do that and get the win...onto the preview.

Why to watch
Broncos waive Kyle Orton; rival Chiefs claim him. If Orton beats the Broncos, he could keep Denver and Tebow Time out of the playoffs after a miracle surge for eight weeks.

Inside story
Tim Tebow has been a turnover machine during a two-game losing streak after protecting the ball incredibly well, and Denver's defense is slipping as well (Von Miller hasn't been right since his hand injury). The Chiefs are likely to attack in the run game. Tamba Hali is rushing the passer as well as anyone in the NFL in the second half of the season. We all know what Matt Prater can do kicking field goals in the altitude at Mile High. Both of these teams have seen their share of late-game field goal blocks and heroics.

Match Ups
Let's start with the defense. The front seven will need to stop the Chiefs running game. The Chiefs have had a good running game in recent years and do run the ball well so we will have to tackle well. No RBs running free for big games like Spiller did last week, I am looking at you Mays time to show us something....anything.

If we can stop the run that will force Orton to pass. Champ has to do an number on Bowe again and keep him limited all day long. That means it is on our other secondary guys to not let Orton pick us apart. To prevent this Von Doom need to get after Orton and knock him over. We know that if Orton is pressured and knocked over a few times he can be forced to cause turnovers. If we put Orton on the ground we can win this game.

For the Offense they need to go to work. Willis needs to get 20 carries in this game and over 100 yards. I would also like to see Johnson get 5-10 carries in this game. I don't think we will be able to run all over the Chiefs like we did last time. So that means our WR will need to get open, create some separation and get open for Tebow. Decker, Thomas, Royal and Ninja Willis get open and hook Tebow up!

The O-line will need to push the pile to create running lanes for the backs. But their main job will be to keep Tebow up right. Hali has been in top form in recent weeks and will need to be stone walled. They will need to do this as I think Tebow will be the one that has to win this game for us.

Tebow's arm I have a feeling will be the difference in this one. I just want to see some improvement from Tebow but also that he has learned from last week and has a better performance than he had against the Bills. It's time to go to work.

This game will be a lot close than it should be. Orton is going to give us a real fight I think and we will be pushed right to the end of the game. Maybe even over time. I am thinking a 20-17 score line with the Broncos winning it I hope....then PLAYOFFS!

Playoff Scenarios
Simple if the Broncos win they are in the playoffs. If we lose then the Chargers need to win against the Raiders for us to make it into the playoffs because we will win on the tiebreakers.

Injury Report
Brian Dawkins (S), Neck, DNP
Chris Harris (CB), Neck, Limited
David Bruton (S), Achilles, Limited
Quinton Carter (S), Hip, Full
Von Miller (LB), Thumb, Full

Jon McGraw (S), Ankle, DNP
Jackie Battle (RB), Foot, DNP, Doubtful
Jeremy Horne (WR), Illness, DNP

Denver safety Brian Dawkins is not practicing for the second straight day because of a neck injury. His chances of playing Sunday against Kansas City may be dwindling. Kansas City running back Jackie Battle did not practice for the second straight day because of a foot injury. He is doubtful to play against Denver.

Other News
No Matter What Happens On Sunday, The 2011 Denver Broncos Season Was A Success (MHR)

Apparently, many Americans would like to borrow cup of sugar from Tim Tebow.

According to the annual Zillow poll, the Denver Broncos’ second-year quarterback would be the most desirable celebrity neighbor. Tebow won 11 percent of the vote and beat several other celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez.

Prior to Tebow, the two winners were Sandra Bullock and the Obama family. TebowMania rages on, despite a two-game losing skid.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cast of the "Jersey Shore" were votes as the least desirable celebrity neighbors.

Who would you rather share a fence with, Tebow or Snooky?

I was trying to think of Ladies from Kansas to put up here...than I thought of one :P but I settled on some KC cheerleaders.

Q: If you have a car containing a Chiefs wide receiver, a Chiefs linebacker, and a Chiefs defensive back, who is driving the car?
A: The cop.

Q: What does a Kansas City Chiefs fan and a bottle of beer have in common?
A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

Youtube Funny

Happy New Year
I also would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

 And that is all from me, Go Broncos an Playoffs baby! ~ Aussie.

December 27, 2011

Reviewing a Classic: Broncos Superbowl 33

As a relatively new fan to the Broncos, I have been following them since about 2002, grade 7 for me and for an Australian fan that is pretty young to start. As such I have taken it upon myself to learn the history of the Broncos where I can. It will never be complete compared to a fan who went through it first hand but it is worth doing to get a better understanding of the team, the culture and what this team has been through. For me one of these things is to watch the Broncos Superbowls. The only one I have managed to acquire a copy of so far is Superbowl 33. So join me for the trip down memory lane as I watch the Broncos last Superbowl game and my random thoughts along the way.

The year is 1999. The Broncos have had one of their most productive seasons in franchise history over the course of the 1998 year. TD got over 2000 yards on the ground and Elway was clutch all year long. This of course would end up being John Elway’s last game as he would retire soon after.

On to the game:

The coverage just starts and I realize this game is Dan Reeves Vs Mike Shanahan. That must have been one of the biggest stories for the game.

I am loving the pregame 1999 graphics, they are pretty sick considering the year.

John Madden is a great commentator. I had got kind of sick of Madden as a commentator a few years ago before he retired. But compared to some of the current commentators I miss his analysis and insight. He does talk about himself and uses himself as an example a lot but once you look past that he knows his football. I thought this was a great line from the big man before the game and is relevant to any NFL season. "Getting here is nothing, winning here is the greatest."

They are talking about the keys to the game, for the Falcons to win they need turnovers. (In case I forget the turnover ratio was 1-3 to the Broncos).

The Broncos were 26th in the league for pass defense. Will this be a factor in the game?

The players are coming onto the field now and they are doing the player introduction. They only do them for offense, I guess the defense wasn’t very important back then.

Rod Smith, I love you guy.

Tom Nalen! Elam. It is unbelievable how many good players this team had. Eddie Mac, TD, Shannon Sharpe. Howard Griffith. Elway!

I know some players from the history of the NFL but Jammal Anderson is the only Falcon player of their offense I know. (I also see a LB wearing a Brooking jersey, I believe that would be Keith Brooking, but he wasn’t starting back then).

Cher singing the national anthem, nice.

I love Elway’s golden locks! Haha.

1st Quarter
Ball is blown off the tee...twice, funny way to start a game.

Broncos Defense is playing 8 in the box to prevent the run. But Anderson is a beast.

PI calls are still terrible no matter the decade.

No roughing the passer calls in this decade.

I don’t care much for Romanowski the person but as a player he is a monster. He destroys Chandler (Falcons QB) on a blitz this play.

The Falcons move the ball well, but the D holds. Falcons kick a field goal, 3-0.

Broncos first series come out and run the shotgun with an empty back field (TD is a receiver). The Falcons weren’t expecting that with TD on our team.

Elway only had a 44% completion percentage from the shotgun through the season. He completed 66% of passes from under center though. I found this very interesting. Rod Smith is a beast, Elway has whatever is bigger than a cannon or a bazooka for an arm!

Sharpe limbs off the field after almost scoring, took a huge hit to the knee. But he looks alright. Also of note he doesn’t wear any pads on his legs.

First series the Broncos come out passing and get the touchdown with the hand off to the FB Griffith from about 5 out. The Falcons were expecting TD to get the ball.

Second Falcon’s series they go three and out. Romanowski is crazy coming off the blitz.

Broncos being their next series. Sharpe drops/juggles a pass and the Falcons pick it off and now have field position. That’s one of those turnovers the Falcons needed. I wonder if Sharpe was thinking more about his knee then the pass.

Tim Dwight is a faster version of Wes Welker.

End of the first Quarter, score is 7-3.

Second Quarter

Sharpe is heading up the tunnel to get his knee re-taped in the hope to get back out there.

The Falcons have moved the ball into Broncos territory again but the D holds the Falcons who decided to go for it on 4th and 1. Madden is saying they should take the field goal, I would agree with him.

Romanowski blows up the outside run. He blows past the TE trying to block him and destroys the guard who is pulling. This forces Anderson to go backwards and around the pile Romanowski has created. The Broncos swarm to the ball and stop Anderson for the loss. Turnover on Downs! Great defensive play.

Broncos take over. TD has no room to run. TE Chamberlain has made a few nice catches in place of Sharpe.

Elway rolls out of the pocket and hits Smith for the first.

Draw play, TD picks up 20 yards.

Next play TD makes a spin move at the line of scrimmage to beat a defensive lineman and then makes another player miss with a step. He picks up 8 on the play when it should have been a loss. The Broncos are now inside the 10.

Elway rolls out of the pocket but doesn’t have anyone open, he throws it in the stands instead.

Timeout Broncos.

Elway is pressured and almost throws a pick.

Elam kicks the 26 yard field goal. 10-3 is the score, Broncos leading.

Falcons take over, Chandler throws a laser for the first down to a wide open receiver. Mathis grabs another pass and is wide open again. The Falcons are moving the ball through the area easily. The Broncos secondary is playing off though, preventing the big play.

Romanowski is a monster on the blitz. He blows up Anderson who tries to block him as he goes after Chandler.

Another pass completed. No runs so far on this series.

Speaking of which the Falcons hand off to Anderson for 2, he picks up the first.

Anderson gets 5 on the next play. I start to think how good would it be to watch the Broncos in the Superbowl playing in orange as they are playing in white for this one.

Falcons are inside the 10 again. CB Gordon – 21 is injured on the next play. He takes an knee from Anderson to the head, Anderson is kept out of the in-goal though.

Broncos defense holds again and the Falcons have to kick a field goal. They miss the FG! How do you miss from that close? Broncos get the ball back and seem to have all the luck.

Broncos take over. First play is play action. Elway hits Smith deep on the post for a huge TD! 17-3. That’s a Quick Change for you!

Are the wedge, helps Dwight get loose on this return.

Atlanta has had all the field position but has no points to show for it.

Sharpe is done for the game! I feel the momentum swinging a little bit.

Falcons are back at the Broncos 10 yard line. Chandler passes to the back right corner and almost is picked off! James – 20. Next play Chandler tries the back left corner. Gordon -21 is back in the game and pats this one away. In today’s game Gordon may have been held out with a concussion.

Falcons kick another field goal after being held out again. 17-6, that 3 redzone trips and 3 field goals for only 6 points. I may have been wrong about the momentum shift. The Falcons center is done for the day, No 61.

Broncos take over. Hand off to TD who has a huge hole, he picks up 15. TD may be good put I think I could run through those holes. The O-Line is balling!

Chamberlain makes another catch and is playing well.

Broncos Timeout.

The Broncos complete a few more passes and another timeout. A minute left to halftime.

Holding penalty by 62-Neil, Falcons timeout.

TD runs off left tackle. Falcons take another timeout.

40 seconds to go till halftime.

Matt Lepis is a backup for this game! What a team.

Pryce is a monster coming from defensive tackle he blows up the play here.

Halftime. Score is 17-6.

Madden and Summerall are good commentators with quality analysis.

Broncos start off the second half with the ball. On the first play of the half Elway hits up Eddie-Mac for his first catch of the game.

This is when I notice that the jerseys the players are wearing were made by Nike. I didn’t know that.

TD is stuffed on a run. Griffith makes a catch. Then takes a hand off for the first down. Eddie-Mac makes another catch low, great grab. Holding penalty on Denver, TE-89.

Elway boot legs and tries to make a play with his legs. But the OLB chases him down for a lose. Tebow would have stiff armed the LB for a TD :P

Now 3rd and 20, Smith gets 10 on a pass.

Elam misses the field goal from about 36 yards out! Score is still 17-6. What is wrong with the kickers today?

Falcons takeover. WR Martin is wide open again. I would be a little worried about the secondary, lots of open guys down field.

LB Mobley makes the sack on an overload blitz. But the Falcons are moving the ball easily between the sticks.

Chandler drops back to pass and is picked off! Johnson – 25 gets about 30-40 yards on the return.

Broncos with the ball. TD breaks a tackle and picks up the first. TD goes off the field for a break.

TD is sitting down on the sideline, I think it is migraine time. TD has already picked up 80 yards so far.

Next play Elway rolls out to his right and tries to find someone open. Defenders are closing in so Elway dumps off to Eddie-Mac who gets nailed! By 4 Falcons players. That was one of those ‘I’m too old for this shit” moments. Eddie-Mac was all ‘thanks for that Elway’. They didn’t get the first down.

Elam comes out for the 48 yard field goal and misses wide left! Score still 17-6.

31 cameras are used for the coverage, nice...

Falcons take over, Anderson picks up the first.

Mathis is open again. Falcons got to score at some point I would think.

Anderson spins away from Atwater for the first, he is a beast.

Chandler drops back for the pass and it is deflected at the line! It is picked off by 21-Gordon who makes 40 yards and is tackled by the QB. Come on bro, you got to make the play and beat the QB to get the TD! Haha

Elway incomplete to Eddie-Mac in the endzone, was way too low, hit him in stride! Elway you got to do better :P

Eddie-Mac completion to the 5. There are no progressions here. Elway just sits in the pocket staring down his receivers. But he can do it because his O-Line gives him heaps of time and his receivers are good enough to get open for yards.

End of 3rd Quarter

From the 5 the Broncos do another FB drive to Griffith because the Falcons are keying on TD and he scores again. I notice that the referees don’t signal the TDs (arms in the air, so hard to know when one is scored with a short field). Score 24-6

Broncos blitz has been good all day.

Anderson gets another first.

Martin wide open for a pass...again.

The Falcons are playing well and just can’t get any points.

Chandler’s pass is picked off again! Gordon – 21 from the goal line gets it back over half way, nice return, it is his second pick. The Falcons are losing because of all these picks.

Broncos take over again. Elway stove pass to TD who gets it to the 10 for about 35 yards.

Elway sneaks from 5 yards out for the touchdown!

31-6, that’s the game for me, watching the game it seemed never in doubt the Broncos were always going to win. I got the feeling that since they had been there and done it before and got the win that there was no pressure on the team to get the win in this one.

Tim Dwight makes some moves on the return and gets free! He returns the kickoff for the TD. Score now 31-13, may be some fight left in the falcons.

Onside fails, Broncos take over. Eddie-Mac makes a catch for a first on another 3rd down.

Elam kicks 37 yard field goal, score now 34-13.

Falcons take over at about the 23. Chandler gets smashed again by Denver’s D.

Chandler is rushed again and takes off for 6.

Martin makes a catch for the first but gets hammered into touch.

Chandler hits his lineman in the head with the ball....again. He has had a lot of balls deflected.

Mathis gets the first on a reception. I just realized the Falcons haven’t scored an offensive TD yet.

I love the D-Line stunts the Broncos have been running.

4 & 4 the Falcons go for it and Mathis gets the conversion, to the 24 of Denver.

I took a few minutes to get that D-Line stunt that the Broncos have run several times with great success against the Falcons O-Line. Here is the pre-snap look.

I tried to define the stunt as best I could. Both Defensive Ends start off going forward to draw in the Offensive Tackles then pinch inside to hit the side of the Guards. The Defensive Tackle (light blue) crosses in front of the other defensive tackle (blue). They both then go around the outside of the Tackles. Most of the time both Defensive Tackles were getting through untouched and laying hits onto the Quarterback.

Now look at the offensive line’s pre-snap reads. The offensive tackles are taking on the DEs, the right guard is tacking on the DT (blue). The left guard and the center are going to double team the other DT.

This is the play after the snap, a few seconds in. The DEs have drawn the attention of the offensive tackles turning them inside, so they are facing inside. They then pinch and usually blind side the guards who don’t see them coming. The Center usually tracks his man but gets squashed in by the guards. The whole play is designed to squash the offensive line and get the DTs free to get around and destroy the QB. I love this stunt.

Back to the game...

Chandler overthrows Dwight in the endzone. Harris-82 makes a catch to the 3.

The Broncos rush 2, Chandler is almost picked off in the endzone. The ball was tipped by Atwater.

Another in-completion. The reason the Falcons lost this game I think is they tried to throw the ball too much into the endzone. They should have handed it off to Anderson once they got in the redzone.

Chandler hits Mathis for the TD, finally the Falcons get their first offensive points. They are going for two. Chandler incomplete. Score now 34-19. Though they scored on a pass I still think they should give it to Anderson to smash it in.

Two Minute Warning.

Another onside kick. Chamberlin picks it up again. He has had a great game so far.

Broncos running out the clock now. 1:30 left on the clock for the Falcons who take over after using all their timeouts.

Anderson off right tackle and is stripped! Turnover Broncos D. They have played great all day long.

Elway looked like he was having fun all game long.

Elway is MVP! Broncos kneel for the win. 34-19 final score.

O-line was amazing all day long.

The Broncos become the 6th team in history to go back to back.

Mike Shanahan was chocking up. He was so happy to beat Reeves, well I think.

Elway is the coolest character. He always seems to be in command.

Post Game Notes:

There was a story going into the game about the TE for the Falcons being involved in some incident before the game but they didn't explain it at all during the game. Can anyone explain to me what happened?

I really enjoyed the game. Anyway that is it from me. ~ Aussie.

December 22, 2011

Game 15: Broncos Vs Bills

What up Broncos fans? After a disappointing loss last week to the Pats at home the Broncos go on the road for the final time this year. This week the Broncos are facing the 5-9 Bills. Who after a great start to the year have struggled in recent weeks and are limping to the of the season. The Broncos last week were disappointing in their loss to the Pats but there is a lot of good to take from the game. For example the Broncos now know what areas they have to improve on. They know that they can run the ball and score points on a good team. The game against the Pats should be a great motivation for the team to know nothing is a given and they will have to work hard for their wins.

Why to watch
Tebow Time is trying to keep a grip on the AFC West lead and get into the playoffs. The Bills are trying to end a death spiral since getting off to a 4-2 start.

Inside story
Willis McGahee is banged up, but would love to get a piece of the Bills, who traded him to Baltimore earlier in his career. There are some rumblings that a front office shakeup of some sort in Buffalo is not out of the question. C.J. Spiller is breaking a few longer runs recently. You have to like Denver's chances of getting plenty of hits on Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Match Ups
The Bills don't worry our defense much. But CJ Spiller and Steve Johnson are the two biggest threats for our defense. I except Champ to be on Johnson most of the time. As for Spiller the Bills have been moving him around and trying to get him in space. Our defense will have to stop his runs and limit his catches to take him out of the game. I am looking at you Woodyard, you will need to play better than last week.

Von Doom need to get after Fitzpatrick early and often. Throw him off his game so he passes a few intercepts and turns the ball over. We can't let him play himself into form.
I would also like to see a little more out of Mays too.
Our offense on the other hand needs to put in work. Run the ball and get some points. DT has been a beast but I would like to see the others get involved, especially our TEs. I would also like to see Johnson get a few more carrys, he may be that change of pace back.
Our offensive line needs to block better overall for this one. Plus Daresus will be out to prove himself again.
Now for a word on Tebow, last week I asked a lot from Tebow. He didn't deliver but he started off well. This week he needs to show last week didn't phase him and that he has learnt from his mistakes. I would like to see Tebow spread the ball around and have a good day against the Bills.

Don't over look the Bills, they ain't a bad team, just a very injured one. But I do think the Broncos can held them. I am thinking a 31-10 score line. Champ gets a pick six for the D.

Playoff Scenarios
Denver clinches AFC West Division:

1) DEN win + OAK loss or tie

2) DEN tie + OAK loss + SD loss or tie

Denver clinches a wild card spot:

DEN win + NYJ loss + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie

Injury Report
David Bruton (S), Achilles, Limited, Questionable
Brian Dawkins (S), Neck, Limited, Questionable
Broderick Bunkley (DT), Knee, Full, Probable
Willis McGahee (RB), Hamstring, Full, Probable
Daniel Fells (TE), Thumb, Full, Probable
Von Miller (LB), Thumb, Full, Probable


Johnny White (RB), Concussion, DNP, Out
Stevie Johnson (WR), Groin, Limited, Questionable
Ruvell Martin (WR), Hamstring, DNP, Doubtful
Scott Chandler (TE), Ankle, Limited, Questionable

Other News
Miller didn't get any sacks last week against the Pats but Aldon Smith got a few sacks to take his total to 13. Let's go Miller, it is time to get a few sacks and get that record for the Broncos!

The injury report looks pretty good for the Bills, until you find out that they have 15 players on IR. Many of which are starters. Link for reference.

Here is a few photos of the Bills Cheerleaders.

And I thought an old classic would be nice.

The Definition of an optimist: A Buffalo Bills fan waiting at Buffalo Niagara International Airport for the Bills to return from winning the Super Bowl.

Report: In 2002 Bush considered sending troops to Buffalo
A wild celebration on the streets of Buffalo got out of hand when the Bills actually won a game.

The New York Police are cracking down on speeders heading into Buffalo .
For the first offense, they give you two Buffalo Bills tickets.
If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them.

YouTube Funny

I thought this was funny...

But this is even better!

Merry Christmas

Finally a big Merry Christmas too all Broncos Blog readers. Everyone have a great holiday and if your traveling make sure to be safe.

That is it from me, I may or may not be around over Christmas as I expect most of us will be busy, but I will do what I can...oh and GO BRONCOS! ~ Aussie.

December 20, 2011

Week 15: Broncos - Patriots Post Game

I hate doing these posts after a loss, especially after Denver was riding a high & mighty 6-game win streak only to see it crash & burn against New England.

Definitely feel the burn on this one.

Not that its completely surprising that we lost to NE but I am still very disappointed in this loss. I was convinced we could pull off this huge upset and really shut up the haters. Now, we've only proven a lot of them right and have brought a lot of others back down to "reality".

I will say that a loss like this will keep this team humble & grounded which is a good thing but we really needed this win. While Denver is still atop of the AFC West thanks to Detroit beating Oakland, the division is now completely open to any of the 4 teams winning it.

Let me get this over with....


Clearly we have a young offense still making the same mistakes over & over but I didn't think they played half bad. The stinger though, is that we were up against the worst defense in the league as far as yards are concerned and once the 2nd quarter began, we got schooled by them.

The NE defense held down their own and held us to 23 points.

I find it funny & ironic that in our 6 wins, we started off slow, struggled to get anything going all game but ended every one of those games with a big win... but against NE, we started off great scoring on our first 3 possessions, we owned the first quarter but we went downhill from there and couldn't get back up on our feet and lost.

Maybe we should stick to starting off slow & sloppy so we end it with a W??

Tebow had a rough game but still managed to complete half his pass attempts going 11 for 22 for 194 yards and rushing 12 times for 93 yards & 2 touchdowns.

#15 also got sacked 4 times, one of those I will not mention as it was butt freakin' ugly and he also had 2 fumbles, one was lost.

Current back-up RB Lance Ball also had a fumble lost and had 11 carries for 64 yards a TD.

D. Thomas continued to shine on the field for the 3rd straight game, with 7 catches for 116 yards.


The strong Denver defense we have seen for 6 straight wins got run over by Brady & Co., but that didn't start till the 2nd quarter. They came out strong like our offense but something about the 2nd that started our downhill run in the game.

Our D only got to Brady twice for 2 sacks, one of which was a huge lick laid on him by THE Elvis "Doom"ervil... I laughed so freakin' hard when I saw that hit I couldn't breathe. I have never seen anything so funny. Play of the game for me.

I'm really surprised Brady didn't get hurt on that play, kinda wish he had.

Undrafted rookie FA, Chris Harris led the defense in tackles with 9 and 2nd round rookie Rahim Moore who filled in for the injured Dawkins came in second with 6 tackles & 1 assist.

What really disappointed me was how quiet the stud rookie Von Miller was in this game. He only notched up 1 tackle the entire game. I think that made a big difference in how our defense played with him being blocked so well.

I expect to see him come out flyin at Buffalo on Saturday and eat up their QB alive. Be ready for MillerTime ;)

Special Teams:
Quan Cosby had a BAD game on special teams dropping two kicks/punts, can't remember... one of them was lost and turned into points for NE.

All 3 aspects of the game for us struggled and made it that much more unbearable to watch.

Injury Update:

Willis McGahee was in and out of the game on Sunday with a hamstring injury and has been limited in practice but is expected to play against Buffalo in 3 days.


The Funniest Sack I’ve Ever Seen – Doomervil Lays a Lick on Brady

Quinton Carter 4-yard sack on Brady

30-yard gain by Tebow

34-yard pass to Lance Ball

39-yard pass to D. Thomas

32-yard Lance Ball Touchdown

2-yard Touchdown Run by Tebow

9-yard Tebow Touchdown

Bring on the Bills... Let's finish this season 10-6 boys!

December 16, 2011

Game 14: Broncos Vs Patriots

How's your heart? I feel for our older fans (Digger :P) with the way the Broncos have been playing of late. Has anyone checked on Bowlen lately? The Broncos have been playing with some real heart of late and toughness. They have been doing enough to win games, most of them late and that was the same against the Bears. They are doing whats needed to get by but they take on probably their toughest opponent this week in the Patriots. The Patriots are coming to town for another home game before the Broncos go back on the road. The Patriots are having a good season and have a record of 10-3. Luckily for the Broncos they are kryptonite to the Pats. Brady only has a losing record against one team and that is the Broncos (1-6). Hopefully this continues and I think it will. Why? because there are a few cracks appearing in this team, for example my take on the little girly fight Brady had with his offensive coordinate. Their biggest weakness would have to be their secondary which is dead last in the league. It will be up to the Broncos offensive to pick that apart but more on that the preview!

Why to watch
This game is so good, TV networks and owners were flexing muscles at the league office to keep it from being flexed to Sunday night, or to keep it at the 4 p.m. kickoff time. It's Tebow Time vs. Tom Brady; two of the best fourth-quarter teams this league has seen. Could the Broncos pull off another miracle as they try to win the AFC West?

Inside story
Denver's power-running approach could cause problems for a New England defense that is leaky and not exactly full of speed. Jerod Mayo must be the guy to contain Tebow. You have to like Denver's pass rush in what will be a raucous environment as well. The Broncos are built to play a ball-control game, which could keep Brady on the sidelines.

Match Ups
Lets start on defense. The front seven will be key in this game. Brady struggles when you get him under pressure early, we need to get to him in the first quarter and knock him out of his mojo. I am looking at you Von Doom. Miller has been doing really well, I am still worried about his cast but he is a fighter. He only needs three more sacks for the rookie sack record and a few against Brady would be great. And what about Doom? For a guy that had no sacks for several weeks to now have 7.5, he is balling. I think he will finish with double digits this year but I have been really surprised by his improvement. He has been a beast against the run which was his biggest weakness. I am really pleased with these two.

The Patriots really don't have a run game, they do run but not as often as others. But the one thing that will need to be watched for is the screens, the Pats love them and probably will go after Miller when he blitzes. We will need to shut these down to prevent those third down conversions.

The biggest problems for our defense will be the tight ends and Welker. I think Branch will be shutdown by Champ easily. DJ, Woodyard will need to be on point to cover Gronk who is having a monster season. It will be interesting to see who covers Welker, will it be the rookie Harris or someone else? If it is Harris this will be his toughest test yet.

For the offense it will be an interesting game. The run game has to get going early to help out Tebow, last week against the Bears it didn't and the Broncos struggled for most of the game. The problem against the Pats is the Broncos like to run up the middle between the tackles. The Pats have Wilfork and Mayo who are both great against the run. It will be on the O-Line to open up some nice holes for the RBs which they struggled at last week.

I do like the option against a 3-4 team like the Pats but they have used a lot of 4-3 this year as well. We should be able to move the ball against these guys and put up some points....IF

IF our receivers can catch a frigging ball. Actual I am of the opinion that most of the balls they dropped last week were tough catches, low and had to slide for them. Tebow lead your receivers more. If they can hook Tebow up with a few catches we will be alright.

Now it is Tebow time, last week I said this "This week I am going to set Tebow a challenge, I ask for 15! completions and a 50% completion rate, lets see if you can do that. Also I expect this week Tebow throws an intercept." And what happened? More than 15 completions, a 50% completion rate and he threw an intercept. (Tebow reads our blog!) This week I am going to set him a huge challenge, why? Because I think he will need to do this to win the game against a Pats team that can score points. I ask for 20+ completions a 60% completion rate and 3 passing touchdowns, yes 3! And NO intercepts this week. The Broncos need to score points and against the Pats the best way is through the air.

Last week I must have been channeling something because I was spot on with a lot of what I said. Or it was blind luck. Either way I like the Broncos in this one. They seem to improve every week and rise to the occasion. One thing I do like against the Pats is Foxball. The reason being that it limits the opportunities for the Pats to put up points against us. I will take our D over theirs any day and I think that is what the difference will be in this game. Broncos win 31-21.

Injury Report
David Bruton (S), Achilles, DNP
Brian Dawkins (S), Neck, Limited
Andre' Goodman (CB), Concussion, Limited
Eddie Royal (WR), Concussion, Full
Spencer Larsen (FB), Hamstring, Full
Von Miller (LB), Thumb, Full

Patrick Chung (S), Foot, DNP
Sebastian Vollmer (T), Back/Foot, DNP
Kyle Arrington (CB), Foot, Limited
Tom Brady (QB), Non-Injury, Limited
Deion Branch (WR), Groin, Limited
Dan Connolly (C), Groin, Limited
Julian Edelman (WR), Back, Limited
Dane Fletcher (LB), Thumb, Limited
James Ihedigbo (S), Shoulder, Limited
Devin McCourty (CB), Shoulder, Limited
Matt Slater (WR), Shoulder, Limited
Brandon Spikes (LB), Knee, Limited
Shane Vereen (RB), Hamstring, Limited
Wes Welker (WR), Knee, Limited
Ryan Wendell (C), Calf, Limited
Vince Wilfork (DL), Non-Injury, Limited
Danny Woodhead (RB), Abdomen, Limited

Other News
Some high school kids got suspended from school for a day for Tebowing in the hallway. Full story here.

If you haven't seen it yet or knew, Tebow was mic'ed up for the Bears game. Here is part one and part two. Also Cutler makes an appearance at the end of the 2nd part. It is interesting to see how clam Tebow is and how in control he is.

Gisele Bundchen, there are so many reasons to dislike Brady and this is just another one.

A new take on a classic.
Tom Brady, after living a full life, died. When he got to heaven, God was showing him around. They came to a modest little house with a faded Patriots flag in the window. "This house is yours for eternity Tom, said God. "This is very special; not everyone gets a house up here." Tom felt special, indeed, and walked up to his house.

On his way up the porch, he noticed another house just around the corner. It was a huge 3-story mansion with Orange and Blue sidewalks and drive ways, a 50 foot tall flagpole with an enormous Broncos logo flag waving, a swimming pool in shape of a horse, a Broncos logo in every window, and a Tim Tebow jersey on the front door.

Tom looked at God and said "God, I’m not trying to be ungrateful, but I have a question. I was an all-pro QB, I won 3 Super Bowls, and I even went to the Hall of Fame."

God said "So what’s your point Tom?"

"Well, why does Tim Tebow get a better house than me?"

God chuckled, and said "Tom, that’s not Tim’s house, it’s mine."

Funny YouTube
Whats funnier then a big man running with the football?....He picked off Philip Rivers....and then Turners face afterwards, classic.

That is it from me, enjoy your weekends and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie

December 13, 2011

Week 14: Broncos-Bears Post Game



Denver has done it, AGAIN.

After way too many missed chances and opportunities, a blocked field goal the Tim Tebow-led offense found a way for the 6th consecutive time to pull off a miracle... in overtime.

They had my heart pounding and literally ready to jump out of me. It's stressful and exciting at the same time.

Bottom line is, no matter how bad they played or how long it took them to do something productive, they got the miraculous win.

Now Denver is the sole leader of the AFC West. Dang, that feels good to say that.

Here's how they wrote their 6th consecutive win....


Blah... and that's putting it nicely.

Once again, the first half is nothing to remember. Plenty of dropped passes, our run game was practically MIA as Tebow topped our rush stats with 12 carries for 49 yards above our go-to guy in Willis McGahee who only had 17 carries for 34 yards.

Not sure what happened but for quite some time, McGahee wasn't in the game (possibly due to an injury)?? If I recall correctly, he returned during Denver's "Miracle hour" but fact remains, our run game got stuffed by the Bears' heavy & hungry defense.

On the bright side, Tebow continues to improve on his passing game completing half of his pass attempts. When it came down to the wire and Denver needing to do something to win the game, he drove the offense down the field like any other pro... pass after pass, completion after completion.

It was nothing short of impressive.

In the end, Tebow ended the game with 21 for 40 for... get this, 236 yards, a TD and a very rare INT. << Aussie, you got to stop calling the INTs, it don't help!! lol

And after an agonizing 4 dropped passes on D. Thomas, #88 proved he's still a hot receiver on the field making 7 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown.

So nice to see Thomas getting more involved and that Tebow has found another target but I want to see Decker get back in it... I miss his game-saving catches.

Matthew Willis moved up as Tebow's 2nd favorite target for this game as he caught 4 passes for 75 yards, right behind Thomas.

The Oline got off track again letting Tebow get sacked 5 times for 15 yards. Of course Tebow needs to get rid of the ball earlier, even if it means throwing it out of bounds to avoid those costly sacks. Tebow even had a fumble lost on top of his other turnover, the interception by Tillman.

But when it came to "do or die" at the end of the game, the offense came through for Denver. But next week, against a very stingy New England defense, we have to without a doubt play much better. We can't afford to keep trying to run the ball up the middle all the time and expect to get away with it, especially when Brady gets on the field and does what he does.

Can't stand the guy, but he does know what he's doing on the field. Its a VERY tall order but we've pulled off 6 miracles since our bye week, I would love nothing more than to see this offense dominate the New England defense and rack up the points early and turn the game into win #7.

I believe in the craziness that is this Denver Broncos offense.


I'm proud and speechless at the same time.

As much as Chicago's defense held us to nothing in the first half, we can say the same for ours. They fought like warriors out there and came out hungry with a total of 4 sacks on Hanie. Oh how I wish that was Cutler they were pounding into the ground. Next time.....

DJ Williams is the leader on defense this week in tackles with 9 solo and 2 sacks.

Dumervil came in second with 5 and 1 sack; the outstanding rookie Von Miller played another great game for himself and got another sack to add to his stats, making his total so far 11.5.

That's hot. lol

I just love how this defense has improved and that they come out fighting every week. All I can say to that is, its about time.

Special Teams:

Prater is the next best thing to Jason Elam. That 59-yard FG blew me away. I was sitting there peeking out at the screen through my fingers, couldn't stand to watch it with the game on the line but of course I had to see it and it would've been good from probably 62, maybe 63 yards.

After the FG tied the game, Denver went for an on-side kick which did not go as planned as Chicago got the ball back right away... but then blew it almost just as fast.

I must say though, that was like the most perfect on-side kick a kicker could make. Prater hit it just right, but no Denver player could get it.
Interesting notes:

I proclaim Marion Barber as the MVP of this game as when it came down to the final minutes/seconds of the game, he not only screwed up once but twice to give Denver an extra chance to win it.

When Chicago got the ball back after a bad on-side attempt by Denver, Barber had the ball and defeated Chicago's intention of staying in bounds & winding the clock down as he ran out of bounds to give Denver the big chance. A chance to win the game that Barber, I'm sure, is kicking himself for but I would like to thank him for being a butt and doing something real stupid. haha

But Barber's "fun" didn't stop there. Once Denver tied the game with the help from Matt Prater's leg, Chicago won the coin toss to start OT and of course, opted to get the ball first.

Whoops... there went the ball right out of Barber's hands while in field goal range (thanks to Wesley Woodyard's forced fumble) and Elvis was in the house to recover it.

The rest is history as the Broncos won the game with Prater's 2nd 50+ yard FG of the game.

Injury Update:

Brian "Weapon X" Dawkins left the game (can't remember when) due to a neck injury. X-rays came back negative but was set to have an MRI on it yesterday. No word yet on how serious it is. Looks like his time clock might be running out. I hope he's got a little more left in him cause when he's healthy, he's a beast on that field.

Eddie Royal (concussion) almost played against Chicago but stayed out of the game. Looks like he might return for the Patriots game. We need all the help we can get on that one.

I could watch that 59-yarder all day... now that my friends is a thing of beauty.

Broncos-Bears Highlights

D.J. Williams’ 8-yard sack

D.J. Williams’ other 8-yard sack

Miller’s 8-yard sack

Dumervil’s 5-yard sack on Hanie

Tebow to D. Thomas for 10-yard TD

Prater’s freakin’-awesome-game-tying-you-better-not-have-missed-it 59-yard field goal

Prater’s game-winning 51-yard FG in OT

Till the next BIG upset, enjoy the highlights ;) New England ain't ready for this, I think they'll be in for a big shocker, as will the rest of the NFL. I like our chances of beating them now than I did at the beginning of the season.

Also, this is becoming a weekly habit and I kinda like it. Tebow and this nutty offense are nominees once again for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week… Vote! Vote! Vote!

December 9, 2011

Game 13: Broncos Vs Bears

The Broncos return home this week for the last stretch of football for the year. In the previous 5 weeks they have gone UNDEFEATED for the first time in years and are on the cusp of grabbing a playoff spot. Over the next four weeks 3 of those 4 games are played at home at Mile High. This week is one of those three games as the Bears come to town to play. As it happens the Broncos are on the rise, where as the Bears are the opposite and trying to prevent a downward spiral. They have lost their starting punk QB (luckily for him, VonDOOOOOOOM!) and their electric starting RB Matt Forte (there goes my fantasy team :P). As such they have Hanie and Barber filling in those spots. Hanie is an talented and athletic QB but with little game time. Barber is an old bruiser that is in the twilight years of his career. Some believe they will be lucky to win another game this year.

The Broncos however are now favorites in almost all of their remaining games. The problem is can they held the tag of favorites? They have won most of their games on the road with a QB many believe can't play the position giving them the ultimate underdog tag. This view has changed, in my opinion, in the last week since the Broncos are now a top of the AFC West division. People and other teams now know we are for real. Even if we do it in an weird or unorthodox fashion, we still win games. Other teams look at our defense and now see an formidable opponent (which we know has weaknesses and can be beaten).

I worry that the Broncos don't come out firing, they come out cold and can't beat a struggling Bears team. It almost happened against the Vikings, a team that we were meant to beat easily. We only won because Tebow figured out 2+2 = 88 and hit up D-Thomas. I worry that we may underestimate a Bears team that has a very good defense. Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers to name a few. This is a Bears team that was built for the playoffs until it lost its QB. I expect this to be a low scoring affair with the better defense getting the win. Both team's offenses may not even score some points.

The Broncos are now in a position that many have never been before, the cusp of greatness. It will take some of our veteran players to keep this team grounded and on track. Onto the preview.

Why to watch
This was supposed to be a homecoming for Jay Cutler, but now it's Caleb Hanie against Tebow Time. While Hanie has thrown six picks in two starts, Tebow has thrown one all year. Denver is on a 6-1 run while the Bears are sliding outside of the playoff picture with Matt Forte now out, too.

Inside story
One would imagine the Broncos run plenty of read-option stuff at Julius Peppers and try to keep him off Tebow's back. Von Miller could be back for the Broncos, and Hanie has been sacked 11 times in two starts.

Match Ups:
The Key for me in this game is Special Teams versus Hester. Hester has destroyed us in the return game before and has turned games completely against us. We will need to shut him down and not allow good field position. I am looking at you Colquitt, time to earn your paycheck. This goes for Knox as well.

Otherwise this is a defense battle. For our D we have to limit Hester, Knox and Bennett. Each can do something's in space and pick up yards. The Bears would have watched what the Vikings did to get Harvin in the open and will try to repeat that with Hester. Goodman you better play well. I also hope we activate Moore for this game, McCarthy is a special teamer ONLY. Our coverage should be better anyway as Miller should play in this game. Meaning we probably only send 4 allowing us to drop more guys in coverage.

Also don't sleep on Roy Williams. When he is on he can be unstoppable but just send DJ at him and we should be sweet as.

I am not worried about our pass rush, the turnstile that is the Bears O-Line will struggle to protect Miller and Doom. Which should benefit the others along the line. But I am a little worried about the run defense. Mays it is time to step up and make some plays in the run game because Barber only goes one way and that is down hill. Our middle should be solid but we need to limit the conversions on 3rd down which Barber is a specialist at.

For our offense I think we will probably go run heavy. Hopefully Clady's knee is OK because he going up against Peppers who is one of the most talented DE....ever. If I was the Bears I would flip flop Peppers and have him take on Franklin too because I think he would probably school the rookie.

The secondary for the Bears is pretty good (player wise, though they have struggled recently). Meriweather is a player I really like, he has his limitations but he can make the big plays when needed. Tillman and Jennings are solid corners and Wright is a young safety that has impressed so far. Therefore don't expect wide open receivers like last week, tight windows will be the norm. It will be on McCoy to use his receivers to create space for completions and with a group that has DT, Decker, Willis, JT, maybe Royal as well as others (Larsen!) we have more than enough weapons to cause problems for the Bears secondary.

But I expect a heavy dose of the run. Which on the Bears is not an easy thing too do. Urlacher and Briggs are two of the biggest LBs in the last decade and know how to find the football. It will be interesting to see if we use the option and whether Tebow finds any space.

If McGahee goes down, if his knee plays up, we should go the pass. We have the weapons so use them. That means Tebow will need to step up.

Speaking of Tebow what do I expect from him this week. Last week in the preview I said "I ask for 10 or more completions and a 50% completion rate." And of course Tebow delivered. This week I am going to set Tebow a challenge, I ask for 15! completions and a 50% completion rate, lets see if you can do that. Also I expect this week Tebow throws an intercept.

With everything I have read and looked at I think this game should be really close. If we get on a roll early and play with good field position we may put up 30 points but I doubt it. Like I said this one is on the defense. I am feeling a 13-10 score with both teams getting a touchdown not by their offenses. I am thinking a Bailey pick six and a Hester kick return for TD as the points scored. Prater kicks the remaining points with the last field goal in the final two minutes of the game. How is that for a detailed prediction.

Injury Report:
Eddie Royal (WR), Concussion, DNP
Ryan Clady (LT), Knee, Limited
Willis McGahee (RB), Knee, DNP
David Bruton (S), Achilles, Limited
Von Miller (LB), Thumb, Limited
Jeremiah Johnson (RB), Ankle, Full
Mitch Unrein (DE), Lower Back, Full
Quinton Carter (S), Cramps, Full

Jay Cutler (QB), Thumb, Out
Matt Forte (RB), Knee, DNP
Major Wright (S), Shoulder, DNP
Anthony Adams (DT), Back, Full
Charles Tillman (CB), Quad, Full
Brian Urlacher (LB), Quad, Full
Henry Melton (DL), Knee, --

Every Bronco player should play except maybe Royal. It depends if he passes his concussion tests or not.

Other News:
Tickets to Broncos games have skyrocketed, is this because of Tebow or because the Broncos are winning.

As always lets check out the ladies of our opposition. I am thinking of making this a regularly feature in the preview unless there is any objections?

Anybody know any good Chicago Bears jokes?
You mean other than their current team?

Funny Youtube:
Saw this and thought it was funny.

Well that is it from me, enjoy your weekends and Go Broncos ~ Aussie.

December 5, 2011

Week 13: Broncos - Vikings Post Game

And just like that, in a flip of a switch, Denver went from owning the bottom of the AFC West to now standing on top thanks to another exciting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat TEAM win & with the Raiders letting the Miami Dolphins kick their little butts, bahaha way too funny!

Denver is tied with Oakland in win-losses at 7-5 but our 5 game win streak among other things shoved us to the top spot in the always unpredictable AFC West. Funny enough, San Diego now claims the bottom spot, which I find hysterical considering that they have done nothing but dominate our division and its nice to see them falter for once. So long Norv Turner....... :p

What can I say about this team that will do them justice?? Frankly, I don't know because they have been so wildly unpredictable in the 2nd half of their last 5 games but I am lovin' every second of it. The first half is nothing to remember and the way the offense plays there makes you wonder what's wrong with them.

But the 2nd half, its pure Mile High Magic coming to life.

The way all 3 aspects of the team comes together to get the win, its just unbelievable. The Broncos' playoff dreams & hopes have just gotten a little closer and I'm on the verge of getting ahead of myself with all the excitement of how this team is playing. I think my season prediction of 10-6 is very, very realistic at this point. I would love nothing more than to beat the Pats in our house, that would be HUGE for Denver. And right now, as crazy as it may sound, we have a real shot of pulling it off.

2-3 months ago, I would've said its a given loss for us. Now there's a glimmer of hope. The way this team has come together, I'm almost in shock. Its such a relief to see Denver play like this once again. I haven't been this giddy about my team since Elway was here... that says a lot about our current players, young & seasoned.... they got the fire & passion in them to make it into the playoffs for the first time in 6 long agonizing years.

So without further adieu, here is the breakdown of Denver 5th consecutive second-half team rally to win a game against the Minnesota Vikings....


You guys make me smile... you make me nervous.

Very sloppy start to the game, which isn't unusual as of late in our recent games. It drives me crazy that we start off so sloppy, so unorganized, crappy playcalling (same play over & over & over... stop running it up the middle!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!)

But there's something about that 2nd half that lights a fire under them to actually play like a team with the will to win. I can't honestly say it doesn't matter how we get the job done, cause it does matter. We played a 2-9 team... we should have buried them all in their own turf with points. We should have run them into the ground.

For whatever the reason, bottom line is we fought like the crazy Bronco team we are the entire second half and walked away with another close one.

Only 7 points scored in the first half vs. 28 in the second. That's nuts.

As for Tim Tebow, he played much better in the 2nd half... more like a quarterback should. He completed more than half of his attempted throws and when it came down to this offense keeping up with Minnesota who seemed to be controlling the 2nd half offensively, Tebow led the offense on 4 scoring drives to keep up and not let the game get out of hand.

Tebow made sure this offense stayed in check and they fought till they got the job done.

He completed 10 out of 15 attempts for 202 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. And of course he still managed to get himself on the rushing stats with 4 carries for 13 yards.

It's very clear though that he is becoming more comfortable in the pocket & making passes. It will be a slower journey for him to get there but fact is, he WILL get there. He will do whatever it takes to become a better, more accurate passer. His determination will server him well in doing so.

Willis McGahee continues to be the running back this team has so long needed, earning his 6th 100+ rushing yard game, taking 20 carries for 111 yards and 1 touchdown. Lance Ball also got some game time with 7 carries for 25 yards.

Really nice to see this team with a solid RB like McGahee and not as many injuries in that area as we've had in the past. Amazing what you can do when your players stay healthy, hmmm.......

Well the ghost has come to life... welcome back to football Demaryius Thomas.... where in the world have you been boy???

The first-round pick, also known as Bay-Bay, finally got back into a game and with style I may add. Thomas had 4 receptions for 144 yards & 2 TDs. Was nice to see Tebow get him more involved and really nice to see him get not 1 but 2 amazing TDs out of it.

This offense is slowly but surely getting back on its feet.


The men of Denver's defense continues to carry this team on their shoulders. Granted they allowed 32 points but in the end, they won this game. And a hard fought game it was for our defense.

In the first half they harassed rookie QB Christian Ponder, at one point I thought Ponder would leave the game with all the hard hits he was taking.

Even without the standout rookie, Von Miller, his replacement for the game in Mario Haggan was as good of a replacement could get. Haggan even led the team in tackles with 7 and 5 assists and an INT returned for a touchdown in the first quarter.

I remember watching the game and they were showing Miller on the sidelines jumping & going crazy for his teammate. That's real sportsmanship right there, cheering them on instead of grumbling about how "that should've been me". Don't worry, it will be Miller Time again next week against Chicago. lol

Andre Goodman came in second on tackles with 5 and 2 assists along with the game-winning INT. Funny it worked out that way because I noticed that most of the game, Goodman was playing off so far from his receiver giving them plenty of room & yards to make a catch and do something with it. And then in the end he's the one who wins the ball back for Denver to avoid going into OT. Well done in making up for lack of good coverage.

Next on the list is THE Weapon X with his 26th career sack and a forced fumble to go with it. The almost 40-year old safety still has a little something left in him.

Doom & Ryan McBean also got a piece of the rookie QB with a sack each, making a total of 3 sacks on Ponder.
Injury Update:

On a punt return, Eddie Royal was prepared to catch the ball but his own teammate Matthew Willis ran into him and took Royal out for the rest of the game. It is now confirmed he sustained a concussion on the play. To top this off, he's also battling an ankle & toe injuries as well.

Interesting notes:

While we did win this game, we also fell back into getting penalties that cost us some big yards & big plays, with the addition of 2 turnovers & 2 sacks. This is a very, very young Oline and I guess you could call all this "growing pains" for the offense but you got a very talented player with experience in Ryan Clady and he's been off his game all season long. I would hope he would be guiding these other guys but in the end its up to each individual to know what they are doing and to do it right.

I must say the line has gotten much better at protecting Tebow, they give him all day to make a pass which is great. But 1 sack is 1 too many, granted though it is better than 7 in one game.

As for the penalties, that's on all sides of the ball. The holding calls that we've been getting are getting really old. I know its a fact of every football game, there's bound to be several holding calls but its so annoying!! We need to back off on the penalty craze, we can't afford it.


Broncos-Vikings Highlights

Bay-Bay Talks About His QB

Tebow Talks About Win #5

Mario Haggan’s Pick-Six – 16 yard TD

Dawkins Sack & Forced Fumble for 24 yard loss & Denver’s Jason Hunter Recovers at the 50

Dumervil’s 4-yard sack

Ryan McBean gets 1-yard sack

Andre Goodman gets game-changing INT

Quan Cosby takes punt return for 63-yard ride

17-yard run by McGahee

Tebow to Thomas for 21-yard TD

Tebow to Thomas for 42-yard pass

Tebow to Thomas for 41-yard TD

Tebow to Thomas for 40-yard pass

24-yard TD run by McGahee

Tebow runs ball in for 2-point conversion to tie the game

Prater makes 46-yard FG

Prater’s game-winning 23-yard FG

Whew!! Lots of highlights but good stuff. The 41-yard TD by Thomas - man, I could watch that play over & over all day. No one can bring him down. Arguably my favorite play of the game. Enjoy!

Also, Denver is up again for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week after overcoming another first-half slump vs. Minnesota and to come out fighting the entire 2nd half. Be sure to VOTE!!!!

Next up for Denver are the Bears, too bad Cutler won't be playing. I would love nothing more than to see our Defense destroy him. I've been waiting all season for this game just to see the reaction of the fans and now he won't even play, grrrr. Will be a good game & exciting for sure.

Go get 'em boys! ;)