December 13, 2011

Week 14: Broncos-Bears Post Game



Denver has done it, AGAIN.

After way too many missed chances and opportunities, a blocked field goal the Tim Tebow-led offense found a way for the 6th consecutive time to pull off a miracle... in overtime.

They had my heart pounding and literally ready to jump out of me. It's stressful and exciting at the same time.

Bottom line is, no matter how bad they played or how long it took them to do something productive, they got the miraculous win.

Now Denver is the sole leader of the AFC West. Dang, that feels good to say that.

Here's how they wrote their 6th consecutive win....


Blah... and that's putting it nicely.

Once again, the first half is nothing to remember. Plenty of dropped passes, our run game was practically MIA as Tebow topped our rush stats with 12 carries for 49 yards above our go-to guy in Willis McGahee who only had 17 carries for 34 yards.

Not sure what happened but for quite some time, McGahee wasn't in the game (possibly due to an injury)?? If I recall correctly, he returned during Denver's "Miracle hour" but fact remains, our run game got stuffed by the Bears' heavy & hungry defense.

On the bright side, Tebow continues to improve on his passing game completing half of his pass attempts. When it came down to the wire and Denver needing to do something to win the game, he drove the offense down the field like any other pro... pass after pass, completion after completion.

It was nothing short of impressive.

In the end, Tebow ended the game with 21 for 40 for... get this, 236 yards, a TD and a very rare INT. << Aussie, you got to stop calling the INTs, it don't help!! lol

And after an agonizing 4 dropped passes on D. Thomas, #88 proved he's still a hot receiver on the field making 7 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown.

So nice to see Thomas getting more involved and that Tebow has found another target but I want to see Decker get back in it... I miss his game-saving catches.

Matthew Willis moved up as Tebow's 2nd favorite target for this game as he caught 4 passes for 75 yards, right behind Thomas.

The Oline got off track again letting Tebow get sacked 5 times for 15 yards. Of course Tebow needs to get rid of the ball earlier, even if it means throwing it out of bounds to avoid those costly sacks. Tebow even had a fumble lost on top of his other turnover, the interception by Tillman.

But when it came to "do or die" at the end of the game, the offense came through for Denver. But next week, against a very stingy New England defense, we have to without a doubt play much better. We can't afford to keep trying to run the ball up the middle all the time and expect to get away with it, especially when Brady gets on the field and does what he does.

Can't stand the guy, but he does know what he's doing on the field. Its a VERY tall order but we've pulled off 6 miracles since our bye week, I would love nothing more than to see this offense dominate the New England defense and rack up the points early and turn the game into win #7.

I believe in the craziness that is this Denver Broncos offense.


I'm proud and speechless at the same time.

As much as Chicago's defense held us to nothing in the first half, we can say the same for ours. They fought like warriors out there and came out hungry with a total of 4 sacks on Hanie. Oh how I wish that was Cutler they were pounding into the ground. Next time.....

DJ Williams is the leader on defense this week in tackles with 9 solo and 2 sacks.

Dumervil came in second with 5 and 1 sack; the outstanding rookie Von Miller played another great game for himself and got another sack to add to his stats, making his total so far 11.5.

That's hot. lol

I just love how this defense has improved and that they come out fighting every week. All I can say to that is, its about time.

Special Teams:

Prater is the next best thing to Jason Elam. That 59-yard FG blew me away. I was sitting there peeking out at the screen through my fingers, couldn't stand to watch it with the game on the line but of course I had to see it and it would've been good from probably 62, maybe 63 yards.

After the FG tied the game, Denver went for an on-side kick which did not go as planned as Chicago got the ball back right away... but then blew it almost just as fast.

I must say though, that was like the most perfect on-side kick a kicker could make. Prater hit it just right, but no Denver player could get it.
Interesting notes:

I proclaim Marion Barber as the MVP of this game as when it came down to the final minutes/seconds of the game, he not only screwed up once but twice to give Denver an extra chance to win it.

When Chicago got the ball back after a bad on-side attempt by Denver, Barber had the ball and defeated Chicago's intention of staying in bounds & winding the clock down as he ran out of bounds to give Denver the big chance. A chance to win the game that Barber, I'm sure, is kicking himself for but I would like to thank him for being a butt and doing something real stupid. haha

But Barber's "fun" didn't stop there. Once Denver tied the game with the help from Matt Prater's leg, Chicago won the coin toss to start OT and of course, opted to get the ball first.

Whoops... there went the ball right out of Barber's hands while in field goal range (thanks to Wesley Woodyard's forced fumble) and Elvis was in the house to recover it.

The rest is history as the Broncos won the game with Prater's 2nd 50+ yard FG of the game.

Injury Update:

Brian "Weapon X" Dawkins left the game (can't remember when) due to a neck injury. X-rays came back negative but was set to have an MRI on it yesterday. No word yet on how serious it is. Looks like his time clock might be running out. I hope he's got a little more left in him cause when he's healthy, he's a beast on that field.

Eddie Royal (concussion) almost played against Chicago but stayed out of the game. Looks like he might return for the Patriots game. We need all the help we can get on that one.

I could watch that 59-yarder all day... now that my friends is a thing of beauty.

Broncos-Bears Highlights

D.J. Williams’ 8-yard sack

D.J. Williams’ other 8-yard sack

Miller’s 8-yard sack

Dumervil’s 5-yard sack on Hanie

Tebow to D. Thomas for 10-yard TD

Prater’s freakin’-awesome-game-tying-you-better-not-have-missed-it 59-yard field goal

Prater’s game-winning 51-yard FG in OT

Till the next BIG upset, enjoy the highlights ;) New England ain't ready for this, I think they'll be in for a big shocker, as will the rest of the NFL. I like our chances of beating them now than I did at the beginning of the season.

Also, this is becoming a weekly habit and I kinda like it. Tebow and this nutty offense are nominees once again for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week… Vote! Vote! Vote!


  1. Thanks BP.
    You may kind of like it, I kinda hope we have a few weeks off from the miracles now. Don't get me wrong, I love having the never say neverness back in Denver, I just want the offense to click earlier in the game for awhile. I also want the Tebow bandwagon jumpers to get the heck back off.
    Did you see that they are now saying Bronco brass was hoping Tebow would fail?
    Also, did you see what Urlacher had to say about TT?
    Bring on NE. Without the need for a comeback. Broncos 30-26 with Brady not getting it done at the end.

  2. McCarthy gone. Carter called up from PS.


    Yes I am back after having two whole days without visiting this site! I know how did I or you guys for that matter survive :P I pretty much had used up all the internet I had on every device I had and I probably have a huge bill coming...Either way thanks heaps for the post Princess, I will read it and update the site.

  4. Digger I expect them to place McCarthy back on the practice squad. I hope Dawkins is healthy this week.

  5. Great read princess, I did get a lot things right for this game. The score, Tebow int, Tebow complete +15 passes and had more than 50% completion. I also said Prater would kick the final 6 points, but that didn't include over time.

    Anyway we need to beat the crap out of those Patpanseis.

  6. I totally get where you're coming from Digger. I think every Denver fan is getting real frustrated with the stressfulness of the late comebacks but of course we're all giddy about it too.

    And not just against NE, I would like to see Denver start off strong early and keep it up the whole game... for once get ahead early & make the other team have to fight back in a hurry. Would be huge in these next 3 games. I think its possible for the Buffalo & KC games.

    Right now though, only God knows what will happen in the NE game. Not sure I could even make a prediction on that one just because this team has been so unpredictable. But I guess I'll go with Denver wins it 27-21. Gotta go put that on DB now lol

    Thanks Aussie, was wondering where you went haha I think I managed to survive without you on here for a few days :p lol Just glad the site is updated, was buggin me....

  7. You know, and its not like Tebow or any of the players enjoy the stress of the late comebacks. Every player & team wants to get a good thing going early on and keep the pace of that the whole game and I know Denver wants to do that. Just a matter of actually doing something productive, stopping the NE offense & holding them off from scoring pts (that's what will do us in if our D lets it happen). Stopping Brady & his offense will be the key to the game. Once again, it rests on our defense but they have been SO strong in these last couple of games, I have no doubt they can pull off something HUGE in Denver.

    I want nothing more than for us to beat the Pats. That's my Christmas wish... bring it!!!!!!!! Get it done boys!!!!

  8. Arr is so frustrating that I can't post on here from work. But once I get internet back on my phone I will.

    Princess was glad to know I was missed haha

    I think this game against the Patriots is huge. It really will be a true test of our skills to go up against them. I am looking forward to the game though. I read someone that this guy (not sure who he was, some commentator) thought that the winner of this game will be in the Superbowl. Now that is a bold statement.

    Also one of the worse things I read the other day had to do with the firing of the HC, you know the ones from KC and Miami. It was a Kansas fan who put up the idea that he wants Dennis Allen to be their coach. When I read that my heart sank. Allen is already being looked at as a HC. I do think there will be some interest in him but I hope he stays around for a few more years, we need him!