December 20, 2011

Week 15: Broncos - Patriots Post Game

I hate doing these posts after a loss, especially after Denver was riding a high & mighty 6-game win streak only to see it crash & burn against New England.

Definitely feel the burn on this one.

Not that its completely surprising that we lost to NE but I am still very disappointed in this loss. I was convinced we could pull off this huge upset and really shut up the haters. Now, we've only proven a lot of them right and have brought a lot of others back down to "reality".

I will say that a loss like this will keep this team humble & grounded which is a good thing but we really needed this win. While Denver is still atop of the AFC West thanks to Detroit beating Oakland, the division is now completely open to any of the 4 teams winning it.

Let me get this over with....


Clearly we have a young offense still making the same mistakes over & over but I didn't think they played half bad. The stinger though, is that we were up against the worst defense in the league as far as yards are concerned and once the 2nd quarter began, we got schooled by them.

The NE defense held down their own and held us to 23 points.

I find it funny & ironic that in our 6 wins, we started off slow, struggled to get anything going all game but ended every one of those games with a big win... but against NE, we started off great scoring on our first 3 possessions, we owned the first quarter but we went downhill from there and couldn't get back up on our feet and lost.

Maybe we should stick to starting off slow & sloppy so we end it with a W??

Tebow had a rough game but still managed to complete half his pass attempts going 11 for 22 for 194 yards and rushing 12 times for 93 yards & 2 touchdowns.

#15 also got sacked 4 times, one of those I will not mention as it was butt freakin' ugly and he also had 2 fumbles, one was lost.

Current back-up RB Lance Ball also had a fumble lost and had 11 carries for 64 yards a TD.

D. Thomas continued to shine on the field for the 3rd straight game, with 7 catches for 116 yards.


The strong Denver defense we have seen for 6 straight wins got run over by Brady & Co., but that didn't start till the 2nd quarter. They came out strong like our offense but something about the 2nd that started our downhill run in the game.

Our D only got to Brady twice for 2 sacks, one of which was a huge lick laid on him by THE Elvis "Doom"ervil... I laughed so freakin' hard when I saw that hit I couldn't breathe. I have never seen anything so funny. Play of the game for me.

I'm really surprised Brady didn't get hurt on that play, kinda wish he had.

Undrafted rookie FA, Chris Harris led the defense in tackles with 9 and 2nd round rookie Rahim Moore who filled in for the injured Dawkins came in second with 6 tackles & 1 assist.

What really disappointed me was how quiet the stud rookie Von Miller was in this game. He only notched up 1 tackle the entire game. I think that made a big difference in how our defense played with him being blocked so well.

I expect to see him come out flyin at Buffalo on Saturday and eat up their QB alive. Be ready for MillerTime ;)

Special Teams:
Quan Cosby had a BAD game on special teams dropping two kicks/punts, can't remember... one of them was lost and turned into points for NE.

All 3 aspects of the game for us struggled and made it that much more unbearable to watch.

Injury Update:

Willis McGahee was in and out of the game on Sunday with a hamstring injury and has been limited in practice but is expected to play against Buffalo in 3 days.


The Funniest Sack I’ve Ever Seen – Doomervil Lays a Lick on Brady

Quinton Carter 4-yard sack on Brady

30-yard gain by Tebow

34-yard pass to Lance Ball

39-yard pass to D. Thomas

32-yard Lance Ball Touchdown

2-yard Touchdown Run by Tebow

9-yard Tebow Touchdown

Bring on the Bills... Let's finish this season 10-6 boys!


  1. Thanks Princess, I know what you mean, hate putting up a loss. Hopefully this game helps build momentum for the post season. Like it did for the Giants when they won the superbowl.

  2. I think it will G. 2 wins now to earn a home field playoff, probably vs. Pitt. I think we can take them too. After that we are more than likely done IMO. Maybe we can go on the road for a win vs Balt, NE or Houston, but I doubt it.

  3. I would just like to see us make it into the playoffs for the first times in 6 years. That would be a big step for this team.

    I think they will definitely revive themselves against Buffalo & then carry it over to the KC game. We're gonna finish strong. I can feel it ;)

  4. Me too,lets win these two games and go on to the playoffs. Lets get on a roll and see how far we can go.