August 28, 2012

Roster Cuts to 75; Broncos Vs Cardinals Preview

As was mentioned early the Broncos made 12 cuts and placed one player on IR to reach the 75 roster limit today. The cuts are as follows:

LS Lonie Paxton
Linebacker Elliot Coffey
Wide receiver Mark Dell
Wide receiver Cameron Kenney
Tight end Anthony Miller
Defensive end Cyril Obiozor
Running back Xavier Omon
Safety Anthony Perkins
Tackle Mike Remmers
Cornerback Ramzee Robinson
Fullback Austin Sylvester
Guard Austin Wuebbels

There were no real big surprises here. Paxton possibly was one but the writing was on the wall when your coach says this about the other long snapper. "We brought (Brewer) in with the idea that we liked his ability," Head Coach John Fox said. "He’s an exceptional athlete." This does mean Brewer will be the team's Long Snapper.

The cut of Fullback Austin Sylvester gives Gronk the inside look at the fullback spot if we intend to carry a true fullback.

Also RB Omon was cut after getting no touches the last two games. He may be seen later in the year depending on injuries. And we lost Cyril Obiozor who only had a cool name.

The final roster move was putting Jason Hunter on to injury reserve. Hopefully we see the same toughness and aggression from him next year.

Broncos Vs Cardinals Preview
The Broncos hit the road as they head into their final preseason game against the Cards. Since it is the final preseason game of the year the starters are not expected to play much if at all. And with the Broncos needing to cut 20 players by Friday the bottom end of the roster will be fighting hard. Here are a few of those battles to watch:


At quarterback it really depends on Hanie. If he has a poor game and Osweiler and especially Weber have very good games the Broncos may rethink their backup quarterback plan.

Running back, hopefully someone steps up and takes Lance Ball's position. We should see plenty of snaps for Ball, Moreno, Hillman and JJ. Let's see who gets those final spots on the roster.

At Wide Receiver I think we will see a lot from Caldwell, Hill, Robinson, Orton and Willis. Caldwell needs to have a good game and shake off the drops. Same goes for Hill. Personally I want to see Robinson have a big game, though that probably will mean we can't stash him on the practice squad.

Tight End, this is all down to Green, Thomas and Ingram. Who is going to stand up and be noticed?

Fullback, will Gronk have a big day?

Offensive Line, who of the backups will wade out of the crap.


Defensive End, Ayers, Beal, Blatnick are fighting for the last two spots. Ayers and Beal should have them locked up but they need solid performances.

Defensive Tackle. Unrein, Siliga, Jackson and Garland are fighting for one maybe two positions. This will be one of the hottest battles on game day. At the moment Unrein and Jackson have the inside track on the positions. Garland probably goes to the practice squad leaving Siliga needing a huge game.

In the Linebacker corps the guys to watch are Nate Irving, Mike Mohamed, Steve Johnson, Keith Brooking and Danny Trevathan. The main linebackers fighting for spots are Mohamed, Johnson, Brooking and maybe Trevathan. Mohamed and Brooking may not play so Johnson needs another good outing.

Another tough battle is at Safety. Bruton should have a spot. But Bush, Leonhard and Duke are battling for maybe one spot.

For the Corners I would say Florence, Bolden, Carter and Squid are challenging for the final roster positions. Bolden should be safe but Florence must do something to impress after such a poor game last week. Squid needs to do something on Special Teams to make this team.

Well that is it from me and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.

August 26, 2012

Broncos Vs 49ers Post Game

The Broncos were downed by the 49ers early today by a score of 29-24 but that doesn't tell the truth of the awesome day the first team had. Unfortunately I did not get to see most of the game since my Internet crapped out. I did get to see the fourth quarter at least.

Below are my notes from what I have seen, gathered and read.

The kickoff hit a security guard haha.

It can be said that the Broncos won the first half of the game and most of that was on Manning.

Manning was hot going 10/12 with two scores. He showed great toughness, accuracy etc. Some of his passes didn't have great velocity but than again he never had a cannon for an arm.

Hanie had his first really good game as a Bronco. He started out slow with a bad pick by Perrish Cox on an under thrown ball but he bounced back with some nice drives.

Brock and Weber struggled behind the weak 2nd and 3rd team lines.

Lance Ball didn't have a good game on the ground but picked up good yardage through the air. JJ did the same and personally I like him over Ball. Omon didn't get any game time and probably will be cut tomorrow.

Knowshon ran with aggression and power.

We got our first look at Ronnie Hillman and he showed some burst and speed.

Dreesen looks like a great buy at TE. Virgil Green displayed raw power on his only catch.

Thomas, Skokley and Willis had good grabs. The great thing about Thomas is there is still so much improvement to see.

Gronk had some nice blocks and looks like the fullback we will keep.

There were too many drops from the lower ranked receivers. Hill dropped one and Bubba Caldwell dropped a few, his head wasn't in the game.

The first string offensive line were very good again. The back ups are still disappointments.

The first team Denver defense was hot as well, keeping the 49ers offense under wraps.

Nate Irving had another solid performance but he kept getting up holding his side. Hopefully he gets healthy soon.

Mitch Unrein and Steve Johnson were bright spots on the 2nd and 3rd teams.

Vernon Davis was wide open on his touchdown. It looks like Rahim Moore went missing on the play not filling his assignment.

Florence did not have a very good game. He was beaten often and didn't make any plays. I think he has lost out to Harris and we can only hope Porter is health.

The 2nd and 3rd string defense need some work on their run defense.

Bruton showed off his speed getting around the field but he needs to take better angles.

Malik Jackson continues to impress making good plays from defensive tackle. He caused one fumble and almost had another. The Broncos would be crazy to cut him.

Duke made a nice play on a run as did Trevathan late in the game.

Special Teams

Prater and Colquitt were money again.

We still need to find a returner, anyone?

That is how I saw it, got anything to add hit me up in the comments ~ Aussie.

August 25, 2012

Broncos Vs 49ers Preview

Before getting into the preview for this weeks game there are two news stories to check out.

First is for those interested in the ratings of our players in Madden 13. has a detailed article on the ratings.

In other news the Broncos made a roster move today. Wide Receiver Tyler Grisham has been waived by the team.

Grisham is in his fourth year as a pro after spending his first three as a Pittsburgh Steeler. He was an undrafted free agent and only has one career reception since he has most of his career on the practice squad.

The Broncos will continue to cut down their roster as the 75 man roster cap is Monday.

Broncos Vs 49ers Preview
The Broncos third preseason game is at home against the 49ers. This week the first team is expected to play well into the third quarter as this will be their final hit out before the regular seasons starts.

Though the first teamers will see most of the field, it should be expected that a few of the second teamers will be rolled in to see what they can do.

So what camp battles are we looking for.


Quarterback is set, Manning is the starter. Who will probably be followed by Hanie.

Running Back will be interesting. McGahee will get most of the snaps but the battle starts behind him. Hopefully one of the other backs can step up and take Lance Ball's spot, I am looking at you Knowshon. Hillman also may see some action. JJ and Omon will get the leftovers.

Fullback, will it be Gronk or Sly? Someone needs to impress.

Wide Receiver, the guy I would be interested in out of the top 5 is Caldwell. He hasn't had any hook ups with Manning at the moment compared to the other four. Ninja Willis also needs a good game.

Tight End, Tamme and Dressen are good. But will it be Thomas, Green or Ingram that takes up that last one or two spots. I would expect one of these guys to see some time with the ones.

Offensive Line, the ones are set. Only battle to be following is Clark Vs Harris, can Harris get a roster spot?


Defensive End. Wolfe, Ayers and Doom are the top three that jump to mind. Who will be backing them up? Beal, Jackson maybe. Watch this rotation closely.

Defensive Tackle will see the return of Big Vick to the line. Vick, Warren, Bannan look like the top guys. Siliga and Unrein are the others still looking to push for a spot.

SLB is set with Miller. Personally I would keep Miller out as much as possible and have Irving run around out there.

MLB, all on Mays, make a tackle bro.

WLB, Woodyard or Trevathan? This may not seem like a close battle but Trevathan has surprised before.

At corner Champ and Porter have spots locked down. The battle here is Chris Harris vs Florence. Which of the two are going to take the nickel spot.

Safety, It will be interesting to see if Carter plays and with the ones. Of course this would be bumping Adams. But expect there to be a lot of rotation in this group. Leonhard may be out there too.

Long Snapper, Brewer or Paxton, there can only be one.

Kick Returner? Who is it going to be?

Well that is it from me, enjoy the game and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.

August 21, 2012

Broncos Vs Seahawks Post Game

This past Saturday the Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks at Mile High. Unfortunately the Seahawks came away with the 30-10 victory. But in the bigger scheme of things that doesn't really matter.

As for me I saw only parts of the game. I saw most of the first, a little of the second, most of the third and a little of the fourth. Therefore my analysis may not be spot on or the opinion of others. Time to take a closer look and dissect the Broncos second preseason game.

The offense struggled for much of the game and having 3 turnovers in the first half did not help.

There was also an issue with drops as Decker dropped a wide open pass and Tamme dropped a touchdown. The receivers will need to get back into camp and work hard as these plays killed us.

Manning was fairly solid. He started off slow but he showed good arm strength, footwork and accuracy. Plus he took his first hit and of course got back up and continued playing. He did throw two intercepts but they weren't that bad. His first one was a good play by the Hawk defensive line. The other one the ball got away from Manning and sailed. He still has some work to do. He also had a good two minute drill towards the end of the half where he craved up the Hawks secondary.

Osweiler took over in the second half and he struggled early. But his O-line didn't help much. He held onto the ball a little long as well but hey he is a rookie what you going to do.

There was an issue with the run game as it was none existent after Willis McGahee left the game. There was nothing to follow him and the back up guys did not impress. The Seahawks do have an unrated defensive line for what it is worth.

I thought Julius Thomas was disappointing again but it looks like he is working himself back into it.

Stokley and Decker were the top receivers followed by Lance Ball. Apart from his catches Ball didn't do much, other than fumble the ball.

As for the Offensive Line, the first string guys were good even without Kuper. The back ups again were average at best.

For the defense they surprisingly struggled with stopping the run. The first team defense gave up, I believe, 76 rushing yards in the first half. In total close to 220+ yards were gained by the Hawks. The second team missed a few of the young linebackers with injuries, such as Trevathan who was out with an injury and Irving followed suit during the game.

Watching the first team defense it was clear to see Ty Warren was beast against the double team. Though he didn't register on the stat sheet much he was dominate.

Doom played exceptional well and all Okung could do was to hold him. It was laughable the amount of holding calls he did get away with.

Mays had one of his better games but he is still missing tackles he needs to make.

I saw Nate Irving making a few plays. I especially liked where he read the play, filled his gap, and nailed the running back for a loss. He did miss the tackle on the TD run. He went high and whiffed on the tackle, he just needs to go low. But I was more surprised with how quick he got over there.

Mitch Unrein run a little with the ones. He picked up a half sack and showed a good motor.

Beal looked pretty good coming off the edge, if it wasn't for Russell Wilson's legs he may have had a few sacks. Speaking of Russell Wilson he killed it, that kid could be something special.

Wolfe kept showing up and was around the ball constantly.

I was impressed by Malik Jackson, he got a good sack. The great thing about him is he still looks lean, he could and will probably get much bigger.

Special Teams
Bruton was beast blocking two punts. His spot was never in doubt.

Tony Carter needs to be cut. Plus we need to find some returners.

Prater was money and Colquitt was awesome.

In other news it looks like we are starting to get healthy. With four Broncos returning to practice.

That is it from me ~ Aussie.

August 14, 2012

Broncos Vs Seahawks Preview

Before a preview of this Saturdays game let's get an update from Training Camp. Since the Broncos win against the Bears last Thursday the Broncos have had two days of camp and two days off.

Here is the report from those two practices.

Day 17
Safety Jim Leonhard (knee), safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee), wide receiver Tyler Grisham (knee), Danny Trevathan (ankle), fullback Chris Gronkowski (groin), defensive tackle Justin Bannan (calf) and tackle Ryan Harris (ankle) did not participate in Saturday’s practice. Cornerback Tracy Porter was held out of part of practice due to a hamstring injury.

In addition, Head Coach John Fox said linebacker D.J. Williams was excused from practice due to a personal reason.

Linebacker Keith Brooking was able to participate in practice wearing full pads for the first time since signing with the team. He took the majority of his reps with the second-unit defense.

Playmakers and Quick Hits:
Running back Ronnie Hillman, who didn’t play in Thursday’s preseason opener due to a hamstring injury, found plenty of space down the sideline during team drills. Quarterback Brock Osweiler rolled to his right and dumped off a pass to his fellow rookie, and Hillman raced up the field for a big gain.

Wide receiver Gerell Robinson made a couple of notable plays during practice, first leaping for a deep connection from quarterback Adam Weber. Later during red-zone work with quarterback Caleb Hanie, he caught a diving touchdown at the front of the end zone.

During 9-on-7 drills, defensive tackle Ty Warren stuffed a run at the line of scrimmage, drawing praise from the defensive sideline. Later in the drill, running back Xavier Omon busted a run up the middle, breaking several tackles and garnering cheers from the crowd in the process.

Caldwell was active during team drills, hauling in a sideline catch and then running the ball on an end-around on the very next play.

The defense had a big day at practice, generating a good amount of pressure throughout the session. Both Mitch Unrein and Jason Hunter nearly had "sacks," (keep in mind, quarterbacks are off limits), and linebacker Von Miller chased Manning out of the backfield on another play, forcing the four-time NFL MVP to throw the ball away.

Early in practice, the defensive line ran through a drill where one lineman acted as a running back and the other’s job was to make the tackle. Throughout, the linemen seemed to enjoy playing on offense just as much as making the big hit. Defensive tackle Sealver Siliga juked out defensive end Jason Hunter pretty badly, which inspired the rest of the group. Defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson was next up with the football, throwing in a few stutter steps and yelling out "Mike Vick!"

Broncos alumni continue to head out to Dove Valley during training camp. Watching Saturday’s practice was former Broncos player-coach Jimmy Spencer. A cornerback in Denver from 2000-03, Spencer pulled double-duty in his final season in Denver, also handling assistant defensive backs coach duties.

Nicknamed "Teach," Spencer was Denver’s defensive backs coach one his playing days were over in 2004, and also served as assistant defensive backs coach again in 2005 and 2006.


Nate Irving Video

Day 18
The Broncos had this day off.

Day 19
After the team had a day off Sunday, the Broncos returned to the practice fields at Dove Valley at 10:35 a.m. Monday morning. The practice was originally scheduled to start at 2:20 p.m., but was moved up to avoid bad weather forecast for later this afternoon. The decision allowed the Broncos to practice in some of the most favorable conditions of camp, as it was 77 degrees with a light breeze blowing throughout practice. Here are some notes from the practice, which featured a number of big plays in the passing game.

Safety Jim Leonhard (knee), safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee), wide receiver Tyler Grisham (knee) and linebacker Danny Trevathan (ankle) did not participate in Monday’s practice. Linebacker Keith Brooking left practice with a hamstring strain.

Defensive tackle Ty Warren was excused from practice for personal reasons.

Linebacker D.J. Williams was back in pads after not attending Saturday’s practice, and defensive tackle Justin Bannan dressed out, marking the first time in a few practices that Bannan has participated.

Playmakers and Quick Hits:
In one-on-one drills, what looked like a completion to Decker was slapped out of his hands by Bailey near the sideline. Later in the drill, Decker broke free for a touchdown. During 7-on-7′s, Decker was able to get behind Bailey and haul in a deep post route for a long completion. Arguably the most notable play between the two happened when Decker got a step on Bailey on a go route during a team drill. Quarterback Peyton Manning’s pass dropped right into Decker’s hands. Decker’s momentum carried him up the hill near the sideline, and as Decker made his way back down, Bailey gave him a thumbs-up.

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas enjoyed a big afternoon, making several highlight-reel catches. Thomas pulled in one touchdown reception during a red zone period on a fade route with cornerback Tracy Porter and safety Rahim Moore in coverage. A few plays later, Thomas hauled in another touchdown after faking to the outside and breaking back toward the middle of the end zone, where he was all by himself for the catch.

Another wide receiver who played well was rookie Gerell Robinson. Robinson made a nice catch near the sideline for a touchdown during the red zone drill. Later, during a team drill, Robinson leaped to make an impressive catch along the sideline for a substantial gain.

Quarterback Brock Osweiler used a pump fake to help freeze the defense, then fired a perfectly thrown pass to a streaking Julius Thomas, who made the reception in stride. After the play, Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio shouted to his defense, "Don’t fall for the pump!"

One of the best runs of the afternoon came from rookie running back Ronnie Hillman. Just one play after a scrum broke out during 9-on-7′s, Hillman took a carry designed to stretch toward the right sideline, stopped on a dime, and raced back toward the left side of the field, making it all the way to the end zone untouched.


Running Backs

Champ talks after Camp.

Broncos Vs Seahawks

Game Two of the preseason is against the Seahawks. It is expected that the lower roster players, the 2nd team and below will have more game time than last week. Therefore we are looking at some of those players on the bubble to step up and those that performed well last week to carry that performance over.

The number two quarterback is still up for grabs. This week we will probably see more of Hanie and Weber with a little Osweiler thrown in. If Weber and Osweiler outperform Hanie, he could be facing the chop.

For the running backs expect to see more Knowshon. Omon and JJ are hot on his heels and that last running back spot is looking like a tough fight. A great game by one of these guys could separate that player from the pack.

With Julius Thomas heating up at practice can he make an impact during the game? He will need to impress as does Green with Ingram having a good first game.

Receivers are looking pretty set but can either Jason Hill or Gerell Robinson push for the last spot.

We will see a heap of the back up O-Line during this game. I personally am hoping to see something out of Ryan Harris or Philip Blake.

Round two of Hunter vs Ayers gets underway, who will come out on top?

Wolfe should get some more work and I am looking forward to that. But look for big games from Siliga, Garland, Big Vick and Jackson.

Nate Irving, Mike Mohamed and Danny Trevathan. These three guys need to have solid games to keep Keith Brooking at bay.

For the corners I want to see more out of Squid and Bolden. Squid also needs to take more opportunity with his returns.

That is it from me, enjoy the game and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.

August 10, 2012

Broncos Vs Bears Post Game

The Broncos played their first game of the 2012 season today against the Bears. The Broncos came away from Soldier field with the 31-3 victory. I myself did not get to see the game but here are notes from what I have read, heard and seen.


Personally I liked seeing more one running, one tight and three receiver sets (113) compared to the option offense of yesteryear. It is really night and day to compare the two.

Also I am loving our depth across the team expect for OL. Each new team whether it was the twos, threes or fours brought it today. The back up O-Line though needs work, they struggled with penalties all night.

First string OL looked good, they did give Manning time to make plays. But it would have been different if Peppers was playing.

We didn't get to see much of Manning as he only played one series. He came in and showed he was a little rusty. But he did his thing and made some nice passes. Most importantly he didn't get injured.

Hanie was next up with the twos. He was booed heavily when he came out and that may have rattled him. He showed a lot of bad to begin with and then some good. Unfortunately for him there was more bad than there was good.

Osweiler came in after half time and saw a little action. He displayed surprising footwork for a rookie. And he has a big arm, so far he has impressed.

Weber finished the game in the fourth. He did OK and threw a nice TD to Ingram.

Willis McGahee still has a lot to give out of his old legs, plus I did see him light up some linebackers coming through.

Knowshon looked on point considering he has only been back two weeks. Let's see if he can get through Preseason.

Omon and JJ both had good games. It is probably time to step up their competition and see what they can do against the big boys because Ball still sucks.

What I have heard Gronk seemed to block well and was the better out of the two fullbacks.

Of the receivers Jason Hill and Gerell Robinson stepped it up. They also could do with some tougher competition. Hill showed some toughness in getting his touchdown.

Ninja Willis ran some good routes and was money when they went to him. Stokley better watch out.

Of the Tight Ends they were surprisingly absent from the stat sheet. But Ingram came up big today did more than other young players Julius Thomas and Virgil Green.


The Defense was on point all night across the board.

Wolfe was a beast today and picked up two sacks. Both weren't dominating sacks but Wolfe showing his none stop motor and not giving up on the play.

Nate Irving showed up big time today and was probably the best of the linebackers. Even Mike Mohamed played well. Danny Trevathan had a decent game. The Brooking signing must have set a fire under these guys. Was Woodyard even out there? Or did he just play with the ones on the first series.

In the Hunter vs Ayers battle, Ayers got on the stat sheet, Hunter did not. Ayers had a good sack but he needs to do that against the ones.

Jeremy Beal got two sacks and is pushing for a spot.

Obiozor played well towards the end of the game and the Duke impressed on special teams.

Though they didn't register on the stat sheet I heard Siliga and Garland were collapsing the pocket.

One thing about the defense was their tackling was amazing.

Special Teams

Prater did miss a 57 yarder but otherwise was money, as was Colquitt.

The return duties are still up for grabs. But Bolden, Willis and Squid handed those duties the best.

Video Highlights

First Half Photos

Second Half Photos

I would be happy to hear any other comments or points from the game that I may have missed. Otherwise enjoy the win and get prepared for next week's ~ Aussie.

August 7, 2012

Broncos sign LB Keith Brooking

Today the Broncos added a veteran presence to not only the Linebacking corps but to their defense as a whole when they signed Keith Brooking.

Brooking is a 6'2 245 pound 36 year old inside linebacker. He was drafted 12th overall in 1998 by the Falcons. He played there for 11 years having 5 Pro Bowl seasons from 2001 to 2006 and 2 All Pro seasons.

Brooking than signed with Dallas and remained there for the previous three seasons and was now a free agent.

Brooking has two 200-plus tackle seasons and has played in every game since 2001.

Brooking, 36, said he expects to work at the middle and weakside linebacking positions. He is providing depth to the second team where we don't have experienced reserves. The current second-teamers at middle, strongside and weakside linebacker, Mike Mohamed, Nate Irving and Danny Trevathan (while DJ is out), who are 2011 draft picks who have combined for one career tackle on defense and a 2012 sixth round pick. While not guaranteed a position, Brooking will push the young guys to be their best.

When linebacker Keith Brooking got word the Broncos wanted to work him out, he didn't waste any time.

In fact, he told his agent he'd book his own plane ticket.

"I came in this morning, ran around a little bit, showed them that this 37-year-old body can still move," Brooking said. "The circumstances had to be right for me. I wanted to play for a contender, and this team was right up there on the list. It worked out great."

"I’m just really excited to be a part of the Broncos -- what they bring to the table -- and to make a run at this thing."

Unlike safety Jim Leonhard, who the Broncos signed Saturday, Brooking does not expect to be put on the active/physically unable to perform list and expects he will be practicing by Saturday.

"I haven't been in the offseason program, so I'd be lying to you if I said that I was in game shape and ready to go, but my legs feel good; they still have pop in them," Brooking said. "I had a lot of blows to the head and a few surgeries. I'm not what I was eight years ago, but relatively speaking, my body feels really good."

Brooking and Del Rio talked about the team's defensive scheme, which got him even more excited about his new situation in Denver.

"Del Rio,Coach Fox, the whole organization, when I got here, it was exactly what I thought it was going to be this morning when I worked out for them and got a chance to sit down and talk with them," he said. "It just validated everything even more."

Fox noted that Brooking has played both the Mike (middle) and Will (weakside) linebacker positions, and that's where the veteran expects to compete as the preseason unfolds.

"I think competition brings out the best in everyone and brews success," Brooking said. "I’m here to do that, whatever role it takes. Mike, Will, special teams -- I’m not too big for that, even though I’ve been in this league a long time. Whatever role I can find, I’m willing to do."

"At this point in my career, you’re striving for one thing," Brooking said. "I think this team is set to make a run, and I’m very excited to be a small part of it."

Also on Monday, the Broncos placed running back Mario Fannin on injured reserve with an Achilles injury. Fannin, a second-year player out of Auburn, spent the 2011 season on IR as well.

Let's beat those Bears. Go Broncos ~ Aussie.

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Brooking and Training Camp video

August 6, 2012

Training Camp Update Three - Broncos prepare for Bears

Another three days of training camp are in the books, as well as the annual scrimmage at Mile High report. And now the first preseason game is drawing near. The Broncos play the Bears on Thursday night. But first notes from camp...

Day Eight
Thursday morning’s practice was once again open to the public, and fans showed up in record number — the 5,034 in attendance set another Dove Valley record. It’s the third time an attendance record has been broken during this year’s training camp, and the fans in attendance certainly got a show.

Yesterday, Head Coach John Fox reported that wide receiver Eric Decker had a groin strain. On Thursday, Decker was back on the field in full pads.

Missing from practice were safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee) and wide receivers D’Andre Goodwin (foot) and Greg Orton (ankle). Wide receiver Tyler Grisham (knee), running back Ronnie Hillman (hamstring) and tackle Orlando Franklin (concussion) were all on the practice field wearing shorts, but did not participate.

Newly signed wide receiver Cameron Kenney, wearing No. 19, participated in his first practice.

Quick Hits and Playmakers:
There were plenty of playmakers during Thursday’s session, but we’ll start with Thomas. In the first team drill of the morning, Thomas caught a Manning pass on the sideline while on his knees. The very next play was another connection from Manning to Thomas on the sideline. This time, Thomas was on his feet, and he quickly used them to juke a defender and then stiff-arm another to the ground en route to what would have been a long touchdown.

In the next team drill, Manning and Thomas were at it again. After taking the snap, Manning dropped back and fired a pass deep down the middle of the field for Thomas. Safety Rahim Moore was right there in coverage and cornerback Drayton Florence was closing fast, but Thomas leaped up and over Moore to bring down the ball, running the rest of the way for the score. When he got to the back of the end zone, Thomas high-fived a group of young fans. On his way back to the sideline, he was met by cornerback Champ Bailey for another five, and Manning congratulated the receiver with a helmet tap on the sideline.

Defensive end Elvis Dumervil had a "sack" on Manning during team drills, but the play was allowed to continue and Manning still let a pass fly toward Thomas, but Bailey was in tight coverage and forced the incompletion.

Quarterback Adam Weber made his reps count on Thursday, first lofting a deep pass through coverage into the waiting hands of wide receiver Gerell Robinson for a big gain. At the very end of practice during a red-zone drill, Weber found a leaping Joel Dreessen in the back corner of the end zone for a touchdown that drew cheers from both the crowd and the offense.

Running back Xavier Omon had a highlight of his own early in team drills, running through two tackles and spinning out of another for a long gain that got the crowd riled up.

Referees watched Thursday’s morning session, signaling when players scored touchdowns and even throwing an occasional flag.

Defensive end Jason Hunter got reps with the first-unit D-line for the second straight practice. Defensive tackle Justin Bannan was also back with the ones, alongside fellow defensive tackle Ty Warren.

As a whole, the offensive line seemed to win Thursday’s one-on-one session against the defensive line, but defensive end Ben Garland still managed a big highlight for the D. He bullied his way past rookie guard/center Philip Blake into the backfield, drawing praise from his defensive teammates.

Video One

Video Two


Day Nine
Friday’s practice was highlighted by a number of big plays on both sides of the ball. Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas continued to get into a rhythm with quarterback Peyton Manning, but in his battle with veteran cornerback Champ Bailey, both players got the best of each other at least once.

Safety Quinton Carter (hamstring and knee), wide receivers Tyler Grisham (knee) and Greg Orton (ankle), running back Ronnie Hillman (hamstring) and tackle Orlando Franklin (concussion) did not practice Friday.

Head Coach John Fox said that Franklin has been cleared by team doctors.

"We’ll use him sparingly tomorrow," Fox said.

Defensive tackle Justin Bannan left practice early due to a calf injury.

Quick Hits and Playmakers:
In seven-on-seven’s, Bailey jumped up to knock the ball away from Thomas, tipping it into the air. It nearly led to an interception for safety Mike Adams, but he was unable to corral the deflection before it hit the ground.

Bailey also made a nice play in coverage on wide receiver Eric Decker, slapping the ball out of Decker’s hands to prevent a sideline reception.

Later in seven-on-seven’s, Thomas again found himself covered by Bailey, but this time, Thomas hung on for the catch despite a diving effort by Bailey.

Also during team drills, Weber connected with wide receiver Gerell Robinson, who made a quick grab while reaching over his head on the run. Weber quickly went right back to him on the following play, but the two were unable to make it back-to-back completions because cornerback Joshua Moore was able to break up the pass.

A pass near the goal line was deflected by cornerback Chris Harris, but the offense caught a break when tight end Jacob Tamme was able to make the catch anyway in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

Cornerbacks Drayton Florence, Syd’Quan Thompson and Omar Bolden all had pass breakups in the drill. Bolden’s involved the rookie leaping to swat away a pass intended for Gerell Robinson at the last moment. "Nice job, Omar!" Secondary Coach Ron Milus shouted. "Good play, Omar!"

Friday’s practice saw some chippiness between the offensive and defensive lines. Defensive end Jason Hunter, who has been practicing with the first-team D-line, got into a few shoving matches with offensive linemen during both the line drills and full-team drills. He ended up with his helmet off after one play, and Wesley Woodyard came over to help calm him down. Meanwhile, behind the play, linebacker Von Miller was dancing in what looked to be an effort to cool some of the tension between the lines.

Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway watched parts of practice alongside Coach Fox.

A handful of Broncos alumni, including Billy Thompson and Larry Brunson, watched practice from the sideline. A number of University of Colorado and University of Wyoming football coaches took in the session as well. Former Broncos safety Renaldo Hill, now a coach at Wyoming, was at practice.

Video One


Day 10 - Scrimmage

Live Blog from the Scrimmage

Broncos set Attendance Record

Mario Fannin was injured during the scrimmage. He tore his Achilles. Fannin will have to undergo his second season ending surgery for the second straight year. Fannin Injured

Pictures of the Scrimmage

Article from the scrimmage Scrimmage Photos

Broncos Vs Bears Preview

The Broncos first game of the 2012 season and their first preseason game is against the Bears. But the game and result are not overly important. A win is nice but what we are looking for is the play of our players. The fringe guys and players fighting for a roster spot. Here are some position battles to take notice of during the game.

Also of interest is to take note of the depth chart and where guys are playing. First, Second or Third string.

The number two Quarterback spot is up for grabs. By all accounts Hanie hasn't been playing as well as the other two. Let's see if he can do something.

With Fannin injured who will step up and take the positions available behind McGahee. Hillman will probably be held out with his hamstring injury. Meaning Moreno, Omon, Johnson and Ball have to step up and take it to the next level.

Wide Receiver
The fourth and fifth spot is up for grabs. Stokley and Ninja Willis have the inside track but I have heard good things about Gerell Robinson.

Offensive Line
The right tackle position seems to be the only position up for grabs with Franklin out. Can Ryan Harris step it up and push the subject to the coaches?

Tight End
Will Green or Thomas show us anything?

Defensive Tackle
Who is going to win a spot. Unrein and Siliga are the ones that need to have good games.

Defensive End
For me this is all about Hunter Vs Ayers. Who wants that starting spot more? Plus we get our first look at Garland.

That fifth and maybe sixth spot are there for the taking. Watch for Squid to have a big game.

Well enjoy the first Broncos game, I know I will ~ Aussie.

August 3, 2012

Broncos 2012 Cheerleaders Calendar

Every year around this time there are two very important events involving the Broncos. First is Training Camp, the other is the annual Broncos Cheerleader Calendar. Below is a selection of shoots from the weeks photo shoot of our lovely ladies. The calendar can be purchased from here. For larger images click on the picture, enjoy ~ Aussie.