August 31, 2009

Broncos-Bears recap

Ok, I know it wasn't what we wanted. we had a lot of injuries. Hillis, Royal, Gaffney, Kuper Orton, and a few other. but from what I heard, with the exception of Gaffney, their all ok.

Lets start with defense. we have improved a lot. we're getting pressure on the quarterback and stopping the run. We held Forte, one of the premier backs in the league, to just barely over 2 yards per carry. The problems I see with our defense are we can't cover tight ends and runningbacks who come to the flat for a pass. I know Olsen made some great catches, but we could've had a lot better coverage on him. We also need turnovers. I don't think our starting D has picked off a pass yet. Overall, I give our defense a C. that's a good grade considering last year we were an F. We are an average defense. better than last year but still room for improvement.

Special Teams. Why do Denver punters always think they can punt to Devin Hester? I thought McDaniels was smart enough to know to not punt to Devin Hester. If I was a special teams coordinator, that would be my number one rule. don't kick it within a 20 yard radius of Devin Hester. overall, we get a D. that Hester reurn killed us but Kern placed it inside the 5 a few times. that's what kept me from giving them an F

Now time for the Offense. Orton looked good until the injury. keep in mind that his two most dangerous weapons were gone in Marshall and Moreno. Today showed how important they are in order for our Offense to succeed. Once we get Marshall and Moreno on the field, our offense will look good. Hillis looked good, as always. love how versatile he is. If he's healthy our offense is a lot better. penalties is what killed our O. we were put in 3rd and long to many times. limit mistakes and we will improve.

August 29, 2009

Brandon Marshall Suspended

It is official, Brandon "The Beast" Marshall has been suspended for his conduct at the Broncos Wednesday practice. Marshall was caught on film being a goose. Punting away balls, knocking away passes and walking when others where running. After this video came to light Marshall tried to defend himself on ESPN but Friday morning McDaniels announced that he had been suspended. Marshall's suspension lasts until September 5, and the head coach said the team looks "forward to having him back here on September 6 as we begin our preparations toward Cincinnati."

McDaniels said a warning was given to Marshall before practice on the Wednesday, letting him know that his previous behavior was not acceptable.

"His actions didn't really change after that warning," McDaniels said. "So that leads us to today, where we went ahead and followed up the warning with a suspension." The suspension came as no surprise to anyone as he had not been putting in the work that the other 79 players had been. He also had been warned by other players that his attitude was unacceptable, Daniel Graham being one of them.

Now he will miss the next few preseason games and will be fined for missing those. So it is a bit weird for a guy that didn't want to get fined for not showing up to camp now getting fined for being a upset child.

Marshall told ESPN on the Thursday night after the video was released he wasn't trying to force a trade through insubordination but that frustration got the best of him.

The question is where do the Broncos go to from here? In his two weeks off do you think Marshall will learn the playbook? And will he be ready to go when the season rolls around? At this point some people may be jumping ship or being to lose faith in Marshall and would rather see him go. Marshall clearly has not grown up and hasn't shown anyone why he deserves that fat contract he wants. He would be better served to work hard and put in a good season then not.

Here is how I see this playing out. Since he has been suspended I highly doubt he will be traded before the season starts. So saying that he will be a Bronco this year whether he likes it or not. He will probably not be ready to go as the season rolls around so he may miss a few reps. But he is a good player and will put together a good season, where the Broncos will either say good bye or try to resign him. If not he will probably get the franchise tag.

What I don't understand is why Marshall doesn't realize that he won't get his pay day at the start of the season with his history. He will get his pay day at the end of the season in the form of three things. Free Agency, Resigning with the Broncos or the Franchise tag. And if he works hard and has a big season that just makes the deal that much better. So why doesn't Marshall see this?

Or is there something Marshall knows that he is not letting anyone know about? Does he know that his hip is not 100% or he has lost a step because of it? Or is there some off field issue he is worried about? This could explain why he is working so hard to get a deal now, since he knows that a full NFL season would expose his problems?

So I will open it to the fans what do you think and where is this going, is Marshall in for a surprise?

August 28, 2009

Honored For Their Offseasons

By Gray Caldwell

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The offseason. It's certainly not the most glamorous part of the football season, and isn't exactly the most exciting stretch of the year for the players.

But it's when the work begins for the next go-round, and offseason conditioning was something the Broncos took very seriously heading into the 2009 campaign.

The players started official offseason conditioning in the middle of March for a season that truly begins in September. The team accomplished a lot of work in that time span, but the locker room voted that 10 players' dedication stood out among the rest.

Josh Barrett, Tim Crowder, Jabar Gaffney, Daniel Graham, Ben Hamilton, Peyton Hillis, Kenny Peterson, Chris Simms, Brandon Stokley and Jack Williams were all voted Offseason Award Winners by their teammates.

All of them said that with all the hard work the team put in this offseason, to be singled out is a great feeling.

Some of the winners, like Crowder, were even surprised by the honor.

"I'm really not an outspoken guy, and I didn't think anybody was going to pay attention to what I do because I'm so quiet," Crowder said. "But I see they recognize the way I work hard, and it means a lot, just to get the respect from your teammates."

But a quick glance at Crowder and the other nine winners' routines and it's easy to see why they deserved the distinction.

Many of the players put in some extra work this spring and summer. Barrett took advantage of several trips to Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre, where the team ran up and down the stadium seating as part of the conditioning program. Hamilton did the same. Crowder kicked his routine up a notch, losing weight in order to move to his new position, outside linebacker/defensive end.

Stokley, an 11th-year veteran, altered his offseason routine a little this time around, putting in even more work than he's used to.

"I know that I'm not getting any younger, so to try to withstand a whole football season, I've got to do a lot of extra things," he said. "So I really dedicated myself this year to the weight program, the conditioning and the lifting to try to get myself ready for a 16-game regular season."

Then there were those who just went about their business every day, and that caught the attention of teammates as well.

"I'm just doing my job," Graham said. "I've been doing my offseasons the same for the last seven years, just going in, working hard and preparing for the next season."

The regular season is almost here, when the players can truly tell how much all that preparation has paid off. But in the mean time, the preparation has already paid dividends for the 10 award winners in the form of several privileges.

First, the players each got a prime parking spot adjoining the practice field, close to the entrance to the facility. They also got first choice of seats on the team plane during away games. A few training camp bonuses included picking a playlist for a practice session, a free night without curfew and the opportunity to select a Friday afternoon meal. If the players have a favorite restaurant that caters, the team will have it brought in.

The parking spot got plenty of votes from the award winners as the best perk, especially if the weather got cold or it was raining, and no matter what time players arrived they knew their parking spot was waiting for them.

The Friday meals are a popular choice as well. Stokley said he got some "rave reviews" for his meal choice -- Del Frisco's -- when the team got some catered steaks. Hamilton's meal was popular as well -- some Popeyes chicken was delivered.

Choosing the music was a lot of fun for the players, but sometimes it was fun at the music selector's expense. After Hillis chose a tracklist laden with country, LaMont Jordan joked, "Not only is that unacceptable, it's unconstitutional … to have that playlist that he had."

Barrett said it's hard to choose what the best privilege has been.

"You know, choosing the music has been cool," he said. "We actually get to pick a Friday meal -- last week's was good, and Ben picked it. Getting to choose your seat, a night without curfew -- it's all been really good. That one night when you don't have curfew, getting to go home and sleep in your bed, that's an advantage. I was really, really excited about that."

All in all, the players have enjoyed the incentive program, and rewarding them for their offseason preparation has only been a positive.

What makes it all the better, Stokely said, is that the distinction was voted on in the locker room.

"It means a lot because it comes from your teammates," he said. "I put a lot of hard work in this offseason, and for it to be recognized by your peers, it makes you feel good."

August 26, 2009

Bears Vs Broncos - Preview

The Broncos face the Bears in this weeks third preseason game on Sunday. This will be the Broncos first game at home and the first home game for many of the Broncos players and coaches. They are still a lot of questions to be answered about this team and a few things that will be interesting in this game. So lets have a look at what is being said and what to expect in this game. Outlook-

Orton vs. Cutler: The Broncos thought so highly of QB Kyle Orton, they traded QB Jay Cutler to get him. Alright, it probably did not happen that way. Orton did however look impressive last week against the Seahawks, driving the Broncos to 10 points, which would have been more if Jabar Gaffney had not dropped a sure touchdown reception. Jay Cutler, meanwhile, looks to provide the Bears with the franchise QB they have lacked since Jim McMahon.

The status of WR Brandon Marshall: The enigmatic receiver told reporters that he was "not close" to learning new coach Josh McDaniels' playbook. So the team left him at home for its preseason game at Seattle last week. Could the club and receiver be heading for a standoff?

Injuries: Expect Dawkins to sit as he recovers from his hand injury. Simms may also sit unless he overcomes his ankle injury. Knowshon is out with the knee injury.

So what to expect from this game. It will be a big battle between Orton and Cutler this week as Broncos fans will be comparing the two a lot from this game. I think Orton may get the upper hand as I think the Denver fans may get into Cutler's head with the boos. Or it will make him have a great game. Also it is interesting to note if Marshall will see any playing time in this game or will McD continue to sit him.

Also keep a close eye on the Defense and see if there has been any improvement from last weeks game. I hope to see some turnovers in this game and an improvement on special teams. What I want to see happen in this game is Doom to get a sack on Cutler and Champ to take a pick six off him.

Make sure to take note of what sort of roll newly acquired Russ Hochstein plays in this weeks game.

And I will leave with this question, food for thought, is Cutler the most hated man in Denver or is it McD? have your say. - Aussie Out

Update - The Broncos signed QB Ingle Martin as an extra arm since Chris Simms has an ankle injury that will keep him out for 2-4 weeks. It is expected that Martin will be cut when Simms returns. But he will be given the chance to compete. RB Marcus Thigpen was released/waived to make room on the roster for Martin.

Update on Dawkins - He has been training without the orange injury jersey for the last two days so he could be on his way back and may play in this weeks game.

Update 2 on Dawkins - It is believed that dawkins will have his first start of the season this week against the bears. Also Jordon and Moreno are out for this game, and it has been reported that Moreno may miss week 1's game. Also Marshall may be held out of this weeks game again since he didn't train today.

August 25, 2009

Floyd a Hall Finalist

By Gray Caldwell

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Soon, "The Franchise" could be "The Hall of Famer."

Floyd Little, one of the four original Broncos Ring of Fame inductees, was announced as a senior nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010.

The Senior Committee made its two recommendations, Little and Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, on Tuesday. Both men are automatically among the finalists for next year's class of Hall of Famers.

"I'm telling you, I'm elated," Little said. "It's just unbelievable. I don't know what to say. There have been so many Broncos fans who have been so supportive and have signed petitions and have really been wanting this to happen. I cant thank the Broncos organization and their fans any more."

From here, the Board of Selectors will narrow down the number of nominees to 25 in November. In early January the list will be trimmed to 15 modern-day finalists, along with Little and LeBeau.

Both senior nominees are voted on separately -- they still have to get the mandatory 80 percent vote to enter the Hall -- and the largest possible number of inductees is seven, including the senior nominees. The fewest is four.

"We've got another hump to go over, but in the mean time we're gonna celebrate between now and Super Bowl week!" Little said, hardly containing his excitement.

A first-round pick in 1967 from Syracuse University, Little finished his Broncos career ranked No. 1 on the franchise's all-time list for rushing attempts, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. He played in the Pro Bowl in 1970, 1971 and 1973, and partipcated in the AFL All-Star Game in 1968 and '69.

He led the team in rushing for seven consecutive seasons from 1967-73 -- the longest such streak in club history -- also leading the NFL in rushing in 1971. During his career, the only running back to total more rushing yards than Little was Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson.

He retired as the seventh-leading rusher in NFL history.

"When I think about being drafted, I was supposed to go to the Jets, so when Denver drafted me I was thinking, "Where the hell is Denver?" Little laughed. "But it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, being drafted by the Denver Broncos and playing my whole career there."

Little spoke about all the Broncos who played with him and after him who belong in the Hall of Fame. He mentioned everyone from Karl Mecklenburg, Randy Gradishar and Tom Jackson to Louis Wright, Billy Thompson and Steve Atwater. He said he feels both Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis belong in Canton, and he called President and CEO Pat Bowlen "a Hall-of-Fame owner."

"Denver has a history of great players, great athletes, who gave a lot to the game, and somewhere along the line they have to be recognized," he said.

For now, Little is the first in that line to get recognized. The man who wore No. 44 -- one of three retired numbers in Broncos history -- has a chance to be the next player to be enshrined in orange and blue.

"I'm just so happy," he said. "My wife and I are going to celebrate big time. I don't drink at all, but I might have to have a Coors."

Another trade? With New England??

The Broncos acquired offensive lineman Russ Hochstein in a trade with New England. Denver sent the Patriots a seventh-round draft pick for 2010 which is the same pick the Patriots gave the Broncos last week as part of the trade with defensive end Le Kevin Smith to Denver.

Hochstein, 6-4, 305, played in 91 games from 2002-2008 for the Patriots, including 15 games in 2008.

He is a very
versatile player and can play center, play guard, tackle, tight end, even fullback.

OL Stanley Bryant, is the likely player cut to make room for this morning's trade to acquire OL Russ Hochstein. Bryant did not play well against the Seahawks.

Update: OL Bryant was released to make room for Hochstein.

The question I want to know is this a bad thing that McDaniels keeps going back to New England looking for players or is it good to keep picking them up since the Patriots have such a winning record.

Other News

Michael Vick is expected to play his first pro football since being in prison this week.


QB Chris Simms (ankle)
RB Knowshon Moreno (knee)
CB Tony Carter (ankle)
DL Marcus Thomas (shoulder)

August 23, 2009

27 - 13 - Loss - Seahawks vs Broncos - Recap

The question is can this guy save us and lead us to victories? My answer to that is yes he can. Coming off a bad game Orton made a lot of good throws and some good reads. He only threw two bad balls, one that should have been intercepted. And the other, the left handed one which was intercepted. Remember that it was fourth down and he went for it being the preseason, just throw it up there and hope to make a play. If this had been the regularly season he probably would have tucked it in and gone for it himself. Or we would have taken the Field Goal instead of go for it. I think Orton answered a lot of questions today about what he can bring this season.

The big downer and the reason we lost in this game was the defense. When you bring the house you need to cover the flats which were open all day with screens in this game. Third and long killed us all day in this game as it has done in the past. I thought Ayers looked slow and got beaten on the run a few times and was out of position. I thought Champ was out of position on a few plays which resulted in a few completions on his side. Hasselbeck wasn't scared of Champ and made Champ's mistakes pay. I thought Larsen had a good game and could beat out Davis who is slow in the pass coverage. I thought Goodman did alright but if your a corner you have to make plays and he didn't do that. Houshmandzadeh's touchdown was as soft as they come.

I think there is a major problem in the middle of the field and I have seen it in both games. We have a good rush and a good secondary but no middle coverage. In both games we have got sacks early because the QB is looking down field and players are covered. But they make adjustments and attack under the coverages and over the rush. Which happens to be a big hole, Andra Davis and DJ Williams can't cover sideline to sideline so Wide Receivers and Running Backs are getting to the second level to easily and making big plays. I think this needs to be addressed.

The muffed catches were a joke Smith, Mckinley come on catch that...stuff. It was nice to see Prater kick a big bomb which is what I except from him.

The question at the start of the article shouldn't be can Orton lead this team and win games, it should be can DJ Williams lead the defense and get turnovers and support Orton's good work. Because so far I am not impressed. Another two games and still no turnovers, turnovers are just as rare as 4 and out for our defense, so pick that stuff up. Well that is my view tell me if I am wrong- Aussie Out!

Update - Phonz Smith left the game with an leg injury and Chris Simms left the game with a foot injury.

August 22, 2009

Seahawks vs Broncos - 2nd half

Key stats from the 1st half.

K. Orton17/231771td1int
Not bad from Orton but that left handed throw was just a bad decision yet again by him.

Lets go in the second half.

Another Link

Seahawks vs Broncos - 1st & 2nd Quarter

What up everybody the game starts soon in about 30 mins, so lets get ready to watch our broncos rumble.

Injuries: Moreno and Buckhalter are out. Marshall isn't playing as he doesn't know the play book. And Dawkins I believe isn't playing but if he is there don't be surprised to see him on the field for a bit. is saying Dawkins not playing

Got to watch the Seahawks WR on our secondary and our front seven against there run attack. Also watch closely how Orton and Simms play.

Here are links for the game:

If I find better I will add it. - Aussie Out

August 19, 2009

This is interesting...

Considering the drama we've seen from Brandon Marshall over the past couple of months, I would say as fans we have earned the right not to trust him.

However, he sees it in a different light. Surprise surprise.

Here's the story from

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Brandon Marshall has no problem working with the scout team while he plays his way back into Pro Bowl form.

What bugs him is the way the Denver Broncos handled his acquittal on misdemeanor battery charges last week.

Marshall said Wednesday in his first public comments about the matter that he was miffed a member of the team's public relations staff told his teammates not to gloat over the wide receiver's acquittal in an Atlanta courtroom on Friday.

Marshall was told the staffer was acting on his own in an attempt to be sensitive, but the wide receiver believes the directive came from higher in the organization and he suggested the episode fostered distrust between him and the Broncos.

There's a hazard that this latest imbroglio could lead to an irreparable rift between the team and Marshall, who's already unhappy that the Broncos haven't reworked his contract or traded him.

"Unfortunately, I think it gets to that point," Marshall said. "There are trust issues on both sides. It's understandable. We've got to try our best to move forward."

Trust issues were at the root of the offseason quarterback predicament that ended with Pro Bowl passer Jay Cutler being traded out of Denver after first-year coach Josh McDaniels considered acquiring former pupil Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots. Cassel ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs, Cutler was sent to the Chicago Bears and Kyle Orton came to the Broncos.

Marshall, who's set to make $2.2 million this season, had hoped the verdict in his trial would give him leverage for a new contract, and his agent, Kennard McGuire, met with McDaniels on Monday. Both men have declined to say whether McGuire again asked for a big raise or, barring that, a trade, and Marshall also sidestepped the question.

"From Day 1, I never asked the Broncos for more money, and that's from the summertime," Marshall said. "The biggest thing was I really disappointed that ... on one of the best days for the past three years of my life, some of my teammates were (told), 'Don't say you're happy for Brandon.' I felt like we need to sit down with the guys upstairs and try to figure out what's really going on."

So Marshall and his lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, met with Broncos chief operating officer Joe Ellis, who apologized to the wide receiver.

The Broncos have declined to discuss their side of the story, saying it's an internal issue.

"Some things you can't control," McDaniels said Wednesday when asked about Marshall's reaction. "That situation, we feel like we've tried to handle it the best we could after something like that came out. (We're) trying to get everybody's mind back on football and focus on practice and what we have to do to get ready for Seattle (in Friday night's preseason game)."

Marshall made it clear when training camp started that he wasn't happy in Denver anymore, but he said Wednesday that he had started to come around before hearing about the staffer's admonition.

"I thought we were moving past that, and it was just Friday when players were coached to say they weren't happy for me, so it's tough," Marshall said. "It's tough."

Marshall believed he would be traded by the Broncos this summer following a meeting with team owner Pat Bowlen. So, does Marshall feel like the Broncos broke a promise?

"In that meeting with ownership, it was told to me that they'll do their best to accommodate me with that wish, and I'm still here," Marshall said. "I'm a Bronco, and all I can do is try my best to get in the best football shape and be that player I was the last three years."

Marshall said he has no ill effects from his hip operation or the hamstring he pulled early in camp, but he's way behind on the Broncos' new playbook, which prevents him from taking snaps with the starting offense.

Marshall insisted that he didn't mind running with the scout team, though, suggesting: "I really want to take those reps and go against Champ Bailey, (Andre') Goodman and (Brian) Dawkins and those guys, so I'm just taking advantage of the talent we have on the defense."

However, Bailey and Dawkins weren't at practice Wednesday.

"You can't go out there and take reps with the 1s if you don't know what you're doing out there," Marshall said. "I've got to do my best to catch up in the playbook."

Msrshall said he was "not close at all" to mastering McDaniels' intricate new offense and wasn't sure if he'll play Friday against the Seahawks.

There's also a video that goes with the article if you go to this link.
Brandon Marshall, the drama queen

Broncos Vs Seahawks

Well the game gets ever so close now and I can't wait to see the Broncos play. The game is at 10:00 ET time in Seattle on Saturday night. Here are some nights and thoughts on the upcoming game. -

1. Broncos QB Kyle Orton: Orton tossed three interceptions in his preseason debut. Lucky for Orton, it was in San Francisco so he did not hear it from the home crowd who already booed him in training camp. But Orton should not get on the plane back to Denver if he has another similar performance.

2. Broncos RB rotation: Rookie Knowshon Moreno will miss the next two games, thwarting his attempt to move up the Broncos depth chart. Peyton Hillis led all Broncos rushers last week with 49 yards on 10 attempts.

3. Health of Seahawks stars: QB Matt Hasselbeck -- who started only seven games in 2008 -- was solid in his first work of the season. But keep an eye on LT Walter Jones who missed practice this week with an apparent back injury.

In other news, injuries, Knowshon Moreno will miss this weeks game with the knee injury. Dawkins will see limited if any time this week. And Marshall will also see very limited time this week.

Also players to watch, the whole Defense of course, hope they can get some turnovers to go with the good pass rush we saw last week. Orton, can he bounce back from the 3 pick game. And the newest bronco, Le Kevin Smith and how he will fit into the Defensive Line and what he can bring to the table.

Also it will be interesting to watch how we perform against a better QB in Matt Hasselbeck and his good wide receivers. And how our D stops the run. Thats it from me - Aussie out

August 18, 2009

Training Camp Photos - Florio's_mom

Hi all these are the pics taken by Florio's_mom at yesterdays practice. Looks like he got some great pics and he must have enjoyed the training thoroughly, to bad about the weather towards the end of practice.

Ok that is all from me - Aussie out

Favre back...again

A source close to Brett Favre said the quarterback, pending a physical, will sign a contract with the Minnesota Vikings for between $10 million to $12 million, according to ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

Vikings coach Brad Childress confirmed in an e-mail to The Associated Press Tuesday morning that Favre, 39, was traveling from Mississippi to meet with the team.

Asked if the plan was to sign Favre on Tuesday, Childress replied: "In a perfect world."

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Chris Mortensen tells Colin Cowherd that Brett Favre is headed to Minnesota today and will sign with the Vikings pending a physical.

More Podcasts »

Bus Cook, Favre's agent, said it was "a done deal," according to USA Today.

"He thinks he still has something left in the tank and I think it will work well," Cook told USA Today.

Favre, a longtime star in Green Bay, came out of retirement last season to play for the New York Jets. He retired again, only to then entertain the idea of joining the Vikings. Last month, Childress said the quarterback would stay retired.

The pronouncement now appears to be premature.

According to Mortensen, the Vikings had sent their private plane to Hattiesburg, Miss., and left with Favre on it at 10 a.m. ET. The plane was expected to land in Minneapolis at about noon ET; Favre is expected to take a physical later Tuesday.

Two television stations reported that Favre was seen boarding a plane Tuesday morning that was headed to Minneapolis.

Sources told Hattiesburg television station WDAM, which initially broke the story, that Favre had said: "We may know something by dinner."

Fantasy: What to expect
Brett Favre's addition to the Vikings should be a boon to the cast around him, Fantasy analyst Matthew Berry believes.

While Favre is just a borderline top-20 fantasy quarterback (he was 16th in points among QBs in 2008, Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian should see boosts in production.

The presence of Favre makes Adrian Peterson the consensus No. 1 pick. Berry previously had Peterson ranked No. 2 behind Michael Turner.

Also, Berrian is now a top-20 fantasy receiver. He is currently ranked No. 26 in average draft position.

A high-level source first told Minneapolis TV station WCCO that Favre was expected to sign a deal with the Vikings on Tuesday.

The Vikings finished training camp last week and beat Indianapolis 13-3 in their preseason opener Friday. They got a strong performance from quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who has been competing with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job since Favre jilted the team July 28.

Favre, who holds almost all of the NFL's career passing records, has never been much of a fan of offseason practices, though. Last summer, he ended his retirement with the Packers and forced a trade to the Jets, where he faded down the stretch amid problems with his throwing arm.

He had arthroscopic surgery to fix that in May, spent this summer working out with players from a local high school in Mississippi, and led everyone to believe he was on his way back to the NFL until his surprising announcement last month.

"It was the hardest decision I've ever made," Favre told ESPN then. "I didn't feel like physically I could play at a level that was acceptable."

The next day, Childress was asked whether there was a chance the Vikings would still pursue Favre at a later point. He said: "Not from my standpoint, no." Vikings owner Zygi Wilf reiterated that pledge during the first week of training camp.

And yet, here comes Favre, who turns 40 in October. He said last month he didn't think he had enough left to get through a full season.

"I had to be careful not to commit for the wrong reasons," Favre said then. "They were telling me, 'You went through all this, you had the surgery and you've got to finish it off.' But I have legitimate reasons for my decision. I'm 39 with a lot of sacks to my name."

The Vikings are expected to challenge for the NFC North title this season, with whomever is behind center.

Rosenfels and Jackson have had some rough moments during practice. Jackson hurt his knee, missed a few workouts and then returned, but he was out of sync last week against the Colts.

Rosenfels did well, but preseason games are tough to evaluate and Indianapolis held out all four starting defensive backs.

On Monday, Jackson, responding to the day's scuttlebutt that Favre was predicted to play in Minnesota this season, said he was not paying attention to any of the talk.

"I pretty much have said [Favre] probably will follow me even when I retire. I'll probably have to hear about it. I'm just trying to take care of my business, and I can't worry about that stuff," Jackson said, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "If I let that stuff get to me, ain't no telling where I'd be right now. I just let it roll off my shoulder and just keep going. Just keep trying to get better."

August 17, 2009

Broncos VS Seahawks

With our second preseason game coming up, what are you're predictions? who will shine, who won't do very good, who will play a lot of minutes, who won't see that much playing time, who will start. Just let us know what you think about the game against Seattle.

Some updates and News:

Knowshon Moreno has not practiced this week and will most likely be out for the next few games. Dawkins was back this week but he will only play limited minutes if any in this weeks game. Marshall run with the first team offense today and seems set to play this week against the Seahawks.

Rulon Davis and Pat Murray were released from the team to make room Marcus Thigpen and a player that was required through trade.

The Broncos traded a 5th round pick in next years draft to the Pats for DE Le Kevin Smith and a 7th round pick.

Also Ashley Lelie has signed with the Chiefs.

August 16, 2009


August 15, 2009

49ers Vs Broncos - Final

49ers vs Broncos final score

1 2 3 4 OT Final
San 3 6 0 8 - 17
Den 0 0 7 9 -16

Ok some notes from todays game and my take. - Kyle Orton has a lot of work to do: Reports that Orton has struggled in Broncos training camp were backed up by a shaky performance against the 49ers. Orton completed six of his first seven passes before throwing a red-zone interception to Nate Clements. Orton also had passes intercepted on each of the Broncos' next two drives. His counterpart, Chris Simms, was much steadier behind center, completing 11 of 17 passes for 142 yards and both of Denver's touchdowns. - Free agent rookie nose tackle Chris Baker had a sack and continues to push for significant playing time.

First-round pick Knowshon Moreno left the game with a sprained knee, according to CBS4Denver, which broadcast the game locally. Moreno will have an MRI Saturday. The Broncos would be devastated if Moreno, who was effective when he played, had to miss significant playing time. If it is just a sprain, Moreno should be ready for the start of the regular season. - The Broncos' new 3-4 defense is aggressive in its pass rush and disguised where their fourth and fifth pass rushers were coming from. The set has its vulnerable spots, mostly against tight ends who can stretch the field. But Denver's "D" appears markedly improved.

Two sacks by new outside linebackers (Elvis Dumervil, Mario Haggan) on the 49ers' opening drive.

My take, from what I saw which was up to half way through the third quarter I thought there were a lot of positives to take out of the game. There was a good pass rush, four sacks and three of them coming from the 1st teamers. Great to see Chris Baker get a sack. I think the defense is much improved but just have to watch the 3rd and long plays as that has killed us in the pass.

I believe our return game was better as well, I thought Smith and McKinley did a good job.

O-line great as usual, no sacks.

I thought Orton looked good but was unlucky and made one bad read. His first pick was a good play by Nate Clements. His second was a really bad read, threw it straight to Bly. And his third pick was a really good play by the CB to get up to it, otherwise Gaffney was going the other way.

There is much improvement to be made and they next game is Saturday against the Seahawks kickoff at 10:30 ET. Here is to hoping Knowshon is Ok and that Orton can bounce back and have a better game. - Aussie Out

Oh and to the one person that voted the 49ers by 1-7, nice job.

August 14, 2009

49ers Vs Broncos - 3rd Quarter - Half Time

Score is 9-0, and Orton has thrown three Ints, I except a lot of back ups to play the second half.

San Francisco 49ers continues ...
3-15-SF 15 (15:00) (Shotgun) 11-A.Smith pass short right to 84-J.Morgan to SF 29 for 14 yards (24-C.Bailey).
4-1-SF 29 (14:19) 4-A.Lee punts 61 yards to DEN 10, Center-86-B.Jennings. 33-A.Smith pushed ob at DEN 37 for 27 yards (30-K.Sheets).
Denver Broncos at 14:07
1-10-DEN 37 (14:07) 8-K.Orton pass short right to 22-P.Hillis to 50 for 13 yards (53-J.Ulbrich). Caught at DEN 36.
1-10- (13:19) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short right to 14-B.Stokley.
2-10- (13:15) (Shotgun) 27-K.Moreno left tackle to SF 41 for 9 yards (55-A.Brooks).
3-1-SF 41 (12:37) 27-K.Moreno right tackle to SF 36 for 5 yards (23-M.Hudson).
1-10-SF 36 (12:00) 27-K.Moreno left end to SF 32 for 4 yards (90-I.Sopoaga, 23-M.Hudson).
2-6-SF 32 (11:18) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short middle to 14-B.Stokley (23-M.Hudson).
3-6-SF 32 (11:12) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short right intended for 14-B.Stokley INTERCEPTED by 31-D.Bly at SF 26. 31-D.Bly to SF 28 for 2 yards (14-B.Stokley).
San Francisco 49ers at 11:04
1-10-SF 28 (11:04) 29-G.Coffee left tackle to SF 30 for 2 yards (54-A.Davis).
2-8-SF 30 (10:23) 11-A.Smith pass short right to 83-A.Battle to SF 37 for 7 yards (33-A.Smith).
3-1-SF 37 (9:42) 29-G.Coffee up the middle to SF 41 for 4 yards (91-R.Fields).
1-10-SF 41 (8:59) 11-A.Smith pass short left to 29-G.Coffee to SF 41 for no gain (91-R.Fields). Caught at SF 37.
2-10-SF 41 (8:12) 29-G.Coffee up the middle to SF 44 for 3 yards (92-E.Dumervil, 55-D.Williams).
3-7-SF 44 (7:24) (Shotgun) 11-A.Smith pass incomplete short right to 10-M.Price.
4-7-SF 44 (7:24) 4-A.Lee punts 46 yards to DEN 10, Center-86-B.Jennings, out of bounds.
Denver Broncos at 07:12
1-10-DEN 10 (7:12) 32-L.Jordan up the middle to DEN 15 for 5 yards (56-S.McKillop).
2-5-DEN 15 (6:42) 32-L.Jordan up the middle to DEN 16 for 1 yard (56-S.McKillop).
3-4-DEN 16 (6:01) (Shotgun) PENALTY on DEN-74-R.Harris, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at DEN 16 - No Play.
3-9-DEN 11 (5:34) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass deep left intended for 10-J.Gaffney INTERCEPTED by 30D-R.Smith at DEN 28. 30D-R.Smith to DEN 6 for 22 yards (50-B.Hamilton). PENALTY on DEN-27-K.Moreno, Chop Block, 3 yards, enforced between downs.
San Francisco 49ers at 05:20
1-3-DEN 3 (5:20) 11-A.Smith pass short left to 47-B.Miller for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Caught at DEN 1.
3-A.Romero extra point is No Good, Wide Right, Center-86-B.Jennings, Holder-4-A.Lee.
DEN 0 SF 9 Plays: 1 Possession: 0:04

Denver Broncos at 05:16
3-A.Romero kicks 69 yards from SF 30 to DEN 1. 33-A.Smith to DEN 28 for 27 yards (50-J.Roland, 33-T.Clayton).
Timeout at 05:09.
1-10-DEN 28 (5:09) 28-C.Buckhalter right end to DEN 25 for -3 yards (54-M.Harris).
2-13-DEN 25 (4:29) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short right to 19-E.Royal to DEN 44 for 19 yards (26-M.Roman).
1-10-DEN 44 (3:54) 32-L.Jordan right end to DEN 47 for 3 yards (55-A.Brooks).
2-7-DEN 47 (3:14) (Shotgun) 32-L.Jordan left guard to SF 45 for 8 yards (93-D.Evans).
1-10-SF 45 (2:32) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short right to 19-E.Royal.
2-10-SF 45 (2:29) 32-L.Jordan up the middle to SF 45 for no gain (31-D.Bly, 30D-R.Smith).
Two-Minute Warning
3-10-SF 45 (2:00) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 16-C.Jackson to SF 42 for 3 yards (30D-R.Smith, 55-A.Brooks). Penalty on DEN-28-C.Buckhalter, Offensive Pass Interference, declined.
4-7-SF 42 (1:51) 1-B.Kern punts 31 yards to SF 11, Center-66-L.Paxton, downed by DEN-57-M.Haggan.

49ers-Broncos: 2nd Quarter

0:00: At the end of the first quarter, the 49ers have a 3rd-and-15 at their own 15-yard line. The Broncos trail San Francisco 3-0.
0:56: Fields makes the tackle after a two-yard gain to set up 2nd-and-8 for the 49ers. On the next play, McBean notches the defense's third sack of the evening, tackling Smith seven yards behind the line of scrimmage.
1:00: On the next play, Orton fakes the handoff and tries to find Daniel Graham in the end zone, but the pass is intercepted by Nate Clements. Clements takes a knee in the end zone to set up a first down for the 49ers at the 20-yard line. Alex Smith is now in at quarterback for San Francisco.
1:50: Jordan takes the handoff on first down, picking up a yard to set up second-and-goal from the 3-yard line.
2:20: Orton is in the shotgun on third down. He takes the snap, drops back and finds Royal inside the 5-yard line to set up a first-and-goal.
2:43: On 2nd-and-10, Orton takes the snap with Buckhalter in the backfield. He gets the ball to Chad Jackson on a pass to the right sideline near the first-down marker. The refs indicate it's a gain of nine yards, setting up 3rd-and-1 at the 11-yard line.
2:50: On first down, Orton drops back and tries to get it to Gaffney, but the pass is broken up.
3:30: Orton drops back and finds Royal for a first down on the next play. The ball is now at the San Francisco 20-yard line. It's a chance for the offense to execute in the red zone.
4:00: Jordan takes the handoff on the next play and picks up a couple yards to set up 2nd-and-8.
4:36: Denver takes its first timeout with a 1st-and-5 at the 49ers 44-yard line. Orton is in the shotgun and LaMont Jordan goes in motion out wide. Orton takes the snap, drops back and gets it to Jordan near the right sideline for the first down.
4:40: Orton throws a quick pass to Royal, who dropped back to receive the bubble screen. Clady sprints out to spring Royal with a big block, and Royal picks up a big gain. There's a flag on the play, however -- offsides on the defense. So it's 1st-and-5.
5:40: Buckhalter takes the carry on the next play and picks up the first down. He's brought down by Takeo Spikes. Now the Broncos have a first down at the San Francisco 49-yard line.
6:47: On first down, Orton drops back from under center and finds a wide-open Stokley near the sideline. He's close to the first down, but the refs indicate it's a nine-yard pickup. On 2nd-and-1, Orton hands the ball off to Buckhalter with Peyton Hillis blocking. He doesn't quite get the yardage, setting up third-and-1.
7:47: On first down, Orton is in the shotgun. He drops back and finds Royal for a quick seven-yard pickup, setting up 2nd-and-3. On second down, Orton hands off to Buckhalter who finds a hole up the left side for the first down.
7:48: The offensive starters are Ryan Clady, Ben Hamilton, Casey Wiegmann, Chris Kuper, Ryan Harris, Kyle Orton, Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Stokley, Chad Jackson, Eddie Royal and Correll Buckhalter.
7:52: Alphonso Smith is back deep to return the 49ers kickoff. He takes it out to about the 30-yard line.
7:53: Alex Romero knocks through the 38-yard field goal for the first points of the game -- putting the 49ers ahead of the Broncos 3-0.
8:55: Coffee takes the second-down run and picks up 15 yards, setting up 3rd-and-3. The Broncos swallow up the next play in the backfield -- Peterson was right there to make the tackle and set up the fourth down.
10:00: On first down, Hill drops back and looks left -- meanwhile Haggan comes streaking in from the right side of the line and sacks the quarterback, stripping the ball in the process, but the ref signals that Hill was already down before the ball came out. Regardless, it's now 2nd-and-18 for the 49ers and the Broncos already have two sacks.
10:37: The defense clogs up the middle for a short gain, but Glen Coffee still picks up the necessary yard for a 49ers first down.
11:25: After no receivers come open, Shaun Hill takes a quarterback scramble up the middle for a pickup of nine yards on first down.
11:37: Vernon Davis catches another pass to set up a first down for San Francisco -- it's an 18-yard gain -- and the ball is at the Denver 39.
13:00: Elvis Dumervil with a huge sack -- a loss of seven yards -- on second down to set up 3rd-and-8 for the 49ers at their own 43-yard line.
13:38: Vernon Davis picks up a gain of 23 yards to set up a 49ers first down near midfield.
14:38: The defensive starters are Ryan McBean, Ronald Fields, Kenny Peterson, Andra Davis, D.J. Williams, Mario Haggan, Elvis Dumervil, Darcel McBath, Champ Bailey, Andre' Goodman and Renaldo Hill.
14:57: Players on both teams are jumping up and down on the sidelines as the game gets underway. The Niners are at their own 22 after the Prater kick.
15:00: Here we go. The captains are on the field -- Daniel Graham, D.J. Williams, Mario Haggan, Champ Bailey, Kenny Peterson and Ben Hamilton are representing the Broncos. San Francisco has won the toss and elects to receive. Matt Prater and the Broncos are on the field to kick off.

49ers Vs Broncos - 1st Quarter

What up guys this is the first quarter blog, feel free to comment.

Just some updates and for your information if you don't already know. Marshall was found not guilty and is heading to the game to celebrate getting off.

And Michael Vick signed with the Eagles. He expressed real remorse and can't wait to help this team. Some fans have already spoken out saying he won't last.

On the Injury front other than Marshall and Dawkins I don't know if there are any other injuries. Wes is nursing his knee of course but he has trained through the week. And Torain who has been injured was let go.

And finally going by the poll that has been running all week it seems like people believe that the broncos will win by 7 or more points. - Aussie out

Training Camp Pictures: Day 13

Hey everyone! Just got back from one awesome week in my home state of Colorado and I was VERY fortunate to attend one of the Broncos training camp practices. Too awesome for words! Had a great time and of course I have some great pictures to share with you all. I never got to meet Champ Bailey but I got some good shots of him (just for Aussie & Doc). The things I do for you people, haha.

Only got to see the last 40-45 minutes but still had a great time being there. Got some autographs from Ronald Fields, Kenny Peterson and Marcus Thomas. I'll take what I can get! I thought the practice went great for the time I was there. Everyone looked pretty sharp... there were a few dropped passes (that should've been caught) but overall a good practice for a young team. Only time will tell how far this team has come during this offseason.

And this is WAY off subject but I'm just so proud of the fish I caught, I just have to share it with you all. My cousins and I did some fishing last Saturday and I caught my first fish in 10 1/2 years... daddy would be proud. So below is a picture of my fishy and his name is Bob.