November 30, 2011

Week 12: Broncos - Chargettes Post Game

What a game & ending to the second rival match-up between the Broncos & the wimpy Chargettes who have blown out their own fire.

Neither team was strong on offense as the scores stayed below 20 points, but it was fun to watch Denver's defense steamroll Rivers & the Chargers. So freakin' funny......


Since its been a few days since the game, kind of rusty on what I remember. But I do know the first half is not Denver's forte, they continue to struggle to get anything going in the first half but its like after halftime the lights come on & they are ready to play like an actual football team; ready to put up a fight against anyone.

Tebow, I believe, is very slowly progressing in his passing skills. Early on when he got his starts he barely threw the ball (thanks to playcalling holding him back) or he wouldn't even be able to complete nearly half of his thrown passes.

Against the Charger for his 3rd time, he completed exactly half of his attempts going 9 for 18 for 143 yards and 1 touchdown. Remember the games he never even got close to 50 pass yards??

And as usual, Tebow put himself on the rushing yard stats, this time with 22 rushes for 67 yards.

In front of him was McGahee, with his 4th or 5th (??) 100-plus rushing yard game, running the ball for us 23 times for 117 yards.

Decker continues to be Tebow's favorite & most reliable target to throw to (whenever he does) but only catching 3 for 65 yards and Denver's lone TD.

Offense continues to really struggle on third-downs, converting only 5 of the 16 they had against SD. Sooner or later, something has got to give. Bottom line is they need to fix that issue.

But I see our Oline has gotten a spark in better protection for Tebow as his number of sacks has gone down drastically, which is a very good sign. When he falls back to try & pass, he's got all freakin' day to throw that thing, you'd think someone would get open & he accurately get it to them.

I think Tebow's problem is he's trying too hard to be a more accurate passer. He wants to be that all-around QB that can do a little of everything and is putting too much pressure on himself, to some degree. I still believe with time, he'll get there. We just have to patient.

This is the calm before the big storm.

The offense continues to be slow but in the end they have #15 leading them down the field for a game-winning drive.


They are the foundation of this very young team. I can't say enough how underestimated our defense is and how little respect they are getting, regardless of many times they are the real heroes of our wins.

They continue to impress me week after week, constantly & consistently putting up a fight no matter who the opponent is.

Rivers became their victim and no Bronco fan can't say that isn't funny, getting sacked 3 times by the deadly duo, Von-Doom. The rookie got the world's biggest butt once, making his total for the season so far 10.5 and Doom came into San Diego real hungry as he went back home to Denver with 2 sacks, bringng his total for the season so far up to 5.5. I think the rookie is vying for that 'Sack Master' title, lol......

DJ Williams was the defense's winner in tackles with 10 solo & 2 assists;
Von Miller came in second with 8 tackles & 2 assists adding to his sack

Denver's defense really shined through for us and gave our offense another shot at redemption in OT.

Special Teams:

Denver's Matt Prater kept us alive in the game with FGs from the 41 in the 3rd quarter;
the 24 in the 4th and then the big whopper, 37 yarder to win it over time

**And according to a reliable source, the San Diego kicker was caught peeing on himself on the sidelines, probably after missing one of his 3 missed FGs in the game that could've won it for the babies on California.

Injury Update:

Rookie Von Miller reportedly hurt his thumb in the game and is having surgery on it, putting his status for the game in Minnesota in doubt. Our defense can't afford to lose this kid to a thumb. Rub some dirt on it kid and get back out there!!

Eddie Royal apparently suffered an ankle injury and Denver's big rushing leader, McGahee didn't practice due to illness, not an ankle injury. Take some Nyquil, that'll knock you out & make you feel better, lol... come on men, tough it out.....
Video Highlights:

All-aboard the Tebow Train: Relive Tebow’s highlights from the past 6 weeks

McGahee gets big 24-yard run

Tebow to Decker for big 39-yard catch

Tebow to Decker for 18-yard TD

Dumervil 13-yard sack

Dumervil big 10-yard sack on Rivers

Von-Doom Sack on Rivers

Prater’s 41-yard FG in 3rd qtr

Prater’s 24-yard FG in 4th qtr

Prater’s game-winning 37-yard FG

Cuz its funny: Novak misses 53-yard FG

Cuz its funny: Novak misses 48-yard FG

Let's keep this win streak goin' boys, I'm lovin' it!!!! However you get it done, just get 'r done!! ;)

November 24, 2011

Game 11: Broncos Vs Chargers

Over the last 5 games the Broncos have gone 4-1. Last week the Broncos returned home after winning games on the road. They managed to get a big win on prime time last Thursday against a good team in the Jets. This week the Broncos are going on the road again to hopefully beat the Chargers. If the Broncos can beat the Chargers on the road they would have then beat all our division opponents in their own houses.

It is Charger week and I think it is about time we beat these guys. I can say we all hate the Raiders, there is nothing more distasteful, disgusting to a Bronco fan than the Raiders. But these Chargers or more specifically Philip Rivers are building our discontent towards them. The Chargers would be easily number 2 on our list of hated and in recent years the battles have been dirty. Whenever we play these two teams there are a lot of penalties and pushing and shoving. I expect this game to be close and hard fought.

I will say this, I hate the Raiders more but I have found it much easier to get material on the Chargers. They are just easier to pay out, the Raiders...well they just suck. So expect a lot of pictures in this one.

A word on Philip Rivers...dude WTF, man am I the only one sick of your crap. Your stupid faces and terrible play?

Oh sweet, I thought I was the only one. (I needed an excuse to use this picture :P)

Match Ups
Again it is Champ Vs Jackson, so far I think Champ has been winning this and I think that will continue.

This will be the first time we see Gates this year. I believe it will be Woodyard or DJ's job to cover him.

The Chargers O-Line is injured and playing backups. Our front 7, mainly Von Doom better have a field day against these guys.

The Chargers are struggling with injuries on both sides of the ball. For the offense I would like to see some better run blocking this week. The unit wasn't very good last week but that was to be expected against a good Jets defense. They should be able to open holes up for Willis to have a big day. Their pass protection was good last game I think they are improving.

Storming Mormon needs some touches!

Tebow needs to hit a few more passes. Watching the game last week it looks like Tebow is putting everything into the ball. His balls ain't really catchable. I think he is trying to hard and has been firing hard rocks. That isn't needed when throwing curl routes. He needs a bit more touch on the ball and then I think the completions will start happening. His accuracy last week were solid.

Why to watch
Tebow Time, baby, with a chance to put a fork deep into the Chargers' psyche and season, and keep Denver's division title hopes looking good. The Broncos are refreshed having last played on a Thursday night, while the Chargers remain in self-destruct mode.

Inside story
Who would have thought Tim Tebow would be one of the five best fourth-quarter QBs in the NFL, while Philip Rivers would lead the league in fourth-quarter interceptions? Do the Chargers have the will and determination -- to say nothing of the talent -- to stop the Broncos' run-heavy, option attack? The Broncos' pass rush will be a factor against the Chargers' faltering offensive line.

Injury Report
David Bruton (S) Achilles Limited
Cassius Vaughn (CB) Hamstring Limited Limited
Daniel Fells (TE) Concussion Limited Limited
Brian Dawkins (S) Ankle Full Full
Willis McGahee (RB) Hand Full Full
Julius Thomas (TE) Ankle Full Full

Malcom Floyd (WR), Hip, DNP
Tyronne Green (G), Hand, DNP
Marcus McNeill (T), Neck, DNP
Shaun Phillips (LB), Foot, Limited
Louis Vasquez (G), Ankle, DNP
Scott Mruczkowski(OL), Concussion, Injured Reserve
Luis Castillo (DE), Tibia, DNP
Marcus Gilchrist (CB), Hamstring, Full
Ryan Mathews (RB), Knee, DNP
Bront Bird (LB), Ankle, Full
Jacques Cesaire (DE), Knee, Full
Antonio Gates (TE), Not Injury Related, DNP

I said this one will be close expect Tebow to score late and put this game away. I am feeling a 24-14 score line. I think we can get 24 points if not more on this Chargers team. I wonder if they will run the option against the Chargers? Maybe, either way I think Decker, Royal and Thomas are in for a good day.

Go Broncos! Destroy the Sparkles! ~ Aussie.
Also for some reason I couldn't stop making these....

November 22, 2011

Kyle Orton - The Throw In

With the news of Kyle Orton's recent release it brings to a close the era of Orton as Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. This is a post that looks back at Orton's time here and is in memory/tribute for the short time Orton has spent with the team.

Orton came to Denver after spending four years in Chicago as the throw in as apart of the Jay Culter trade/fiasco. It was April 2, 2009, the Bears traded Orton (along with their first and third-round draft picks in 2009 and their first-round pick in '10) to the Denver Broncos for Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler and the Broncos' fifth round pick in '09.

For Orton the four years in Chicago were about battling Grossman for the starting job. As well as blonde starlets that couldn't keep their hands off the Jack Daniels drinking, gravity defying neckbearded Orton. With his change of scenery comes a change of perspective and a new number, he changed from 18 to 8.

Leading into the start of the 2009 season Orton was in an open competition with Chris Simms for the starting job. The preseason was a close fought affair, during which Orton tried to channel his future Tebow and throw a left-handed pass (Which with Orton was intercepted). On June 13, Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels declared Orton the starting quarterback for the season.

Over the next five weeks, Orton led the Broncos to a fairy tale start of 6-0 record to begin the season. His most impressive effort in that streak came against the New England Patriots, when he completed 35-48 passes for 330 yards and orchestrated a 98-yard drive to tie the game and send it into overtime. He threw his first interception of the season to Randy Moss at the end of the first half. It was his first in 173 pass attempts which dated back to 2008 when he was with the Chicago Bears. This would be the beginning of the end for not just Orton but many associated with the Broncos. The Broncos would only win two more games and finish the year 8-8. For the 2009 season (playing in 16 games with 15 starts), Orton threw 21 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions with an 86.8 QB rating. Not amazing but not to bad either.

Starting the 2010 season Tebow was selected in the draft and the Broncos had previously traded for Quinn. Rumors and other unconfirmed information suggested that McD was leaning towards cutting Orton and having Tebow and Quinn fight out for the starting spot. But Orton came to camp and showed he was way ahead of the others. This lead to Orton being named the Broncos starting quarterback for 2010. He signed a one-year contract extension (through the 2011 season), on August 19, 2010. Orton had a few good games, he threw for 476 yards against the Indianapolis Colts, in a record setting day. November 14, Orton threw a career-high four touchdown passes against the Kansas City Chiefs. But later in the season, Orton suffered an injury against the Kansas City Chiefs, and Tim Tebow played the last three games to finish the year. Orton finished the season with 3,653 yards, 20 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Very productive games though it didn't amount to many wins. The Broncos finished 4-12 and went 3-10 with Orton at the helm.

The Broncos sacked head coach McD mid way through the season and then hired our saviors John Elway as VP and John Fox as HC.

Orton entered the 2011 season as the starting quarterback though he was thisclose to being traded to the Dolphins before contract talks broke down, he beat out Quinn and Tebow easily again at camp and started the year as number one. As the starter Orton threw 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, accumulating 979 yards and completing 58.7% of his passes but he went 1-4 and the Broncos front office had seen enough. They decided to make a change and see if they could produce more wins. He was replaced as the starter by Tim Tebow during the week 5 contest against the San Diego Chargers, and Tebow looks like he will remain the starter for the rest of the season.

Orton had always said he didn't want to be a back up and never really got on well with fans. But he took his demotion well and showed he was a class act. He may not have got on well with Tebow or Quinn for that matter before but he showed a willingness to help and respected the coaches decision. He gained a lot of respect from me as well as others for the way he handled himself respective in this situation.

Originally it looked like Orton would sit the rest of the season and stay in Denver. He had a new baby girl and really didn't want to move. He was happy to wait to free agency and sign with a new team.

A number of injuries to key quarterbacks changed his mind and he asked to be waviered in the hope he would catch on with another team. Mainly the Bears who most likely have lost Culter (the guy he was originally traded for) for the season.

Orton was waived on November 22, officially ending his tenure with the Denver Broncos. He had a record of 12-21 as a starter during his time with the Broncos, throwing for 8,434 yards, 49 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions.

Orton was an average Quarterback that could do somethings with a good team. He will leave Denver after being a classy and stand up guy who handled the Tebow situation and his demotion well. To Orton the throw in we wish you farewell and good luck. ~ Aussie.

November 21, 2011

Guide: How to use Broncos Blog

This post is a guide to how I use Broncos Blog to get the maximum amount of news coverage for the Broncos. It was my vision that this site/blog could be a homepage for Broncos fans to visit. A collection of all information they would need and to be able to quickly navigate to all important Broncos news around the web. This will be an informative piece about the different features on the site and explanations of the different linked websites. I thought this would be a good piece for users to understand the site and it's purpose plus I think it is one of a kind site which links to all other Bronco sites.

To begin with I have a bit of a ritual that I do everyday to get updated with Broncos news. It begins with checking the latest post on the main page of the blog. The top post usually contains the latest information on the Broncos, it is written from our perspective and will usually contain our own views and opinions on the subject matter. Moving downwards I always check the comments for questions and observation from our readers. Here insightful discussion is usually occurring between our readers. As well as informal conversation on pretty much any subject.

Once finished with the blog post it is time to check out the latest Bronco news. There are three widgets that are located in the sidebar that easily can provide this. There is the Rotoworld widget and the twitter feeds for the Denver Broncos and John Elway.

The Rotoworld Broncos widget is taken from the Rotoworld website and has been filtered to only display Broncos news. Rotoworld is a website that monitors pretty much all important twitter and news website feeds across the league and quickly provides short, prompt information updates. If news breaks it is usually on Rotoworld first.

The Denver Broncos twitter feed is run by the Denver Broncos web team and is updated with when new articles/blog posts are added to the website. Also they are the official twitter account for transaction updates including trades. If you hear of a trade being made they are the official source for confirmation.

John Elway's twitter feed belongs to none other than VP John Elway. He doesn't update as often as the other widgets but he does update occasionally and it is from his perspective. It is a good tool to use to get a little insight into the mind of the guy running the football operations.

Located between these widgets is the poll question for the website. I check this as well because the question is usually something relevant and is an easy way to see how the fan base is feeling/thinking about the subject.


Once I am satisfied that I am up-to-date on this site it is time to go around the Broncos web. There are two places to do this. There are links to all the main/major Broncos sites at the top of the screen. Then there is the Broncos Blogs list located in the side bar. Below is a list and a description of the websites that I frequent for my Bronco fix.

These are the website located in the top navigation bar.

MileHighReport (MHR)
Is the biggest Broncos fan website on the web. This is a website that was started by John Bena several years ago and has continued to grow into one of the best resources for Bronco news on the web. Anybody that has joined up to the site can post a fan post. This can cause problems as there can be numerous uninformative, troll-like, hater posts on the site. But there are a few people that post up really useful and intelligent information. The recommended posts and the main section of the site are musts for these quality posts. Studs and Duds, No Bull Review are regulars for me. The comments are generally well maintained and good discussion occurs but it can get childish (but this can always add to the value). It is a must read for Bronco fans.

This is the rest of the site from which the Bronco widget is taken. This is a quick and simple way to get information about all 32 teams across the league. This site is a must for fantasy football players, it has updates on all injuries and provides a little insight into match ups and potential production for players. Rotoworld is a website that monitors pretty much all important twitter and news website feeds across the league and quickly provides short, prompt information updates. If news breaks it is usually on Rotoworld first.

Drew Litton
Drew is a comic cartoonist and has been doing Bronco cartoons for years since the Rocky Mountain news days. Drew still does Bronco cartoons as they are one of his favorite subject matter. He does do cartoons about other subjects and other teams depending on his employment or the major stories at the time. But he is always good for a laugh or a simile as his cartoons are gold. He updates the site regularly, almost every day plus sometimes runs caption contests for his comics. This is a site you definitely have to check out.

National Football Post (NFP)
If you look for the most in depth articles on football across the league then this is the site for you. The writers include a player agent, former players, former general manager, former scouts and of course your fantasy guru. Matt Bowen is a former player that has played for teams including the Redskins. He is a 7 year vet of the league and in his time has learned a lot about the game. His articles breaking down defense and offensive plays are amazing and there is nothing else like it on the web. Also his other articles are good reads as they are taken from the players perspective. Bowen is someone I have a lot of respect for. Andrew Brandt has worked in the front office of teams like the Bears and Packers. His articles on the Business of football, the contract side of things are few interesting. His articles during the CBA were the most informative. Plus his stories about interactions with current players are also interesting reads. Jack Bechta is a former college player and now a player agent who has some interesting stories about his clients and the player side of contracts. His articles are again another look at the business side of football but from another perspective. This website is great way to see the NFL from all angles and points of view.

National Football League (NFL)
The official site for the NFL. Here is where you go for all your stats, scores, videos and photos from the league games. The NFL network is generally pretty good and up-to-date on its' information and the main articles are useful. Plus videos like Prime Time, Top 10 and other production value videos are a must to check out.

This link takes you straight to the homepage for the ESPN NFL website. From here you can get information for all teams. The main articles on the front page are usually good reads, with scouting reports, some feel good stories and team power rankings. The link you are looking for though is the AFC West blog, located pretty much in the center of the screen. This blog roll is run by Bill Williamson. Williamson joined in 2008 after four seasons covering the Denver Broncos for the Denver Post. He previously covered the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Bill is OK in his analysis, not the best but good for a beat writer. He also collects all the information and major story lines for the teams in the AFC West. If you want to get up-to-date information on our division rivals this is the place to do so.

DenverBroncos (
The official site for the Denver Broncos. Here you will get all the information on the Broncos. Player and Coaching interviews, videos of training, a well maintained blog that has updates about training and the off season. Elway live, photos, cheerleaders. This is the home of the Broncos on the web and contains a lot of their information. Chris Hall and the web team over there have done a great job in making the website one of the best NFL sites around. Their blog page is updated often and is the best place for unfiltered Bronco news you will be hard pressed finding anyway else. The community over there is generally good and was our old stomping ground. The commenters are generally nice and die hard Bronco fans, a good place for discussion.

DenverPost (
The Post is the locale newspaper for Denver and is the main reporters on Broncos news. The team consists of Mike Klis, Lindsay Jones, Jeff Legwold, Woody Paige and Dave Krieger. This group are good at getting news and stories from the Broncos and have contacts inside the organization. They occasionally do the feel good stories on the Broncos as well. Plus any news good or bad about the players the Post is the place with the most in depth coverage. Some of the writers do try to push their own agenda and opinion on the fan base which can sometimes miss the point completely but it is up to us to know better. Also this is not the place to comment on posts, hating is the normal and it is always a war of words, some even not understandable. I suggest staying away from the comments.

That is it for the top links. The other websites are taken from the Broncos Blogs list in the sidebar.

They are as follows:

Denver Broncos True Fans
This blog is run by our Bronco brothers. This is one of my favorite places to go for discussion about the Broncos as the guys will tell you exactly how it is and use any word in their vocabulary. This is not a website for women, children or the faint of heart as expletives are the norm. This is a site for manly men to come and talk Broncos.

Denver Broncos on Yahoo! Sports
The Yahoo! Sports page for the Broncos is an attention resource to check out for stats and information. It also tracks transactions and injuries quite well. I would visit this site as it sometimes has random stories on the players that no other site will. This site is one you would check every few days.

Is a site that is run by Andrew Mason, he formerly was in charge of the Broncos website before he was fired and went to the Panthers. He at the time had made the Broncos site one of the most informative websites in the league with insight into the players. Probably why Shanahan got rid of him. Either way Mason is back covering the Broncos by himself and has good information on the team. He does some really good posts during the off season and training camp.

It's All Over, Fat Man!
The website was made by former MHR staffers after they had had enough of the environment at MHR. They have since created the most in depth, information packed fan website on the web for the Broncos. Their stuff is great and with a side of humor is easy to digest. I recommend anyone to check it out as they update each day with new interesting articles. The commenting is pretty good too and the writers are happy to discuss. It is worth a look.

That is it for my routine and this should satisfy your Broncos fix.


If you are looking for the Broncos schedule or the current standings of the division these are located within the side bar.

Located at the top of the side bar is the box score for the last Broncos game or the upcoming game for the Broncos depending on the day of the week.

If you are looking for the most popular articles or the complete archive for Broncos Blog this is located in the side bar.

Other Features

There are a number of other features available on the website. These are listed below:

Video Bar
It displays a number of videos related to the Broncos and interesting for the occasion watch.

A list of followers of the Broncos Blog and the ability for new readers to be come followers.

Cheerleaders and Broncos Honor Wall
A quick link to the Broncos Cheerleaders for your viewing pleasure. The Broncos Honor Wall is the top 5 Broncos players that have been voted for by you the fans.

News Headlines
The top headlines for, and

I hope this is helpful to new and old users. ~ Aussie

November 19, 2011

Week 11: Broncos - Jets Thursday Night Showdown Post Game

Wow. Insane. Awesome. Incredible. Amazing. Miraculous. Impressive. Wild. Crazy. Unbelievable.

You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it.

That all describes the Broncos big win on Thursday Night Football vs. the Jets.

A game that was quickly heading downhill for Denver till their final drive in the 4th quarter that sealed the win, moved Denver up in the AFC West and sealed in Tebow's starting job for a little bit longer.


Denver, I do believe, has a new Comeback Kid... Tim Tebow. He mirrors a certain someone in that way and it NEVER ceases to amaze me and it never ceases to please the fans.

Granted the legendary Elway had a nice balance in his game but fact is Tebow is getting the job done and that's what they both have in common. They saved all the good stuff for last. Drives me nuts, I don't get it but it is so much fun to watch.

If you really think about it, its very absurd. So absurd that nearly all game long we were getting punts that landed Denver in such great field position we should have been scoring TD's on them left & right. But no, we would send them punts in return (albeit, good punts that didn't give New York much of a shot at running them back).

But then we are dealt a feat that only a handful of people could pull off and Tebow (thankfully) is one of them.

95 yards. Less than 6 minutes in the game. Denver got themselves a whopper.

And the first play of that drive nearly ended the whole thing, as Tebow shuffled a pass to Eddie Royal while still in the end zone and Royal was thisclose to being tackled for a very unwanted touchdown by SS Jim Leonhard.

As Royal narrowly escaped the Broncos continued on and from there it was history going down right in front of you. That 95-yard drive that you had to see to believe it.

Denver's offense managed to hang in the game and stand up to the Jets' defense who said they were prepared for Tebow's wild, unconventional ways but still got the shock of their lives and were left stunned.

I bet not one of them slept on the plane ride home as they still couldn't believe what just happened to them; what Denver just dealt them. haha I laugh in the face of defeat.

Statistically Tebow wasn't half bad as he completed 9 out of 20 pass attempts for 104 yards. Hey, its better than the 2/8 completions he had 4 days earlier.

It's progress being made & his confidence being built even stronger.

Tebow also led the rush attack with 8 rushes for 68 yards including his eye-opening game-winning 20-yard touchdown.

Lance Ball & injured McGahee carried most of the weight and McGahee still looks good despite his hamstring injury sustained in Kansas City.

Eric Decker wasn't thrown to all night long that I remember but rarely seen Demaryius Thomas caught 2 passes for 37 yards & RB Ball caught 2 as well for 26 yards.

Royal had 3 catches for 15 yards.

Overall, offense stayed with the game and prevailed in the end. That's all that matters.

They kept fighting, kept believing and they came out victorious for Denver's first home game win since Tebow became the starting QB in early October.

They are a fighting bunch... persistent and will do whatever it takes to get that win.

Keep rollin' with the punches boys, I haven't admired this team like I do now in a very, very long time. I'm lovin' every minute of it.


The anchor of this team and this game. Absolutely on target all game long and I couldn't be more proud of how far this defense has come along in less than a year (with a lengthy lockout).

So impressed with how well our D stayed strong the whole game. They owned it.

And rookie Von Miller... you are a freakin' awesome stud!!!! Dang.........

1.5 sacks, 4 QB hits, 9 tackles, 1 assist and a forced fumble. He is rockin' & rollin' and I think we got a steal with this draft pick. Un-freakin-believable!

While it may be Tebow Time on offense, its Miller Time on defense. ;)

The deadly duo of Von-Doom just keeps on packing the punches as they both had 1.5 sacks on Sanchez.

Andre Goodman also had a big day as he picked off Sanchez for a Pick-Six, getting Denver's first TD of the game in the 3rd quarter and Cassius Vaughn recovered a fumble.

Denver's D really came through for the team in the very last play of the game as Sanchez & the Jets were given plenty of time to rally a decent drive together to try & win the game.

Very last play, WR Plaxico Burress, was waiting in the end zone for his miracle pass and was covered by 4 defenders... Defense won that battle and as they say, defense won the game in the end. Burress should've caught that ball and would have had he not been so well covered.

Mile High salute to our D. You deserve it, big time.

Defense had a very good night in the Mile High City, a night full of Mile High Magic.

Special Teams:

Punter Britton Colquitt has made quite the name for himself as he is one of 4 Broncos who are leading the polls for the NFL Pro Bowl in their respected positions.

Keep it up!


Daniel Fells is reported to have been the only Bronco who was injured in Thursday night's game with a concussion. He has to pass his baseline tests in order to be cleared for Denver's next game against San Diego.


I'm proud to present to you plenty of highlights of this great game. Enjoy!

Broncos – Jets Highlights

Rookie Von Miller on Denver’s Wild Win Against the Jets

Von Miller Gets 9-yard Sack

Doom Gets 2-yard Sack

Broncos’ Miracle 95-yard Game Winning Drive

Tebow’s Game Winning 20-yard Touchdown Run

Denver Defense Recovers Fumble

Andre Goodman’s Pick-Six

Tebow Runs 15-yards

November 16, 2011

Game 10: Broncos Vs Jets

The Broncos return home this week to the beautifully surrounds of Dove Valley and Migh High after another road win against a divisional opponent. The Broncos got creative on the Chiefs last week and went back in time to a place where running was the only way to victory. On a side note I think it was funny that pretty much every article about the weekends game makes reference to a past coach/player in history that loved the run. Looks like the writers all had the same great idea! The Broncos have a short week for this game as the Tebow circus and his band of merry clowns go onto the prime time stage for Thursday night's game. Their opponent for this weeks' battle will be none other than the F***ing Sexy Rexy and the Jest (Jets?). Also want is with all the over the top swearing coaches these days? I like our sly fox for this reason. This will be a home game for our boys as they return home after victory's on the road. The question will be will they continue their winning ways at home? This figures to be a close game as the teams match up well together. Lets jump into the preview...

Why to watch
Rex Ryan gets a crack at the Broncos' option looks with Tim Tebow under center, as the Jets find themselves in a must-win type game if they're going to finally win the AFC East. Can Tebow win this week with just one completion?

Inside story
With Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno hurt, Denver is down to Lance Bell rushing the ball. However, with Tebow under center Denver is averaging 220 rushing yards per game. The Broncos' offensive and defensive lines have come a long way. Some defense will adjust to Denver's look, but no one will be worrying about who is on Revis Island this week.

Match Ups
The secondary will need to be on it's game. The Jets don't have a single star like Megatron. But they have a number of weapons that can hurt you. Champ most likely will play on Holmes or Burress for most of the game. Hopefully Woodyard is back because he will need to cover Keller with some safety help. I worry a bit about the Secondary because I think the Jets will try to get Burress matched up against Chris Harris. The secondary will need to cover all these guys to help out Von Doom so they can get to Sanchez.

Speaking of which the front 7 will need to stop the run. The Jets ain't the greatest run team but it is key to stop the run early. This will force the Jets to put the game on Sanchez's shoulders. This will allow Von Doom to get after him and it is well known Sanchez struggles when pressured.

In simple terms, stop the run, pressure the quarterback and this should result in turnovers and sacks. Otherwise three and out and get off the field.

Can I just say Larsen! I am loving the Storming Mormon. Was great to see him get more carries. I wouldn't mind seeing Tebow throw some wheels to Larsen. Run some slants across the field and wheel the RB with the slants. Then wheel Larsen to where the slants came from. He should be open for 5 yards maybe even the first because really, who is going to cover the FB.

The running game is key for us. It needs to get going and early to setup the game. If the first three series are three and out we could be in for a long game. Ball and Johnson will need to carry the load for the team. Willis may be able to go but I believe the coaches will try to limit his carries. I am also a little worried about Ball's fumble issues. He will need to hold onto the ball.

We will need to get the Passing game going at some point. We won't be able to run all over the Jets like we did the Chiefs. We need to throw the ball if we want to win. The probelm is this is made even more difficult because of Revis and Cromartie. I think this will be a big day for the TEs and D-Thomas. I would like them to use Thomas to create some favourable match ups. Have him in the slot with Decker and Royal outside. Attack those backup DBs with Thomas. Decker I would except will have a quite night.

I would like to see some more of Green and J-Thomas. Both I think can cause problems for the LBs and Safeties of the Jets. This will also free up the WRs and make it harder to spy Tebow on the run. Just a few things to consider.

The Jets don't have that star pass rusher like other teams but all the LBs and DBs blitz to pick up the sacks. Ryan is very creative in sending this guys. The O-Line will need to continue its good form and block this guys as well as open holes for the RBs. Clady no holding penalties!

Finally of course a word on Tebow. Other than passing better, better footwork, better accuracy, completing passes and of course winning the game I want to see Tebow pick up the blitz quicker. He has been taking delay of game penalties because he has been slow picking up the blitz and audibling the call. He will need to be faster and not take this penalties, we can't go backwards against the Jets. Plus picking up that blitz will help heaps in the passing game.

Other News
Just found this and thought it was funny. Decker’s girlfriend, Jessie James, set to sing. You need to google her because she is FIITTT! Nice job Decker.

Injury Report
Knowshon Moreno (RB) Knee, OUT
Ryan Clady (T) Knee, Full, Probable
Chris Clark (T) Knee, Full, Probable
Brian Dawkins (S) Ankle, Full, Probable
Willis McGahee (RB) Hamstring, Limited, Questionable
Cassius Vaughn (CB) Hamstring, Full, Probable
Wesley Woodyard (LB) Knee, Full, Probable
Julius Thomas (TE) Ankle, Full, Probable

Brodney Pool (DB) Knee, OUT
Jeremy Kerley (WR) Knee, OUT
Shawn Nelson (TE) Illness, OUT
LaDainian Tomlinson Knee, OUT
Patrick Turner (WR) Kidney, Full, Probable
Darrelle Revis (DB) Knee, Full, Probable
Plaxico Burress (WR) Lower Back, Full, Probable
Marcus Dixon (DL) Shoulder, Full, Probable
David Harris (LB) Ankle, Full, Probable
Santonio Holmes (WR), Foot, Full, Probable
Mike DeVito (DL) Knee, Full, Probable
Kenrick Ellis (DL) Ankle, Full, Probable
Nick Mangold (OL) Ankle, Full, Probable
Josh Mauga (LB) Low Back, Full, Probable
Joe McKnight (RB) Toe, Full, Probable
Calvin Pace (LB) Groin, Full, Probable
Matt Slauson (OL) Ankle, Full, Probable
Isaiah Trufant (DB) Hamstring, Full, Probable

Wills McGahee (hamstring, questionable) sounded confident Wednesday that he will be able to play in Thursday night's game against the Jets. "I feel good," he said. "It’s football, you’re not going to be 100 percent every week, so I’m good. ... It’s going to be good. I’m not going to worry about it, so I don’t think you should worry about it." There will be reports from ESPN and the Denver Post all day Thursday, so we will continue to get a better read on McGahee's status leading up to game time against the Jets.

Personally I think it is great Tomlinson isn't playing, he is to the Broncos like Kryptonite is to Superman. He has a field day against us, always.

Series History
The Broncos have a 16-15-1 record against the Jets (11-7 at Home). The last match up was a year ago in Week 6. The Jets prevailed that day 24-20 on 2 LaDainian Tomlinson touchdown runs. The Broncos should have won that game too, but Renaldo Hill was called for pass interference at the Denver 2 on Jets receiver Santonio Holmes, setting up LaDainian Tomlinson's winning touchdown. Denver has won 6 out of the last 10 meetings and is 4-2 at home during the same stretch.

That is it from me, Enjoy the game and GO BRONCOS!~ Aussie.