November 8, 2011

Week 9: Broncos Vs Raiders in Pictures

Hey Broncos fans, I thought I would do a post game in pictures since I am unsure if Princess will be able to do one. She is probably too busy paying out on her Raider friend, sort of like this.
So onto the post. I thought this would be a good idea as a picture says a thousand words, lame explanation but meh. First up if you remember in the preview I said I wanted Tebow to run over to some Raiders fans and give them a big F U! Well he didn't do it, but Decker and Royal hooked me up.

Next up Doom is back in the house getting his first sack of the season.

The next pic is of Champ Bailey getting one of his two picks in the game, which took his total to 50 for his career. If I was Champ this is what I would be thinking, Palmer why try and take him on...twice?

Royal pretty much went untouched to score a TD on his only punt return of the day.

As for the Raiders this tells the whole story haha.

Finally our poll on the Top 5 Broncos has finished. The winners are:

1. Champ Bailey
2. Tim Tebow
3. Ryan Clady
4. New to the top 5, Willis McGahee
5. Also new to the top 5, Brian Dawkins
I can agree with pretty much all of these but Ryan Clady has gone from Iron Clady to Holding Clady recently. Personally I think Walton has been the most improved of the group. The best would have to be Kuper though, the silent achiever. But I can live with Clady up there, he is one of our most talented players.

We will re-run this at the end of the year.

That is it from me, FTR and lets smash the Chiefs! ~ Aussie

Wahaha had to add this, too funny.


  1. Honor wall pics are up and happy with how they came out. All 5 I think are very deserving.

  2. LOL @ my pic... yeah I had A LOT of fun watching that game with my friend. And man did I let him know it. I'll put the story on the post game. Was too excited Sunday night to do it lol, yesterday was the anniversary of a very bad day so wasn't up for it. So today is the day.

    Those pics above are hilarious. SO freakin' happy to see Champ get not one but 2 picks in this game. Man was I screamin for joy when they happened!! And then Doom getting his first sack of the season. About time! Better go do my post before I put it all here, lol.

    Wall of Honor looks great Aussie. Love that picture of Dawkins, such a beast! All 5 are deserving but like you mentioned, Clady needs to step it up. He's lost his touch and we can't afford that, especially Tebow.

    Way to go boys for getting the job done in Oakland. And thank you for the bragging rights!! haha

  3. The last one of Tebow is pretty funny too. Those ice baths are FREEZING!!! He looks comfy though lol

  4. I like all the pics except McGahee's.