November 4, 2011

Game 8: Broncos Vs Raiders - Get your hate on!

After a disappointing lose against the Lions on Orange Sunday in our own house the Broncos take to the road. This week they are heading to the black hole, the a**-hole of the world to take on the Raiders. That means Broncos fans that it is time to 'Get your hate on'. There is nothing more that we hate than the Raiders. We hate the Raiders as much as a fat kid hates a treadmill. There are not enough words to express the disdain I have towards the Traiders.

When the Broncos play the Raiders it has always been a case of 'Good Versus Evil'. Us being the good guys that go up against evil and fighting to win the day. In recent times the Broncos have gone from those heroes we expect to win to those soft pretty boys that get pushed around by the Bullies. It is time for the Broncos to step up. (Everyone named princess skip to next paragraph) There are three things that every team and player need to succeed on the field. All of which start with the letter C. Commitment, Courage and a 4 letter word that isn't for children's ears. You have to be committed, to the team, to your assignment, to doing what needs to be done. You need courage to go out and play hard, put yourself in a position that may cause you harm, courage to do what is necessary. But the third one I think this team lacks in spades. There is no mongrel, no nastiness to our team. We are a bunch of soft pretty boys. It is about time the team stepped it up and brought it on game day. And what better game than against the Raiders. It's time to get down and dirty and smash the Raiders in the mouth over and over again. What I want to see is Tebow score a TD then run over to the nearest raiders fan and point at him and give him a big F U, to fire up the team, sort of like this picture below. It's time to bring it BRONCOS!

Either that or he beats a small raiders child to a pulp on the sideline, KILL THEM ALL! If you can't tell I am so pumped for this game.

OK on to the main part of this preview....I hope.

Why to watch
Could this be the end of Tebow Time as we know it, already? If so, better catch it while you can. You'd figure that the good people of "the Black Hole" will have something special for Tebow. Oakland fans will also be looking for much more out of Carson Palmer coming out of the bye with that extra time to work out the considerable kinks in his game that were on display against the Chiefs in Week 7.

Also on a side note I am sick of the hate for Tebow and no confidence in him at all. Everyone wants to dump on him and no one wants to stand up for him. Someone in the media needs to grow a set and go the other way (We need you Rod Smith). Some confidence from the Broncos would be nice too, Fox/Elway come out and say that Tebow is the QB for the rest of the year. No more of this 'evaluate' every week crap, Tebow needs someone to believe in him. He hasn't been playing well because he is worried about making mistakes or turning the ball over. His first 3 quarters are crap because he is worried about mistakes, that is why in the 4th he has been getting it done because he throws caution to the wind. He needs a bigger leash. And if that isn't the case come out and say it, Tebow isn't our future blah blah blah, we don't need stories of you guys scouting QBs, it isn't helping. A firm decision one way or the other is needed. Plus if you are thinking of going back to Orton or to Quinn you are signing your own death warrants, they are as bad if not worse than Tebow. Inhale, exhale, lets move on....

Inside story
Tebow's slow delivery and the way he clings to the ball will create problems against this mammoth defensive line. The Raiders aren't the fastest front four, but they just might be the biggest and that extra half second will help. The Broncos hope to have Willis McGahee back running the ball.

Match Ups
Who really cares? Smash them Raiders. Otherwise, run the ball, stop the run, create a pass rush and complete passes, simple.

The only three players who remain out for the Broncos are safety Quinton Carter (concussion), cornerback Cassius Vaughn (hamstring) and tight end Virgil Green (neck). All three players were on the field to watch practice today.

McGahee, who fractured a bone in his right hand against the Dolphins and had surgery to insert a plate and screws soon after, practiced on a limited basis for the second consecutive day Thursday.

Broncos head coach John Fox has said if McGahee shows this week he can protect himself and the ball with that right hand, he will play against the Raiders.

Injury Report
Quinton Carter (S), Concussion, DNP
Orlando Franklin (RT), Groin, Limited
Virgil Green (TE), Neck, DNP
Willis McGahee (RB), Hand, Limited
Cassius Vaughn (CB), Hamstring, DNP
Julius Thomas (TE), Ankle, Full

Jason Campbell (QB), Collarbone, DNP
Chimdi Chekwa (CB), Hamstring, DNP
Sebastian Janikowski (K), Hamstring, DNP
Chris Johnson (CB), Groin, DNP
Rolando McClain (LB), Ankle, DNP
Darren McFadden (RB), Foot, DNP
Kevin Boss (TE), Concussion, Full
Matt Giordano (FS), Neck, Full
Marcel Reece (FB), Ankle, Full
Chaz Schilens (WR), Groin, Full
Michael Huff (FS), Ankle, DNP
Samson Satele (C), Knee, Limited
John Henderson (DT), Limited

That is it from me, FTR, let's GO BRONCOS ~ Aussie


  1. If you can't tell I got my hate on!

    Let's get it done, FTR and Go Broncos.

  2. FTR Aussie. Raiders are still my #1 hated. Some have moved their hate more to the Chargers. Not me.
    Whoa, somebody did some Tebow voting. Looking like Tebow, Champ and Clady will stay and Dawkins and McGahee will join them. You can't be serious about putting Colquitt up there even if he gets the most votes..

  3. Yeah had some serious votes in the last day.

    I dislike the Chargers, but hate the Raiders, it is how it is haha.

  4. It wasn't me!!! lol I haven't been on here enough to vote for Tebow to stay, voted for him once.

    My hate is ALWAYS on for the raiders. Most hated team in the NFL. Everyone hates them... even their fans hate them. haha Gonna go watch the game today with my raider fan friend, Broncos gotta win this one... I'm in desperate need of bragging rights!!! lol I assure you all though I made NO bet with him on this one. Denver is too unpredictable right now, could easily go either way.

    Looks like Fox is about to hang up Tebow's helmet for him sooner rather than later, ticks me off so much. We might be seeing Brady today... HELL NO!!! Think Foxy has literally & officially lost his mind. I've never seen a player on such a short leash, got to give Tebow some room to improve. 2 games & you quit on him... I don't call that a fair shot at all.

    FTR!!!!! Kill 'em Tebow, show 'em you're their daddy! LOL

  5. Princess I think your post game will be good, can't wait, :)

  6. It was a good football week.

    What broken hand?
    Doom gets a sack.
    TT is 3-3. Saved his starting role.
    The usual stupid mistakes by the Raiders helped seal the win.

  7. How about Champ getting two picks and taking his total to 50!

  8. 1st half was frustrating to watch. 2nd half Tim made some major strides. He set his feet and drove the ball where it needed to be. Still some accuracy problems but he actually looked like an NFL Quarterback. Major improvements in his throwing from the 2nd half on. I hope it carries into Thursday night.

  9. I had said before that with Tebow I can see the light going on one of these games and he just blows it up. I saw flickers of that light coming on yesterday.