October 30, 2011

Week 8: Broncos - Lions Post Game

Butt freakin' ugly game! Nothing nice to really say, nothing great really happened for us.

Will be a short post considering I'm disappointed in this team for letting this game get out of hand & plenty could have been done about it.


Tebow... oh Tebow... clearly he is still trying to work some stuff out. Plenty of the offense's troubles are on him in this game but quite a few of his passes were very catchable & that goes on the receivers. Those incompletes make Tebow look worse than he really is.

The line still has yet to give Tebow good protection. Orlando Franklin showed his rookie side several times, letting Dlinemen get to Tebow. The line is also to blame for 7 sacks. Granted Tebow needs to get better at reading when to throw the ball away or not, but 7 sacks is unacceptable. It's ridiculous, especially for the second week in a row. 14 sacks in 2 weeks... that's insane!

The offense had more than enough penalties to set us back. 5 for 55 yards... the whole offense needs help, not just Tebow. All 5 may not be on the offense but I know at least 3 of them were.

Tebow can't run this thing all by himself. His receivers, the line & the RBs have got to help him out & do their part. We also had 5 fumbles, 2 were lost. This is one game I will forget very quickly.

The only parts I care to remember was the very first drive when we should've had a TD. Decker was SO close to having that touchdown. I think had we got that score to start the game, it would've been a different more productive game for our offense. I think it would have boosted Tebow's confidence enough to have done better the rest of the game than he did.

Patience is THE key word with #15.

Tebow had a real bad day with 18/39 for 179 yards, 1 TD & 1 INT. Those 179 yards is pretty good considering how many incomplete passes he threw. The touchdown was an impressive one too.

Knowshon Moreno lead in rushing yards with 14 carries for 69 yards.

Eric Decker led the receiving corps with 6 catches for 72 yards & Denver's only touchdown late in the 4th quarter.
Eddie Royal was also seen more in this game with 6 catches for 41 yards.


I'd say they started out well but 45 points is overkill. 6 of those belong to our offense off Tebow's first INT of the year but our deficit is still sickening to watch.

Stafford had a fun day with our defense putting up 267 passing yards on them, easily.

For a while our D held down the fort sending Detroit back to their sidelines multiple times on quick 3 & outs but those good drives our defense quickly fizzled out when Detroit began their rally of putting points on us in OUR house for heaven's sake.

And the big match-up of Champ vs. Calvin Johnson ended up in Johnson's favor for the most part. Champ wasn't covering Johnson for a good portion of the game so the match-up came down to rookie undrafted FA Chris Harris getting beat on the routes he was set to cover.

But even respected vets like Champ & Dawkins got beat several times, getting faked out or just bad timing & reads.

Overall, horrible game for Denver. Now the Broncos face 2 HUGE games against 2 very hated rivals in their territory, the much hated Raiders & then the Chiefs.

Both places are tough stadiums to play in, tough crowds to play in front of. I almost shutter to think what will happen to us in these next 2 games.

Definitely not making a bet with my raider fan friend... no way man, not doing that again, no sir............

Playcalling has got to change. The awesome John Lynch was one of the commentators during the game & he made several points about what needs to be done with Tebow and it came back to the playcalling while he's on the field.

Each QB is different & with Tebow the playcalling should be different than it was with Orton. And besides that point, it needs to change. Whatever they are doing out there, its clearly not working; not getting us anywhere. Coach Fox needs to seriously re-evaluate his playbook with Tebow in the picture, if they start him again, and base that calling on Tebow's abilities but also give him calls to work with & that will help him to get better, more productive & improve.

Like John Lynch said, "they have to give the guy a chance in order for him to improve". Even Lynch believes in Tebow, he sees potential in #15 but Tebow also needs a coach that believes in him. I don't think Coach Fox really does, which is hurting him more.

We all know we have bigger problems beyond who's at QB or not. Tebow can only do so much. This TEAM has got to start playing like one.

The Lions definitely came to play today, something the Broncos showed no sign of. Both offensively & defensively, Detroit earned that win. Tastes like vinegar in my mouth saying that....... bleh....

More of a shame we lose like this in our own house. No excuse for that or the way we played.


Tebow to Decker for late 4th qtr TD

Here's to hoping for a MUCH better game with more passion & fight against Oakland.


  1. Thanks Princess, I wasn't sure if you were do this or not considering how bad the loss was. Offense has to play better, D did the best they could but the Lions had the ball way too much. Time will tell if we can improve. Hopefully we have a big game against the Raiders.

    And yeah no bets on this one, just need to get it done.

  2. No problem. I figured considering how bad it was, if I didn't do this today I wouldn't have gotten to it. Will be busy the next 2 days too, my days off which is when I normally would have done it so glad its done.

    Sucks it had to end like that but it is what it is. Only time will tell like you said. Not just with Tebow but the whole team, we are gonna have to have a lot of patience to see where this team goes.

  3. Haha good I am glad you got it done then. And Elway has said we are rebuilding and it will take 3 years, this being year 1, so we have a long way to go.

    Hopefully the FO has patience and doesn't give up on Tebow, I think he can get it done if given the tools to succeed.

  4. Yeah it will be long 3 years but I trust Elway in the front office. He's been a player, he knows the realistic stand point of how long it will take us to build off good players. I think its more we are building, not rebuilding. I think we have a lot of good players we can build off of and it will just take a lot of time & patience to see where it goes.

    Too much pressure is being put on Tebow. They expect absolute perfection out of him every time he's on the field & that isn't fair to him. So with that, I too, hope someone like Elway doesn't give up so fast on Tebow. He of all people should know to get experience & improve Tebow needs a team to rally behind him. When Elway first started, I'm sure no one thought he would be Super Bowl worthy let alone end up in Canton in his first year of eligibility. But he had a coach that was ever so faithful in his abilities and never gave up on him. Tebow needs that. I don't think all his teammates are completely behind him either.

    He can & will be successful & I can only hope and pray its with Denver. But you're exactly right, he needs the right tools to be successful.

  5. I really love Tebow, great attitude and the heart of a champion. But I'm not sure if he's 'our guy'.

    I know this off season did'nt help any either

    But I have a legitimate question.

    With everyone being so 'high' on Luck, it would mean Denver selling the farm to get him. I'm not a fan of that idea.

    So, could Luck go the way of not entering the draft and test the market on his own?

    Are there any rules regarding that? Can he declare himself as an un-drafted free agent?

  6. Hey Rocky, I am starting to get the feeling he may not be 'our guy' but I would feel disappointed that we gave up on him so soon.

    As for your question I found this:

    College players must "declare for the draft". If they're not picked up in the 7 rounds then any team can get them. Think of it this way: if players didn't have to declare for the draft, it would circumvent the framework of parity the league tries to establish. It would essentially be like recruiting out of high school, and the "bigger" more successful NFL teams like the Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, Packers, etc. would be in a better position to lure the better players because the better players wouldn't want to play for the Bills or the Lions (which is usually who drafts the top players).

    I believe there is rules in place to prevent that and all college players must enter the NFL through the draft, this is most likely covered in the CBA.

    What Luck could do is an Elway or Palmer. Come out saying he will never play or sign for that team, in which case they will probably try to trade him or let him ride the bench for a year or two.

    But Luck probably won't ever be able to pick the team he plays for.

  7. I'm seeing why people are saying Tebow isn't our guy but like Aussie said, I'd hate to see us give up on him so early. He's gonna have bad games. This offseason did not help him out at all & if he's ever gonna get better then we got to stick with him. The Detroit game is no good reason to keep Tebow going but he's started a total of 5 NFL games in his career... that's hardly anything to really judge him on. The coach is either all in or all out when it comes to Tebow and really he should've made up his mind on that before the Miami game.

    So we had a big bad blowout at home... it wasn't ALL on Tebow. The kid has too much pressure on his shoulders but I know there will always be plenty of people that will continue to be this hard on him throughout his career. 2 games this year isn't anything fair to judge Tebow on. Gotta let the kid work out his kinks. He'll only get better with more experience. And the fact that the widget says that Fox is toying with the idea of putting in Quinn shows that Fox is ready to give up already. I'd rather have Orton than Quinn.

    Tebow has yet to be given a fair shot. Yeah he's started 2 games but I'm talking about a fair amount of games (he gets to start & finish to the end) to really judge him on whether or not he's "our guy". Look how long we put up with Orton. Fox needs to stick with Tebow now that he's started 2 games, show Tebow that he'll back him up... help him get better. He won't improve if you bench him. Duh........

  8. I agree give Tebow the time to work it out and hopefully improve.

    We have heard from pretty much everyone on their perspective on Tebow. But one person we haven't and I would be interested to hear from is Josh McDaniels. I would like to know his plan, what he thinks, how he was going to use him, what improvements he was going to make. Pretty much his entire plan for Tebow. McD may not be a good HC or GM but he knows offense and QBs. I would like to pick his brain on the subject. But since his firing he has be MIA in the media so I doubt it.

    Also with Tebow playing I just have this feeling that one of these games the light is just going to go on and Tebow is going to blow it up and silence the haters. I can only hope right?

  9. Also so far on the poll Tebow is struggling for votes.

  10. Would be interesting to hear McDs opinion on this whole thing, for sure. He is after all the reason why we have Tebow. I've wondered that myself, what he had planned for/with Tebow in mind. We'll never really know.

    You & I are in the same boat, hoping Tebow will break out of this shell sooner rather than later. He will, that's just who he is as a player. I was having some serious doubts about him while watching the Detroit game but I can't help but be an optimistic person about this. Tebow has that affect on people I guess. lol He is a fighter & I know his performance against the Lions made him sick, he'll do what he can to be better this week, if given the chance. But I'm with you... one of these games, he will blow it out of the water & stun everyone. Just a matter of when. The big question will be when that does happen, can he be consistent with that? I think he can, just needs his teammates & coaches to back him up.

    What I hate the most is whenever he messes up, its like he's no longer NFL worthy; no longer good enough. One mistake & he's the worst player ever. I hate that. Can't please everyone, but dang, that's a lot of pressure (too much) to live up to. People expect perfection out of him all day, every day. Even the best QBs make mistakes in every game but their last name isn't Tebow so they don't get the crap for it.

  11. Shoot, gonna vote for Tebow again. lol

  12. Hi Guys and Gal,

    Thought I'd drop in to see how ya all are doing. Things are looking sad for the Broncos. Tebow is having a rough go and he doesn't seem to be getting a lot of help from teammates or coaches. Too bad, I really would like to see him succeed.

    To add to Gould's reply to Rocky, If Luck did not declare and went FA route, he would enter with FA pay under the new pay scale. Kinda hard to pass up $21+M because you don't want to go to the team that would have drafted you. Ya never know though.

    I'm also fairly sure that he gets entered into the draft regardless of whether he declares or not. I think "declaring" only counts with an underclassman which, because Luck is "athletically" a red-shirted junior, he could play one more year for Stanford and be entered into the 2013 draft (so yeah, he could declare that he is returning to Stanford for his senior year of athletic eligibility).

    I doubt he does that, too many things could happen if he plays one more year (bad year, injury, other players surpass him, etc.). He'll take the draft route and the top money IMO.

    Later all, GO BRONCOS, SMACK THEM GANGSTA'S DOWN! (Tim, do the best you can, that's all we ask, it's a GAME, relax and have fun again!).

  13. Hey 1st, thanks for clarifying that, as I believed it would be.

    Every Broncos fan I think secretly wants Tebow to succeed.

    And Princess I think Tebow was disgusted with himself after the game. You could hear it in his voice at the presser afterwards.

    He is a fighter and trys so hard that is why we want him to succeed. I don't know why so much gets dumped on though, every man and his dog has something to say about him. Jamarcus Russell never got this sort of crap dumped on him.

  14. Also wouldn't mind bringing Urban Meyer on as an consultant. He seems to know how to push Tebows buttons, look at the Miami game.

  15. Turn Tebow into a half-back and we will have an instant Peyton Hillis. Give Brady Quinn a look since he can can scramble for his life and make simple throws like a screen or 5-yard out consistently. Start Tebowing and hope for the best!

  16. Wow getting alot of true fans guys on here, nice of you guys to pop in. As for Tebow as a halfback I am not sure, I think hillis is bigger and a little faster than tebow, plus he has rb vision where as tebow probably won't see the holes.

    But Tebow won't go for that, he wants to be a qb, appreciate that haha