October 4, 2011

Week 4: Broncos-Packers Post Game

The end result of this week 4 (lopsided) match-up shouldn't really come as a surprise to any Bronco fan. I even felt this one coming, just didn't want to say it out loud.

Overall, the Broncos were never really a fair match to the reigning Super Bowl champs. The whole game was just one big lopsided mess. Defense was horrible, reminded me our D from last year. They got bullied, ran over and torn to bits. Honestly, I can only give our defense a few compliments... hats off to rookie Von Miller for getting 2 more sacks. Well-deserved on his part. Glad to see him really becoming a solid part of this team. And congrats to the other rookie, Rahim Moore on his first NFL career INT.

The offense was better than our D but not by much. Bottom line: I LOVE Eric Decker & someone, please for the love of God, flea-flick Orton off this planet!! grrrrrr

Here's the review & stats from the game, plus another one of my pleading cases as to why Kyle Orton should be dropped from this team like a fly.

During the first half I saw this team going straight down the toilet till we really started to fight back, which made me think we just might have a real shot at this game. That thought didn't last very long.

As I remember it when it got the 2nd quarter we were down 21-3 and then the great Eric Decker got us 2 touchdowns (making Orton look much better than he really is) which brought us 4 points in reach of the Packers. From there, it went all downhill. Green Bay scored another TD after our two and we never re-gained momentum.

I think after halftime we should've put Tebow in, then again if you really want my honest & blunt opinion we should've never traded the dirt in the ground for Orton, or Hillis for Orton's equal (Quinn) and just let Tebow run this offense. How do like them pickles, coach Fox?! hmmm

These numbers don't sound that bad till you see 3 INTs and that sums it up... that's what blew the game for us offensively.

Orton completed (by a miracle I'm sure) 22/32 passes for 273 yards, 3 TDs and the whopper... 3 interceptions. Yep, Mr. Butterfingers...... throwin' that football around like its candy to anyone & everyone that wants it.

Oh and did I mention is cheerleader-type mad dash for a first down. O.M.G. I wasn't sure if I should laugh hysterically or turn the TV off in embarrassment that our QB runs like that.

Not sure if I can rip into Orton anymore than I have, I could go on & on about how much I dislike him on this team. Stop giving him "one more chance" coach Fox... you're killin me!!!!!

In the famous words of Deion Sanders, "C'mon man!"

As for the lonely #15, I really feel for the guy. The game was dead & gone for us by the 4th qtr for sure and still Orton was in there. They would show Tebow on the sidelines before our offense would go on the field, Tebow was all suited up ready to go and never saw the field. Un-freakin-believable. What really had me ticked was that before the game coach Fox made comments that "Tebow was in the game plans for several packages for the game against Green Bay"... bull!!

We saw Tebow once and what did they do with him... of all the "genius" things, they decide to try & run it up the middle, something that NEVER works for us. And we lost yardage. I can't get over how stupid it was. Whole game long they had us trying to run it up the middle, that's one thing I have yet to comprehend. McGahee would run straight into the herd of men and the part that gets me is they kept doing it! We would lose yards and they kept attempting that?? Seriously, change of pace people!

If you're gonna egg us fans on and say we will see Tebow, you better put him in for more than one lousy play. I swear, they are bound & determined to set this kid up for failure. One decision they will regret if they don't start seeing clearly.

Hurricane Ashley needs a breather.....

Aside from the disaster we call our QB (lol I can't stop), Denver does have several bright spots on offense with WRs Eric Decker & Brandon Lloyd. Both of which stole the show for Denver on Sunday afternoon. Lloyd had 8 receptions for 136 yards (his 11th 100-yd game of his career) while Decker continued to put a smile on my face with 5 catches for 56 yards & 2 freakin' awesome touchdowns! You the man #87, you the man! ;)

And for the second game in a row, Willis McGahee had his second 100-yard rushing game despite all the lame up-the-middle plays they had him doing. Glad to see him doing well. Still we have yet to establish a decent run game, we pass the ball more than half the game. Got to get some consistency with our run game. That's gotta change.

To round out the scoring for Denver, TE Daniel Fells scored a 7-yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter.


Not much to be said here other than we need a ton of improvement. We never really stood much of a chance against the SB champs but we got owned Sunday, simply said.

LB D.J. Williams returned to the field for the first time this season and led the defense with 8 tackles (7 solo).

Rookies Von Miller & Rahim Moore made the headlines with Miller accumulating 2 more sacks and Moore earning his first INT of his NFL career.

All I can say is I know our defense won't be this bad all season long. They will snap out of this little rut they're in. Our next game at home before the bye against San Diego will be a good test for us and we'll just have to wait & see where our defense lies come this Sunday.

I do think that not having Champ on the field vs. Green Bay played a big part in our CBs getting owned. I would love to have seen Champ play in this game. I can only imagine how much different it would've been. Good news is he is fully expected to return to action when we host the Chargettes in a matter of days. I can't wait!
And thank goodness Orton wasn't on defense too, have mercy...........

Injury update:

**Champ Bailey (hamstring) has vowed that he'll play against San Diego. Thank God!

**Coach Fox has gone mental keeping Orton in games where he doesn't belong... Bronco fans say a good dose of "Tebow Time" is the cure. Question is, will Fox give in? Brain scan results will come in on Sunday come game time. Stay tuned........ lol


Despite the loss and ugly score, there are several highlights worth watching again.

Rahim Moore’s 1st NFL career INT

Von Miller’s 2nd sack on Rodgers

Thought this picture of baby Orton was funny.

Time to move on to the next division rival game against San Diego. Gotta win this one, end of story. And I honestly think we can.

Chargettes aren't as red hot as they have been. Make 'em pay boys!


  1. Thanks heaps for this Princess, and I feel the pain, hopefully only one more week of Orton than Tebow. Lets just hope we win and Orton is crap and we make the switch, just had enough of Orton, need some passion and hope back.

  2. I have given Orton the benefit of the doubt for a while now, especially when they chanted "Tebow" at the season opener. I felt bad for him. But honestly after 4 weeks I am tired of his crappy throwing and I am tired of the horrid wannabe run game they got going as well. How many times can you run it down the middle and it not work but yet try it again on a 4 and 2. Surprise it didn't work! Ugh!!! We should have not lost that game against the Titans. I did not have any hope for this past week. It's Green Bay after all but it's really annoying to see Rodgers do the belt thing.

    I don't believe Tebow is the answer just yet. He still needs a lot more training but there is no better way than to just to toss him out of the nest and hopefully he will take flight.

    I also believe that the new rules on no pads during practice has affected a lot of teams this season especially the Broncos. I don't think we can fix our running game unless we can really practice. Hey I got an idea how about stop trying to go down the middle and practice going to the outside. That's my rant.

  3. No problem Aussie. Stayed up late on a work night just to post this darn thing. lol

    Win or lose this next game, Orton needs to be benched. The rotoworld widget confirms our sentiments on him even more saying he is 4-13 in his last 17 starts!!! Ummmm, hellooooooooooooooooo.... 4-13 & Fox is sticking with him as our starter. Seriously, Fox has completely gone mental. This is just downright stupid. I'm not shocked at the stats, its the fact that Fox is so stuck on Orton despite that horrible record. 3-13 is gonna be our season so long as we keep that #8 in there. Get a brain coach!!

    Xatruch23 - And if you read the article at all, I talked about us constantly going for gains up the middle. Doesn't work for Denver. Our backs run straight into the wall, time for a new game plan there as well.

    Somebody better keep me away from coach Fox, I'll flip my lid if I get near him! lol So peeved right now, gotta go get my beauty sleep. lol Laters......