October 21, 2011

Game 6: Broncos Vs Dolphins

The Broncos are on the road again and heading to sunny Florida after an uneventful bye week (lies). The Broncos take on cellar dwellers the Miami Dolphins, who also will be honoring our starting QB Tim Tebow, go figure. This will be an interesting game as the Broncos pretty much have a completely new offense. Tebow is the starter, Brandon Lloyd has been traded away and the WRs corps is full of returning healthy players including the Thomas's and Royal. I am expecting a big day and a bigger score in this one.

Why to watch
Brandon Marshall, the self-proclaimed monster who vowed to get tossed from Monday night's game, meets the team he spent the bulk of his drama-filled career with. Perhaps this meeting with Champ Bailey will be as eventful as the Marshall-Darrelle Revis match up a week ago. The possibility of fireworks exists.

Inside story
This really is the Andrew Luck Bowl. John Elway is back at Stanford watching the kid all the time. Dolphins owner Steven Ross tried to hire Luck's college coach in the offseason. Neither team has a sure-fire quarterback of the future. Oh, and Tim Tebow is starting.

Things to Watch
Tebow for starters.

The new healthy offense and what type of plays we will run with Tebow at quarterback.

I would like to see Larsen get a bit more involved also.

On the defensive side of the ball lets hope the secondary can get some turnovers and the front seven can stop the run.

But the best match up to watch will be Baily versus Marshall. Lets see if Bailey can have a similar game against Marshall as did Revis.

I am predicting a score of 48-14, I am thinking big for Tebow's coming out party!

Injury Report
Julius Thomas, Ankle, Limited
Brian Dawkins, Neck, Full
Eddie Royal, Groin, Full
Demaryius Thomas, Finger, Full
Willis McGahee, Back, Full

Reggie Bush, Groin, Full
Brandon Marshall, Quadriceps, Full
Reshad Jones, Knee, DNP
Cameron Wake, Hamstring --
Chris Clemons, Hamstring, Limited
Vontae Davis, Hamstring, Limited
Daniel Thomas, Hamstring, Limited
Nolan Carroll, Hamstring, Limited
Will Yeatman, Shoulder, Limited

Check out this article on Tebow, ESPN

Other News

Denver owner Pat Bowlen has stepped down from being part of the NFL labor committee. He’s been through some nasty negotiations in his day, including this year’s lockout.

Pat Bowlen, the Broncos' owner since March 1984, had served the past 10 years as co-chairman of the league's labor committee, along with Carolina owner Jerry Richardson.

With the owners and players able to work out a new collective bargaining agreement in July that will extend for 10 years, Bowlen has joined Richardson in stepping away from their leadership roles. New York Giants​ owner John Mara now will chair the labor committee.

"After helping to lead extremely demanding labor negotiations during the last few years, Mr. Bowlen has elected to pass the torch," Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth said. "He's grateful for the opportunity to be part of the process that yielded 10 years of labor peace."

Bowlen will continue to serve on the league's compensation, broadcasting and NFL Network committees. And he will continue to work on trying to fix a Broncos franchise that is 1-4 this year and hasn't been to the playoffs since 2005.

Well guys and gal enjoy Tebow's first start for the year ~ Aussie.


  1. Also it is interesting to note the poll I ran about the QBs. Last time I ran this poll there was a 50-50 split between Orton and Tebow. Now not a single vote for Orton or Quinn. Tebow got most of the votes but as always there was a little love for Weber.

  2. All I can say is I hope & pray Tebow pulls this one off. I think he will, he's a fighter and in a way it will be like playing in front of a home crowd for him. He just really needs to prove himself. Now or never, do or die, this is it.

    I too think it will be a big blowout game, in our favor. Got 2 not so good teams, we're only better than them by 1 win. We gotta take this one home, no questions asked. I still think trading Lloyd was dumb considering how fragile D. Thomas seems to be and how little he's done anything this year. He's got to stay healthy. He's an awesome receiver when he's healthy... last time I'm gonna say it put that kid in some bubble wrap, please!!!!!! lol

    I expect a big day from Decker & Tebow, hopefully a lot more out of Royal & Larsen. Will be nice to see McGahee back on the field. The widget says he's probable to play, need all the weapons we can get. He's been great the last few games, gotta keep it up.

    Interesting poll too I thought. Everyone knows its Tebow Time, whether they agree with it or not. Let the man do his thing and we shall be amazed. ahaha

    I guess I'll say we win it 38-17... even Aussie is more bold than me. LOL

  3. I would like to see a big game out of D. Thomas too to show us what he has got.

  4. LOL @ Aussie!! too funny. Tebow got it done, that's what matters in the end. Freakin Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta say though, that 52 yarder by Prater made me nervous since he missed the other two. At first it looked like he missed it cause when he first kicked it the ball went left but stayed on course between the posts. That was a miracle if I ever saw one............

    Love you Tebow, LOVE YOU!!! lol

  5. I'll have the post game article up sometime today. Huge win today, so proud to be a Bronco fan!!

  6. BP
    That was the power of prayer on that kick.

    I admit, it was me voting for Weber just to mess with you.

  7. Cool princess can't wait for the post game.

    I was a little nervous when prater had to kick it but he is one of the best and I had faith what a come back.

    And that is cool digger always got to have some love for weber haha

  8. Some quick notes of mine from the game:

    Where was Rahim Moore? Did I miss an injury or something because Dawk and Carter played safeties for pretty much the whole game.

    Miller is awesome and Doom needs to get on the sack board.

    I still am a firm believer that DJ is a better PLAYMAKER than Woodyard and deserves the start, he came up big today.

    I think Larsen needs more touches. At least two runs and two catches a game.

    DT looked good coming back today, but needs to get more involved.

  9. Digger - it was definitely the power of prayer on that kick. Tebow & some other players were on the sidelines, on one knee with their heads down praying. That was a feakin awesome ending to a very boring game. The magic of Tebow lol

    Sorry I didn't get the post up last night, had every intention of doing so but got distracted. I'll get up today or at least tomorrow. Got a lot to say about this game.

    Pretty much agree with everything you brought up Aussie. The part that's got me confused is the lack of Doom in these games. Its like he's not even in there. If not Detroit, he better be ready to lay on the hits & sacks vs. Oakland in 2 weeks & KC in 3. I want to see him all over the place in at least those 2 games. And just noticed that both those rival games are away for us... yick... we got some work to do if we're gonna play better than yesterday. Major work ahead of us.........