October 25, 2011

Broncos Honor Wall - Update

Hey everyone how is the week treating you? Heart recovered from the weekend yet? Anyway I thought it was time to updated the Broncos Honor Wall, that is displayed in the right sidebar, since we are about half way through the season. I am looking for suggestions from our loyal fans on players or coaches that have performed to a high level and deserve to be enshrined on the honor wall. There are 5 spots available for players/coaches on the Broncos honour wall. As a rule of thumb I like to include at least one offensive lineman as they don't get enough love as it is.

Currently the spots are held by:
Tim Tebow
Brandon Lloyd (traded)
Elvis 'Doom'ervil
Champ Bailey
Ryan Clady

So which players should be kept if any and who else would you like to see up there. Leave your responses in the comments. ~ Aussie.


  1. For me the 5 would be:

    Keep Tebow
    Eric Decker or Willis McGahee
    Von Miller
    Brian Dawkins
    JD Trash Can Walton

  2. If we can't decide I will put up a poll with the suggestions and the 5 with the most votes will go up there.

  3. Decker is a must!!
    JD Walton would be a good one
    Weapon X & Champ - there's a pic with both of them. Champ deserves to stay up there. IMO
    Von Miller for sure, been awesome this year
    And I suppose Tebow is a keeper lol... should get a new pic though. Change it up a bit

    If you could fit 6 pics on there, I think Prater or Colquitt should go up. Colquitt has been awesome this year on punts & Prater is wall of honor worthy I think. Plus the special team guys don't get much recognition at all. Just a thought.....

  4. Well looks like Decker has locked up one spot.
    I think Walton has done enough to be up there, but lets see what the others think.
    A picture of both of them could be done. But this is for 5 spots, so which one has done more than the other.
    Yes Miller has been awesome.
    And a new picture of Tebow I can do.

    Colquitt needs to be up there! (Also if you haven't already vote for the Broncos to go to the pro bowl!).

    I could put more pics up there but since we are Broncos fans I think we could make a case to get most of the team up there. So that is why I think we should keep it to 5 spots and agree (argue) on who is the most deserving.

  5. Not so quick adding Decker. IMO Baybay will fast become Tebow's favorite target. Also why exactly are you taking Clady down and replacing him with Walton?
    My vote;
    Von, Doom, Champ, Tebow and Clady.

  6. Well Decker has been having a pretty good year so far, the best of the WRs. And I hope when we review this at the end of the year that BayBay is one of the 5. I think he can come along quickly.

    I could make a case for all the lineman expect maybe Beadles, he has been the weak link. Franklin has been surprisingly good other than last week. Kuper I think has played well and Clady has well been Iron Clady. I like Walton because he has improved a lot this year. Out of those 4 who deserves it the most, I would say either Clady or Walton.

    Von I think has locked up a spot.
    Doom I think needs to be taken down. He has missed a number of games (he is injured again) and not got on the board with a sack yet. Though I am quite impressed by his run defense. But I don't think he has earned that spot this year.

    Champ has been playing very well but missed a little time this year.
    Dawkins I think has really put last year behind him and playing well. Both may not be totally deserving of a spot. Can you think of any other defense player above them?

    Tebow probably doesn't deserve a spot YET, he hasn't played much at all this year, but he is getting it done now.

    Just a few of my thoughts.

  7. Oh and if you haven't seen it the Tebow doco is coming to DVD next month. Here is some of the outtakes from the making of the doco. Just shows Tebow having fun and loving life, plus he is pretty funny haha.