December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas from Broncos Blog

No preview post this week since I have been preoccupied with Christmas as I would believe most of you are. But the Broncos still have a game against the Browns this week. So from Broncos Blog, Go Broncos, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ~ Aussie.

December 14, 2012

Broncos Vs Ravens

After two weeks of ship warfare the Broncos are hitting the road to take on the formidable Ravens. The Broncos have run away with the AFC West winning seven straight games since the bye and are battling for the number two seed in the AFC. But they are going up against stiff competition in the Ravens. The Ravens are the only team on the Broncos schedule since the bye that are heading for the playoffs.

The Ravens defense has been struggling with injuries but their offense has kept them in games this year getting their record to 9-4. Luckily for the Broncos they are taking on the Ravens at the perfect moment as the Ravens are coming off two close loses, one in overtime.

Before the bye I would have said the Broncos would not win this game. But the Broncos have been the story of two teams this season. There was the new team learning about each other and the dominate force that has bonded together since the bye. If the Broncos want that number two seed and to keep momentum going a win against the Ravens is a must.

Other News
RG3 could be out for the skins this Sunday. And a round up of all the other injuries.

The Cards are going back to Ryan Lindley. Must be like picking between the nicer turd.

Jovan Belcher was laid to rest.

The Gronk could be back for the Pats

Also with Stallworth injured the Pats are going to bring back Branch.

Wednesday practice photos.

Thursday practice photos.

Bounty suspensions were dropped for the players. The Ginger Hammer wasn't to pleased about it.

Gregg Williams is pointing the finger though all this at current HC Vitt over the bounty scandal. But it sounds like they are all out for themselves. Vitt of course denies the claims.

To make himself feel better Goodell is thinking about expanding the playoffs from 12 teams to 14 or 16. Why change something that ain't broken?

Greg Hardy calls Matt Bryant small! LOLs

After bringing back Edwards, Sexy Rexy says he wasn't the one being called the idiot.

Andy Reid won't take a year off if fired at the end of the year.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
Two top teams fighting over a possible bye week in the playoffs. All on a bright sunny afternoon, what more could you want?

Inside Story
I would like to use this section to give big props to Luke Richesson and his team. What they have done with the Broncos this season has been exceptional. I want to bring specific attention to what they have done with Knowshon. As we know Moreno has gone from bulking up too big, to trimming down too much and dealing with all the injuries in between. But with what Luke Richesson and his team have done with Knowshon, shaping and building his body have turned him into a solid football player. These guys were a great find in the off season.

Match Ups
Both sides of the ball will be hotly contested. But I want to focus on the Ravens offense. They have some serious weapons in Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, not to mention their decent QB in Joe Flacco.

The Broncos defense I think will be up to the task and should be able to get after the QB but I am worried more about Ray Rice and the middle of our line. If Woodyard is rested again Williams will need to step up and plug those holes.

Injury Report
Trindon Holliday (WR), Knee, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, LIMITED
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Shoulder, FULL
Matthew Willis (WR), Knee, FULL
Wesley Woodyard (WLB), Ankle, LIMITED

Jameel McClain (ILB), Neck/Back, OUT
Ed Dickson (TE), Knee, LIMITED
Dannell Ellerbe (ILB), Ankle, DNP
Arthur Jones (DE), Shoulder, LIMITED
Jacoby Jones (WR/RS), Ankle, FULL
Vonta Leach (FB), Ankle, DNP
Pernell McPhee (DE), Thigh, DNP
Bernard Pierce (RB), Back, LIMITED
Bernard Pollard (S), Chest, DNP
Ed Reed (S), Shoulder, FULL
Ray Rice (RB), Hip, LIMITED
Jimmy Smith (CB), Abdomen, FULL
Terrell Suggs (OLB), Biceps, FULL
Deonte Thompson (WR), Thigh, FULL
LaQuan Williams (WR), Thigh, FULL
Marshal Yanda (RG), Ankle, DNP
Chykie Brown (CB), Knee, FULL

I don't see the Broncos dropping 30 points on the Ravens but I do think this game will be very close. 26-23 to the Broncos, going right down to the wire.

Some of the lovely ladies from the Ravens calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
The Shannon Sharpe impersonation is great.

Another week in the books, Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.

December 5, 2012

Broncos Vs Raiders - Game 2

After dispatching the Buccaneers and their motley crew the Broncos ship pulls into waters controlled by the cowardly sea dogs, the Oakland Raiders. Captain ‘Forehead’ Manning doesn’t take to kindly to the silver & black and will be looking to sink his second ship, the Black Hole, in the span of a week.

Though Captain Manning may be without his trusted Quartermaster Brandon ‘Old as Shit’ Stokley, who is resting below deck with a bum hip. Captain Manning could also be missing his Master Gunner ‘Uncle’ Woodyard who injured his ankle in the Buccaneers encounter. But Captain Manning has full faith in his young crew to send the Raiders to see Davy Jones.

The Raiders ship lead by Carson ‘the Red Water Pistol’ Palmer is of the opposite mindset. His crew has been battered and abused by the rest of the league and he isn’t holding out hope for this contest. Since the Broncos took control of the AFC West the Raiders will be battling for their proud. The Red Water Pistol will be helped by the return of Darren ‘Upper Body’ McFadden and new deckhand Mike Goodson.

For both crews this is a rivalry between two opponents that detest each other. The contest will be intense and hard fought on both sides of the ball.

Other News
More information coming out about the tragic events surrounding LB Belcher.

Terrell Suggs possibly has a torn bicep.

Rex Ryan is likely to name his QB soon. It looks like it won't be Tebow.

Following up from a story last week, the worker that egged the Saints bus has reportedly quit.

CB Griffin was suspended for PEDs.

Standford Routt signs with the Texans.

WR Edwards says to blame the idiots in charge of the Jets not the players. After making these comments Edwards was released by the Hawks.

Photos from Tuesdays practice.

Some AFC West notes including Raiders signed FB/RB Jamize Olawale and DT Richard Seymour (knee/hamstring) remains out of practice.

Broncos 2013 schedule is clearing up.

LB Urlacher could be out the rest of the regular season.

OT Jake Long was placed on IR.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
The Broncos beat the Raiders 37-6 last time they played. Why would you not want to see that again?

Inside Story
Everywhere you look people are talking about the Broncos Vs Ravens game next week. As both teams are in the hunt for the number two seed in the conference. Hopefully the Broncos aren’t doing the same in overlooking the Raiders on the short week and thinking about the Ravens. The Broncos have a job to do on Thursday.

Sadly Raiders HC Allen lost his father who passed away earlier this week. He hasn’t been at training and what role he plays on Thursday is unknown. But our thoughts and prays go out to Allen and his family.

Match Ups
Look across the park. There are favorable match ups for the Broncos at most positions.

The one player to watch out for is Darren McFadden. McFadden has killed us on the ground in the past. Our front seven has been up to the task so far but with Woodyard likely out they will need to double their effort.

I would also like to note here that for the previous few weeks I have been mentioning Decker, in the hope he would hook up my fantasy team. In that time he has done absolutely nothing, so a big screw you Decker hahaha.

Injury Report
Robert Ayers (DE), Non-Injury, FULL
Wesley Woodyard (LB), Ankle, DNP
Matthew Willis (WR), Knee, LIMITED
Brandon Stokley (WR), Hip, LIMITED
Manny Ramirez (OL), Back, FULL
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL

Phillip Adams (CB), Concussion, DNP
Tyvon Branch (S), Neck, FULL
Jack Crawford (DE), Toe, LIMITED
Matt Giordano (S), Concussion, LIMITED
Mike Goodson (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Taiwan Jones (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Darren McFadden (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Mike Mitchell (S), Concussion, LIMITED
Carson Palmer (QB), Right Thumb, FULL
Marcel Reece (FB), Hamstring/Quad, LIMITED
Richard Seymour (DT), Knee/Hamstring, DNP
Khalif Barnes (T), Triceps, LIMITED
Juron Criner (WR), Shoulder, LIMITED
Brandon Myers (TE), Shoulder, LIMITED

The game should be a blow out. But the Raiders are always tougher in Oakland. I am feeling something like 34-9, Broncos.

I few quick pictures from the Oakland cheerleaders. The first is the cover for their new calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
This is from 2011. There are a few of Broncos in there which are funny.

That is it from me. Go Broncos and beat the F***ing Raiders! ~ Aussie.

November 29, 2012

Broncos Vs Buccaneers

After narrowly escaping with victory in Kansas City the Broncos return home to play Tampa Bay. The Broncos recent form on offense has been somewhat disappointing. Whether it is miscues, penalties or dropped passes the offense seems out of sync. The cause of which isn’t particular clear. It could be the fact the Broncos have started to hit the wall. Peyton Manning is 11 games into the season after taking a year off and the wear could be starting to show. Not to mention the same for the rookies and new players as this is the toughest part of the year on the body.

Either way the Broncos still found a way to win when really the Chiefs should have beaten us, if not for their lack of any killer instinct.

The Bucs however seem to be firing at just the right time with their offense the focal point. Running back Doug Martin has been a revelation on the ground. Plus QB Freeman has bounced back from a poor year with his new best friends Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.

The record for the Bucs shows they have lost more games than the Broncos. But they have been competitive in all games this season losing by small margins. Last week they lost a close game to the Falcons 24-23 and will be hungry for a victory.

For the Broncos this is their first real test in sometime against a good football team. The Broncos will need to get a good win and show they can be contenders come the playoffs.

Other News
AP missed the team bus on the weekend to his game. Because he overslept, should not have stayed up late playing video games.

Ray Rice is awesome or the Chargers just suck that much.

Jets' fan Fireman Ed calls it quits.

Cunningham suspended for PEDs. Seems a few others will also but their are fighting the charge.

DT topped a thousand yards for the year on the weekend against KC.

Broncos sign RB Jacob Hester and bring back JJ to the PS. A few more links here and here

The Snake is back in Denver. The full article here.

Jason Babin was cut by the eagles and picked up by the Jags.

John Harbaugh almost had a mutiny. But for a coach he seems to have taken it very well.

QB Kaepernick gets the start and Smith returns to where he belongs, backup QB. QB Smith is upset about his benching but we all knew that the 49ers wanted a better QB.

Manning still top in pro bowl voting. And 16 Broncos in total getting some pro bowl love.

Wednesday Practice photos.

Thursday Practice photos.'s profile on Champ Bailey.

Some funnier news, the Saints team bus was egged in Atlanta by airport staff. The workers will probably be punished.

Reports are out that the Raiders may release Rolando McClain. More here. But it seems for now they are keeping him.

Von Miller gets a monthly honor.

The bad boys sit down with CBS, this vid is way too funny.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
The Broncos are facing a tough opponent and this game will be close. It could even turn into a shootout if our defence struggles.

Inside Story
Von Miller is 3 sacks away from breaking Doom’s franchise record of 17 sacks in a year. Against the Buccaneers he hopes to continue piling up the sacks and getting closer to that mark.

Robert Ayers will probably not play against the Bucs as he deals with the lose of his father. His father's funeral is set for Saturday.

Match Ups
This game will be on the offenses to perform. For us, we will be looking at going after the Bucs’ secondary who are down to playing youngsters. Old man Barber is hoping someone will step up to help him. The Bucs secondary has given up a lot of passing yards but surprisingly the front seven have not been too bad against the run. This doesn’t bold well for the Bucs since the Broncos are definitely a passing team. DT and Decker should be in for big games. Decker hook me up!

On defense we will need to contain Tampa Bay’s weapons in Martin, Jackson, Williams and I would include Dallas Clark here too. After playing the run soft last week our big fellas will need to be tough on the ground game. I think our secondary can handle Jackson and Williams, with Bailey I would expect getting the assignment of Jackson. Clark is the danger guy. We have struggled for years against good tight ends but we have shown some improvement this year. Hopefully it will be Trevathan covering Clark as Wes and DJ didn’t do so hot in previous encounters.

Injury Report
Robert Ayers (DE), Non-Injury, DNP
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Malik Jackson (DL), Finger, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL
Tracy Porter (CB), Illness, FULL
Manny Ramirez (G), Back, LIMITED
Brandon Stokley (WR), Wrist/Hip, LIMITED
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Knee, FULL

Michael Bennett (DE), Ankle, FULL
Ted Larsen (C), Illness, FULL
Roy Miller (DT), Illness, FULL
Dekoda Watson (LB), Hamstring, FULL

This game will be close with a touchdown the difference. I think the Broncos will have to win this one late (maybe OT) with a Manning rally. 30-23 Broncos.

A few ladies taken from the Buccaneers calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
I thought this video was pretty funny and sort of out of character for Cutler. You know the whole doing something for someone else not named Cutler thing. He probably knew the big guy wearing gloves wasn't going to be able to do it so he helped him out. Nice one Cut.

Another week in the books, enjoy the game and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.

November 22, 2012

Broncos Vs Chiefs - Game One

After coming home for the week and handling the Chargers. The Broncos are on the road again heading to Arrowhead stadium to play the embarrassing dead last Chiefs. For a team that not so long ago was young and on the up, they have fallen oh so very far. The blame can directly lay at the feet of HC Crennel and GM Pioli for putting together a team that has to choose between Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel at quarterback. Then again this could all be a poly to suck as much as possible to get the first round pick in the draft, ie the Colts.

All of that though doesn’t really matter to us. Watching the Chiefs get spanked in Arrowhead is enjoyable enough.

Other News
Depending on were you read it McGahee is out 4-6 or 6-8 weeks. I think the 6-8 is more likely. Another link, an another.

The remaining backs talk about being in for some extra action.

The Broncos will be taking a look at a few backs to see if there are any nice replacements.

Seems we are staying put on the backs.

Though first reported he wouldn't be placed on IR, Mcgahee is now on the returning IR.

Andy Reid is moving on from the Eagles if the report is to be believed.

Drew Litton had this great thanksgiving picture. Which reminds me that everyone have a fun and safe thanksgiving.

Manning moves into spot number two for all time touchdowns.

Ed Reed was suspened, then he wasn't.

The Steelers sign two, in Hoyer and Burress.

Raiders cut Aaron Curry.

Some young QBs will continue to start. Foles in Philly and Kaepernick for San Fran.

Peyton is 'Freaking Historcal', says John Fox.

Miller gets a weekly honor.

Photos from Thursday's practice. Notice Moreno was so happy this week he didn't wear pants to traning.

Quinn gets the start for the Chiefs this week, ahahaha.

Porter is healthy and will travel to KC.

Some funnies of Brady Quinn.

Why to watch?
The Broncos have a real chance to drop 40-50 on the Chiefs (if the coaches let them). But remember the Chiefs in Kansas have always been a problem for us.

Inside Story
The big story for us is the running back situation. With McGahee injured the dynamics and rolls of the remaining players are still to be decided. Will Hillman be forced to run between the tackles?

The interesting aspect of this storyline is Knowshon Moreno. Moreno, after riding the bench since week two comes back against his favourite team in the Chiefs. Moreno’s form against the Chiefs has been nothing short of amazing. He had 4 carries for 52 yards last year before he got hurt. In 2010 he had games of 22 carries for 106 yards and 23 carries for 161 yards with a few receptions in each. 2009, his first season, was more of the same, 21 carries for 86 yards and two TDs and 14 carries for 50 yards and two TDs. I for one am hoping his form against KC continues and he picks up his game like another former ‘bust’ from his draft.

For the Chiefs, I will be interested to see what the fans come up with next to show their ‘displeasure’ towards the KC Staff. Dressing in all black and flying planes over the stadium trailing messages hasn’t worked. So what’s next? The KC crowd could stay at home and leave the stadium empty. Maybe then management will take the hint.

Match Ups
Pick a spot on the depth chart and you have found a favourable matchup for the Broncos. Unless you picked Lance Ball...shame on you.

Jokes aside, one player I want to see return back to form is Eric Decker. Hook my Fantasy team up sexy 'stache!

Injury Report
Champ Bailey (CB), Non-Injury, FULL
Omar Bolden (CB), Concussion, LIMITED
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Knee, FULL
Derek Wolfe (DT), Quadriceps, FULL
Robert Ayers (DE), Groin, FULL
Ronnie Hillman (RB), Hamstring, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL
Tracy Porter (CB), Illness, FULL

Branden Albert (OT), Back, DNP
Ryan Lilja (G), Knee, DNP
Dwayne Bowe (WR), Neck, FULL
Steve Maneri (TE), Ankle, LIMITED
Jon Asamoah (OL), Thumb, LIMITED
Jonathan Baldwin (WR), Head, FULL
Tony Moeaki (TE), Shoulder/Back, LIMITED

Blow out. If it is anything but then the Broncos have bigger problems than we thought. 42-7.

Below is Ashley from the cover of the KChiefs calendar and then the girls in action.

Funny Vid of the Week.
Matt Schaub getting kicked in his dingaling is always funny.

Note the leg extension from Suh, kicking out at Schaub. Once again confirming he is a dirty player.

Another week in the books, enjoy the game against KC. Go Broncos ~ Aussie.

November 20, 2012

Broncos Honor Wall - Top 5 Broncos

The votes are in and we have a clear cut top 5. They are as follows:

Peyton Manning18
Von Miller17
Champ Bailey17
Demaryius Thomas12
Ryan Clady10
Willis McGahee9
Elvis Dumervil8
Wesley Woodyard5
Derek Wolfe2

The winners being Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Champ Bailey, DT and Ryan Clady. Clady makes his return to the wall after being off it for, I believe, over a year. Peyton Manning as expected makes it onto the wall after his first attempt. It means that Wills McGahee and Elvis Dumervil drop off the wall. But we could see Doom return to the wall by seasons end and I think Woodyard should get some more love next time around.

All this means we need some new pictures for Peyton and Clady. Here are some options for each:

Peyton Manning

Ryan Clady

Let me know the picture that you like or want ~ Aussie.

November 16, 2012

Broncos Vs Chargers - Game 2

Over the past month the Broncos have been splendid. Winning 4 games on the trot, with 3 of those coming on the road. They now sit with a comfortable lead in the West with a record of 6-3.

The season turnaround for the Broncos came against the sparkles in round one of this division battle.  When the Broncos came back from 24 points down at halftime to steal the game.

The Chargers however have dropped games to the Browns and Buccaneers with their lone victory coming against the last placed Chiefs. The Chargers now sit with a 4-5 record and sit two games back in the West.

This week the Broncos host the Chargers at Mile High. If the Broncos were able to triumph it would give them a 3 game lead in the division. They would also hold the tiebreaker over the Chargers and you would think the AFC West Title.

Other news
Unfortunately Doom was injured against the Panthers, but in funny news the Panthers Special Teams coach was fired.

Update on Doom from Rotoworld:
An MRI of Broncos RE Elvis Dumervil's left shoulder revealed "no significant injury." Hooray!

It's a major bullet dodged for the Broncos after Dumervil missed the final three quarters of Sunday's win. The Denver Post expects Dumervil to be questionable for Week 11, but he appears to be headed for a one-week absence at worst. Dumervil has seven sacks through nine games, though he's graded out near neutrally in Pro Football Focus' ratings.

Duke Ihenacho was cut, he probably will be signed to the practice squad. It is assumed this is to make room for DJ.

It was pretty interesting to see 4 Quarterbacks get injured last week. Two, Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger could miss some time. The berger has a serious rib injury.

For lulz it looks like Brady Quinn may get another start. Plus he has been cleared to play.

Tebow Saga
It was a big week for Tebow after he had done and said...well nothing. Tebow's teammates first hanged him out to dry. And then it looks like he doesn't have any trade value. Then Tebow had a sad. But Shonn Green wants Tebow to start...what a mess. Oh wait now he doesn't... The owner can't believe what he has gotten into and the state of his team. The Jets seem to forget that the only thing worse than Tebow is themselves.

More Jets news.
Scott and Cromartie say it wasn't them that talked to the media about Tebow.

What else...Peyton Manning tops the pro bowl votes.

Photos from wednesday practice, is it just me or does DJ look really lean?

Photos from Thursdays practice.

Peyton Manning was mik'ed up this week. It is pretty cool and funny viewing.

There is yet another player claiming to be Optimus Prime, but we already know who Optimus Prime is and he is on our team.

Dwayne Bowe says he wants to stay in Kansas...all lies.

Von Miller got hit with a fine for a low hit on Newton. It seems a little bit harsh.

Fun with Rivers
I had some fun with a few Rivers pictures, enjoy, I did.

Why to Watch
Is there a better reason than watching the Dolts get punished?

Inside Story
Head Coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J Smith still have their heads on the chopping block. A lost could be curtains for one if not both of them. Alas Broncos Fans would be sad to see them go.

DJ Williams makes his return to the team but in what position or role we do not know yet. Special Teams maybe?

Willis McGahee has a mild case of fumblitis. Hopefully he will be healthy this week.

Match Ups
There are favourable matchups across the park against this fading Chargers team.

Peyton Manning should have plenty of time and room to get his passes off. Shaun Phillips and Melvin Ingram are the only real threats but the O-Line has done a great job stone walling the DL in recent weeks.

Eric Decker needs a big game after having a poor one last weekend. After dropping a long pass against the Benegals he did not see any looks for the rest of the game. He should see more action against a poor Chargers secondary.

The main question is the Broncos’ run game. It has significantly dropped off in the previous two games and will need a resurgence against the Chargers. I would not be surprised to see Hillman get a few more carries. Plus we may see more of the midget formation with Hillman and Holliday on the field. I would like to see Holliday get put into space, maybe a screen or reverse to set him up.

Defensive Line should be looking forward to his game and the chance to bring down Rivers. With Doom probably going to be rested it would be nice to see Ayers in beast mode again.

The Chargers pass game is of a little worry. We still can’t seem to cover a Tight End and the Chargers have one of the best in Gates. Hopefully we see more of Trevathan covering him to hopefully limit his touchdowns.

The Dolts love going vertical and have a new toy in Danario Alexander who is finely healthy. It will be Harris or Carter’s job to lock this guy up. Which leads me to my next question, will Porter play this week?

Injury Report
Tracy Porter (CB), Illness, DNP
Elvis Dumervil (DE), Shoulder, DNP
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, LIMITED
Jim Leonhard (S), Calf, FULL
Kevin Vickerson (DT), Thigh, FULL

Antwan Barnes (LB), Hamstring, LIMITED
Atari Bigby (SS), Quad, LIMITED
Chris Carr (DB), Knee, FULL
Aubrayo Franklin (DT), Knee, DNP
Jared Gaither (T), Groin, DNP
Tyronne Green (G), Ribs, DNP
Eric Weddle (FS), Knee/Illness, LIMITED
Melvin Ingram (LB), Knee, FULL
Ryan Mathews (RB), Neck, DNP
Mike Scifres (P), Ankle, FULL

The Broncos beat the Chargers with 30 minutes of dominate play in their last encounter and with a full 60 minutes should do the same. 35-7, Go Broncos!

The one thing the Chargers do know how to do is put together a cheer squad. Here is the team and the calendar cover.

Funny Vid of the Week
Eric Berry is afraid of horses.

Here is Eric trying to explain it.

That is it from me, enjoy the game ~ Aussie.

November 12, 2012

Broncos Memes

Though you have all probably seen them, here is a few of the funnier Broncos memes floating around at the moment. Enjoy ~ Aussie.

October 19, 2012

Bye week perspective

The Broncos are heading into their bye week with an even record of 3-3 and the lead in the AFC West. Through six weeks we have seen a fair amount of good and unfortunately a decent amount of bad. But the Broncos have made it through the brutal end of their schedule with a .500 record and are heading into the 'softer' end of the draw. But there is a clear problem. The Broncos are yet to beat a playoff bound team (note: the Steelers are at 2-3 and injuries continue to affect their roster, so it is possible they may miss out or sneak in to the playoffs at best). The Broncos three wins have come against less than impressive teams, Steelers being middle of the pack. The three loses we have sustained are to teams that should be competing come late January. Against all three we have fallen behind early, mostly due to our own mistakes (turnovers). In all three games (four if you include the Chargers on MNF) the Broncos have fought back in the second half and made these contests close, though in the end falling short. Looking at the rest of the schedule outside of the Ravens, who are also dealing with some key injuries, the Broncos may not drop another game. We then head into the playoffs 12-4, 13-3 at best not having truly beaten a top-notch team. Even with such a good record I would temper expectations in the playoffs because competing against those three teams has shown we are not quite there yet.

Offense Breakdown
Manning has come out and quieted most of his doubters. Through six games he is having an outstanding MVP like year (1808 yds, 14 tds, 4 ints ) and outside of the Atlanta game has been smart with his throws. He just needs his team mates to hook him by holding onto the ball.

McGahee hasn't been as explosive or productive as he was last year on the ground but he has been used more in the passing game (432 yds, 3tds, 18 rec for 133 yds). Other than a few fumbles there hasn't been much bad to McGahee's game and he will need to keep it up as there isn't much behind him. Hillman has taken over the backup roll thankfully over Ball and Moreno. Hillman has soon some good pace when in space or hitting the edge but is still having struggles with finding his hole and pass protection. To me he still looks a little lean and not overly muscular in his frame but that should develop over time. Ball is still on this team.... For whatever reason Moreno seems to be in the doghouse and been inactive of late with the coaches choosing Ball instead. This is probably due to the type of player Moreno is, since Hillman was drafted to replace Moreno it makes no sense having two smaller type backs active when you can have the bigger bruiser in Ball.

Gronk where art thou?

The receivers have been playing on a whole new level compared to previous years. D-Thomas (32 rec, 542 yds, 3 tds)and Decker (34 rec, 441 yds, 3 tds) have started to come into their own and been very dynamic. Both have had a few issues, DT with fumbles and Decker with falling over but it seems they have turned the corner (pun intended). Stokley found the fountain of youth Manning and Champ had been sharing and drank himself silly. Stokley, other than Tamme, are Manning’s go to guys when the offense is in a jam and they have come up with big plays. Hopefully Stoke can avoid the dreaded C word and play out the year. Ninja Willis still needs work in this offense and his snaps have gone up but he can’t hang Manning out to dry. Caldwell thus far has been a huge disappointment.

Tamme and Dressen…fantastic buys. Green is back from his suspension and slowly working his way into the rotation, mostly as a blocking tightend. Thomas will probably be in plain clothes on the bench for the rest of the season barring injury.

Kuper is back in the starting line-up replacing the ‘decent’ Ramirez who belongs on the bench. Clady, Beadles and Franklin are enjoying playing in front of Manning this year. Clady’s eyes are rolling with dollar signs with his current form. Beadles must be having a good year because no one is bitching about him. Koppen is our buy of the year. With JD out for the season Koppen has been pretty decent.

Defense Breakdown
Vickerson and even Unrein so far this year have out played the veteran Bannan. Big Vick has been a force in the middle and the defensive front continues to get better. He has blown up his fair share of offensive linemen and has a nose for the screen game. Hopefully he doesn’t ever go back to Little Vick. Unrein has surprised a lot of people. He has developed his game and become a key component on the D-Line. Bannan’s solid play has continued but been unspectacular.

Dumervil’s (28 tckls, 5.0 sck, 4 FF) been quietly putting together a dominate season. His run defense is still improving but it is no longer the weakness it once was. Wolfe is very much the same. Quietly going about his work, stopping the run and pressuring the passer, that is until we hear the wolf calls. Ayers has done well in his limited snaps and his heads up tip on the fumble to Carter against the Chargers was perfect.

I am very pleased to see the way Woodyard has developed. I myself have stated that Woodyard hadn’t shown or struggled to be productive making big plays. His progression though is far more along than I thought he would ever be and I give some of that credit to JDR. For putting him in places to take advantage of his skills and to make plays. His stats reflect that, 48 tackles, 2.0 sacks and one intercept.

Miller has improved as well and continues to be the best player on the defense (26 tckls, 6.0 sck, 1 FF). He has become much better at setting the edge and sniffing out the run. As well as dropping into coverage. Miller will be in there fighting for defensive player of the year honors.

‘Miss Tackle’ Mays has finally been replaced by Brooking. Who it seems will rotate with Trevathan and Irving. Both of whom I want to see play more. Whether DJ plays MLB when he gets back or rotates with the others has yet to be determined. But I feel more comfortable with Mays on the pine.

Champ is still world class. But it has been the surprise work of the young guys to be must interested in. Porter has been a solid pick up and the first corner in a long time that has been able to play across from Champ. Harris had one poor game against the Patsy, as did most of the defense. But he is young and still developing. Carter is the surprise one of the bunch. Stepping up ahead of Bolden and making key plays when most thought he was just there to make up the numbers.

Adams has been rock-solid but unremarkable in the secondary. Moore on the other hand is evolving into a quality player (41 tckls). This year he has been more confident and usual takes good angles to the ball carrier. He does make a few mistakes and dropped his share of intercepts, nevertheless he is not the same player that got benched last year. Leonhard is unimpressive and it is a bugger that Carter is on IR.

Special Teams Breakdown
Prater and Colquitt are still money but both have had an easier time of it with Peyton in town.

Bolden and Holliday are a decent team of returners. Both with any luck will hold onto the ball going forward. I wonder if Holliday gave Irving any crap about concussing him.

That's me done, have a good one ~ Aussie.