November 29, 2012

Broncos Vs Buccaneers

After narrowly escaping with victory in Kansas City the Broncos return home to play Tampa Bay. The Broncos recent form on offense has been somewhat disappointing. Whether it is miscues, penalties or dropped passes the offense seems out of sync. The cause of which isn’t particular clear. It could be the fact the Broncos have started to hit the wall. Peyton Manning is 11 games into the season after taking a year off and the wear could be starting to show. Not to mention the same for the rookies and new players as this is the toughest part of the year on the body.

Either way the Broncos still found a way to win when really the Chiefs should have beaten us, if not for their lack of any killer instinct.

The Bucs however seem to be firing at just the right time with their offense the focal point. Running back Doug Martin has been a revelation on the ground. Plus QB Freeman has bounced back from a poor year with his new best friends Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.

The record for the Bucs shows they have lost more games than the Broncos. But they have been competitive in all games this season losing by small margins. Last week they lost a close game to the Falcons 24-23 and will be hungry for a victory.

For the Broncos this is their first real test in sometime against a good football team. The Broncos will need to get a good win and show they can be contenders come the playoffs.

Other News
AP missed the team bus on the weekend to his game. Because he overslept, should not have stayed up late playing video games.

Ray Rice is awesome or the Chargers just suck that much.

Jets' fan Fireman Ed calls it quits.

Cunningham suspended for PEDs. Seems a few others will also but their are fighting the charge.

DT topped a thousand yards for the year on the weekend against KC.

Broncos sign RB Jacob Hester and bring back JJ to the PS. A few more links here and here

The Snake is back in Denver. The full article here.

Jason Babin was cut by the eagles and picked up by the Jags.

John Harbaugh almost had a mutiny. But for a coach he seems to have taken it very well.

QB Kaepernick gets the start and Smith returns to where he belongs, backup QB. QB Smith is upset about his benching but we all knew that the 49ers wanted a better QB.

Manning still top in pro bowl voting. And 16 Broncos in total getting some pro bowl love.

Wednesday Practice photos.

Thursday Practice photos.'s profile on Champ Bailey.

Some funnier news, the Saints team bus was egged in Atlanta by airport staff. The workers will probably be punished.

Reports are out that the Raiders may release Rolando McClain. More here. But it seems for now they are keeping him.

Von Miller gets a monthly honor.

The bad boys sit down with CBS, this vid is way too funny.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
The Broncos are facing a tough opponent and this game will be close. It could even turn into a shootout if our defence struggles.

Inside Story
Von Miller is 3 sacks away from breaking Doom’s franchise record of 17 sacks in a year. Against the Buccaneers he hopes to continue piling up the sacks and getting closer to that mark.

Robert Ayers will probably not play against the Bucs as he deals with the lose of his father. His father's funeral is set for Saturday.

Match Ups
This game will be on the offenses to perform. For us, we will be looking at going after the Bucs’ secondary who are down to playing youngsters. Old man Barber is hoping someone will step up to help him. The Bucs secondary has given up a lot of passing yards but surprisingly the front seven have not been too bad against the run. This doesn’t bold well for the Bucs since the Broncos are definitely a passing team. DT and Decker should be in for big games. Decker hook me up!

On defense we will need to contain Tampa Bay’s weapons in Martin, Jackson, Williams and I would include Dallas Clark here too. After playing the run soft last week our big fellas will need to be tough on the ground game. I think our secondary can handle Jackson and Williams, with Bailey I would expect getting the assignment of Jackson. Clark is the danger guy. We have struggled for years against good tight ends but we have shown some improvement this year. Hopefully it will be Trevathan covering Clark as Wes and DJ didn’t do so hot in previous encounters.

Injury Report
Robert Ayers (DE), Non-Injury, DNP
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Malik Jackson (DL), Finger, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL
Tracy Porter (CB), Illness, FULL
Manny Ramirez (G), Back, LIMITED
Brandon Stokley (WR), Wrist/Hip, LIMITED
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Knee, FULL

Michael Bennett (DE), Ankle, FULL
Ted Larsen (C), Illness, FULL
Roy Miller (DT), Illness, FULL
Dekoda Watson (LB), Hamstring, FULL

This game will be close with a touchdown the difference. I think the Broncos will have to win this one late (maybe OT) with a Manning rally. 30-23 Broncos.

A few ladies taken from the Buccaneers calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
I thought this video was pretty funny and sort of out of character for Cutler. You know the whole doing something for someone else not named Cutler thing. He probably knew the big guy wearing gloves wasn't going to be able to do it so he helped him out. Nice one Cut.

Another week in the books, enjoy the game and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.


  1. That top picture is pretty freaky.

  2. At least we agree that the Broncos will score 30 points :P

    Plus I am pretty happy how the top pic turned out with the effort I put into it. The Broncos Ship is here to take on the Buccaneers, arrrrgh!

  3. I thought it was a pretty good game.

    I have been impressed with Moreno. He looks like a RB and he is confident.

    Koppen probably had his worst game of the year as he struggled with his assignments.

    Vickerson was beast, as was Chris Harris.

    Going hard on a kneel down is still wrong and unsportsmanlike but meh, we won.

  4. Also I am not a fan of the 'play not to lose' mentality over the 'play to win'. I think we saw some of that in the 4th.

  5. Also not to blow my own horn, but predicted 30-23, final score 31-23.