December 5, 2012

Broncos Vs Raiders - Game 2

After dispatching the Buccaneers and their motley crew the Broncos ship pulls into waters controlled by the cowardly sea dogs, the Oakland Raiders. Captain ‘Forehead’ Manning doesn’t take to kindly to the silver & black and will be looking to sink his second ship, the Black Hole, in the span of a week.

Though Captain Manning may be without his trusted Quartermaster Brandon ‘Old as Shit’ Stokley, who is resting below deck with a bum hip. Captain Manning could also be missing his Master Gunner ‘Uncle’ Woodyard who injured his ankle in the Buccaneers encounter. But Captain Manning has full faith in his young crew to send the Raiders to see Davy Jones.

The Raiders ship lead by Carson ‘the Red Water Pistol’ Palmer is of the opposite mindset. His crew has been battered and abused by the rest of the league and he isn’t holding out hope for this contest. Since the Broncos took control of the AFC West the Raiders will be battling for their proud. The Red Water Pistol will be helped by the return of Darren ‘Upper Body’ McFadden and new deckhand Mike Goodson.

For both crews this is a rivalry between two opponents that detest each other. The contest will be intense and hard fought on both sides of the ball.

Other News
More information coming out about the tragic events surrounding LB Belcher.

Terrell Suggs possibly has a torn bicep.

Rex Ryan is likely to name his QB soon. It looks like it won't be Tebow.

Following up from a story last week, the worker that egged the Saints bus has reportedly quit.

CB Griffin was suspended for PEDs.

Standford Routt signs with the Texans.

WR Edwards says to blame the idiots in charge of the Jets not the players. After making these comments Edwards was released by the Hawks.

Photos from Tuesdays practice.

Some AFC West notes including Raiders signed FB/RB Jamize Olawale and DT Richard Seymour (knee/hamstring) remains out of practice.

Broncos 2013 schedule is clearing up.

LB Urlacher could be out the rest of the regular season.

OT Jake Long was placed on IR.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
The Broncos beat the Raiders 37-6 last time they played. Why would you not want to see that again?

Inside Story
Everywhere you look people are talking about the Broncos Vs Ravens game next week. As both teams are in the hunt for the number two seed in the conference. Hopefully the Broncos aren’t doing the same in overlooking the Raiders on the short week and thinking about the Ravens. The Broncos have a job to do on Thursday.

Sadly Raiders HC Allen lost his father who passed away earlier this week. He hasn’t been at training and what role he plays on Thursday is unknown. But our thoughts and prays go out to Allen and his family.

Match Ups
Look across the park. There are favorable match ups for the Broncos at most positions.

The one player to watch out for is Darren McFadden. McFadden has killed us on the ground in the past. Our front seven has been up to the task so far but with Woodyard likely out they will need to double their effort.

I would also like to note here that for the previous few weeks I have been mentioning Decker, in the hope he would hook up my fantasy team. In that time he has done absolutely nothing, so a big screw you Decker hahaha.

Injury Report
Robert Ayers (DE), Non-Injury, FULL
Wesley Woodyard (LB), Ankle, DNP
Matthew Willis (WR), Knee, LIMITED
Brandon Stokley (WR), Hip, LIMITED
Manny Ramirez (OL), Back, FULL
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL

Phillip Adams (CB), Concussion, DNP
Tyvon Branch (S), Neck, FULL
Jack Crawford (DE), Toe, LIMITED
Matt Giordano (S), Concussion, LIMITED
Mike Goodson (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Taiwan Jones (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Darren McFadden (RB), Ankle, LIMITED
Mike Mitchell (S), Concussion, LIMITED
Carson Palmer (QB), Right Thumb, FULL
Marcel Reece (FB), Hamstring/Quad, LIMITED
Richard Seymour (DT), Knee/Hamstring, DNP
Khalif Barnes (T), Triceps, LIMITED
Juron Criner (WR), Shoulder, LIMITED
Brandon Myers (TE), Shoulder, LIMITED

The game should be a blow out. But the Raiders are always tougher in Oakland. I am feeling something like 34-9, Broncos.

I few quick pictures from the Oakland cheerleaders. The first is the cover for their new calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
This is from 2011. There are a few of Broncos in there which are funny.

That is it from me. Go Broncos and beat the F***ing Raiders! ~ Aussie.


  1. Thanks G.

    BP-What do you and your Raider boyfriend have going on this week?

  2. Hehe Raider boyfriend :P

    I would also like to know how princess went at the last Raiders game, it really has been awhile since you have been around.

  3. Well, even a direct call out to BP and still nothing. I guess she's history too.

    Jazzy, I'm gonna knock you down in the playoff seeding this week. Last week losing a close one to Camouflage Condoms prevents me from making the playoffs, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna lay down.

  4. Yeah I think life and her new job keep her very busy this days.

    My fantasy team equaled balls this year. That is what happens when you miss the draft. At least I am doing not so bad in my other league with friends.

    Also great win yesterday, but still plenty to improve on.

  5. Yeah It was and there is. Right now we are listed as the 2 seed for playoffs. That would be cool. I really think we have to beat Balt for that to become a reality though. Our 3 losses were to very good teams, but Balt is not quite the level of the other 3 and Manning has had more time to accustom himself with the rest of the players now. HUGE GAME.

  6. Well I am officially off work for a few months. We work off and on, but mostly nothing until the ground thaws.

    Jazzy, I did beat you, but 80 mannaged to beat Mile High Blond and G has a shot to beat Off Again for you. I knew I was out of the playoffs going into our game. So close.

    BP must be very busy to not just type something to let us know she's still around.

  7. Hey Digger, I sucked big time in fantasy this year. Maybe I will make the draft next year :P

    Yeah she must be busy, oh well just looks like it is the two of us.

  8. I did too G in the beginning of the year. I started out 1-6, went on a run to 6-6 and a shot at the playoffs, lost, got knocked out, but beat Jazzy last week to be 7-7 now.

    We've known for a while now it is just the two of us left talking on here, i just thought she would answer if she's still reading at all.

  9. It is a little disappointing, I do see her username once in a blue moon on, so she is around a bit. But like pretty much everyone else that used to blog on this site they have been consumed by the rest of their lives.

  10. Yeah. To tell you the truth, I can't blog near as much as I did then either. I think it is more about the fact that it was a lot more fun back then. You could talk back and forth with someone. Now it's more like make a statement and come back later to see if anyone commented. And come back, and come back, and come back. Blogging sure helped us cope through some major struggles. Well I'll keep coming through as a portal to rotoworld to see if anything is new.

  11. Yeah same, it was good to let out our frustrations. And like you I use this as my port of call to go around the Broncos web. And drop a line to see if any one is about.