December 14, 2012

Broncos Vs Ravens

After two weeks of ship warfare the Broncos are hitting the road to take on the formidable Ravens. The Broncos have run away with the AFC West winning seven straight games since the bye and are battling for the number two seed in the AFC. But they are going up against stiff competition in the Ravens. The Ravens are the only team on the Broncos schedule since the bye that are heading for the playoffs.

The Ravens defense has been struggling with injuries but their offense has kept them in games this year getting their record to 9-4. Luckily for the Broncos they are taking on the Ravens at the perfect moment as the Ravens are coming off two close loses, one in overtime.

Before the bye I would have said the Broncos would not win this game. But the Broncos have been the story of two teams this season. There was the new team learning about each other and the dominate force that has bonded together since the bye. If the Broncos want that number two seed and to keep momentum going a win against the Ravens is a must.

Other News
RG3 could be out for the skins this Sunday. And a round up of all the other injuries.

The Cards are going back to Ryan Lindley. Must be like picking between the nicer turd.

Jovan Belcher was laid to rest.

The Gronk could be back for the Pats

Also with Stallworth injured the Pats are going to bring back Branch.

Wednesday practice photos.

Thursday practice photos.

Bounty suspensions were dropped for the players. The Ginger Hammer wasn't to pleased about it.

Gregg Williams is pointing the finger though all this at current HC Vitt over the bounty scandal. But it sounds like they are all out for themselves. Vitt of course denies the claims.

To make himself feel better Goodell is thinking about expanding the playoffs from 12 teams to 14 or 16. Why change something that ain't broken?

Greg Hardy calls Matt Bryant small! LOLs

After bringing back Edwards, Sexy Rexy says he wasn't the one being called the idiot.

Andy Reid won't take a year off if fired at the end of the year.

Fun with Pictures

Why to Watch
Two top teams fighting over a possible bye week in the playoffs. All on a bright sunny afternoon, what more could you want?

Inside Story
I would like to use this section to give big props to Luke Richesson and his team. What they have done with the Broncos this season has been exceptional. I want to bring specific attention to what they have done with Knowshon. As we know Moreno has gone from bulking up too big, to trimming down too much and dealing with all the injuries in between. But with what Luke Richesson and his team have done with Knowshon, shaping and building his body have turned him into a solid football player. These guys were a great find in the off season.

Match Ups
Both sides of the ball will be hotly contested. But I want to focus on the Ravens offense. They have some serious weapons in Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, not to mention their decent QB in Joe Flacco.

The Broncos defense I think will be up to the task and should be able to get after the QB but I am worried more about Ray Rice and the middle of our line. If Woodyard is rested again Williams will need to step up and plug those holes.

Injury Report
Trindon Holliday (WR), Knee, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, LIMITED
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Shoulder, FULL
Matthew Willis (WR), Knee, FULL
Wesley Woodyard (WLB), Ankle, LIMITED

Jameel McClain (ILB), Neck/Back, OUT
Ed Dickson (TE), Knee, LIMITED
Dannell Ellerbe (ILB), Ankle, DNP
Arthur Jones (DE), Shoulder, LIMITED
Jacoby Jones (WR/RS), Ankle, FULL
Vonta Leach (FB), Ankle, DNP
Pernell McPhee (DE), Thigh, DNP
Bernard Pierce (RB), Back, LIMITED
Bernard Pollard (S), Chest, DNP
Ed Reed (S), Shoulder, FULL
Ray Rice (RB), Hip, LIMITED
Jimmy Smith (CB), Abdomen, FULL
Terrell Suggs (OLB), Biceps, FULL
Deonte Thompson (WR), Thigh, FULL
LaQuan Williams (WR), Thigh, FULL
Marshal Yanda (RG), Ankle, DNP
Chykie Brown (CB), Knee, FULL

I don't see the Broncos dropping 30 points on the Ravens but I do think this game will be very close. 26-23 to the Broncos, going right down to the wire.

Some of the lovely ladies from the Ravens calendar.

Funny Vid of the Week
The Shannon Sharpe impersonation is great.

Another week in the books, Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.


  1. I hope it's sunny. I heard it might be rainy. Also pretty sure we have won eight straight. I counted this game as a loss in the beginning of the year. Now I think we may win it. Personally, I'm not sure it's as big of a deal if we lose as some people are saying. I know, I know, the #2 seed. I don't think we're going to get that though even if we win out. Pretty sure that will be Houston and Indy. Why did we have to play them so early in the year? I wish the NE game was this week and the Balt game was when we played NE. We could be on a 9 game win streak going to NE. That would've been cool.

  2. I meant seven straight since the bye...

    I don't think the #2 seed is overly important but we need to show we can beat good teams. Show we are contenders not pretenders.

  3. It wasn't a big deal G.

    The vid is funny. I don't recognize any of those rookies names now though.

    The cheerleader pic in the middle doesn't leave much room for imagination. It's almost X-rated. Not that that's bad.

  4. It was an older video but still pretty funny.

    Thouhgt you would like ;) haha

    Also want to say it has taken some time by Knowshon today looked like Knowshon in college. I knew he has been much improved but I have been waiting to see him hurdle somebody. He did it today showing me he is back.

  5. He was great today. That is what I expected out him all along.