May 27, 2010

Broncos News

Hey guys and gals, I had some free time so I thought I would do a bit of an update on the latest Broncos news. First I want to start with a rumor that has been spread around Broncos website about a Greg Inglis. Now you are probably wondering who is Greg Inglis? Well Inglis is a Rugby League player from down under. He is 6'5 and weighs about 240 pounds and he has surprising speed for his size. Being from down under I have been asked by a number of other bloggers before about this guy and who he is and if the rumor is true. So I thought I would shed some light on Inglis and the rumor.

Where to start, maybe with the rumor. First it looks like there has been a offer for a workout or tryout presented to Inglis from a number of clubs including the Bills and Broncos. But Inglis has turned down the offer and says it is something he would do at the end of his career. It is interesting to note that this report is only on Broncos news sites as it is not on any local media here and I have been looking out for it. This is also not the first time a Rugby League has been offered a tryout. Willie Mason went to a tryout for the Jets that he got offered, nothing came of that though. But there was a lot of media coverage of that here, so I am surprised that there is no media coverage for this story since Inglis is one of the best league players.

What position would he play? The report says that we have been looking at him to play LB and some other bloggers have suggested that he could play safety. But having watched Inglis play for years I think he is better suited to play offense. Inglis is devastating with the ball in this hands and has a great stiff arm. So maybe running back or most likely Wide receiver, check out the video below for more.

Therefore I believe that it is highly unlikely that Inglis plays gridiron this year or next. I don't think it is on his radar at the moment and nothing will come of this. Also it is the middle of the league season and it doesn't end till November. He would not be able to come over and learn until his contract is up after the season, the times don't fit.

I actual been doing some more thinking about this (I know right, me thinking?) and I came to the conclusion that it would be very difficult for a Rugby player to make the transition. The reason I think this is because of the way each sport is taught and played. Having been one of the few people to have played both sports on a regular bases I can say it is hard to change. For example the tackling technique is completely different. Your head position is different in the sport and it is hard to change something that you have been doing for years.

The other reason is the NFL is too complicated. Most of the guys that play rugby league are guys with natural ability and are young straight out of high school, can start as early as 17 in the pros. They don't get the college education that all NFL players go through. They don't have a huge playbook to study, they play a lot on instincts. I can play with a group of mates and just dominate because we know the game and each others games so well. That happens from playing the sport together for almost a decade. Players just know the game and what things will happen. None of these guys could study a NFL playbook.

Don't get me wrong, I think some league players could do it but most would fail.
These guys were born and breed to play league. Since the age of 5 we play league none stop. We play it with friends at school, we play with friends after school, we then train for our teams and then play again on weekends. It is none stop football for us. We go home with cuts and bruises sometimes broken bones, we go to class covered in blood (I did that once). We breed them tough here, that is why the second video is epic, love the hits and the fights.

Now other Broncos news:

The Broncos have signed both of their 7th round picks.

Champ Bailey has said that Orton is his guy for QB. The QB race is still on going but Orton is early favourite.

Ayers is planning to start at OLB this season and Phonzy has been improving and Bailey has noticed this.

With Brandon Marshall gone, Jabar Gaffney could emerge as the team's No. 1 receiving threat, well that is what ESPN thinks. The Broncos have 12 receivers in camp at the moment.

Stan Jones, a form coach of the Broncos past away, RIP.

Both Ryans are recovering well from their injuries and we hope to get them back before the start of the season.

Brandon Stokley has a shoulder injury and has been held out of training.

This is another video for those interested a bit in rugby, the video shows both League and Union (union is traditional rugby) but is 98% League. This video is epic!

May 22, 2010

Princess Is Back!!!!!

Hey fellas, your Princess is back. I am officially done with school... YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! lol I had a little party a few hours before graduation, which is where these two pics came from (notice the very cool Bronco cake I had... yes I love my Broncos that much!!). Don't doubt my loyalty to my team!! And then for a few days I went on a little road trip with some of my family down to Branson, Missouri... for the most part MO is very much like misery but there are just a handful of places to go that are worth going back to. Branson is one of them. Had a great time but glad to be back home.

Now, you all are probably wondering why this crazy girl put up a new post just to say she's back... well if you notice the picture to your left, you will see a brand new #15 Tebow jersey!!!!! Yep that's right, I was so very lucky to get one for a graduation present from my aunt. She walked into a Walmart in Denver, there were only 10 of them sitting in front of her and she knew she had to get one for her favorite niece!! haha So I couldn't resist, I had to show it off!! Jealous aren't ya?? ;p

But since you can't see if very well... here's another picture. haha I'm starting to think I should graduate more often, hmmmm......

May 11, 2010

Who Will Open Week 1 as our Starting QB?

Neck Beard Orton

Tim Tebow

Tom Brandstater Brady Quinn

I put the pics mostly for Princess so she could decide which one she likes the best. I know Aussie did this awhile back, but I figured with adding Tebow to the mix it could change things quite it bit. Also Brandstater is up there just because he is part of the post. Just wanted to here your guys thoughts on our QB situation. We have these four QB's on our roster and I'm pretty sure one of these guys are bound not to be in Denver soon since we will most likely not have four QB's on our roster during the season. This is how I see it for right now. I think Brandstater will be gone when cuts come around. We have 3 quality QB's in Orton, Quinn, and Tebow and I do not see Brandstater making the cuts. If we cut him I think we will put him on our practice squad and he will be picked up by another team.

On week 1 when the season rolls around I think we will see Kyle Orton under center for the Denver Broncos. Thats right, good ole Neck Beard Orton! I see Orton starting for us on week 1, but if he falters and struggles down the stretch I would think McDaniels would bench Orton in favor for Tebow OR Quinn. We will just have to wait and see on the Tebow and Quinn situation as I think one of them will become our "franchise QB". Which one is still be determined as I do not have clue what we have in Quinn. I would like to think our guy will be Tebow, but i will not count out Quinn either just yet.

Well that is just one scenario that could happen and I know there is alot more scenarios, but thats the one that makes the most sense to me. I have heard plenty of different predictions like Quinn will start, Tebow will start, Orton will be traded and so on. So just give me your predictions and thoughts and we will see what happens. Should be very interesting to watch this QB situation and I am looking forward to it and the season.
Just my 2 cents. Bronco#80!!!