May 22, 2010

Princess Is Back!!!!!

Hey fellas, your Princess is back. I am officially done with school... YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! lol I had a little party a few hours before graduation, which is where these two pics came from (notice the very cool Bronco cake I had... yes I love my Broncos that much!!). Don't doubt my loyalty to my team!! And then for a few days I went on a little road trip with some of my family down to Branson, Missouri... for the most part MO is very much like misery but there are just a handful of places to go that are worth going back to. Branson is one of them. Had a great time but glad to be back home.

Now, you all are probably wondering why this crazy girl put up a new post just to say she's back... well if you notice the picture to your left, you will see a brand new #15 Tebow jersey!!!!! Yep that's right, I was so very lucky to get one for a graduation present from my aunt. She walked into a Walmart in Denver, there were only 10 of them sitting in front of her and she knew she had to get one for her favorite niece!! haha So I couldn't resist, I had to show it off!! Jealous aren't ya?? ;p

But since you can't see if very well... here's another picture. haha I'm starting to think I should graduate more often, hmmmm......


  1. When I got back, I saw on DB that Doom showed up to practice and he's very happy to still be a Bronco. I love that he said he didn't want to play for a big contract or anything, but he does deserve to get a paycheck... he's earned it. They said they are working on a new contract for him so I'm hoping something happens before the end of June. All this waiting is driving me crazy!

    Later peeps! lol

  2. Congratulations on graduating Princess!! Sound like u had a nice lil party and im diggen the cake! Just looks really good. Also sounds like u had a nice lil vacation also. So whats next for u in your carreer?

    Also nice jersey, BUT Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........I notice the #15 only. No back of jersey that says Tebow. How do i know its not a Marshall jersey u already had and your just fooling us? JK and messing with u :P Oh and nice pics, not sure when im going to get a Tebow jersey, just hesitant with all the players leaving and coming into the Denver. Never know with McDaniels. :)

  3. Nice Princess, congrats on graduating. Nice pics too, will be very hard for me to get a Tebow jersey haha.

    So Princess since you graduated what you going to do with yourself?

    Also love the short shorts haha, jokes.

  4. lol @ #80... yeah, the cake was good, I have some leftovers and it's still good! Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream... doesn't get any better than that. As for the jersey, believe it or not, I totally spaced out having someone take a picture of both the front & back of the jersey. I was just so excited to get one I wasn't thinking straight. lol And whether or not Tebow stays a Bronco all of his career or not, I'm keeping that jersey with pride... it bugs me that I still have Cutler's jersey but with Tebow, he's a class act not a little whiny QB.

    haha, that's a good question Aussie... what am I going to do with myself?? Right now, I have no clue. Basically I need to get a job and start saving up some money to go to interior design school. I could probably get some financial aid and federal grants but they don't cover all the costs. Just seems really weird to be in this position because I've never had to figure out what I'm going to do with myself, I've always had something sitting in front of me to choose. Now I have all these options, the door is wide open... I can do anything I want (except rent a car, lol). Basically, my problem is there is so much I want to do I don't know where to begin. ha, go figure that one out. I have no choice but to rely on God to point out where I should and what to do cuz I have no clue. lol Oh the joys of the unknown.

  5. You are a busy woman Princess. That cake sounds real nice, mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite.

    And it sounds like you have an idea of what you want to do, just put it in order (I will do it for you haha).

    Look at grants and financial aid first,
    if not get job and save money.
    Once have money go to interior design school.

    Haha but I bet you have a million other plans as well. Best option at the moment is to relax a bit take a few weeks off then work out what you are going to do and start.

  6. dont ask me for advice Princess! Ill mess up your life. lol

  7. Mint chocolate chip has always been my favorite... no one makes it like Baskin Robbins. ;)

    Aww, don't be so hard on yourself #80... you sound like the kind of kid that has his priorities straight and is going down the right path. Just stick with it. Trust me, I've met people much crazier than you. lol

    And I can't take too much time off, I've had my entire life off. Never have had to work a day in my life, not like in a real job setting. I need something with a constant income. Before I go and figure out what grants & other financial aid I can get I need to figure out when I'm moving back to CO. I'd leave now but I can't leave my mom alone. She's all I got left and she's kinda stuck in a position to where she isn't able to transfer & keep her job. And then when & if I get back to CO for good, I'd probably have to live there for at least a year before I could get in-state tuition. Just a lot on mind to think about. And now I'm all bummed out because my favorite show (Lost) ended tonight, never to come back again. I so sad. :( boo hoo lol

  8. Yes got to love the mint chocolate ice cream, was the first ice cream I ever had, wanted to try it because it was green haha.

    And Princess you must be very busy to not even be able to relax after graduation. So where you looking to work, McDonalds? Haha, a chemsit or pharamacy is always good work. Or are you thinking bigger than that?

    And I gave up on Lost, it was good, but it conflicted here with another show I really liked. Greatest show ever has to be Dragonball & Z followed by Southpark haha.

  9. lol... I only wanted to try the mint choc chip ice cream cuz I love mint.

    ahahaha, me? Work as a chemist? You must want me to make something explode! I should be nowhere near working with science or in the medical field. I'd either blow something up or I'd pass out from the sight of a needle. I'm not looking for just any job, I need something that is as close to interior design as possible, otherwise I'll be bored silly. I did all my relaxing after graduation on my trip. It was only 5 days but it got my mind off of what I should do next. I told my mom maybe it was a good thing (for her) we didn't get to go to Hawaii otherwise I never would've come back. lol

    I'm kind of in a rush to find a job because I need money! I love spending money so I kind of need some in order to do that. lol I have some in savings but I had to use quite a bit of that to get through my last few semesters of school. Now I need to save more to go back to school. Argh!! I'm trying to find a job that is close to interior design... there are some home decorating places I've been looking at. Plus I also need something that can provide some good benefits for a full-time job. I'm not busy, I'm just trying to figure out what the heck to do with myself. lol

    Lost & 24 are both my favorite shows and now they are both going away this year. Talk about being bored!

  10. Haha too sad for Princess, all her shows are finishing haha.

    Interior design jobs? I guess there are show rooms and stuff that sell materials for interior design. Maybe work at ikea haha.

  11. Yeah, yeah rub it in... all my shows are gone now. What's a girl to do??

    Alright, I just got so p'od after reading something on These football "geniuses" must be drinking the "always-hate-the-Broncos-koolaid" started by THE football idiot, Jamie Dukes. Pat Kirwan should be soooooooo thankful he's not face to face with me right now. He posts this offseason rankings and puts the Broncos at the second to last "tier" as he calls it. These guys still think the chargers are the ones in our division to beat, giving zero credibility at all. He went on to say if we play Tebow this season at all, that puts us at the bottom of his little pyramid of rankings, alongside the worthless raiders and chiefs. What BS!!!! Oh but of course he's got the chargerettes high up on his pedistol. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. We will never get any respect. We won 2 SBs, back to back may I remind everyone, with the greatest QB who ever lived and we still get no respect. sniff, sniff... anyone else smell the jealousy??

    Sorry I went on a rant, but man, I am ticked off. So much for sleep. lol Kirwan is STILL stuck on Bowlen letting Shanny go and crediting that loss to us losing Cutler & Marshall as if we can't move on without the 3 of them. Granted I hated and still hate Shanny not being apart of the Broncos, but dude, if I can get over it and move on so can someone who doesn't even give a rat's butt about the Broncos to begin with. These so-called critics are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. And right about now is when I'd slap Kirwan upside the head for saying such ridiculous stuff about Denver and thinking the chargers are the only team alive in the good 'ol West.

    Now that I've read the stupid rankings for which I'm sorry I read (but was curious), I can't wait for the Broncos to shut them all up. We WILL conquer the AFC West this year.

  12. Haha sorry to rub it in. Did you like the lost ending or was it crap?

    And haha don't be p'od at Kirwan, we all know he will be eating crow when the season starts. I read that and thought it was a joke. But he could be right about the Tebow thing, look what happened when Cutler started playing for us, we lost. So it will take some time for him to adjust, but he has been throwing some good balls in practice.

    And I think we will do well this year, better than last, but the Superbowl isn't till next year.

  13. Wait a minute is that a ring on your left hand? I thought you said you were single?

  14. The ending to Lost was alright, I guess. They ended it the same way they started the first season, except for one difference. When they aired the pilot, the very first scene showed Jack opening his eyes after the plane crashed... this time its the same scene only he was closing his eyes cause he died from his wound. I've seen several other shows end very similar to the way they first started. I'm not gonna stress over it though... nothing I can do. I'm just gonna miss it, I loved that show. The one thing they perfected was being unpredictable. Just when I thought I knew what was gonna happen, something totally different happened instead. I'm just glad they finally said what the black smoke was... that thing was freakin' cool! lol And the end to 24 was pretty good last night. I see them making a movie to continue the story a little bit, since Jack is running for his life.

    I'll be p'od at Kirwan just for saying stupid stuff. It just irritates me to no end that they can't give Denver any credibility or respect at all. As for Tebow, him and Cutler are 2 entirely different people, complete opposites. Cutler let everything get to him, he held grudges and he let it all go to his head, hence the whiny ego. Tebow isn't like that and I pray he doesn't go that direction, ever. He's a classy guy & football player. It will take time and that's what Kirwan doesn't see. Everybody has it in for Tebow, they can't wait to see him fail. Honestly, I think they feel threatened b/c their favorite teams could be in jeopardy if & when Tebow actually does prove all the critics wrong. They don't want to admit he could be a big success. I have faith in Tebow but he's got his work cut out for him. McD went waaaay out on a limb for him, he made a very bold move picking him in the 1st round... he's got a lot to prove.

  15. haha, you just now noticed the ring? I am single, always have been. The ring is a promise ring to my dad. I made him promises when I was a kid to never do anything stupid... drink, smoke, do drugs, & other stuff... that ring is for my dad. He made mistakes like those when he was my age and he wanted a better life for me; he didn't want me getting involved with all that crap, so I promised him I wouldn't & I've stuck by those promises.

    And why are all worked up about it... don't you have a girlfriend?? hmmmm.....

  16. haha. You must of been staring at Princesses picture for awhile to notice that lil ring Aussie. Really hard to see :). And why do u care so much? :)

    And i kno, im pretty good kid and i do see me self on the right path princess, i dont to many stupid things. haha. No, but really i dont do anything bad for me: smoke, drink, drugs, pretty much the same as u. Anybody watching the NBA playoffs? My Suns are going to even the series tonight against the Fakers! :)

  17. I was on again & they had a video about some of our rookies... worth a watch. They are one funny group. Just thought you all might enjoy a laugh while I sit & stare at Tebow... dude is SMOKIN' HOT! lol Decker ain't too shabby either I'm a girl, what can I say??

    Anyhoo... I can't believe Aussie noticed that ring. I could barely see it when I went back to look at it. You are a good kid #80... we all do stupid stuff at one point, lol... but its how you move on from it - that will define you. You're alright in my book. ;)

    Basketball you say?? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol I'd rather play basketball than watch it.

  18. Whoops forgot to post the link. I think the hot sun is getting to me. lol

    The Bronco Bunch

  19. Watched the video, pretty cool and funny. Looks like there bonding together pretty well which is probably a REALLY good thing for a QB and his WR's. Glad there developing chemistry and will connect many times on the field. And basketball aint bad, not as great as football, but not bad at all. Probably my second fav. sport. And i love the Suns and Steve Nash! Could have a man crush on him he leads the Suns to win the series against the Lakers! And your alright in my book to Princess. :)

  20. Just noticed it at a glance and not all worked up about it. I just notice the small things like that. Yes I do have a girlfriend, was just surprised. I thought Princess had got married on us and was holding out the information. But that is nice you do that for your father.

    I have done some silly things but nothing over the top, just being young and inmature haha.

    And I will check out that video. And princess getting all worked up about the rookies haha.