May 11, 2010

Who Will Open Week 1 as our Starting QB?

Neck Beard Orton

Tim Tebow

Tom Brandstater Brady Quinn

I put the pics mostly for Princess so she could decide which one she likes the best. I know Aussie did this awhile back, but I figured with adding Tebow to the mix it could change things quite it bit. Also Brandstater is up there just because he is part of the post. Just wanted to here your guys thoughts on our QB situation. We have these four QB's on our roster and I'm pretty sure one of these guys are bound not to be in Denver soon since we will most likely not have four QB's on our roster during the season. This is how I see it for right now. I think Brandstater will be gone when cuts come around. We have 3 quality QB's in Orton, Quinn, and Tebow and I do not see Brandstater making the cuts. If we cut him I think we will put him on our practice squad and he will be picked up by another team.

On week 1 when the season rolls around I think we will see Kyle Orton under center for the Denver Broncos. Thats right, good ole Neck Beard Orton! I see Orton starting for us on week 1, but if he falters and struggles down the stretch I would think McDaniels would bench Orton in favor for Tebow OR Quinn. We will just have to wait and see on the Tebow and Quinn situation as I think one of them will become our "franchise QB". Which one is still be determined as I do not have clue what we have in Quinn. I would like to think our guy will be Tebow, but i will not count out Quinn either just yet.

Well that is just one scenario that could happen and I know there is alot more scenarios, but thats the one that makes the most sense to me. I have heard plenty of different predictions like Quinn will start, Tebow will start, Orton will be traded and so on. So just give me your predictions and thoughts and we will see what happens. Should be very interesting to watch this QB situation and I am looking forward to it and the season.
Just my 2 cents. Bronco#80!!!


  1. Nice 80# and I think Princess will love the pics.

  2. Thanks. Im sure she will to, especially that drunken Orton one. haha.

  3. ahahaha, very nice #80, very nice. Besides the one of Orton drinking beer, I LOVE THE PICS!!!! But of course everyone around here knows I like Quinn & Tebow... a lot. lol Dang they got some nice abs. Whew!!

    And I agree about #80's take on the QB situation. Unfortunately, I think Brandstater will be cut. One of them will have to be cut and he just seems like the obvious odd man out. Orton isn't going anywhere because we got him what seemed like the mother of all trades last season and he was our starter. He'll be with us for at least one more season (this season). I see him being gone next year or definitely by 2012 and that's where Quinn & Tebow come in. Quinn is most likely the immediate backup for Orton. We traded Hillis for him, so of course McD is gonna wanna put that trade to good use as well. I wouldn't put it past him to mix it up during the season to where we see a bit of all 3 QBs during the season. Just kinda depends on the situations we're in and how much we are struggling during the season; hopefully not too much struggle, I can't take it. I've had enough of seeing our guys struggle in the middle of the season and then just implode at the end. Tebow will be our 3rd backup, same spot held by Brandstater last year.

    I will be bold enough to say it... Tebow will be molded into our future QB. McD wouldn't have drafted him if he didn't have some kind of plan about it up his sleeve. He knows he made a risky move picking up, not to mention in the 1st round, so you can definitely expect Tebow to stick around for awhile. And if Elway is gonna get more involved like he said he wants to... get ready to see GREAT things. By Elway getting more involved, that should not only inspire the QBs to be better players but the entire team of players & coaches. If they can't figure out what an honor it is to have THE John Elway mentor some of the players and be a positive reinforcement at practices, they don't deserve to be a Bronco. I'll kick 'em out of town myself.

    Bottom line: I can hardly stand the excitement that will be our season. I'm so ready for September. Any day now... still waiting... oh so patiently.

  4. Oh and just to let all of my crazy Broncomaniacs know, I am officially done with school!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEE!! Graduation is Friday, gonna have a little par-tay, lol, a few hours before and that will be it. Man, I thought I'd never get out of college. Feels like forever when you get stuck with crappy teachers & classes.

    I'm still working on some kind of article. lol, not getting very far. Been busy getting the house cleaned up and ready for the party. Got a lot of people coming over and some family coming in from CO so I'm just busy, busy, busy. I'll do my best to get it out around June. I'm going on vacation starting the day after graduation so I'll be gone for about a week and then busy some more the next week. Be patient with me boys. ;)

  5. Awesome Princess, that is cool, I am hoping to grad at the end of the year, but am getting railed with uni work at the moment.

  6. Nice princess, finally done with school. Have fun at your party and am i invited? Or any of us? I cant believe you wouldnt invite me. :( haha, just kidding. So whats the next step for u when u graduate in your career? No worrys about your article, put it up when ever u can.

    So this is whats up with me. So I'm done with school just for this year on May 24. Just 10 more days until Summer break!!!! Then I will be going into 11th grade. During the Summer me and my family are going on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina Island. Should be TONS of fun and im looking forward to it!!!!! My brother is graduating from high school on Monday and has already enlisted in the Army. He leaves September 14. Just itchen for football season to roll around almost there!! Right now just been workin my @ss off in the weight room and field past 6 months. Best shape of my life! Im stronger, faster, and bigger than i've ever been and can't wait to play Varsity ball and be the shut down corner i know i am capable of being. Were testing out on Monday to test 40 times, 20 yard shuttle, bench max, squat max, and power cline max. Kinda like a combine for my team. OH and i can not wait to see my beloved BRONCOS IN ACTION!!!!!!! Anyways thats pretty much it with me.