April 30, 2010

Broncos News - Boots N' All

Ok guys, I thought I would put up a post with all the latest news and do a few updates to the website. And has become the case there is a lot of news to report from 'Drama' Valley. There just isn't going to be a quite day in Denver, not for a while with Tebow round. Well there are a lot of things to cover so lets get into it.

First up the news from today about the signing of ILB Nick Greisen, who if you remember was with the team last year but got injured before the season started. He did disappear off the team at some point, but he has been resigned. At 30 it is unlikely he will get a starting job, but you never know, but he is an excellent special teamer. Maybe he can take some reps on ST so Larsen can start at ILB?

Next up is the issue of Ryan Clady, dude what were you thinking! Clady
could be out for at least three months after partially tearing his patellar tendon over the weekend while playing basketball. But this sort of thing is a freak accident so not much can be done to prevent it, just hope he can recover quickly and get back onto the field. Hopefully before the season starts, because we don't have much depth behind him. Tyler Polumbus? I hope not, we could see the Broncos go after Flozell Adams formerly of the Cowboys, or could possibly trade for Jammal Brown of the Saints to help fill the void.

Check out the video "Its unfortunate" on NFL.com, McD talks about Clady and Tebow, also note at the end the little joke that McD throws it. Brought a smile to my face.

Another addition to the Broncos team was Akin Ayodele who we added during the end of the draft. Akin is a ILB for the Miami dolphins, he had 70 tackles last year and rotates in with the starters. Expect him to share time with Haggan at the other ILB spot next to DJ. Something cool to note "Akin" is a short name for "Akinola", which in Yoruba language means 'undefeated warrior'.

The next bit of news of course is the draft it's self. Now for those of you who missed it, it was a very busy few days for the Broncos. Trading picks a number of times and moving around to make 9 selections in the draft. They did give up a 5th and 6th round pick in next years draft to get it done. But these are the players that they ended up with:

Demaryius Thomas WR
Tim Tebow QB
Zane Beadles T-G
J.D Walton C
Eric Decker WR
Perrish Cox CB
Eric Oslen C
Syd'quan Thompson CB
Jammie Kirlew OLB/DE

Check out Draft Pick analysis to get a bit more information on each pick.

The Broncos also signed a number of undrafted rookies, 19 in total. They are:

Kevin Alexander ... OLB/DE ... 6-4 ... 265 ... Clemson
Alric Arnett ... WR ... 6-2 ... 189 ... West Virginia
Toney Baker ... RB ... 5-10 ... 225 ... North Carolina State
Jaron Baston ... DL ... 6-1 ... 305 ... Missouri
Devin Bishop ... ILB ... 6-1 ... 239 ... California
Korey Bosworth ... OLB/DE ... 6-1 ... 242 ... UCLA
Marcellus Bowman ... S ... 6-2 ... 225 ... Boston College
Chris Brown ... RB ... 5-10 ... 200 ... Oklahoma
Paul Duncan ... T ... 6-7 ... 315 ... Notre Dame
Ben Garland ... DL ... 6-5 ... 275 ... Air Force
Riar Geer ... TE ... 6-4 ... 250 ... Colorado
Patrick Honeycutt ... WR ... 5-9 ... 172 ... Middle Tennessee State
Chris Marinelli ... T ... 6-7 ... 300 ... Stanford
Kyle McCarthy ... S ... 6-1 ... 210 ... Notre Dame
Nathan Overbay ... TE ... 6-5 ... 270 ... Eastern Washington
Michael Shumard ... G ... 6-5 ... 301 ... Texas A&M
Jeff Stehle ... DL ... 6-6 ... 310 ... Wisconsin
Cassius Vaughn ... CB ... 5-11 ... 195 ... Mississippi
Landis Williams ... WR ... 5-10 ... 174 ... Maine

Because of these new players there will be a number of changes to players numbers and new ones will be assigned to the rookies. The new numbers are below:

2010 NFL Draft Picks:
Demaryius Thomas: 88
Tim Tebow: 15
Zane Beadles: 68
J.D. Walton: 50
Eric Decker: 87
Perrish Cox: 32
Eric Olsen: 69
Syd’Quan Thompson: 43
Jammie Kirlew: 53

New Numbers:
J.J. Arrington: 26
Akin Ayodele: 51
Justin Bannan: 99
D’Anthony Batiste: 67
Bruce Hall: 29
Tyler Polumbus: 77
A.J. Trapasso: 2
Jamal Williams: 76

Notes about the numbers: Tim Tebow's jersey has been the hottest jersey at the moment, it has broken all previous jersey sale records for a rookie. Also Eric Decker picked 87 the same number as Eddie McCaffrey, some believe Decker could be the second coming of McCaffrey, only time will tell. Check out the Q&A Decker did for Bronocs Zone.

And finally onto the news for today and going ahead. All the rookies are in or heading to Dove Valley for rookie training camp. All 28 rookies will be in attendance to start their NFL careers. Check out this video about Training Tebow on NFL.com. The training dates are as follows:

Today-Sunday: Mandatory, rookies-only minicamp

Voluntary full-squad minicamps: May 17-19; May 24-27; June 2-4; June 7-9

Mandatory full-squad minicamp: June 11-13

Well that is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Least no one fighting here or pissing each other off haha, must be all the Tebow exictment has gone to their heads.

  2. Williams killer got life in jail

  3. I watched the videos they have from the first day of the rookie minicamp... gotta say, Tebow looks GREAT in Bronco Orange & Blue. haha He's got a real prime opportunity now cause he's the only "new" QB to the roster and he gets to spend one on one time with the coaches to learn as much as he can from them, without the other QBs. I know he will, but he needs to take advantage of that situation. I can't wait to see that kid get some play time. He will do great things, just give it time and give him a chance.

    Where did you read that Doc? Doesn't really matter, just glad to know that bastard will rot in jail for what he did. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

  4. Princess, http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5152376

  5. i know, been a war there at the other blog past few days. And that bastard deserves worse than jail if u ask me, but at least he wont be on the streets anymore and will be locked up. RIP Darrent Williams

  6. Thanks for the link Doc. After reading that, he makes me sick to my stomach. To go through that trial and not have any remorse like they said he didn't is just inhumane. He deserves the sentence he got plus another 1,152 years it said. haha the little punk got what he asked for and then some. It said that at times Clark would smile while Williams' family would speak... look who's smiling now!

    And I agree #80... Clark does deserve much worse than life in prison but to kill him would only defeat the purpose of stopping the violence. Believe me, he'd be dead as a doorknob we were ever face to face... his gun is no match for my fist. He's not worth it though. It's justice (sort of) when he gets life & then 1,000+ years for what he did. He'll never see the light of day again.

  7. didnt actually read the article Doc put. Reading it now just pisses me off more knowing he was smiling and shit when ever the Williams were talking and no remorse. But i guess your right about killing him Princess. Just makes a statement putting and extra 1000 years onto his life sentence.

  8. VERY, VERY QUITE ON HERE FOR AWHILE. No ones said anything for 9 DAYS!! WOW!!! I think that could be a record. I just stopped the record though. Like a ghost town.

  9. Yeah dude sorry, I have been really busy with uni so haven't had time to post anything new.

  10. its all good, your not the only one responsible for this blog. Its all of our Bronco fans blog and we should all make new posts every now and then. I think ill put one in in the next few days.