April 10, 2010

Broncos and the Draft

Hey guys, over the previous few months myself and many others have been dreaming up drafts and different ideas and possibilities. So I was thinking about what I should do as a lead up to the draft. I was thinking of updating my big board with pro day information, but I just don't have the time for that. And most of you guys are already down with all that information anyway, and know your prospects. Therefore I have decided to throw my 5 cents (we don't have 2 cents here) worth into the discussion and say what I think will go down in the draft with the knowledge that we have. This will be my scenario and I will try to give a reason for why it will happen as well.

That being said lets jump into it and start with the first round. As it stands now we have the 11th overall pick and we will be busy. I think moving down is a real option, but will McD and X-men have a different view and move up, I hope not. So my pick at 11 is Pouncey (watch this interview, love this guy), without a doubt I think this is the guy we will go after, he will provide many options along the line and fill a big need. The problem is that a center doesn't go this high, the reason may be money, but I think it is also teams want big time play makers like Spiller and Bryant at this pick. A center in the first is a luxury pick that teams built close to wining a Superbowl would pick. But I think we will want Pouncey and we will move down a few spots to pick him and let a team that is after one of these play makers move up and get one.

So who to trade down with? At the moment it looks like the Giants are the main one. They are going after McClain or Spiller, both of which may go earlier. But I don't think so, I think Spiller will go early say top 10. And I think many teams will pass on McClain, why? Because he is an ILB which usually fall in the draft and that he has Crohns. Teams will look at him as a risk, they may worry that they are only going to get 2 maybe 3 years out of him, so they will pass on him. Which means the Giants could be looking at Weatherspoon at the 15th pick. If Clausen is still around we maybe able to entice a team to move, but I doubt it again. We will take Pouncey with the 11th.

Now for people saying what about Odrick or Dan Williams? To those people I say no. Odrick is flying up the boards and has a lot of upside. He could sit and learn but if you are picking a guy at 11 you want him to come in and start right away. The only players that get picked in the top 15 and don't start are QBs that are being groomed. And for Dan Williams it is the same, he has been flying up draft boards since his Senior bowl where he looked better than Cody. He originally was a 2nd-3rd round pick. The reason he is so high on the board is because of economics. There are so many teams that run the 3-4 and need a NT, and there are maybe 5 or 6 in this draft. So demand out weighs supply so his stock gets pushed up. It would not surprise me if he fell out of the first round or if Cody gets picked before him. I could go on about Dan Williams but that is not why I am here.

So if we take Pouncey a number of things could happen to set up the second round. It looks like the Steelers are also looking at Pouncey and if he is gone I think they go Cody, reason he goes so high is the same reason as Dan Williams, Cody will be a Top 20 pick this year. If Cody is gone the Chargers will go RB in the 1st and get a NT in the second. Which is what I think the Broncos will be doing.

The Chargers have the 40th pick and that means they could go either Cam Thomas or Linval Joseph. Cam is the higher rated prospect so they will probably take him. Leaving us to take Linval at 45. But Miami and the Bills pick in between those two picks so we could miss out on both, in that situation we would take the top rated defensive lineman for the 3-4 there. Maybe Lamaar Houston? But for this I am going to say we get Linval, I hope. Other possibilities are Jacoby Ford, Vladimir Ducasse, a WR that drops out of the 1st or one of the top corners that also does maybe Patrick Robinson.

Which leads as into the 3rd round. I think that the Broncos will have fair game at a lot of players in this round and there are a number of positions the Broncos could go. There is a possibility of a RB, ILB or WR in this round. There are a number of prospects that I will be happy with in this round and I think that the Broncos could go after. There is Dexter McCluster (hey 80#), Toby Gerhart, Ben Tate or there is an ILB, Sean Lee, Donald Butler, Pat Angerer or Jamar Chaney. There is the possibility for a WR in this round, maybe one that drops out of the 2nd round, or maybe Riley Cooper?

In the fourth round the Broncos will get what ever they didn't get in the 3rd round. So a RB or an ILB, I think Chaney would still be around in the 4th and so would Riley Cooper if they go that option. Or they could go a power back in the 4th if they take an ILB in the 3rd. Maybe someone like Blount if they want to take that risk.

In the 5-7 rounds three things will happen. We will pick a player for O line depth, maybe Erik Cook or Mike Johnson. We will pick an hybrid DE/LB to help with the pass rush, a project player. And the other pick could be used on a number of things. We could go a punter in the 7th for competition. We could possibly pick Trindon Holliday for a kick return duties and an extra option at WR. Problem is that he is on the rise but I think he is good value in the 7th, he probably won't go higher than the 6th but some team may jump up and grab him. Or there is the possibility of John Skelton, who is one of my favourite players in the 5th. Problem is there are reports that he will go in the third, but I doubt it. I think that a lot of players have been over hyped in the middle rounds and they could fall. I like Skelton late in the draft, and the only reason we take him is if they don't like Brandstater or we ain't happy with his progression which is possible but I don't think this will happen.
Ok to recap that, this is what I think will go down:

1st. Pouncey
2nd. Linval Joseph
3rd. Toby Gerhart or Dexter McCluster, which is available (because I think the LB's will be available in the 4th)
4th. Sean Lee, Donald Butler, Pat Angerer or Jamar Chaney, whoever is available
5th (we will get a 5th some how, they is no way we don't pick in every round). Mike Johnson or John Skelton, Riley Cooper?
6th. Erik Cook or A DE/OLB
7th. Trindon Holliday or Punter

I would be happy with that but this doesn't include any trades. There is the trade for Scheffler which will go down. And we will get a 2nd to 4th round pick for him and with that we can get a guy that we couldn't get with our original in that round pick, like a WR or a defensive lineman.

If we move back in the first we could get another 2nd or 3rd round pick depending on how far we move back. Which means we could get another play maker or a young secondary player.

There is also the option of trading Marshall for a 2nd or late 1st where again we could do a number of things.

And we could possibly do the same thing last year and trade back into the 2nd and get another player.

Either way this could be a monster draft, if we hit on the players and pick good ones, we could really set us up for a run at the Superbowl next year which is a BIG call. But if we get it done anything is possible.

And we will get a 5th rounder some how, maybe with the Marshall trade or Scheffler, we will pick in every round this year.

My perfect draft in a perfect world would be as follows:

1st. Pouncey
2nd (Marshall trade). Linval Joseph
2nd (trade back in). Jacoby Ford
2nd. Lamarr Houston or a DB
3rd (Moved back in first). Toby Gerhart
3rd (Scheffler trade). Dexter McCluster
3rd. One of the ILB, i like Sean Lee
4th. Riley Cooper or another WR
5th (somehow). John Skelton
6th. Erik Cook or DE/OLB
7th. Trindon Holliday

So we get a C, NT, DE, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, ILB, QB, G. Do I see this happening nope, I think the above one is more likely this is just including trades and I picked guys that were favourites with us. I don't think we will trade Marshall, I am not fussed either way. But hey it is fun to think about it. If you disagree or have something to say post it below. Well that is it from me ~ Aussie out.


  1. Aussie, if we get any 3 of those players I'd be happy.

  2. I know, that is why I am saying, we are primed for a good draft there are just so many good players we could take.

  3. And I think we could get it done, looks like the Dolphins also want to trade down.

  4. Oh I forgot to add that Myron Rolle could be possible, as the Secondary player in the middle rounds.

  5. Here is the full list of viewed prospects (thanks to DiggerChamp)

    List of 30 Prospects Visited (and CBS Overall Ranking)
    1. Dan Williams, NT (14)
    2. Brandon Graham, OLB (17)
    3. Dez Bryant, WR (18)
    4. Sean Weatherspoon, LB (25)
    5. Jared Odrick, DL (27)
    6. Maurkice Pouncey, C (28)
    7. Kareem Jackson, CB (33)
    8. Terrence Cody, NT (40)
    9. Tyson Alualu, DL (45)
    10. Koa Misi, OLB (53)
    11. Damian Williams,WR (54)
    12. Arrelious Benn, WR (55)
    13. Dexter McCluster, RB/WR/RS (56)
    14. Vladimir Ducasse, OL (59)
    15. Torrell Troup, DL (60)
    16. Toby Gerhart, RB (66)
    17. Tony Pike, QB (68)
    18. Matt Tennant, C (73)
    19. Carlton Mitchell, WR (77)
    20. Jared Veldheer, OT (78)
    21. Montario Hardesty, RB (80)
    22. Eric Decker, WR (84)
    23. Jacoby Ford, WR (90)
    24. J.D. Walton, C (95)
    25. Mardy Gilyard, WR (106)
    26. Jordan Shipley, WR (139)
    27. Alterraun Verner, CB (140)
    28. Armanti Edwards, ATH (162)
    29. A.J. Jefferson, CB (175)
    30. Joe Hawley, C (252)

  6. I keep looking at my perfect draft and I noticed I have three guys that can kick return, now that is whack, but each one could bring another thing to the game. Would mean we have some serious speed on the offense, which I think we lack.

  7. Yea I really like the 30 guys we worked out. If our draft picks come from that group then we will have a good draft.