April 21, 2010

Comments For the Mock Draft Competition

This is just so we can start a new post to comment and talk on. I saw TheRoyalBeast had commented on the Competition Submission post. I would like to keep that Post to mock draft submissions only just to make it a little easier on Aussie. I thought I'd make this post for us to talk on and stuff. So talk away!
Also just wanted to say good luck to everyone because your going to need it!


  1. Just posted mine. Glad to see someone else thinks Danario Alexander could be an option.

  2. Oh and a side Y'ALL ARE GOING DOWN!

  3. Haha florio you wish.

    And TRB are you going to do a full entry?

  4. So doesnt look like we will have to many participants. Right now all i know of is me, Aussie, Doc, Digger, Florio, and IDK if anybody else is joining from truefans. I know BB said he couldnt cause he hasnt done his HW.

  5. Yeah but still will be interesting.

  6. I'm just here to be #80's "mock draft cheerleader", lol. By the way, I can't stand cheerleaders, yes I do think they're all a bunch of airheads lol, so #80 enjoy the moment. I will NEVER do this again... be a cheerleader.

    Give me a, G
    Give me a, O

    Give me a, Number sign
    Give me a, 8
    Give me a, 0

    What does that spell... GO #80!!!! Ra-ra!

    I think I've officially scared myself. Although I did get a pretty good laugh out of making that up. Can't wait for tomorrow night to see who we pick first... now I'm all excited!

  7. lol Princess, im enjoying every last bit of this, dont worry. And love the cheer. Cant wait till the draft either, only about an hour and half away!

  8. It is so close I can smell it.

  9. i know 45 minutes away. sniff, sniff

  10. Oh I will be live blogging the draft here: