April 13, 2010

Create a Draft

Hey guys and gal, the draft is drawing close and the anticipation is mounting. I can't wait for the draft I just want to know what is going to happen in the draft, what trades are going to happen, what will happen with the Marshall Saga. I just want to know! So I thought we could have some fun. Below is a list of the players we worked out, I have broken them down into what rounds players are in based on the CBS rating. Ok so the idea is that each one of you pick a single player in each round and post the draft you want in the comments. I thought this would be something fun to do leading up to the draft.

Notes - Instructions:
I am not taking into account any trades and don't care where they rank compared to where we pick in that round. Just want to know who you like and in what round. If you want include some words for the reason for your picks. I don't mind if you change it up and pick a guy that is in the 2nd round in the 3rd, like Dexter McCluster or pick a guy earlier like in the 4th not the 5th. I just want to get a feel for what people are thinking. Well that is it really have fun with the choices.

Here is the full list of viewed prospects (thanks to DiggerChamp)

List of 30 Prospects Visited (and CBS Overall Ranking)
1. Dan Williams, NT (14)
2. Brandon Graham, OLB (17)
3. Dez Bryant, WR (18)
4. Sean Weatherspoon, LB (25)
5. Jared Odrick, DL (27)
6. Maurkice Pouncey, C (28)
7. Kareem Jackson, CB (33)
8. Terrence Cody, NT (40)
9. Tyson Alualu, DL (45)
10. Koa Misi, OLB (53)
11. Damian Williams,WR (54)
12. Arrelious Benn, WR (55)
13. Dexter McCluster, RB/WR/RS (56)
14. Vladimir Ducasse, OL (59)
15. Torrell Troup, DL (60)
16. Toby Gerhart, RB (66)
17. Tony Pike, QB (68)
18. Matt Tennant, C (73)
19. Carlton Mitchell, WR (77)
20. Jared Veldheer, OT (78)
21. Montario Hardesty, RB (80)
22. Eric Decker, WR (84)
23. Jacoby Ford, WR (90)
24. J.D. Walton, C (95)
25. Mardy Gilyard, WR (106)
26. Jordan Shipley, WR (139)
27. Alterraun Verner, CB (140)
28. Armanti Edwards, ATH (162)
29. A.J. Jefferson, CB (175)
30. Joe Hawley, C (252)

1st Round
Dan Williams
Brandon Graham
Dez Bryant
Sean Weatherspoon
Jared Odrick
Maurkice Pouncey
2nd Round
Kareem Jackson
Terrence Cody
Tyson Alualu
Koa Misi
Damian Williams
Arrelious Benn
Dexter McCluster
Vladimir Ducasse
Torrell Troup
3rd Round
Toby Gerhart
Tony Pike
Matt Tennant
Carlton Mitchell
Jared Veldheer
Montario Hardesty
Eric Decker
Jacoby Ford
4th Round
J.D. Walton
Mardy Gilyard
5th Round
Jordan Shipley
Alterraun Verner
Later Rounds
Armanti Edwards
Joe Hawley

Well that is it from me ~ Aussie out!


  1. For me:
    1. Maurkice Pouncey
    2. Terrance Cody
    3. Dexter McCluster or Toby Gerhart
    4. Mardy Gilyard
    5. Alterraun Verner
    And not sure on the others.

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  5. Sorry about the 3 mysterious comments, lol, I posted something here that was meant for another site... yeah, its been one of those wacky days.

    Anyhoo, Marshall signed his tender I see so the next few days could get real interesting. Guess Seattle is still looking at trading for him... honestly though he's worth more than just a few picks that Seattle will most likely want to trade for. I was hoping for a good BD present tomorrow, some good news on this situation would be a nice touch. I wish our geniuses would just give our guys a contract already, not only for Marshall but why haven't they resigned Doom?? Of all people, we need that guy. This is crazy stuff. Just maddening I tell you!!

  6. I honestly looked at that list for like an hour trying to come up with the best draft and i have to say its the same as yours Aussie. Only thing is i would for sure take McCluster over Gerhart.

    1. Maurkice Pouncey
    2. Terrance Cody
    3. Dexter McCluster or Toby Gerhart
    4. Mardy Gilyard
    5. Alterraun Verner
    And not sure on the others either. Just to mix it up though heres one that would be OK with me.

    1. Sean Weatherspoon (Andre Davis left a hole at ILB)
    2. Arrelious Benn (BM could be on the move.)
    3. Dexter McCluster (This guy is just BAD@SS and is a playmaker.)
    4. J.D. Walton (Wieggmann left a gapping hole at C)
    5. Alterraun Verner (an aging Champ)

    Got anything planned for your B-day Princess. How old you gunna be? 19?

  7. Yeah that is what I thought too, and I like the second one as well.

    And BAHAHAHAHA, Princess you got to take that as I compliment, he thinks your 19, how old are you turning is it 22 or 23? I can't remember off the top of my head. And yeah what is going down for your B-day, A big piss up? haha or a quite night in?

  8. Ditto to Aussie and 80. I think you guys got it pegged really well. We've sure had enough time to talk it out. Did you hear they had Tebow in for a visit too. I guess you can have some in for just visits, but you only get 30 workouts. This must be why McCluster and Bryant have been said to have come in twice. The BM thing has to be settled before we can get an accurate mock. Extra picks mean picking players you wouldn't have otherwise. With one pick last year I don't think we would have gotten Moreno. I want an extra pick again this year, but don't want BM gone. I'm OK with a trade down to say Phil. for the 24 and 37 for our extra pick. Have a Happy Birthday Ashley. I hope your present is BM staying in Denver.

  9. I said some pretty harsh stuff after the Marshall trade and my IP and Account has been banned from the broncos website for threatening the coach lol. Anyway, looks like Dez Bryant just went from number 3 to number 1 lol

  10. Check out the breakdown of tis trade:


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out you didn't get your B-day present you were hoping to get from the Broncos today. I hope this doesn't ruin your B-day for you and you still have a good time today. I think Brandon Marshall being gone SUCKS, just like almost every other Bronco fan does, but i guess we gotta move on live with reality. Hopefully we draft some good players in the draft to replace him (Dexter McCluster). I think this means Dez Bryant with the #11 pick is a huge possibility. I think Scheffler could be the next one gone, so i guess we should prepare our selfs for that. Oh and i remember now that your in the low 20's Princess. Your 23? Anyways i could of mistaken you for a 19 year old, so yeah, your doin well. Let me know how your B-day goes. Talk to ya later.

  12. Aussie,

    What da u say we each make a new mock draft with our new 2nd round pick or should we wait to see if or what Scheffler gets traded for.


    pretty funny you got banned DB.com. I rarely go there any more because they take forever to update news and stuff and half the people on there have no idea what there talking about and have little football knowledge. Just my opinion. Anyways your welcome to blog here anytime you want. How long has it been suspended? Forever?

  13. Hey 80# I do there sometimes haha.

    I guess people can just say who they want at the new pick for now.

  14. Thanks for the BD wishes... had a good day up until a friend of mine texted me and told me Happy Birthday then said Marshall is now Dolphin. I told you all I had a bad feeling something involving a trade with Marshall would just have to happen on my BD, of all days. Go figure. So my day did get off to a bitter start, I still can't believe it. I think its stupid... really really really really really really stupid... and we get 2 second rounders in return. Dudes... we got burned in that deal. Ok maybe not that bad but we certainly got ripped off. He shouldn't have been traded for anything less than a first rounder and I don't know what else but something more useful than 2nd round. Just seems cheap to me. I don't know how badly BM wanted out of Denver but it just makes our "genius" of a coach look like he was ready to settle for anything just to get rid of him. Looks like he did, too. I hate that he's shipping off all of OUR guys for rookies that probably won't start & more NE players. He is well on his way to turning this credible franchise into an East Coast team. Gag!!!

    Better stop before I go on a rant. lol Went to my fav restaurant & got cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory... yep, pretty darn good b-day. haha And in exactly 1 month I'll be graduating. That will be a present enough to get the heck out of college. Got a nice sun burn today too. All is good.

    So, TRB got banned from the Broncos site, eh. I'm sorry but I got a good laugh out of that one. I should've seen that one coming if Marshall did get traded. Too funny. Only bright side I see out of Marshall being traded is he's on a team we don't have to play twice a year, every year. We play the Dolphins how often?... once in a blue moon seems like. Its just he's gonna tear it up playing for that team. He got his money so he probably won't complain anymore. Now with him being in Miami... that place is like party city down there... if he doesn't stay focused on his career and playin' football, I can only imagine what he'll be up to... gee I don't know, partying. Hope he gets his act straightened out. See now I'm on a rant, again. lol TRB will just have to come here more often to talk Broncos and like #80 said, DB doesn't stay on top of Bronco news like you would expect. Well I'm talking you all to sleep, lol.

  15. And as for the mock draft... I think you guys summed it up pretty well. Some of those players I don't even know about well enough to have an opinion on. So I read on nfl.com that the schedule is to be released on Tuesday so I'll be looking it over and probably put together a little preview of our season close to when the draft is over so we can get a better idea of where this team might be heading with our new players and how we would do in each game before summer rolls around. Not totally sure what I'll do, probably just wing it. lol.

  16. Princess,
    glad you had a good birthday. And graduating in a month. Lucky u. Hopefully we can grab some good players in the draft.


    I think the trades changes our draft needs and stuff so ill just redo my mock now with the new 2nd round pick.

    1. Dez Bryant
    2. Terrance Cody
    2. Dexter McCluster
    3. Matt Tennant
    4. Mardy Gilyard
    5. Alterraun Verne

    I like that draft

  17. Princess, happy birthday

    RoyalBeast, Thats pretty funny. LMAO

    Everyone Else: Here's mine

    #1: Sean Weatherspoon
    #2: Toby Gerhart
    #2: Mardy Gilyard
    #3: J.D. Walton
    #4: Jordan Shipley
    #5: Altearan Verner

    I know a lot of you are going to disagree, but these are probably the most likely players McD will select.

  18. We have two 2nd rounders now so everybody should post a new one. Lol