April 19, 2010

Scheffler is now GOOOONNNNEEEE!

Well it has happened as we all had excepted, Scheffler has been traded, not to the Benegals but to the Lions!

Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler and a seventh-round draft pick have been traded to the Detroit Lions in a three-team trade that sends the Philadelphia Eagles' fifth-round draft choice to Denver and Detroit outside linebacker Ernie Sims, a former top 10 draft pick, to the Philadelphia Eagles.

So we end up with a 5th round pick, ok, not great and we gave up a 7th rounder, no biggy. But it is interesting the value that was put on him. Thought we could have got a little more. Oh well.

In other news:

Tebow is thinking of attending the draft, the reason players attend the draft is usually because they are 1st round picks and get to have their photo taken. Is this something that Tebow is feeling will happen? Have teams told him this is what will happen? Very interesting.

And finally our boy and fan favourite Ryan Torain has signed with a team. And it is the Redskins, he joins Shanny again who one could say is really in love with the kid. Good luck Torain hope you stay healthy.

That is it from me, keep your eyes out of the post for final submissions for the competition. You have right up until the draft starts, once it does no more submissions, check below for competition details ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Broncos80 - The ban is forever. They said "Account banned for threat against the head coach" lol...and then they blocked my IP address from the broncosblog site lol. But i found my way around the IP block or w/e and created a new account lol

    Ashley, you know only Brandon Marshall getting traded could get me banned lol

    As far as this trade goes, I think its crazy we traded him, a second round pick and the TE with the most yards per catch since 2006 for a 5th round pick and then gave them a seventh round pick. guess they just had to get rid of him lol. But same happened to santonio holmes, proven players arent worth much now a days i see. rather get picks AKA shots in the dark. And low picks at that lol

    As far as who we will draft. I like the list aussie. But im still a fan of McClain, not unless we trade down then pouncey it is. Ive been watching video on Danario Alexander and like what i see especially for a 4th round steal lol. Also I like Akwasi owusu ansah. I do agree that Toby Gerhart might be a need now especially if we will have trouble inthe air, we need a legit ground game. And i see you still want skelton lol

    Just my thoughts, later all

  2. Haha nice TRB, I understand your frustration but stuff like this happens, better to go with the flow. And it would not surprise me if other big name players on our team get moved.

  3. not surprising to me....just a matter of time just like marsh.

  4. Check it:


  5. Thanks Digger for that link

  6. Lol I hear ya Aussie. Im trying to get on board with the change and go with the flow. My biggest fear is that we would have lost alot of talent only for McD to fail and get Fired. Then we would be without talent or koolaid lol

    If we get Bradford I would be excited...Bradford to Marshall woulda been legendary tho :-) couldnt help it lol. McD is like a magician, all about misdirection...you never know what he is up too. So I wouldn't put it past him. but we have created alot of holes, we may need the draft picks lol

  7. That is what I think we need the picks.

    Also I remember Bowlen say he is invested in McD long term.

  8. Haha check it


  9. out now here it is:

    1 Sun, Sep 12 at Jacksonville 1:00 PM
    2 Sun, Sep 19 Seattle 4:05 PM
    3 Sun, Sep 26 Indianapolis 4:15 PM
    4 Sun, Oct 3 at Tennessee 1:00 PM
    5 Sun, Oct 10 at Baltimore 1:00 PM
    6 Sun, Oct 17 NY Jets 4:05 PM
    7 Sun, Oct 24 Oakland 4:15 PM
    8 Sun, Oct 31 at San Francisco 1:00 PM
    10 Sun, Nov 14 Kansas City 4:05 PM
    11 Mon, Nov 22 at San Diego 8:30 PM
    12 Sun, Nov 28 St. Louis 4:15 PM
    13 Sun, Dec 5 at Kansas City 1:00 PM
    14 Sun, Dec 12 at Arizona 4:15 PM
    15 Sun, Dec 19 at Oakland 4:15 PM
    16 Sun, Dec 26 Houston 4:05 PM
    17 Sun, Jan 2 San Diego 4:15 PM

  10. Well, another interesting schedule. Rolling my eyes when I say I love it when they make us start the season on the road... again. I'll find the time here soon to put together some kind match up between us and each team. Still haven't decided how I'll do this but now I got a schedule to work with.

    Oh and I'll be sitting out of the mock draft contest... it's already too funny. Think I'll just sit back, watch and have a few laughs at who will have the biggest ego by the time this is done and who becomes the BBDG. lol But I will say I think McD will go defense or after Pouncey as our first pick. He may have said some kind words about Bryant but I don't think he'll draft him. I think he has plans to make Royal our starter. But that's all a guess... who knows what that dude is thinkin'.

    And I'll say, I think my money is on #80 to win. haha, that ought to stir things up. Let the games begin! lol

  11. Oh princess please, I have this in the bag, haha 80# got nothing haha. It is fun and I figured you would stay out of the mock draft stuff, it will be interesting, alot of good ideas floating about.

    And can't wait for the match thing you put together should be an interesting read.

    And I agree with what you said will happen in the draft, no to Dez.

  12. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know i got my Princess backing me up!!! Thats right she said IM going to win, not u Aussie or anyone else, ME. Oh and by the way, I got EVERYTHING on you. Yep u guys can make me the BBDG right now if u guys want, if not its only a matter of time! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Oh and im on the edge with Dez Bryant, i cant figure it out. I dont know if i should second guess myself and put someone else in the 1st round like Pouncey or McClain. You stirred my brain up thinking about Dez Bryant Princess sayin u dont think hes going to be drafted. If i take him out and we draft him ill be kicking myself in the ass for awhile. Such a tough decision.

  13. stop toyin and messin with my head Aussie, im in deep thought right now, trying to think. haha

  14. Haha you wish 80#, the fat lady hasn't started singing. And I won't name you BBDG until the points are marked. Remember I am marking them, WAHAHAHA (that is a joke)

    Also did you think Princess is tricking you, trying to give you a big head, and then you FAIL, bahahaha, would be funny if you don't get a single point I would laugh my ass off.

    Also accuracy may award more points.

  15. WAHAHA, Bryant is a good player, but what about his character issues, but McD loves him, but McD says that about everyone. He is like BM, but we traded BM?

  16. Like i said a matter of time Aussie, matter of time. And ill be sure and follow the marked points and everything so i make sure theres no funny stuff happening or a no "mistaked" unmarked points or to many points.

    And Princess wouldnt do that to me. Shes my faithful Princess. Shes kinda like my fan. I have a fan. Woohoo!

  17. Just saying don't get your hopes up, because I don't want to crush them.

    And yes I will mark each persons submission and post them back up for review so people can see what they got.

  18. JK, what the heck do i know. I might come in last, could come in first. (my humble side)

    but, i think i can definetly contend for the BBDG.

  19. Every body has a chance to contend, that is the unpredictable nature of the draft. Will be an interesting draft and comp, can't wait.

  20. i know, im pretty excited for it, should be alot of fun. I think im going to make a few minor more changes for my Final mock. Just need to decide on this Dez Bryant thing and then i can submit it tomorrow. We can change things tomorrow right? We just cant change things on Thursday right? What time will the draft be for u over there?

  21. You have up until the draft starts. Once the draft starts submissions will be closed. So 7:30pm est.

  22. Princess said she thought you'd win and then says she don't think Dez is the pick, so take it how you want. Damn US Open screws us on having a home game to open with every year. The only way we get one is if it's a Mon night game. At Minn. the last preseason game. Maybe I'll try to go. TeBow at #11 80! I dare you. Do I get extra points for consecutive picks right?

  23. Yeah the schedule is a bit bad.

    As for the extra points, the answer is no. One pick, one point. But if you say something like, trade back into the 25 range for someone. If that player and team is right 1 point and they do take him at 25, I may award another half a point.

  24. I think me and my Bronco fan buddy are going to the Indy @ Broncos game. Hopefully it gets done. No Tebow at #11, but 1st round, Yes. Im not that stupid Digger, i thought u knew me better than that.

  25. 16 year olds usually make bad decision, maybe that is what digger is thinking. And the indy-broncos game will be good, hope we can finally beat those guys.

    And the Tebow love, haha.

  26. Well im going to laugh when this 16 year old out smarts all of you old wrinkly farts. (haha joke)

  27. Yo'mama wasn't complaining about the wrinkles and the farts last night haha jokes.

  28. This old wrinkly fart thinks you may be right. Only I think the deal with Det and Phil for Scheff was more a setup for trading during the draft. Det has 34 and Phil 37. Right where Tebow will go IMO. Could be 11 and 43 for 24, 37 and 50. Take whoever falls to us at 24(Pouncey, Iupati, Weatherspoon, McClain, who knows) that we liked, Tebow at 37, WR at 45 and McCluster at 50.

  29. Haha 80# will be happy with the McCluster pick.

  30. I want to include in my mock that we are tarding next years Miami 2nd round pick for Tebow.

  31. Well do it as long as I can understand what has happened then it shouldn't be a problem.

  32. HAHAHAHAHAHA... I knew all I had to do was back up one of you and the egos would come out. That's what I'm talkin' about... a little friendly rivalry. Way too funny. Honestly I just was typing along and it hit me... I should start a little competition. A little pre-draft entertainment, if you will. haha

    #80, I really don't think McD will go after Dez. He's got too much off the field baggage. Why draft someone like that talent plus baggage when you could've held onto the original... Marshall?? I don't see McD doing it, but hey if you decide not to put him in your draft and he does take him at any point, blame me. I gave you the second thoughts. I take the blame, I'd feel bad anyway. lol And I seriously doubt they'll go after another QB, but I think Tebow will go in the 1st round. He's been made the underdog and some team in need of a QB will go after him in the 1st round. That's about as close as I'll get to making a mock draft... I couldn't possibly have the patience to sit there and figure out what team will take who. I'm a perfectionist... I'd have to get them all right otherwise I'd be the one kicking myself for getting involved and then be mad at myself for getting some wrong. I have my own picks and thoughts, I just won't put them in this competition.

    Anyhoo, go get 'em #80!!!!! I got your back bro! LOL Let's go #80, let's go!! Wow, now I'm starting to scare myself.

  33. uh oh, better make a decsion pretty soon on my draft, time is running out! And i appreciate the support Princess! :)