April 25, 2010

Competition Results and Winner

Well as you can see in the picture it was a close run race this year. With Doc and 80# tying for the lead and the victory. So for 2010 the Broncos Blog Draft Guru (BBDG) will be Doc and 80#. It was a fun comp and was an interesting draft process. I was happy with what we did but was very disappointed that we passed up so much young defensive talent. Would I have preferred defense talent with the extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th we used on Tebow, yes I would have. But if Tebow pans out and I bloody hope he does then I will be OK with this chose, but at the moment I worry, because we have to go against some of the most explosive players in the AFC West with Dad's army.

Oh well on to the table of results and showing what we know about the draft, we did, well terrible, but it was fun. Here is to the Broncos in 2010.

3 1/2
3 1/2

If you don't like your marks or want to contest, post it in the comments, your marks will also be down there. ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Gouldinator1 Results:

    1st. Jared Odrick (trade down get a 3rd) 0
    1st. Maurkice Pouncey (trade back in with a 2nd and 3rd pick, to about the 25 range) 0
    2nd. Terrance Cody (trade next year’s first, 38ish) 0
    2nd. Toby Gerhart (at 43) 0
    3rd. Sean Lee 0
    4th. Danario Alexander 0
    5th. John Skelton (from Scheffler trade) 0
    6th. Erik Cook 0
    7th. Trinidon Holliday (trade pick/player to get back in only if this player is available) 0

    No change, Total: 4

  2. Florio's_mom Results:

    1st. Dez Bryant 0
    2nd. Tim Tebow 1/2
    2nd. Toby Gerhart 0
    3rd. Myron Rolle 0
    4th. Danario Alexander 0
    5th. Dexter Mccluster 0
    6th. Stephan Virgil 0

    Total: 1/2, so 3 1/2

  3. 80# Results:

    1st. Dez Bryant 0
    1st. Tim Tebow (Surprise! Trade next yrs 1st to get in the bottom of 1st this year) 1 - Correct pick and round, full point, no extra half a point because wrong trade.
    2nd. Tyson Alualu 0
    2nd. Dexter McCluster 0
    3rd. Matt Tennant 0
    4th. Jordan Shipley 0
    5th. Alterraun Verner 0
    6th. Joe Hawley 0

    Total: 1, so 6

  4. Doc Results:

    #21: Seam Weatherspoon 0
    #37: Tim Tebow 1/2 - right pick, wrong round, half a point
    #43: Toby Gerhart 0
    #45: J.D. Walton 1/2 - right pick, wrong round, half a point.
    #54: Mardy Gilyard 0
    #80: Donovan Warren 0
    #114: Jordan Shipley 0
    #215: Sergio Render 0

    Total: 1, so 6

  5. Digger Results:

    1st-Rolando McClain 0
    2nd-Damian Williams 0
    2nd-Vladimir Ducasse 0
    3rd-Montario Hardesty 0
    4th-Matt Tennant 0
    5th-Alterraun Verner 0
    6th-Armanti Edwards 0

    No Change, Total: 3 1/2

  6. TRB Results:

    1st. ILB McClain (McD spoke HIGHLY of him) 0
    1st. C Maurkice Pouncey (miami 2nd this year and next year) 0
    2nd. NT Terrance Cody (If available if not, some other DL) 0
    3rd. CB Akwasi Owusu Ansah (Ball hawk and ace returner) 0
    4th. Danario Alexander (Marshall 2.0, without the questions) 0
    5th. RB Charles Scott (Big power back with impressive burst and game speed) 0
    6th. Dont care as long as my first 6 come true lol 0 - Since did not happen no points.

    No Change, Total: 4

  7. How about I also get another half point for saying we would trade down from #11 in the first round?

  8. haha, so #80 did win (along with Doc). Man, I'm a good guesser. That was fun even from my point of view.

    And so now I wonder... just how long will it take them to give Doom a big fat contract?? Something he deserves. That's the one thing that is making me soooo nervous. I keep telling myself they probably waited till after the draft to give him a contract but I just hope they don't wait too long. He is absolutely necessary to this team.

    Congrats to Doc & #80! hoo-ra!! lol

  9. Maybe Doc, but you didn't have the right player picked or the right number, so it is tough to give it an extra point.

    I didn't award myself those though I said that, trade down and then trade back in because I didn't pick the right players. If you had got that right then the trade thing is an extra bonus for accuracy but like I said you had the wrong guy as did we all.

  10. Do it Aussie. Give everyone half a point for saying if we would trade down or up.

  11. Haha it is what it is, doesn't matter really, we all sucked.

  12. By the rules I can't, if you had the player and the round right (Which you didn't) then you can get extra points for trades.

  13. Hey Hey Hey, Not so fast Doc. Like Aussie said you didnt have the player right or round so therefore you dont win, win, win. If there should be a clear cut winner, it should be Me. I got the pick dead on saying we would pick Tebow in the bottom of the first round so i should be rewarded an extra 1/2 point if we want to play that game. And Princess was right when she said i would win, gotta give her props (i think it was her cheerleadering for me that gave me the confidence to pull of the win) ;)

    I had a really fun time this year, but I guess me and you will have to wait till next year Chris the see who is the real champion. Such a long time, but we will have to settle this next year. Oh and love the pic Aussie. Its what me and Doc are doing right now. Fighting for the trophy. lol

  14. Haha it was 1/2 a point for the correct player, and half a point for the correct round. So I gave you an extra point for that 80# so you can't get anymore points for that.

    The comp was a draw.

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  16. lol, what can I say #80, something just told me that you'd win. I just didn't think it would be a split. And yeah, I should get credit for taking a complete guess as to who would win... say 5 points?? lol That's some good guessin' right there, my friends! haha

  17. Aussie,

    I was trying to say an extra 1/2 point added to the other 1/2 point to make a full point, but it really doesn't matter, i think we all had a fun time and I think everybody can agree that me and Doc tied or drawed. Like i said Doc we tied and will have to wait till next year to settle this. And Princess of course you got the winner right, its not that hard. All you have to do is pick the most logical winner and that would be ME!!! lol

  18. I sucked, but i still like mine begtter than McD's. I agree with Aussie,"I would've preferred defense talent with the extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th we used on Tebow." "I bloody hope he produces."

  19. Digger,

    I think we all liked ours better than McDs, but he did a pretty good job. I probably would also of liked the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th instead of Tebow, but i still like his gutsie move. I like the so called "risk" on Tebow, but i truly believe Tebow can turn into something great. In the end i think it will be a good move when Tebow proves all the hater wrong.