April 27, 2010

Help our Rookies be the BEST!

For me, I am a massive madden fan, but hate it when our good players get ripped off on stats and our players are, well crap. If you didn't know Madden 11 is already in the works. And it has some really cool stuff on it and the improvements look good. But what I am saying is I came across this:


This is were fans can come and vote for the ratings for this years rookies. Now I don't think the game stats will just be based on this but they will be used in the final ratings. That being said you need to pass this on to every broncos madden fan who is sick of having crap ratings for our players. We need to get out there and vote to give our rookies the best chance of getting good ratings. So pass this on and vote!


  1. http://broncoszone.blogspot.com/2010/04/q-with-eric-decker.html

    checki it out. pretty awesome interview

  2. Also Ryan Clady blew out his knee. ESPN says he'll be out 3-4 months. Raiders are getting ready to cut Jamarcus Russell. He's make a good replacment for Clady

  3. lol Doc, yeah it sucks about Clady.

    Heres a good McDaniels interview today: