November 22, 2012

Broncos Vs Chiefs - Game One

After coming home for the week and handling the Chargers. The Broncos are on the road again heading to Arrowhead stadium to play the embarrassing dead last Chiefs. For a team that not so long ago was young and on the up, they have fallen oh so very far. The blame can directly lay at the feet of HC Crennel and GM Pioli for putting together a team that has to choose between Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel at quarterback. Then again this could all be a poly to suck as much as possible to get the first round pick in the draft, ie the Colts.

All of that though doesn’t really matter to us. Watching the Chiefs get spanked in Arrowhead is enjoyable enough.

Other News
Depending on were you read it McGahee is out 4-6 or 6-8 weeks. I think the 6-8 is more likely. Another link, an another.

The remaining backs talk about being in for some extra action.

The Broncos will be taking a look at a few backs to see if there are any nice replacements.

Seems we are staying put on the backs.

Though first reported he wouldn't be placed on IR, Mcgahee is now on the returning IR.

Andy Reid is moving on from the Eagles if the report is to be believed.

Drew Litton had this great thanksgiving picture. Which reminds me that everyone have a fun and safe thanksgiving.

Manning moves into spot number two for all time touchdowns.

Ed Reed was suspened, then he wasn't.

The Steelers sign two, in Hoyer and Burress.

Raiders cut Aaron Curry.

Some young QBs will continue to start. Foles in Philly and Kaepernick for San Fran.

Peyton is 'Freaking Historcal', says John Fox.

Miller gets a weekly honor.

Photos from Thursday's practice. Notice Moreno was so happy this week he didn't wear pants to traning.

Quinn gets the start for the Chiefs this week, ahahaha.

Porter is healthy and will travel to KC.

Some funnies of Brady Quinn.

Why to watch?
The Broncos have a real chance to drop 40-50 on the Chiefs (if the coaches let them). But remember the Chiefs in Kansas have always been a problem for us.

Inside Story
The big story for us is the running back situation. With McGahee injured the dynamics and rolls of the remaining players are still to be decided. Will Hillman be forced to run between the tackles?

The interesting aspect of this storyline is Knowshon Moreno. Moreno, after riding the bench since week two comes back against his favourite team in the Chiefs. Moreno’s form against the Chiefs has been nothing short of amazing. He had 4 carries for 52 yards last year before he got hurt. In 2010 he had games of 22 carries for 106 yards and 23 carries for 161 yards with a few receptions in each. 2009, his first season, was more of the same, 21 carries for 86 yards and two TDs and 14 carries for 50 yards and two TDs. I for one am hoping his form against KC continues and he picks up his game like another former ‘bust’ from his draft.

For the Chiefs, I will be interested to see what the fans come up with next to show their ‘displeasure’ towards the KC Staff. Dressing in all black and flying planes over the stadium trailing messages hasn’t worked. So what’s next? The KC crowd could stay at home and leave the stadium empty. Maybe then management will take the hint.

Match Ups
Pick a spot on the depth chart and you have found a favourable matchup for the Broncos. Unless you picked Lance Ball...shame on you.

Jokes aside, one player I want to see return back to form is Eric Decker. Hook my Fantasy team up sexy 'stache!

Injury Report
Champ Bailey (CB), Non-Injury, FULL
Omar Bolden (CB), Concussion, LIMITED
Virgil Green (TE), Hamstring, FULL
Demaryius Thomas (WR), Knee, FULL
Derek Wolfe (DT), Quadriceps, FULL
Robert Ayers (DE), Groin, FULL
Ronnie Hillman (RB), Hamstring, FULL
Chris Kuper (G), Ankle, FULL
Tracy Porter (CB), Illness, FULL

Branden Albert (OT), Back, DNP
Ryan Lilja (G), Knee, DNP
Dwayne Bowe (WR), Neck, FULL
Steve Maneri (TE), Ankle, LIMITED
Jon Asamoah (OL), Thumb, LIMITED
Jonathan Baldwin (WR), Head, FULL
Tony Moeaki (TE), Shoulder/Back, LIMITED

Blow out. If it is anything but then the Broncos have bigger problems than we thought. 42-7.

Below is Ashley from the cover of the KChiefs calendar and then the girls in action.

Funny Vid of the Week.
Matt Schaub getting kicked in his dingaling is always funny.

Note the leg extension from Suh, kicking out at Schaub. Once again confirming he is a dirty player.

Another week in the books, enjoy the game against KC. Go Broncos ~ Aussie.


  1. Haha, dingaling.

    Funny how when Quinn was in Denver we tried to convince ourselves he didn't suck. Haha, I also remember trying to convince myself Chris Simms didn't suck.

    I know I'm a perv, but what's up with that one cheerleader?

  2. Hehe ;)

    I know, when they play for the Broncos we try to think the world of the QB. But it is hard when the starter is just as bad as the backup.

    Which one? The one to the right of the blonde in the middle?

  3. No idea, maybe see let one rip and followed through.....ewwww

  4. :) I was thinking orgasm, but yeah fart works too.

    "Go Chiefs, Go Chiefs, pfffft,pfffft."

  5. I doubt the Chiefs would give her an orgasm. Fart seems more plausible lols.

  6. I saw you have a draft on the next post. When?

  7. That would be my regular friday post, which means it will be there Friday morning for when you get up.

    But if there is something you want to post feel free to go ahead and do so.