September 30, 2011

Game 4: Broncos Vs Packers Preview

This week the Broncos are on the road again and heading to Green Bay to take on the defending champs. I don't expect much from this game, the Packers have been very good so far this year and on track to repeat. Where as the Broncos have been average to disappointing. For this game look for improvement and hope the Broncos can keep it close and maybe sneak out a win. It is also good that we are getting most of our injured players back, they will be needed for this one. On to the news.

Denver defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said Thursday that he expects Wesley Woodyard to continue to play even if D.J. Williams is ready to play. Williams has been dealing with an elbow injury since the preseason. Woodward has been a tackling machine in Williams’ absence. Still, I’d expect Denver to find playing time for a healthy Williams. One of those two players likely play in nickel situations, which means they would both be on the field together often.

Denver cornerback Champ Bailey said he is close to being able play. He has missed the past two games with a hamstring injury. He has been limited in practice this week.The Broncos again have all of their defensive players participating in practice, with cornerback Champ Bailey​, defensive end Elvis Dumervil, defensive tackle Marcus Thomas and linebacker D.J. Williams all on the field for the second consecutive day.

The only players who remain out for the Broncos (and will not play against the Packers) are receivers Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas​ and tight end Julius Thomas.

First Pro-Tebow billboard, link.

Why to watch -
Sometimes games that seem to shape up as blowouts become oddly compelling and surprising. Who thought the Chiefs would play the Chargers so tough last week? Trying to construct an argument here ...

Inside story
Will Air Orton return at some point? The Broncos are having trouble running the ball. Another loss here will only lead to more calls for Tim Tebow when the Broncos return home.

Anyone that thinks injuries end a season just check out the Packers injury list.

Injury Report:
Eddie Royal (WR) Groin, DNP
Demaryius Thomas (WR) Finger, DNP
Julius Thomas (TE) Ankle, DNP
Champ Bailey (CB) Hamstring, Limited
Marcus Thomas (DT) Groin, Limited
Elvis Dumervil (DE) Shoulder, Limited
D.J.Williams (LB) Elbow, Full
Knowshon Moreno (RB) Hamstring, Full

Bryan Bulaga (OT) Knee, DNP
Chad Clifton (T) Knee, Full
Nick Collins (S) Neck, OUT
Jermichael Finley (TE) Ankle, Limited
Ryan Grant (RB) Kidney, DNP
Brad Jones (LB) Hamstring, DNP
Pat Lee (CB) Back, Limited
Clay Matthews (LB) Quadriceps, Limited
Mike Neal (DE) Knee, OUT
Ryan Pickett (DE) Foot, Full
Vic So'oto (LB) Back, Full
Tramon Williams (CB) Shoulder, Limited
Jamari Lattimore (LB) Shoulder, Limited
Charles Woodson (CB) Foot/Knee, DNP
Frank Zombo (LB) Shoulder, OUT

This game may be all about Finley, we struggle with TE and he is one of the best. Woodyard and Williams better be on their game.

The Packers like to use a 4 wide spread to get more DBs on the field. Expect Vaughn and Willhite to get picked on.

The Packers may also have a field day in the screen game as that is probably how they will beat the Von Doom rush.

Offense just needs to show up and play better. Block better, pass, run, catch everything, just be better or else this will be a blow out.

Have a good one and GO Broncos! ~ Aussie.


  1. Nice assessment G. You can't rattle Rodgers with the blitz so you better get there on time or he will burn you. I prefer we don't blitz today to be truthful. I want to see Von rush from the DE spot from time to time, but not as an extra guy coming after him. We will get burnt and most likely blown out. If we can keep it close maybe we can steal this one. It wouldn't count because everyone would just say they overlooked us, but that's alright by me. Go Broncos! Please pull out a miracle today.

  2. Well can't say I am surprised by the result, I sort of called this. Is a real bummer though. Tebow after the bye?

  3. G
    Did you see I hung on to win by .01 vs. Royal treatment? Crazy. 1-3 now.

  4. Haha nice Digger, I almost came back against Jazzy but I am struggling with injuries at the moment.

  5. Hey guys! I haven't forgotten about this week's post-game, I'll have more free time tonight to do it.

    But this pretty much sums it up... Orton sucks, BIG time!!! lol

  6. I 2nd that.
    The worst quote in Bronco history-"Kyle gives us best chance to win right now."
    Kyle does not give a shit if the Broncos win or lose, he stayed for 9 million reasons, but winning is not a stipulation of getting paid the $9 mil. It is what it is. FO's hands were tied before they even took over unless they could get someone to bite on a trade. It didn't happen because of the stupid holdout. 2011 is lost. Now is the time to see what we have in Tebow. It won't happen just yet though. I have never hoped this on any Bronco before, but I hope he gets hurt and put on IR. I have a feeling it would be Quinn playing then(that's better than Orton), we'd still suck, fans would still be calling for Tebow and talking about drafting Andrew Luck and I would be smiling because I would know that whoever QB's the Broncos from here on out will be better than Kyle Orton. To me he is the worst QB ever to wear the Orange and Blue.

  7. LOL @ Digger. I take it you don't like Orton? haha I second all of what you said, completely. Orton is the worst QB to ever wear our sacred Orange & Blue. What I find more embarrassing is that even after all the stupid stunts he pulled against GB, just not thinking when he's out there & the fact that we will NEVER be a competitive offense so long as we're stuck with him... coach Fox still has the nerve to say he's our starter. I think Foxy lost his brain! Fox needs to burn whatever ridiculous bridge he has with Tebow and let the man play already.

    Maybe we should start a petition for Tebow like the one for bringing back the Orange jerseys. lol They finally took the hint.... I'm not about to wish ill on Orton, don't want that one comin back to bite me but maybe Doom or Von could "accidentally" sack him a little too hard in practice and pretend they didn't notice they buried him in the ground as a result?? LOL Better yet, keep Orton far far away from a football field... someone tell his wife to lock him in a closet or something (same for Quinn) that way Tebow is the only that shows up. hahaha now you got me bein little miss evil. ahaha Fox just needs to get a brain back & realize Orton will take us nowhere. Serious time for a change of pace, this is getting ridiculous..........

    I was so MAD, I mean to tell you MAD during the 2nd half of the game, I was yellin at the TV (mainly at Orton), almost broke the TV. Kept saying to myself that not only is Orton a disgrace to this franchise but to the game of football itself. He has got to go. And actually to me, Quinn is just as bad if not worse than Orton... they both scare me. lol My dog can throw better than the two of them... combined!!

  8. :)
    I got you being miss evil? You got there on your own roll princess. You get going and getting more worked up along the way until bam your dog can play better than him. Amazing dog I bet. If I had a dog that reminded me of Orton I would probably turn into one of those bad people that kick their dog. Man, I can't stand to even look at him anymore. When they show him on the sideline I have to look away. It's like a scary movie. I have never felt this way about any Bronco ever. Not even Nate Webster.

  9. Wouldn't it be cool if we still had those RBs standing beside you--------->

  10. lol I was just kidding around. She is an amazing dog! ahaha

    I feel your sentiments on Orton though. Doesn't deserve to be a Bronco, at all.

    McGahee is growing on me but letting Hillis go was an absolute massive stupid decision. Very stupid. Right now, yeah, I'd love to have both Hillis & Torain back. Looks like Moreno is losing his starting job too since McGahee has had 2 100-yd games in a row. Just goes to show NO one is safe... million dollar question is when will they realize to do that very thing with Tebow? Just throw him in the game. I dare you coach Fox, I double dog dare you to get the guts to throw Tebow in a game out of nowhere & surprise us all.

  11. GB post game will be up soon.......