September 28, 2011

Broncos Vs Titans in Pictures

Well since there was no post game this week I decided to put up a few pictures from the game to show what went on and to visualize the game.

Lets start with this picture of Vickerson celebrating his fumble recovery. There just wasn't effort of these moments in the game or the season for that matter. We need to be making more big plays.

For some reason whenever I look at this sequence of photos I smirk a bit, I hope I am not the only one.


This next picture pretty much sums up the run game for the Broncos. You can see why the run doesn't work when our O-Linemen are on the ground.

If you don't see what is wrong with the next picture then you must be blind haha. Franklin has what? 200 pounds on Finnegan. He should not be playing with him, put him on his ass!

I finish with this photo that was taken the other day as Broncos players helped out at Foodworks.

The Red arrow is Demaryius Thomas, all 6'3 220 lbs of him and beside him is Quinton Carter. The Blue arrow is Spencer Larsen all 6'2 240 lbs of him. I never thought Larsen to be a big guy but this photo makes him look huge. The way I see it there is some players that look bigger in pads and some that look smaller. I think Larsen looks smaller in pads.

Anyway that is it, I should have a preview of the upcoming game up on Friday. ~ Aussie

Update: Had to add this one, wasn't my idea for the caption but I thought it was funny.


  1. LOL love the pictures. So funny! The ones of Orton explain what kind of QB we really have right now. Amusing, very very amusing lol

    First saw these pics from my phone so didn't get a good look at them but now that I really see the one of Franklin & Finnegan, man Franklin is definitely twice his size & shouldn't be too difficult to at least hold back Finnegan let alone put him on the ground like you said. Ridiculous!!

    Had to come on the computer for some stuff so I thought I'd drop in... laters lol

  2. Haha thanks Princess, glad you liked.

    I also have another one I was going to add but my internet crapped out last night.

    Also should have up a preview post tonight. Laters haha