September 22, 2011

Game 3: Broncos Vs Titans Preview

After securing the Broncos first win of the season last week against the Bengals, the Broncos take to the road for their first away game of the year against the Titans. This will be an interesting and exicting game, that is if it is anything like lasts years. The Broncos should be expecting to go to war against the Titans. They are notorious for being a rough, tough physical team (dirty). This will be an interesting fight for sure and I am expecting a lot of points.

But first congratulations is in order for punter Britton Colquitt who nearly turned in a historical outing on Sunday, finishing with an impressive stat line: six punts for a gross average of 55.8 yards and a net of 51.0 yards. Both his gross and net averages led the league’s punters in Week 2.

The 51-yard net average is the fourth highest single-game net average in NFL history by a player with at least six punts in a game, and the 55.8-yard single-game gross average ties for tenth all-time (min. 6 punts).

Had it not been for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called against the Broncos that negated an 82-yard punt in the fourth quarter, Colquitt’s gross average would have been 60.0 and his net would have improved to 58.5 yards.

The 60.0-yard gross punting average would represent the highest for a single game in NFL history and the 58.5-yard net average would rank second in league annals.

Additionally, the 82-yard punt would have matched the seventh longest in NFL history.

Injury Report:
Demaryius Thomas (WR) Finger
Marcus Thomas (DE) Groin
D.J. Williams (LB) Elbow
Champ Bailey (CB) Hamstring
Elvis Dumervil (DE) Shoulder
Knowshon Moreno (RB) Hamstring
Brandon Lloyd (WR) Groin
Eddie Royal (WR) Groin
Julius Thomas (TE) Ankle

Chris Johnson (RB) Ribs
Chris Hope (S) Shoulder
Kenny Britt (WR) Quadriceps
Damian Williams (WR) Hamstring

The Broncos got the good injury news they had been hoping for this week, as four starters were cleared to return to practice.

Linebacker D.J. Williams, defensive end Elvis Dumervil, running back Knowshon Moreno and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd​ all were on the field this morning for the start of the Broncos' first practice of the week.

All four players missed Sunday's game against Cincinnati, and Williams also missed the opener against Oakland because of a dislocated elbow suffered in a preseason game Aug. 27.

Cornerback Champ Bailey remains out of practice with a hamstring injury, as do receiver Eddie Royal​ and tight end Julius Thomas - who were injured against the Bengals - and receiver Demaryius Thomas​ and defensive tackle Marcus Thomas.

Former first round draft pick Demaryius Thomas has dealt with more injuries in just over a year in the NFL than many players go through in a several seasons. First was a broken foot, then a re-aggravation of the foot injury. There was also an ankle injury and a concussion during his rookie year.

Then there was the torn Achilles during the 2011 offseason. And just when Thomas was set to return to the field early — he broke his little finger on his left hand. The finger injury will keep him out up for four to six weeks, he said. He is already about two weeks into that recovery period. That could put him on track to return at after the Broncos bye week, for Week 7 at Miami on Oct. 23, or the following week home against Detroit on Oct. 30.

“I’m so anxious,” Thomas said Wednesday.

Thomas said his Achilles injury is healed enough for him to go through conditioning work, and he continues to work on running routes even while he can’t participate in practice because of the finger.

We already knew about Darren Sharper, Quan Cosby and John Nalbone being at Dove Valley for work outs on Tuesday. Cosby, a wide receiver and punt returner, was signed to the active roster, and Nalbone was re-signed to the practice squad. Sharper was more a check up on his knee and may be signed in the future, say if something happens to Dawkins. Five other players also got a look from the Broncos yesterday: DT Marcus Harrison; tight ends Dan Hardy and Martell Webb; and running backs Thomas Clayton, Anthony Elzy and Jalen Parmele. Harrison played for the Bears from 2008-2010. Clayton is veteran who most recently was in Seattle, but also spent time in New England, Cleveland and San Francisco. Parmele was with the Ravens from 2008-2010, and played in 16 games — all on special teams — last year.

The Broncos signed wide receiver Quan Cosby on Tuesday to bolster depth at a position that has been hit hard by injuries.

Cosby caught six passes in 32 games with the Bengals from 2009-10. The 5-foot-9, 190-pounder played four years of professional baseball in the Anaheim Angels' organization.

Cosby will help replace slot receiver Eddie Royal, who has a groin injury and will miss at least two weeks. Royal might not return until after the Broncos' bye week in late October.

Cosby can return punts, a job that was being split by Royal and Eric Decker. Cosby returned 70 punts in his two seasons with the Bengals.

To make room for Cosby on their 53-man roster, the Broncos waived tailback Jeremiah John-son. Johnson was promoted off the practice squad for the Broncos' Week 2 game against Cincinnati, which they won 24-22.

The Broncos were desperate for receivers during their victory over the Bengals. Brandon Lloyd​ was listed as a game-day inactive player because of a groin injury. Royal and tight end Julius Thomas suffered injuries during the first half. The Broncos became so short-handed that backup quarterback Tim Tebow played three snaps at wideout when they lined up in a three-receiver formation.

Denver is confident that Lloyd will be able to play this weekend at Tennessee.

The Broncos added tight end John Nalbone​ to their practice squad Tuesday. He spent half of the 2010 season on Denver's practice squad and the 2011 preseason with the Bengals.

The Denver Broncos have announced that they re-signed RB Jeremiah Johnson to their Practice Squad. Johnson, a 2nd year RB out of Oregon had been promoted to the Active roster from the Broncos Practice Squad 5 days ago to suit up for Denver's game against the Cincinnati Bengals when it became apparent that Knowshon Moreno wouldn't play. After the groin injury to WR Eddie Royal in that game, the team was forced to sign WR/PR Quan Cosby to bolster their Receiving Corps and Jeremiah was waived yesterday. WR Brandon Lloyd was also nursing an injury of his own and that made the roster move mandatory. After the 31 other NFL teams passed him by on the waiver wire, Johnson was eligible to re-sign with the Broncos. To make room for Jeremiah, Denver released WR D'Andre Goodwin from the Practice Squad.

Why to watch
Each team got its first win for its new head coach a week ago, and they did it despite some issues working against them. Denver suffered still more injuries, and the Titans are still working with a Chris Johnson who is trying to run into regular-season form. With the AFC South wide open, this would be a key win for the Titans.

Inside story
Both these teams want to be standouts with the power running game, but haven't established it yet. Matt Hasselbeck has quietly made some things happen for the Titans, though, and he and Kenny Britt have something going right now that Denver's beat-up defense might not be able to stop.

Game This will be a close game I think. Both teams are at similar stages and a similar type of QB play. It very well will come down to which defense can limit the most points from the offensive as this will be a very offensive game. Both teams have weapons. The Broncos defense will need to keep Johnson to under 100 rushing yards if they want the win. I am going with a 24-21 score line and Broncos winning late on a Matt Prater field girl. 'For the Strippers!'

That is it, have a good one ~ Aussie.


  1. Nobody on here lately. Well I want to say that I've been around reading G, even though no commenting.

  2. I'll go with Broncos 31 Tenn 27 with the D keeping Tenn out of the endzone at the end to steal the win.

    I figured we'd be 2-1, but beating the Raiders so if we steal one I will be very pleased. If we lose I may join the other fans hoping we have another high draft pick next year. 1-4 at the bye doesn't sound like to much fun to watch our team suffer through, but realistically with the injuries again things are looking rather bleak.

    When do the strippers come out?

  3. Digger, yeah it has been quite I am always here. Been a bit down though because of the injuries. It will be a hard game to beat the Titans but who knows. If we are 1-4 at the bye Tebow should be playing or else what is the point.

    And the Strippers come out when Prater kicks field goals. He loves the strippers haha

  4. Well that just really sucks. 1-2 and at GB next. Are we having fun yet?

  5. And there's not even any strippers in sight.

  6. Hate losing by close margins, is a good sign, but we need wins, GB I think will put 40 on us.

    And no FG by prater so no strippers.

  7. LOL Rotoworld says Joe Haden will be blanketing Lloyd this week. We don't even play Clev. this year.

  8. Haha nice catch digger, we have green bay this week and I am not looking forward to it.

    Also where is that Princess? she usually does a post game, must be busy with work.

  9. lol, so sorry guys. Got distracted this weekend & never got a chance to do a post game. Don't really see the point in doing a post game for the Tenn game but I'll put in my 2 cents now cuz I'll probably me MIA for the next 4 days just from being tired from work.

    Overall, I thought we played pretty decent in Tennessee. Both sides of the ball were strong, but those 2 INTs by Orton really did us in. Any turnover will do that. I love that they went for the TD on 4th down but they needed a MUCH better plan than trying to run it up the middle for the score. Are you kidding me?? That runnin up the middle crap never works, especially for us, why try it then??? Makes no sense to me.

    I bet you a million bucks had Orton gotten Decker wide open in the end zone, it would've been a TD and then our D could've held down the fort well enough to ensure us a win. Our defense has been much easier to watch than last season, was torture watching them get slaughtered each week. I see a lot of improvement. Can't wait to get Doom back; the rotoworld says he's expected to return Sunday. Keep on bringing the good news! lol

    Don't really remember too much more from the game. Its bittersweet ending a game with such close margins but I would much rather have that than us getting blown out every week or even losing by a TD. We've kept it close which to me is a good sign. Says we're not as horrible as everyone thought we would be. Green Bay will be a good test for us though. The next 2 games will be tough... GB then arch rival San Diego. I think we can win at least one of those two, I really do. At this point, can't really say which one but I think SD at Denver this year will be a much better game for us than it has in the past.

    lol I don't think we'll let GB put up 40 pts on us but will be a tough game for us on both sides. Their D is gonna beat up on Orton all day, I really think if it gets bad enough with him out there, I think & I hope Foxy will call for some Tebow Time! LOL A girl can dream can't she.......

    And our D will have to be at their best to stop that offense. Could be ugly but will give our defense a good test... I hope Doom & Von will be at the top of their game for sure. That would make my day.

  10. That's all I got. See ya in a few days. Its been quiet on here but I come on here all the time on my phone, just never have time to post anything.

  11. The princess returns! Figured u were busy.

    Bit disappointed in the game but I may do a post with pictures with some funny comments to fill the space.

    Doom coming back is great.

    Also a part of me wants us to lose to hopefully see tebow sooner, I have has enough of Orton, but wins against them would be huge.

    Anyway enjoy the days off and we will catch you later princess.