September 12, 2011

Orange Monday - Broncos Vs Raiders - Gameday

Hi everyone, if you are around and want to post during the game I will be here all day. Hope everyone enjoys the game and we smash the Raiders!

Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.


  1. Two hours to game time baby! So pumped.

  2. Game time! Anyone going to blog here? Or is everyone to busy watching the game.

  3. Since no one is here I will just update at the quarters.

    First quarter we saw Orton struggle in the redzone. The O-Line is struggling and thus so is the run game. Passing seems ok.

    Defense is ok but struggling against the run. Miller forced a fumble on the first play.

    And Doom is playing only on passing downs, Hunter is in on running downs.

  4. Second quarter.

    Gave up a TD early following on from the 1st where we can not stop the run. Raiders take the lead, 7-3 after we had scored a FG early.

    Moreno fumbles, it starts pouring rain and the Broncos are in trouble, but the defense makes a good stand holding the Raiders too 3. 10-3.

    The offense continues to struggle but is saved by a great punt by Colquitt which is downed at the one by Vaughn. The resulting series the defense holds and the Raiders punt and Lance F'ing Ball gets an unnecessary roughness call.

    Oh and our run game is sucking hard and waaayyyy to many penalties.

    After another terrible drive by the offense, Prater tries a 56 yard FG and misses right. Orton did throw a few nice passes in this drive but also some shockers.

    Run defense still struggling and now two minute warning.

  5. In the 2 mins leading to half time defense finally make a stop after a HUGE amount of penatlies and Oakland kick a FG. 13-3, Denver offense will take over with over a mintue left in the half.

  6. 2 minute warning, the defense makes a stop after a heap of penatlies. Raiders kick a FG, 13-3. The offense takes over and Orton is sacked on the first play then completes two good passes.

  7. Then Orton throws an intercept and hopefully that is the end of the half.

  8. Also looks like Tebow is number 3 since he isn't suited up. Meaning Quinn is number 2, why?

  9. Janikowski is in to try a 63-yard field goal and it is good, equalling Elams record. What a good game this is...16-3 at the half.

  10. If you dont want to see a horror show look away now.

    Orton 11/23 for 125 yards and an intercept.
    Moreno 5 carries for 4 yards and a fumble.
    McGahee 2 carries for 0 yards.
    Way to many penalties.

    The Raiders aint much better but they can run the ball a little. FGs will win this game.

  11. Second half starts off really well. Defense makes a stop forcing the Raiders to go 3 and out. Then Decker returns the punt for a TD! Broncos are back in this one. 16-10.

    3rd and long conversions still killing Denver D. They have given up more than enough in this game. After another long series and the Raiders use two of their timeouts, they will punt, Decker only gets 3 yards on this one.

  12. Next drive we manage to make it all the way down into the redzone on the back of penatlies and a few good plays. This is one long drive. But Orton again fails in the redzone. Throwing a horrible ball that is incomplete and then getting sacked. So they kick a FG. 16-13

  13. Hunter gets the first sack of the year and forces a fumble. The defense has played well in this quarter and forces another punt, lets go offense.

    We cant run the ball but our short passing game has picked up. End of the 3rd and we are down 16-13 but in good position to add more points.

  14. The Broncos start the fourth in good position. Then Orton completes some nice passes and a nice one to Decker. Then Orton is Orton. He is sacked and fumbles the ball away. Defense is back on.

    Defense gets run over by Mcfadden again as he is stopped at the 1 by Champ after a 47 yard run, Mays was flat footed on the play, he should have made the tackle. D struggling again. Campbell sneaks in for the TD and that may be the game. 23-13. Orton lost us this game, hopefully people realize he is not the answer.

    Orton sacked again on the first play of the drive. Can we protect this guy.
    We then have two completed passes. Both are fumbled and then recovered by our guys. Really lucky there. Franklin gets called for holding for the second time. This drive is embrassing. Then Orton is sacked...again, that makes 4. Then he throws two incomplete passes which ends the drive.

  15. Defense makes another stop, they are helping out the offense giving them heaps of ball, which they just can't use. The crowd has started booing Orton and chanting Tebow.

    More penatlies to start the next drive. Then Moreno has a good run. Current total, Penalties 14 Raiders 10 Broncos Penalty Yards 126 Raiders 91 Broncos...terrible. Orton completely a heap of passes and now in the redzone. A few of those passes went to Decker.

    Champ Bailey left Monday's Week 1 game against the Raiders with a leg injury.

  16. Orton connects with Ball for a TD finally! 23-20 back in this with 4 mins left in the game.

  17. Now down to the 2 min warning and the defense can't make a stop. That could be game.

  18. Knowshon Moreno limped off the field in the fourth quarter of Monday's Week 1 game against the Raiders.

    End of Game, 23-20.

    McFadden 22 carries 150 yards.
    Orton was 24/46 for 304 yards, 1 td, int and fumbles.
    Moreno 8 for 22.
    Longest run was by Orton for 13.
    Decker and Lloyd had ok games.
    Hunter, Dawkins, Mays and Miller were good but need to be better.
    O-line wasn't very good.

    That was fun..........