September 13, 2011

Week 1: Broncos-Raiders Post Game

Just had to show this picture as this was the last of the pre-game 9/11 tributes. This is the epitome of the American Spirit; proud of it.

Well, Week 1 is over and a tough one to swallow for Denver fans. Very close game all separated by a 63-yard Oakland field goal.

Not even sure where to start on this game, too much went wrong, too many mistakes were made, WAY too many penalties were committed, the rain didn't help anyone's cause and then there's Kyle Orton.

Now we all know Orton is NOT the only reason why we lost this game. Every game is either a TEAM win or loss. However, Orton's involvement was of no help. I'll get to that big issue later.


The Denver offense itself, no one singled out, was very mediocre. Literally just a handful of bright spots, including the 2nd half touchdown brought to by a 3rd string RB of all people.

Oline got sloppy as the game went on. No excuses are acceptable but the rain only made it more of a challenge for our offense to get anything done. The line let Orton get sacked 5 times - there is just no excuse for that, period.

I watched the whole game with no interruptions and our offense was a blur, on & off the field in no time. Don't know what to really say about it other than put a good majority of the blame on Orton. Its not all his fault but everyone knows the QB carries the weight of the offense, they are the person everyone looks to for leadership, guidance & direction. He is the anchor of the offense.

Orton is none of those things, NONE. There is too much to be said about our QB situation, I'm gonna save it for last. Bottom line is though, Orton is not our answer.

As for the starters on offense, this is the story they wrote last night:

Kyle Orton was 24/46 for 304 yards; 1 TD & 1 INT... and too many fumbles for me to remember

Knowshon Moreno had 8 carries for 22 yards

Brandon Lloyd had 6 receptions for 89 yards

Eric Decker was a stud last night with 3 receptions for 53 yards and the first 2011 Bronco touchdown on a punt return. This kid shines like a big bright light. Freakin' awesome football player! Love this guy!


Got to give them credit for stopping two potential touchdowns & forcing Oakland to go for FGs instead. Had they got TDs, the score & outcome of the game would've been completely different.

In my opinion, I think our D now looks somewhat better than last years overall defense. They held down the fort pretty well given the circumstances. Weather is always a factor, never an excuse. The rain gave Champ a tough time, he kept slipping when he was supposed to make a play or stop one. #24 had a rough night and has a slight injury because of it.

This is where our offense comes in... they were shut down so quickly & too often we ended up running our defense into the ground, completely wore them out by the 4th quarter, at least. If this is how our offense is going to play, regardless of who is behind center, all season, we won't have a defense left. We cannot afford to have our D on the field what seemed like 90% of the game. We just can't do it and unfortunately it does come down to who is behind center & those 3 little words, time of possession.

By late 2nd half, our defense was very tired and worn down, understandably so.

As if that wasn't enough for us to deal with, there are the injuries that occurred late Monday night

For starters, Elvis Dumervil is said to have aggravated his shoulder, shouldn't be serious at all but Coach Fox won't have complete updates on him or Champ Bailey (hamstring) until tomorrow. Can't afford to lose either one of those guys, our D needs a break!!!! Knowshon Moreno (hamstring) & Brandon Lloyd (groin) also had an MRI's today.

Injury bug continues to hit Denver... when oh when will it end???????

Special Teams:

Eric Decker was the play maker of the night, taking an Oakland punt early in the 3rd quarter all the way back for 90 beautiful yards. Definitely the play of the night. In addition, he made 5 catches that were great passes and Decker made it look so easy. Again, the kid was a stud last night. Get him more involved, please!!

Kicker Matt Prater missed a 56 yard FG... I was sure it was going to make it and about halfway to the post its like the ball decided nah, I'm gonna go clear out to the right and so it did. That missed FG could've at least tied the game. It's only the first game of the season but this loss just burns... heck, any loss to an arch rival, such a hated team like the raiders will always burn.

And at some point in the 1st half, one of our punts was blocked which set up Oakland's first score of the night I believe... correct me if I'm wrong. Whole game is a blur to me. lol

Now for the big hoo-rah that is Kyle "Blah" Orton. He's good but not great by any means. He's a leader but doesn't have that natural drive to be someone of great leadership to really make an impact on a team, let alone an offense. Orton & Tebow are complete opposites. Granted I'd rather have Orton than Quinn, but right now Quinn isn't even a factor to me. He's just there.

Orton got off to a rough start and took a nose dive somewhere in the middle and never got back on his feet... how could he being sacked 5 flippin times. Good grief!
He literally made a handful of actual good catchable on target passes and the rest made me mad, made me shiver in my skin and then made me think, this is what our HC thinks is our BEST option at QB?? Oh you got to be kidding me.

Being to harsh?? I think not. After 3 years of being here, regardless of having to adjust to a new coach & scheme of things, Orton should have some kind of rhythm or pattern by now... something to go on. But instead he's either throwing that ball around like its candy to whoever is there or not there or he decides to put super glue on his hands and can't get rid of that ball when necessary (he did that once the whole game).

This is so unlike me but I give up on this guy. He's got no consistency, he flip flops from one good play to a bad play, cant' build off anything he does... listen up John Fox, IT IS TEBOW TIME!! Knock, knock?

Funny thing is, when asked if he even considered making a QB change in the game, Fox completely avoided the question which tells me he thought about it but doesn't have the guts. Then later on he says there's no QB controversy in Denver. Umm, hello dude, when you have fans screaming "Tebow" for at least a whole quarter, you most certainly have a QB controversy.

They may get along in practices but even Tebow knows its Tebow Time.

Sometime during the first half, after Orton made one of his boo-boos, he was seen on the sidelines yelling at his offense/oline (first error right there bud) and right behind him was Tebow, just watching him rant on and on. The look on Tebow's face just screamed "it should be me out there, not this babbling fool". Tebow had this most evil look on his face, clearly anger & frustration about how bad the team was doing but I'm sure he had to be thinking he should be out there on the field with the offense.

I can't guarantee greatness out of Tebow, but I can guarantee had he been given a shot at this game, at least in the 4th quarter we most definitely would've had a better shot at winning the game. Simply put, Tebow is a finisher, the closer as I like to call him. He knows how to get the job done, whatever it takes. He's a mobile QB, athletic enough to make plays and whenever given the chance to get help he can become a more accurate passer. Hold him back though and we will be denying ourselves a shot a greatness.

Tebow is our guy, just let the man play already! Orton is killing me out there. Drives me up the wall when he just stands there with a man WIDE OPEN in the 2nd half and just holds on to that ball like its his lifeline. Talk about an inaccurate passer, dude can't make up his mind, throw the ball or not throw the ball. Can't see when to let go and when to hold on to it just a little longer.

I think I just dug Orton's grave here but he really frustrated me last night. I swear I just about jumped through the TV and tackled him myself. I'm not one that supports the fans that boo our team or a certain player but Orton is another issue. I was with those fans chanting "Tebow" all the way.

Its Tebow Time, wake up Coach Fox & smell the fire this kid has and give him a shot. Never know what you got right in front of you till its gone. DO NOT let this kid slide out of Denver. You can't afford it.

Hurricane Ashley is done. lol

Here's some of the good stuff from Denver. Decker's punt return is one video I could watch over & over. Great stuff!

Decker’s AMAZING 90-yard punt return

Orton to 3rd stringer Lance Ball for 4th quarter TD

The Fans Have Spoken: Tebow Time!

Thought this was funny... should've brought that sign with me when I had lunch today with my raider fan friend. lol Yeah I really did buy him a steak lunch today. Not gonna happen again!! lol

Here's to Denver getting back on track this Sunday when they face Cincinnati in the Mile High City. Get it done boys, get it done!

Hurricane Ashley is out!


  1. lol that picture of Orton just sitting on the ground... what would it take for him to just stay there. Should've left him there.

  2. What they should do is put this long thing underneath him called the bench.

  3. Also hopefully it was a cheap streak Princess. This was a dismal lose when we could have put more points on this team.

  4. That's me and my brother in that pic! lol

  5. Nice dude is an awesome pic.

  6. Thanks Gould! Every Bronco and Raider fan loved it and took pics with us before the game. lol So much fun! =)

  7. lol, what are the odds I would pick a picture that featured one of our own followers?? I got all the pics from DP and that was one of them, it fit the whole scenario & its a great picture. Funny too!

    LOL @ Aussie... yeah just stick the bench underneath him & glue it to his butt. That would make my day. haha

    It was a pretty cheap steak, was cheaper than most other places would've been. Of course I had to have something to so it was about as cheap as steak could get without it not being real good. Was very good!!

    The next bet he wants to make is loser has to wear jersey of the other team, I told him no way am I putting on a raider jersey... I'd rather buy him lunch again! lol I draw the line there.

  8. I know that is pretty cool.

    Also figured it would be a cheap streak haha, and yeah never agree to wearing an Raiders jersey, but would be funny if he had to wear a Orton jersey around for a while. That would rub it in the most.

  9. Was as cheap as I could get it. lol He's not worthy of wearing a Tebow jersey so I would make him wear one with Orton's name, although I obviously don't have one of those! haha He could wear my Cutler jersey LOL Not sure he could fit into any of them... gotta come up with something better.

    So I'll probably be MIA for awhile. The U.S. Women's soccer team is playing a game in KC on Saturday & of course I bought tickets as soon as I could. SO freakin' excited. And then tomorrow they are having an open practice at the stadium and I'll be going, hopefully I can get autographs. That's usually what those practices are for... watch them practice & then you get to meet them, etc. Will tell you all about it... :D

    Oh and looks like we'll be missing some key players at Sunday's game which is NOT what we needed, Doom, Champ & Lloyd especially. With those 3 possibly out, I'm not sure I want to watch our defense. Whenever I find that injury bug I'm gonna shoot it, burn it & then ship it to outer space. lol This has got to stop... not gonna let it ruin my weekend, too excited for Saturday. Later dudes ;)