November 15, 2011

Week 10: Broncos - Chiefs Post Game

After a huge victory in Oakland over the hated Raiders, the Denver Broncos flew to KC to seek another big division win and got it, 17-10.

Denver moved up one spot in the division and is neck 'n neck with the Chargettes & Chiefs.

This Thursday's night showdown vs. the Jets in Denver will be a defining moment in the AFC West. If Denver can claim their 3rd consecutive win, we will be breathing down Oakland's neck who (disgustingly) sits atop our crazy unpredictable division.

As for the game itself... wild. I missed the whole thing but was able to record & then watch it and it was just wild to see us pull off such a run-heavy game. I think its very funny yet coincidental that for so many years after Elway retired we were such a pass-heavy team & couldn't run the ball to save our lives. Now we've become just the opposite. Denver fans have begged for our historical run game to come back from the days we had the likes of Terrell "TD" Davis running the ball, and we got our wish, big time.


They dominated the game. Tebow took the reigns of our offense & got things done. The score may not reflect the domination I saw in the game from our offense but I think they were amazing to watch on the field. 55 rushing attempts for a mind-blowing 244 freakin' yards!!! That's nuts!!

Whatever works, I'll take it. The fact that Denver pulled it off and was running down KC's throat and never let up, I don't care how silly or crazy the critics think we are. Fact is IT WORKED!! And the game plan we had in KC will not be the same next time we face each other or for another opponent.

As for Tim Tebow...

Tebow CAN throw, its just a matter of him improving immensely on his mechanics & accuracy to become an elite QB in the NFL.

But the fact that critics have repeatedly said we can't pull off this read-option system in the NFL, they are being proven wrong. Granted we haven't played the Patriots yet with that system, a much better team than KC but the fact remains Tebow is the most driven, motivated & determined football player I've seen in a very long time and he'll do what it takes to lead this team to many wins, most likely running the ball.

I like that our Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy is adjusting our offense to each game. Mix it up by all means, PLEASE!! Give Tebow more trick plays to work with, I know he could pull them off.

My only MAJOR concern with this run-heavy offense they have put in place is that they will end up putting all their focus into what works for Tebow & the offense and forget about putting just as much focus on helping #15 be a better, more accurate passer.

Not getting him the help he needs for that big weakness of his will only continue to hurt him in the long run.

As for his 8 passes on Sunday, at least 2 of those that were incompletes should have been caught & those missed chances are on the receivers, NOT Tebow. Earlier in the game he had a beautiful long pass to Decker and the ball may have wobbled through the air, it was a very catchable pass and there's no excuse for why Decker didn't haul that one in.

Tebow also had another decent pass to Eddie Royal that was incomplete. Not a pretty pass but again, very catchable. Those 2 missed chances are on the receivers, IMHO.

Tebow's only 2 completions out of 8 pass attempts all game long belong to Willis & the game-securing TD pass to Decker who made up for his earlier missed opportunity. A gorgeous 56-yard pass and #87 took the rest of the way. Best play of the game, by far.

As for our much-talked about run game. I love that we had so many people in there to run the ball.

Lance Ball was just 4 yards away from a 100-yard game with 30 attempts for 96 yards. Ball became the main go-to guy after Denver took a big hit to their big run game... losing both McGahee & Moreno to injuries early on.

After they both left & never returned to the field, Ball took over and Fullback Spencer Larsen got a few more chances than normal to run the ball. Eddie Royal had a few carries and of course, Tebow had a few himself, namely on the Broncos' first drive of the game. Denver got down to KC's 7-yard line and Tebow ran it in to take the lead that Denver maintained all game long.

Our offense had a big day in KC. Will be very interesting to see what they do on Thursday night vs. the Jets.


Our D was solid, shutting down KC in the entire first half - didn't allow any points at all for the first half. Was very impressed with our defense there.

Rookie Von Miller continues to be our little firecracker leading the defense in sacks by adding 1.5 from KC. I love this kid!! Such a beast on that field. Once again, Von-Doom attacked Cassel together each earning half a sack. I hope they can become more dominant with each & every game. Ryan McBean & DJ Williams also had big sacks on Cassel, with a team total of 4 with a total loss of 16 yards.

DJ Williams also caused a forced fumble, which was recovered by former Bronco now Chief, Casey Wiegmann.

Undrafted FA Chris Harris has become a surprise winner for our defense as he led the team with Joe Mays in tackles, 8 each (solo).

Was very pleased overall with our defense.

Special Teams:
The main thing I noticed were several of the punts, they were short enough that our guys were able to run down the field fast enough to stop the ball from bouncing into the end zone so that KC would have to start their drive from inside the 10.

It happened at least 3 times that I can remember. I think that was a huge playmaker for our defense to stop them from getting very far down field. There was one play that was the beginning of one of KC's drives that they were close enough to the end zone that had Cassel held on to the ball for just 2 more seconds, Von Miller would have gotten a sack on him but also a safety. Miller came flying at him. Again I love that kid! Keep it up!


We took a pretty big hit early on in KC when we lost both McGahee & Moreno in the game.

McGahee went out first with a pulled left hamstring. He's been in practice but I doubt he'll play on Thursday night & if he does it will be very little. I'd rather have him sit this one out and rest so that he's ready for our 2nd match-up with San Diego. We need McGahee for that one more than the Jets game.

Knowshon Moreno is most likely done for the season, as he will need surgery on his injured left knee and Denver said he will be placed on IR causing the Broncos to bring Jeremiah Johnson up from the practice squad. I feel for Moreno, he's had a tough season with too many injuries but I think Johnson will be a good fit for our run-away offense.

Also another concern is Ryan Clady. He left the game in the 2nd half and never returned. Can't remember what the injury was but we can't lose him. Our Oline was awesome on Sunday, they really came through for Tebow, of course its much easier when your QB never throws the ball but still they did their jobs. Hope to get more info on his injury.
Broncos Nominated for Awards:

Rookie Von Miller is nominated for the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week Award for his 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 tackles for loss yardage and 4 quarterback hits in the rival game against the Chiefs.

Miller also leads all the rookies in the NFL and is tied at 7th among all the other defensive players for sacks, he has 8 on this season.

Be sure to vote for him!!

In addition, the big Tebow to Decker 56-yard TD PASS is nominated for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week Award. Vote! Vote! Vote!

Denver won this award a few weeks ago with their wild last minute win over Miami.

Here are several highlights from the game. Enjoy!

Tebow to Decker for 4th quarter 56-yard TD pass

Split sack for Von-Doom

DJ Williams sack & forced fumble

Ryan McBean sack on Cassel

Miller gets sack on Cassel

Tebow runs in 7-yard Touchdown

Moreno runs 24 yards

22-yard run by Moreno; Injured on play

This last video is a rewind in time. The 1998 AFC Championship was a crazy crazy crazy match-up between the Broncos & Jets. I thought this would be fun to see ahead of our Thursday night game against New York. Brings back memories... that Shannon Sharpe is a funny man! lol

So fun seeing Elway, Sharpe, Davis, R. Smith, McCaffrey out there playing. Gotta love those Super Bowl days.............

Broncos – Jets legendary 1998 match-up

Now go run down those Jets!! lol


  1. Story time!! lol

    So part of my job includes working charters for sports teams, businesses, etc.

    I got asked if I wanted to work the Bronco charter... DUH!! lol

    Only thing is, because we are a screening team we can't ask for anything. No autographs, pictures, nothin... if you do, you're fired. Only if they offer can you take something but we can say hi, very little chit chat.

    Missed the entire game, didn't get to see any of it but set it up to record and watched it today. Anyway, basically once the Broncos got cleaned up we are a screening team which means we go through their bags make sure they're not trying to carry anything on the plane that they shouldn't have and they get wanded down. Only guys can wand guys, so I didn't get to have any of that fun. lol

    So there was 5 of us girls that had to check out the bags and that's where you really get to see the players up close and talk to them.

    Saw Pat Bowlen up close, he didn't have to get screened or anything. Left in private car. Few minutes later my hero, Elway, came by. I was less than 5 feet away from John Elway, I'm tellin ya I almost passed out. lol Just killed me I couldn't say anything to him. Looked real good!!!

    Big highlight was Tebow was like the last person to come through since everyone had to talk to him. THE MAN IS HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol So yummy... and I thought he was fun to look at in pictures, holy macaroni & cheese!!!! Whew.......

    He came out of the tunnel and like the awesome dude he is, he went to say hi to some fans. Was staring him down the whole time and he was giving autographs, taking pictures even giving hugs to fans. Drove me nuts cuz he wouldn't do any of that when he came to get screened. But when he did, one of the other girls is a Bronco fans so we were having a FUN time goin through all their bags. lol

    We asked our supervisor to bring Tebow's suitcase to us and I personally got to go through his stuff. We do a very watered-down version of what TSA does at the airports, open the bag, take a quick look, shuffle around the stuff inside & look real quick for things they shouldn't have, then close it. They put Tebow's suitcase on the table in front of me and of course I took a little extra time with it. Opened it, went through some of his close... was really funny, I touched something wet like something sweaty... didn't even care what it was as least I can say I went through Tim Tebow's suitcase!! LOL

    He never looked my way or said anything to me but I was less than 3 feet away from him. Just a table separating me from him. Could've very easily reached across the table & touched his arm... took the jaws of life to keep my hand to myself. lol

    Anyway, got to talk to Eric Decker a little bit. Such a cool dude, told him awesome game, congrats on the TD & win. They are SO much more fun to stare at in person! LOL

    And let me just say, Brady Quinn may not be a very good QB... but DAMN!!!!!!! That man cleans up REAL good. Wow!! He came to get screened & he was dressed like he was going to the Oscars or something, good gravy. Not one wrinkle in his suit, not one. He was dressed to the hilt.

  2. And almost had a real big moment out there. They took up 5 big buses. There is supposed to be one security person on each bus for all their safety. At the beginning they only had 1 or 2 people, so they needed 3 extra people.

    I got asked to ride on one of the buses to the airport so I nearly flipped a gasket, of course I said yes. So time came for them to leave and there's a lady that's in charge, supervisor for the airline they're flying on, she's in charge of making sure things are done right. Well, she doesn't do a very good job.

    We had to ask her which bus she wanted the extra 3 people on and she ended up saying that she had it covered... in other words, she disregarded regulations and denied me & 2 others a chance of a lifetime to ride on the buses. Wasn't really surprised, I had heard she was a mean like that. She has to ride on one of the buses but she apparently didn't think the other 4 needed anyone on them. And of course she was on the first bus, with JOHN ELWAY!

    Little schmuck.... oh well, was a real fun day. Got to see the entire team up close & got to go through Tebow's stuff. Should've left my phone number in his suitcase, ahahaha

  3. Was going to ask you about the story, but tooooo funny. Have you picked your mouth off the floor yet or cleaned up the puddle of drool? haha.

    All three I would say are good looking men, but I have a soft spot for champ hehe

    Hopefully that something sweaty wasn't a jock strap ;)

  4. Plus would have been funny to see princess all dolled up for the fellas haha

  5. Player princess! So should have done that leaving your phone number.

  6. LOL, I think I may have picked up my mouth off the floor by now... not sure. haha When I saw Elway & how close he was, I'm dead serious, I thought my heart was going to jump out of me.

    Also I did see Champ up close too, went through his stuff. Gotta say that beard of his looks so weird on him. Anyway, right before he walked off to get on one of the buses I said hi and called him "Champ the man". lol He smiled & said thanks. Was funny.

    Wasn't able to show my jersey that I was wearing under my work shirt but my Broncos lanyard & earrings were very visible to let everyone know where I stand. Believe I would've gone all out if I could.

    As for the phone number thing, the other girl told me I should have done that after he started to walk away. Never really crossed my mind otherwise I would've had it ready to slip in his suitcase. lol

    I believe the something wet was a towel, can't be completely sure but it was NO jock strap I know that much. haha