August 21, 2012

Broncos Vs Seahawks Post Game

This past Saturday the Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks at Mile High. Unfortunately the Seahawks came away with the 30-10 victory. But in the bigger scheme of things that doesn't really matter.

As for me I saw only parts of the game. I saw most of the first, a little of the second, most of the third and a little of the fourth. Therefore my analysis may not be spot on or the opinion of others. Time to take a closer look and dissect the Broncos second preseason game.

The offense struggled for much of the game and having 3 turnovers in the first half did not help.

There was also an issue with drops as Decker dropped a wide open pass and Tamme dropped a touchdown. The receivers will need to get back into camp and work hard as these plays killed us.

Manning was fairly solid. He started off slow but he showed good arm strength, footwork and accuracy. Plus he took his first hit and of course got back up and continued playing. He did throw two intercepts but they weren't that bad. His first one was a good play by the Hawk defensive line. The other one the ball got away from Manning and sailed. He still has some work to do. He also had a good two minute drill towards the end of the half where he craved up the Hawks secondary.

Osweiler took over in the second half and he struggled early. But his O-line didn't help much. He held onto the ball a little long as well but hey he is a rookie what you going to do.

There was an issue with the run game as it was none existent after Willis McGahee left the game. There was nothing to follow him and the back up guys did not impress. The Seahawks do have an unrated defensive line for what it is worth.

I thought Julius Thomas was disappointing again but it looks like he is working himself back into it.

Stokley and Decker were the top receivers followed by Lance Ball. Apart from his catches Ball didn't do much, other than fumble the ball.

As for the Offensive Line, the first string guys were good even without Kuper. The back ups again were average at best.

For the defense they surprisingly struggled with stopping the run. The first team defense gave up, I believe, 76 rushing yards in the first half. In total close to 220+ yards were gained by the Hawks. The second team missed a few of the young linebackers with injuries, such as Trevathan who was out with an injury and Irving followed suit during the game.

Watching the first team defense it was clear to see Ty Warren was beast against the double team. Though he didn't register on the stat sheet much he was dominate.

Doom played exceptional well and all Okung could do was to hold him. It was laughable the amount of holding calls he did get away with.

Mays had one of his better games but he is still missing tackles he needs to make.

I saw Nate Irving making a few plays. I especially liked where he read the play, filled his gap, and nailed the running back for a loss. He did miss the tackle on the TD run. He went high and whiffed on the tackle, he just needs to go low. But I was more surprised with how quick he got over there.

Mitch Unrein run a little with the ones. He picked up a half sack and showed a good motor.

Beal looked pretty good coming off the edge, if it wasn't for Russell Wilson's legs he may have had a few sacks. Speaking of Russell Wilson he killed it, that kid could be something special.

Wolfe kept showing up and was around the ball constantly.

I was impressed by Malik Jackson, he got a good sack. The great thing about him is he still looks lean, he could and will probably get much bigger.

Special Teams
Bruton was beast blocking two punts. His spot was never in doubt.

Tony Carter needs to be cut. Plus we need to find some returners.

Prater was money and Colquitt was awesome.

In other news it looks like we are starting to get healthy. With four Broncos returning to practice.

That is it from me ~ Aussie.


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