August 10, 2012

Broncos Vs Bears Post Game

The Broncos played their first game of the 2012 season today against the Bears. The Broncos came away from Soldier field with the 31-3 victory. I myself did not get to see the game but here are notes from what I have read, heard and seen.


Personally I liked seeing more one running, one tight and three receiver sets (113) compared to the option offense of yesteryear. It is really night and day to compare the two.

Also I am loving our depth across the team expect for OL. Each new team whether it was the twos, threes or fours brought it today. The back up O-Line though needs work, they struggled with penalties all night.

First string OL looked good, they did give Manning time to make plays. But it would have been different if Peppers was playing.

We didn't get to see much of Manning as he only played one series. He came in and showed he was a little rusty. But he did his thing and made some nice passes. Most importantly he didn't get injured.

Hanie was next up with the twos. He was booed heavily when he came out and that may have rattled him. He showed a lot of bad to begin with and then some good. Unfortunately for him there was more bad than there was good.

Osweiler came in after half time and saw a little action. He displayed surprising footwork for a rookie. And he has a big arm, so far he has impressed.

Weber finished the game in the fourth. He did OK and threw a nice TD to Ingram.

Willis McGahee still has a lot to give out of his old legs, plus I did see him light up some linebackers coming through.

Knowshon looked on point considering he has only been back two weeks. Let's see if he can get through Preseason.

Omon and JJ both had good games. It is probably time to step up their competition and see what they can do against the big boys because Ball still sucks.

What I have heard Gronk seemed to block well and was the better out of the two fullbacks.

Of the receivers Jason Hill and Gerell Robinson stepped it up. They also could do with some tougher competition. Hill showed some toughness in getting his touchdown.

Ninja Willis ran some good routes and was money when they went to him. Stokley better watch out.

Of the Tight Ends they were surprisingly absent from the stat sheet. But Ingram came up big today did more than other young players Julius Thomas and Virgil Green.


The Defense was on point all night across the board.

Wolfe was a beast today and picked up two sacks. Both weren't dominating sacks but Wolfe showing his none stop motor and not giving up on the play.

Nate Irving showed up big time today and was probably the best of the linebackers. Even Mike Mohamed played well. Danny Trevathan had a decent game. The Brooking signing must have set a fire under these guys. Was Woodyard even out there? Or did he just play with the ones on the first series.

In the Hunter vs Ayers battle, Ayers got on the stat sheet, Hunter did not. Ayers had a good sack but he needs to do that against the ones.

Jeremy Beal got two sacks and is pushing for a spot.

Obiozor played well towards the end of the game and the Duke impressed on special teams.

Though they didn't register on the stat sheet I heard Siliga and Garland were collapsing the pocket.

One thing about the defense was their tackling was amazing.

Special Teams

Prater did miss a 57 yarder but otherwise was money, as was Colquitt.

The return duties are still up for grabs. But Bolden, Willis and Squid handed those duties the best.

Video Highlights

First Half Photos

Second Half Photos

I would be happy to hear any other comments or points from the game that I may have missed. Otherwise enjoy the win and get prepared for next week's ~ Aussie.


  1. Thanks G. I didn't get a chance to watch it yet. I have it DVR'd though.

  2. Let us know what you think Digger after you have watched the game.

  3. you fellas ready for the draft?

  4. That sucks. Working and missed it. I was thinking 3:00 CDT was 4:00 my time and then was home at 4:30. Thought maybe the first two picks would be auto pick and could do the rest. Nope. I am CDT. Duh. It was over. Oh well.

  5. haha. So how do you like your team?

  6. Gouldy got stuck with Cutler... again! lololol

  7. Mother f***er, god damn it! I can't believe I missed it again! I thought it was 6:00pm today but it was 6:00am, I was sound asleep.

    And bloody Cutler, at least I think he is in for a big year with Marshall and Jeffery.

    Also have Maclin again and pretty set with RBs

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  9. Yeah, I got Rivers. Worse than Cutler. I like about 50% of it.

  10. Maybe if you have some good receivers I could hook you up with a running back?

  11. I am going to DOOMinate!!!

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  13. Haha Jazzy, your team did look good. The one problem I see with having the draft now is that half your team may be injured by the time the regular season rolls around.

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