August 28, 2012

Roster Cuts to 75; Broncos Vs Cardinals Preview

As was mentioned early the Broncos made 12 cuts and placed one player on IR to reach the 75 roster limit today. The cuts are as follows:

LS Lonie Paxton
Linebacker Elliot Coffey
Wide receiver Mark Dell
Wide receiver Cameron Kenney
Tight end Anthony Miller
Defensive end Cyril Obiozor
Running back Xavier Omon
Safety Anthony Perkins
Tackle Mike Remmers
Cornerback Ramzee Robinson
Fullback Austin Sylvester
Guard Austin Wuebbels

There were no real big surprises here. Paxton possibly was one but the writing was on the wall when your coach says this about the other long snapper. "We brought (Brewer) in with the idea that we liked his ability," Head Coach John Fox said. "He’s an exceptional athlete." This does mean Brewer will be the team's Long Snapper.

The cut of Fullback Austin Sylvester gives Gronk the inside look at the fullback spot if we intend to carry a true fullback.

Also RB Omon was cut after getting no touches the last two games. He may be seen later in the year depending on injuries. And we lost Cyril Obiozor who only had a cool name.

The final roster move was putting Jason Hunter on to injury reserve. Hopefully we see the same toughness and aggression from him next year.

Broncos Vs Cardinals Preview
The Broncos hit the road as they head into their final preseason game against the Cards. Since it is the final preseason game of the year the starters are not expected to play much if at all. And with the Broncos needing to cut 20 players by Friday the bottom end of the roster will be fighting hard. Here are a few of those battles to watch:


At quarterback it really depends on Hanie. If he has a poor game and Osweiler and especially Weber have very good games the Broncos may rethink their backup quarterback plan.

Running back, hopefully someone steps up and takes Lance Ball's position. We should see plenty of snaps for Ball, Moreno, Hillman and JJ. Let's see who gets those final spots on the roster.

At Wide Receiver I think we will see a lot from Caldwell, Hill, Robinson, Orton and Willis. Caldwell needs to have a good game and shake off the drops. Same goes for Hill. Personally I want to see Robinson have a big game, though that probably will mean we can't stash him on the practice squad.

Tight End, this is all down to Green, Thomas and Ingram. Who is going to stand up and be noticed?

Fullback, will Gronk have a big day?

Offensive Line, who of the backups will wade out of the crap.


Defensive End, Ayers, Beal, Blatnick are fighting for the last two spots. Ayers and Beal should have them locked up but they need solid performances.

Defensive Tackle. Unrein, Siliga, Jackson and Garland are fighting for one maybe two positions. This will be one of the hottest battles on game day. At the moment Unrein and Jackson have the inside track on the positions. Garland probably goes to the practice squad leaving Siliga needing a huge game.

In the Linebacker corps the guys to watch are Nate Irving, Mike Mohamed, Steve Johnson, Keith Brooking and Danny Trevathan. The main linebackers fighting for spots are Mohamed, Johnson, Brooking and maybe Trevathan. Mohamed and Brooking may not play so Johnson needs another good outing.

Another tough battle is at Safety. Bruton should have a spot. But Bush, Leonhard and Duke are battling for maybe one spot.

For the Corners I would say Florence, Bolden, Carter and Squid are challenging for the final roster positions. Bolden should be safe but Florence must do something to impress after such a poor game last week. Squid needs to do something on Special Teams to make this team.

Well that is it from me and Go Broncos! ~ Aussie.


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  2. These have been hard days and I think Paxton and Brewer are a good combination. The battle is not over and the games are not completed yet. The other guys have to fight harder furte. Overall I think all of them are not far behind, but will have to battle harder. Good luck to all.

  3. Hey Anabelle, unfortunately Paxton is gone and it is hard for long snappers to form a combination. But I do agree the battle is not over and every player needs to fight for their roster spot.

  4. Thanks Jazzy, I always thought I was funny :P

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