August 26, 2012

Broncos Vs 49ers Post Game

The Broncos were downed by the 49ers early today by a score of 29-24 but that doesn't tell the truth of the awesome day the first team had. Unfortunately I did not get to see most of the game since my Internet crapped out. I did get to see the fourth quarter at least.

Below are my notes from what I have seen, gathered and read.

The kickoff hit a security guard haha.

It can be said that the Broncos won the first half of the game and most of that was on Manning.

Manning was hot going 10/12 with two scores. He showed great toughness, accuracy etc. Some of his passes didn't have great velocity but than again he never had a cannon for an arm.

Hanie had his first really good game as a Bronco. He started out slow with a bad pick by Perrish Cox on an under thrown ball but he bounced back with some nice drives.

Brock and Weber struggled behind the weak 2nd and 3rd team lines.

Lance Ball didn't have a good game on the ground but picked up good yardage through the air. JJ did the same and personally I like him over Ball. Omon didn't get any game time and probably will be cut tomorrow.

Knowshon ran with aggression and power.

We got our first look at Ronnie Hillman and he showed some burst and speed.

Dreesen looks like a great buy at TE. Virgil Green displayed raw power on his only catch.

Thomas, Skokley and Willis had good grabs. The great thing about Thomas is there is still so much improvement to see.

Gronk had some nice blocks and looks like the fullback we will keep.

There were too many drops from the lower ranked receivers. Hill dropped one and Bubba Caldwell dropped a few, his head wasn't in the game.

The first string offensive line were very good again. The back ups are still disappointments.

The first team Denver defense was hot as well, keeping the 49ers offense under wraps.

Nate Irving had another solid performance but he kept getting up holding his side. Hopefully he gets healthy soon.

Mitch Unrein and Steve Johnson were bright spots on the 2nd and 3rd teams.

Vernon Davis was wide open on his touchdown. It looks like Rahim Moore went missing on the play not filling his assignment.

Florence did not have a very good game. He was beaten often and didn't make any plays. I think he has lost out to Harris and we can only hope Porter is health.

The 2nd and 3rd string defense need some work on their run defense.

Bruton showed off his speed getting around the field but he needs to take better angles.

Malik Jackson continues to impress making good plays from defensive tackle. He caused one fumble and almost had another. The Broncos would be crazy to cut him.

Duke made a nice play on a run as did Trevathan late in the game.

Special Teams

Prater and Colquitt were money again.

We still need to find a returner, anyone?

That is how I saw it, got anything to add hit me up in the comments ~ Aussie.

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  1. Cuts are in.

    LS Lonie Paxton
    Linebacker Elliot Coffey
    Wide receiver Mark Dell
    Wide receiver Cameron Kenney
    Tight end Anthony Miller
    Defensive end Cyril Obiozor
    Running back Xavier Omon
    Safety Anthony Perkins
    Tackle Mike Remmers
    Cornerback Ramzee Robinson
    Fullback Austin Sylvester
    Guard Austin Wuebbels

    No big surprises here. This means Brewer is the LS and Gronk our FB. Omon was cut after getting no touches the last two games. And we lose Cyril Obiozor who had a cool name.

    Jason Hunter was also put on IR.

    22 more still need to go by friday to get to the 53 man roster.