February 9, 2010

Superbowl Week Review

Well it has been an interesting week indeed. First we saw the Saints beat the Colts with a 31 - 17 victory. It was a really good game and it wasn't really decided to the finial quarter. And it ended with a Manning pick six by CB Porter and the Saints would hold on for the victory. So with the end of the Superbowl it closes out the 2009-2010 season and we as fans are now gearing up for the next few months without football. But there is still hope, in the coming months there are a few things happening for Broncos fans. First on the list, I think the 26th-28th of Feb, the scouting combine takes place and we can all analyze the rookies and pick the ones we want. A week later after that it is the beginning of Free Agency on March the 5th, we know this year will be slim pickings but you never know (Vince Wilfork, fingers crossed). After that we then have this years draft which will be held in April.

But that ain't the only interesting things happening at the moment. The Broncos also signed a running back named Bruce Hall who was a free agent. He had previously been on the Bills practice squad. And if you remember the Bills RB coach is now on our coaching staff, so was he bringing one of his hidden gems? Who knows but it is the first FA signing this year.

One of the Biggest stories for the Broncos this week was the induction of Floyd little into the Hall of Fame. Nicknamed the Franchise, Floyd Little played out his years as a Broncos RB and was the face of the organization before Elway took over. Floyd had always had impressive season but was on a poor Broncos team that could not do much, which made his stats meaning less in the eyes of the Hall of Fame voters. But he helped set this team up for the future and stay in Denver. Though many years after the fact a wrong was righted when Floyd was inducted and Floyd's emotion showed that this was very meaningful for him. But now Shannon Sharpe needs to be payed his dues and inducted into the hall also. For now though we are happy for little, congrats.

Also there is a lot of talk or buzz around that the Broncos are looking at Donovan McNabb of the Eagles. There are rumors floating around that we are one of a few teams in talks with the Eagles about a trade for him. At the moment this is all speculation I believe, as Andy Reid already said that McNabb is his QB. But in this league you never know. The question is would he be useful in Denver? Firstly he is a upgrade over what we got, but he has been banged up and is old, 33. And he may be worth a high draft pick which we don't want to give up. If we could get him dirt cheap like a 5th rounder then by all means do it but I highly doubt that.

~ Aussie Out!


  1. I think I read the same thing you did. I believe it said the Broncos were one of a few teams calling the Eagles for any of their quarterbacks, so in all likely hood we were probably calling about Kolb

  2. HOF = RESPECT for Floyd Little! Congratulations to the original FRANCHISE and the man that helped keep the BRONCOS in DENVER. It's great that a true Bronco Great makes it to the promise land. As for the remark for Shannon... that really didn't need to be pointed out. Give Floyd his spotlight, he's a lifetime Bronco.

    Most reports nowadays say that we're not interested in McNabb. However if we were still interested in him, he is one of a few veteran QB's that I would be really excited to hear about us getting. We probably have a better protective O-Line than Philly, a better running game, and he would have some receivers that could catch the ball. Since we have a yes man as a current QB, Orton would roll over and play dead for McD and wait for his turn until the end of McNabb's career.

    Chances are it isn't likely to happen. I'm not trying to diss on Orton because I like what he did for us this past year. Had he not have gotten injured he would have passed for over 4000 yards. But when comparing McNabb to Orton, McNabb is definitely an upgrade and would get the nod from me. Just my 2 cent$.

  3. Yeah JC McNabb is far better, and I give my credit to Floyd he really deserved it. But so does Sharpe. But I always knew this year that only one Bronco would get in and I am happy it was Little.

  4. If I haven't made it clear already, I'm ecstatic Little got the nod for the HOF. It's about flippin' time!!!!!! Definitely nothing to be taken away from this huge moment for him, but Sharpe does deserve to be there as well... heck there are a lot of former Broncos who deserve to be there and have yet to even get considered. But I'm relieved really that Little got it b/c this was his last shot to make it and that's huge for us Bronco fans. Sharpe has plenty of time to get in and be considered. If justice is to be served, he will get it.

    McNabb is a great QB but he is getting up there. We need someone who isn't going to retire within the next 5 years. We need something long term. It could be Orton, maybe not. But someone who is younger in terms that he can grow with our system and that we can become consistent with it. All of this wishy-washy, come 'n go, unconsistent crap is not working. Not sure how long it's going to take for them to figure that out but the madness needs to stop and McD better get this team to be ocnsistent or he will have the wrath of Hurricane Ashley thrown upon him in a very rude manner. I've defended him for quite some time so he better start doing something that will force me to keep doing so. How the McNabb discussion turned into the McD fiasco in my comment is beyond me but, lol, but he will play a huge part in that situation considering is our HC. If he decides to draft a QB, that's all fine & dandy but there are some big issues to consider with each one. Issues I'm not so sure the Broncos need to be dealing with considering we are already full of issues we need to settle.

    I think we should focus our draft picks more on our OL & DL and just stick with Orton as our starter & with work the Brand man can be a very reliable, dependable backup. And eventually if it works out, if/when Orton goes we will possibly have a new QB who knows the system and is on fire, ready to go!! All of that are just thoughts about what I think we should do, not necessarily what will happen. No one knows what our peeps are gonna do with our team this year. Last offseason was an absolute circus, I'm hoping they avoid the majority of that this time around.