July 17, 2010

Count down to Training Camp

It is getting close now, we can all feel it. Training Camp and the start to the new season is coming out. The rookies report on the 27th and the Vets on August 1st. Can't wait to get me some Broncos. ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Now have I got that right?

    That was about the best I could do for a counter.

  2. lol, you got it right for the most part. Its fine where it is but I was talking about putting it in place of where we have the AFC vs NFC score from the pro bowl game. If you can't make it fit there or anything, just leave it where it is. I'm just bored of looking at that... or you could just put our first preseason game there, ready for the new season. I'm just throwing out ideas.

  3. haha. Princess and all her lil ideas. i like them! haha. I feel u, im soooo ready for the season to get here to! :D

  4. Yeah could not get it to fit there, and I will change the pro bowl thing when I get some time.

  5. lol @ 80... glad to know my ideas aren't overlooked on here. ;) I'll probably be going out to CO sometime soon and I'm really hoping I can make it to a few more TC practices this time. The one day I got to go was awesome! Don't even ask me, of course I'll get pictures... then again, they may all end up being pics of Tebow. hahaha Ya never know with me.

    I figured it wouldn't fit where the scoreboard is, I could tell from just looking at it. Oh and thanks for changing the scoreboard... now I really know the season is right around the corner. So excited!!!!! lol

  6. Not a problem Princess, also you can take as many pictures of Tebow as you want as long as you get a few of Champ and Dawkins.

  7. haha, I'll be sure to do that Aussie... I could not go to a Broncos TC and not get pics of some big legends like those two. And I will most definitely take as many pics of Tebow as I want, he's mine!!! LOL Alright, now I'm getting carried away. :D

  8. I am starting to get a bit worried, only a week or so left to training camp and we still have a lot of unsigned rookies.

  9. Things I am predicting to see this training camp:

    1. Chris Baker will do amazing. In 2 years he will be our franchise nose-tackle. I loved him so much I would've drafted him in the 2nd round. We were so lucky to get him as a college free-agent

    2. Either Branson, Overbay, or Geer will overtake Richard Quinn as the #2 tight-end. I hated the Richard Quinn pick, worse then the Alphonso Smith pick. My favorite of the 3 tight-ends though is Overbay and I expect him to be the #2 tight-end

    3. McBath and Renaldo Hill will Duke it out for the safety spot opposite of Dawkins. Hill will probably win the battle but mid-season I wouldn't be surprised to see him replaced by McBath

    4 Eric Decker will impress. This guy has hands of glue and broke a lot of records at Minnesota. I will be in disbelief if he doesn't get over 60 catches this year

    5. Brady Quinn, Kyle orton, and Tim Tebow will fight all preseason and training camp for the starting job. The winner of the QB battle probably won't be determined until after week 4 of the preseason. I think Quinn gets the job

  10. Im sorry Doc, but i dont agree with most of those predictions, but thats the fun of this all, giving all our thoughts and having fun well doing it. Heres my thoughts broken down in those 5 situations and predictions.

    1. Chris Baker well be solid. In 2 years he could very well be our franchise NT, but i wouldnt call him amazing and of picked him in the 2nd round. I do think we got him as a steal as a undrafted, but he was undrafted for a reason. But i do think he will surprise people.

    2. I dont think any of those 3 TE's will overtake Quinn for the #2 TE spot. I think Overbay and Geer will be cut and Branson will be our #3 (catching) TE. Ive heard that Branson has been impressing in pass catching. I think Quinn will eventually be Daniel Grahams successor after a couple years.

    3. This one is as good as your guess. I do think they will duke it out and i would like to see McBath beat Hill out which i think he will. But it'll be close, not sure about this one.

    4. I think Decker does have hands of glue and he did beat alot of records at Minnesota, but u could say that about alot of college WR's that didnt pan out. I think he will be very good, but we will ease him in slowly. I think 60 catches is stretching it. I think he will be a very reliable #4 reciever behind Thomas, Gaffney, and Royal.

    5. I think Orton is our unquestioned starter, unless he completly breaks down in preseason or in early regular season. Quinn sadly will be the odd man out in Denver. Tebow will see action in special packages like the "wild horse" and goalline plays in his first season.

    Thats my thoughts, anyone else feel free to give your thoughts.