March 4, 2011

Broncos Making Moves

Well if you missed the last 24 hours you missed a lot of Broncos action and a lot of news about the CBA. First the deadline for the CBA has been extended, will be interesting to see how that goes. But on to the Broncos news.

The Broncos released DTs Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan. It is believed that the Broncos want to get younger and more athletic tackles plus with the move to John Fox's 4-3 defense, it didn't make sense to keep a nose tackle and a five-technique at huge salaries. Williams was due a $1 million bonus on the third day of league year to go with his $4.2 million salary. Bannan was due a $500,000 bonus two days later in addition to his $3.5 million salary.

"I've never been so blindsided," Bannan said. "I've never been so confident that I held up my end of the bargain. I did my job. I gave it everything I had. It broke my heart. I want to stay in Colorado. I love the people. I know I'm going to stay in that community. I'm just not going to be able to work there." He continued to say "I'm thankful to the Broncos for the opportunity they gave me, I guess I'm just not what they want right now. Obviously, it's very disappointing."

Broncos also released TE Daniel Graham. Graham, going on age 33, started all 16 games in Denver last season. Though he can still pass protect, Graham's run blocking has fallen off dramatically and he averaged just 8.22 yards per catch. Releasing Graham saves $5.2 million, including a $1 million roster bonus. This cut was not a surprise at all.

Broncos extended restricted free agent tenders to OLB Wesley Woodyard, RT Ryan Harris, DTs Marcus Thomas and Kevin Vickerson, and K Matt Prater.

The Broncos made qualifying tenders to right tackle Ryan Harris, and defensive linemen Kevin Vickerson and Marcus Thomas, on the off chance that the league plays a second consecutive year without a collective bargaining agreement.

Maroney would have qualified for the same offer, but the Broncos declined.

Thus the team sent a strong signal that it will turn Maroney loose as soon as free agency opens. Best waste of a 4th round pick.

The best news of the day was the Broncos resigned Kevin Vickerson DT to a two year contract. Vickerson was signed a few hours after the Broncos released defensive tackles Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan and a day after they released tight end Daniel Graham.

In 15 games, Vickerson had 42 tackles, two sacks, an interception, and a fumble forced. Vickerson also knocked down three passes for the Broncos.

The 6'5" 330 pound defensive linemen showed his versatility over the course of last year, and proved that he can be a factor in John Fox's new defensive scheme.

Vickerson is 28. He had played for Miami, Tennessee and Seattle before catching on with the Broncos a few days before the start of the 2010 season.

In other news around the league there was a number of Free Agents signed today. S Bob Sanders signed with the Chargers. TE Jeremy Shockey signed with the Panthers. LB AJ Hawk resigned with the Packers. FS O.J. Atogwe signed with the Redskins and TE Owen Daniels resigned with the Texans.

That is all, look forward to another crazy 24 hours leading up to the end of the CBA ~ Aussie.


  1. Digger I saw your Mock on MHR, very interesting, I like your mock, 3 DTs was cool. Not a fan of Moch though, has stiff hips, doesn't play as fast as he is time. I think he is more of a workout warrior, to much like Gholston. Hasn't been amazing in games either. That being said maybe a later round flier, but in the third could go better prospects.

  2. It got very late doing it G. Wife was pissed. Thought I was up looking at porn. As soon as I got done I came here and saw Vick signed. No way do we take 3 DTs now. I forgot about him. Anyway, I revised it now. Here's the short version.
    #2-Trade down with Dallas to #9-we add their 2nds for this year and next.
    #9-Trade down with Minn. to #12-we get their 4th and 5th round picks.
    #12-Robert Quinn DE North Carolina 6-4 265
    #31-Trade back in to the 1st round with Pitt. Give them the Dallas 2nd and the Minn 4th. We get Phil Taylor DT Baylor Sr 6-3 334.
    #36-Marvin Austin DT North Carolina 6-2 309
    #46-Greg Jones ILB Michigan State 6-0 242
    #67-Dontay Moch OLB Nevada 6-1 248
    #143ish-Charles Clay FB Tulsa 6-3 245
    #200ish-Nate Williams SS Washington 6-0 211
    #210ish-Jarriel King OT South Carolina 6-5 317

  3. I thought about this lots and I don't get why we would trade down and pass up the best defensive talent? If Dallas wanted Peterson so bad why would we not take him? Why we we not take the best available players to play for us? So we get a free more picks but in the long run you make a team with the best players not a bunch of good ones. I think it would be very hard to pass up guys like Dareus and Peterson. This is the real dilema I think that is facing the EFX.

    As for the mock its self. Quinn is good, but why take a DE that is a similar build to Ayers but with more push rushing moves? Investing more money like a first into the DE I don't think will happen, I have the feeling Fox wants to develop Ayers. If we traded back to 12 I would not be surprised if we took Solder or the other OT to play RT, assuming Harris doesn't get resigned.

    Like Taylor but I have a feeling he goes 20ish because he is the only true NT in the first 3 rounds.

    Like Austin but is a real boom or bust guy.

    Greg Jones is interesting but where would you play him? I don't think he is a very good ILB, maybe WLB but that is meant for Woodyard and DJ. Look at it this way, the starting LB would be Haggan, DJ, and Woodyard. Where is the upgrade by taking Jones? Maybe he is better than Woodyard?

    See above about what I said about Moch, as for the other three I do not know much about.

  4. You're thinking Haggan as starting SOLB right now? I was thinking Jones there.

  5. Maybe, but is Jones better than Haggan at setting the edge? I am not sure, I think Jones could work in there some where but does he have the size and strength to play strong side?

  6. G
    I hope you are happy to hear, I am now on the draft PP and fill needs later bandwagon.

  7. Haha good to hear digger.

    I want to be able to take guys like Dareus or Fairley but I can't get past peterson, why would we pass up that talent? Plus doesn't needs based drafting not work? It just keeps coming back to Peterson. He is the best defensive player and we need serious help in that department. It always comes back to take Peterson.

  8. My dealio is more with the fact that Fairley/Dareus are not #2 material.
    Our needs
    Sam LB-None worthy of #2
    Mike LB-None worthy of #2
    DT-None worthy of #2
    OT if we lose Harris-None worthy of #2
    DE-Not a fan of Bowers
    I could keep going but bottom line is I really think the only player in this draft worthy of a top pick is Peterson so we have to take him.

  9. Oh, I forgot to say, trading down for another pick is actually my first choice. A CB at #2 is fricking nuts.

  10. My new user name is suppose to mean Champ squared.

  11. That is sort of what I meant, Peterson is the only guy worth taking at 2 for defense. Best player available.

    I like the trade down idea, but who we going after. I like JJ Watt, but as a DE/DT in the 4-3 I don't know.

  12. Oh and Champ squared is Champ^2 haha, but I knew what you meant.

  13. Learn something new everyday.
    Can't copy and paste in a new post so I'm gonna put my mock here. Hahahahaha

    Digger's mock
    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope they sign a new CBA soon so we can get on with trades and FA. I know, I heard it will be at least a week after the signing before everything with the tagging of players and stuff gets worked out.

    I am almost 100% positive Fox will lure 2-3 Carolina FAs to come to Denver, about 90% on Allen being able to get at least 1 N.O. defensive FA to come to Denver and 70% certain Elway will work out some sort of trade of players with Kubiak. As we know Houston is switching to 3-4 and we are switching to 4-3. Even though Doom and Mario will be left out of it, others could be dealt.

    This year's combine was a treat as usual. Many players rose to the occasion. However, this year's top 5 is not near as good as last year's top 5. I would put Okung over Trent Williams in the top 5 last year(Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Okung, Berry), but for some reason Seattle picked Williams instead of Okung. In fact I would go as far to say, none of this year's prospects would crack that top 5. The only questionable one would be McCoy, but I think I would take him over Dareus or Fairley. Why do we have to have our highest pick ever in a year when the quality of prospect talent is not quite up to par with other years? Patrick Peterson is the only top five player this year that even belongs in the same breath as last year's top 5. Maybe AJ Green and Julio Jones, but they're WRs and I don't think they'll even go in this year's top five.

    IMO, Carolina is not thinking about drafting a QB and Buffalo is not set on Fitzgerald as their future. Rivera is calling a play action fake and someone will bite, I think it will be Buffalo. Newton will go #1 in a QB driven league, and I say Buffalo trades up to #1 to make sure they get him. Miami wants him bad (no way can they swing a deal for him) and if he works out, Buff. can rub their faces in it twice a year. Also, he doesn't have to be able to start right away there.

    The Johns are not sold that Tebow is ready to earn the starting job. They want him to have some competition in training camp to prove he deserves it. I do too. However if/when they get an offer for Orton they will take it. Everyone wants Tebow, including them, IF he's ready. Orton is done here. That said, do we really want to go into the season with Tebow/Quinn? I don't. Not that I know how Quinn has been doing. From what I have seen though, no. Remember he's McD fodder.

    Just because Fox has not had pass catching TEs in the past does not necessarily mean he is against having one. Trying to figure out another new HC is difficult, but to those that try to tell me he absolutely wont draft a TE above the third round, I say fiddlesticks. I agree with them, I don't think he will, but do I know for sure, no. Do I think Tebow would benefit greatly from a reliable TE to dump the ball off to, yes.

    With that note, on to a new mock.


    Ben Leber OLB

    Roman Harper SS

    James Anderson OLB

    Abdul Hodge MLB

    Matt Moore QB

    Our own guys:

    Matt Prater and Ryan Harris get new deals. I don't think we will have to break the bank for either to want to stay.

    Ron Fields, Ryan McBean and Marcus Thomas find work elsewhere.

    Wesley Woodyard plays for his tender contract.


    We decide not to renew Brian Dawkins' contract. Sad I know, but he isn't going to retire a Bronco anyway.

    Corell Buckhalter

    Nate Jones

    Russ Hochstein


    Andre' Goodman and Mario Haggan to Houston for
    Amobi Okoye DT
    and Steve Slaton RB

    Kyle Orton to Minn. for #43 2011 draft pick

    Brady Quinn to St.Louis for 2011 4th round pick (about #115)

    Our Picks; 2, 36, 43, 46, 67, 115, 200, 210 (after 3rd round it's estimates because of comp. picks)

  14. #2

    Patrick Peterson CB

    #16 Denver trades back into the 1st round with Jacksonville.

    We give them our #s36 and 46 in the 2nd round.

    J.J. Watt DE

    #43 If Fox has a RB here he really likes he might take one.

    Trade. There will be a lot of 3-4 type OLB pass rush guys here yet.

    I'll say we trade with Phil., not because they want an OLB, but they need an OL that falls to here and they have a lot of firepower to do it.

    We get their #54 and a 4th round pick. It ends up about #122.


    Drake Nevis DT


    Tyler Sash SS


    Charles Clay FB


    Sione Fua DT

    #175 We trade our 6th(200) and 7th(210) to Cleveland for our pick back that we gave with Hillis for Quinn.

    Roy Helu RB


    Leber OLB

    Harper SS

    Anderson OLB

    Hodge MLB

    Moore QB

    Okoye DT

    Slaton RB

    Peterson CB

    Watt DE

    Nevis DT

    Sash SS

    Clay FB

    Fua DT

    Helu RB


    Fields DT

    McBean DT

    Thomas DT

    Orton QB

    Quinn QB

    Buckhalter RB

    Goodman CB

    Haggan DE/OLB

    Jones FS/CB

    Hochstein OL

    2011 Roster


    QB-Tebow, Moore

    RB-Moreno, Slaton, Helu, Ball (White may get cut in camp)

    FB-Clay, Larsen

    TE-Quinn, Gronkowski, Coats

    WR-Thomas, Decker, Lloyd, Royal, Willis, (Gaffney may get cut/traded, depending on how Thomas and Royal are coming along)

    RT-Harris, Taylor

    RG-Kuper, Olsen

    C-Walton, Olsen

    LG-Beadles, Daniels

    LT-Clady, Beadles


    RDE-Doom, Veikune

    RDT-Vickerson, Nevis

    LDT-Okoye, Fua

    LDE-Ayers, Watt, Hunter

    Sam-Anderson, Leber

    Mike-Mays, Hodge, Larsen

    Will-DJ, Woody

    LCB-Champ, Cox, Thompson

    SS-Harper, Sash (Hill probably cut in camp)

    FS-McBath, Bruton

    RCB-Peterson, Jackson

    Special Teams:




    Practice Squad: I know it's to many.

    Byers C

    Clark OT

    Murphy G

    Davis WR

    Riley WR

    Robinson MLB

    McCarthy SS

    Vaughn CB

    Johnson RB

    Minor RB

    McLaughlin FB

  15. Digger why could you not put this in a post? I thought you were a contributor?

    Anyway onto the mock, oh and me like this one a lot. JJ Watt I really really like. Coming into this draft (before Elway and Fox) I was hoping for JJ Watt as he would be awesome at the 5 tech for the 3-4. But we changed have since changed to the new scheme. But you must have been reading my mind because I was thinking about my mock and it included moving down for Watt. I think taking him is a real possibility. Unfortunately I think we will see how terrible Doom is against the run and think him and Ayers will rotate a lot. So having Ayers and Watt at DEs. Also there is the option to kick him inside and play some DT with Ayers at DE. But my mock would have us trading down and with the extra picks we pick up moving back into the first for phil taylor. That is the thinking I had yesterday.

    Not a fan of Fua in the 4-3 though, don't think he has the speed and the first step to play the 3-gap. Otherwise solid group of players.

    Peterson and Watt would be huge.

  16. I did Peterson and Wat for you G. Yopu said that's who you liked. Not a big hit at MHR though. They hate it. Oh well.
    I am a contributer, but wanted to copy and paste and you can't do that in a new post.

  17. I was told Quinn isn't worth crap, so cancel that trade and keep Quinn as our backup instead of Moore. Then put Clay in Fua's spot and skip Fua altogether.

  18. Haha yeah I saw that, Peterson, Watt and Davis are good picks though.

    I am sure you can copy and paste into the post thing, ctrl+c, ctrl+v. I do it all the time.

    As for Quinn I think that is what set them off, since we paid a 6th and Hillis for Quinn I think the 4th was way to high. We may get a 6th but I doubt it, would not surprise me if he is cut but he is on a pretty cheap salary.

    Plus the Goodman, Haggan trade I don't think had enough value, Okoye alone is worth more than the two of him. Houston will try to get a lot for him. But I do see a trade for him happening but probably with some one else.