February 29, 2012

Broncos Blog March & April Schedule

Well guys and gal, I have updated the Honor Wall pictures. I also changed Champ's picture since I believe I found a better one.

But the main reason for this post is to let you know about the stuff I am planning for the next few months leading up to the draft.

In the next week or two before Free Agency starts I hopefully will have the last Review piece on the Quarter Back done and also the piece on the DJ, Woodyard comparison.

Following that I think those next two weeks of March (March 13th) leading up to April will be focused on keeping you all up-to-date on the transactions and hopefully signings for the Broncos.

Then in early April once I have a better idea of what the team will be focusing on in the draft I will start to do some prospect posts based on positions.

About a week out from the draft I will post up Aussie's Mock Draft in pretty much the same way I did last year. Also in that last week leading up to the draft I will be running the Broncos Blog Draft Guru comp again with an all new points system. (Let's go Digger!)

Then of course we will be focused on the draft and the prospects we select.

Therefore a busy few months, stay tuned and enjoy. ~ Aussie.


  1. It's on G. You're going down. Everyone else is to scared.

    Sounds like lots of good stuff coming up, I'll be sure to stay tuned in.

    The wall looks great. That's some nice pictures.

    I clicked on all of the choices in the poll. In FA (counting our own FAs) or the draft I think all could be addressed.

  2. Oh it is on Digger!

    Yep hopefully I can get to it all.

    Thanks, I changed the champ one since I thought it needed a bit of orange.

    I agree that we need atleast one player in each area, but which one do you think they should focus on the most?

  3. Main focus is a better #2 CB. Goodman sucked it up. He's done. I was thinking today if only Cox wasn't such an idiot he would've helped a bunch this year.
    First up though will be re-sign our exclusive and restricted FAs. No brainer. We can always cut them later. Then if we can't re-sign Prater, franchise him.
    After that I really think we got lucky last year that the OL stayed pretty healthy. We need better OL backups I think. Maybe in FA. I doubt it. Fox will draft one for sure though.
    Also if Tebow gets hurt we're in bad shape. We need a FA and a draft pick. Same with CB.
    Most people will say DT, MLB and S. Re-sign Dawkins even if he just mentors Moore, Carter, Bruton and Bush.
    Re-sign Thomas and Bunkley as NTs.
    Most importantly.....IF (I know it's a big if)....Mario Williams becomes a FA..... sign him up. Show him the money. Make him highest paid DE. He's young. Super Mario and VonDoom. Wow! Sell Ayers, Moreno, DJ, whoever you have to. Get him.

  4. Oh yeah, forgot, Mike is fine. If Irving isn't ready put DJ there and have Irving play Will. Woody will go elsewhere I think. The draft will be a QB, CB, OL(maybe two) and whatever holes we have from FAs that left us.

  5. We will have the most expensive D-line in the NFL. Doom 12 mil, Mario 15 mil, Warren 4 mil and Bunkley 4mil.=35 mil or more.

  6. Main focus is cb, I like Carr, none of the CBs in the draft really showed up in the combine and others have problems. Gilmore did alright but I don't think he is worth a first.

    I am pretty sure we will bring back almost everyone. Prater will be signed at some point. A vet and a rookie ol would be good depth. I am interested to see where Harris is.

    We need two more QBs, but I think this is Tebows team for now. Who knows the jags may want him.

    I think MLB is sweet like u said, and DT is pretty solid with returning players and if we can resign those two. Maybe one guy in the draft.

    I just don't see Williams happening, plus ayers and moreno are on small money this year. Maybe DJ but then we have no wlb because Woodyard is gone. And yeah we would have the most expensive dl in the league, it won't surprise me if they try to reconstruct dooms deal.

  7. For those saying 15ish mil for Williams I think it could end up around 18-20 by the time the bidding stops, someone with deep pockets will get him.

  8. You've been spying on me at MHR I can tell. The Mario thing is a pipe dream I know. Truth be told, I love Doom but, I would pay a little more and have Mario instead of him. I hate his new contract.

  9. Not really spying, just reading the posts and comments there of which you post a lot :P

    When Doom got the contract originally I was impressed by it. He was getting Demarcus ware type money but he wasn't the complete OLB like Ware is. But over last season I think he proved he was worth the contract because of his better play against the run. I think the Broncos can quite easily reconstruct his contract. Go to his agent and say hey dooms deal was based on him playing OLB it needs to be tweaked to reflect his DE position.

    As for Mario versus doom at this moment I take doom. He has the cooler nickname. Both have been productive and you can't go wrong either way. But like you said it is a pipe dream, I just don't see the Broncos shelling out huge cash for FA any time soon. Plus I would want Mario back in that 290 pound range before we looked at him.

  10. Cooler nickname? That's what you got? No really it was just a fling. I'm bored ya know. They could at least sign somebody. Prater? C'mon man. Get with it on our own FAs.

  11. Haha yep digger, doom is cooler, I guess that is how close the two compare. Well they did sign Hill and Davis a while back. It is only like 11 more days to FA can't you wait. And if your still bored maybe go annoy your wife haha

  12. Haha. Annoy? Already done. She's mad and giving me the silent treatment.

  13. Haha too funny digger, I am a little apprehensive to know what you did wrong.

  14. Nothing G. I swear. I'm innocent.
    OK, well maybe I made a little comment about her being very good at spending money. It was a compliment.

  15. Bahaha too funny digger, you should know better than that. As long as you didn't say something like MY money, that would have set her right off. Either way to funny. Are women, can't live with them can't live without them. Twisted fate of the world :P

  16. Haha. I did. The exact quote would be, "Damn, you're good at making my money disappear.", while looking in my wallet.

  17. Perish Cox found not guilty.

  18. Naughty naughty Digger, I am surprised you got out of that one a live.

    As for Cox a little surprised by the outcome. But I guess the point was to prove what state the woman was in, her condition and I guess his lawyers proved to many holes in the story. It pays to have good lawyers. Innocent until proven guilty, they couldn't prove it. Is sad the result but it is what it is. Lets move on and forget Cox.

  19. Not so fast buddy. He may be a Bronco. A DP writer said he knows of at least one team interested. To me that insinuates the team is Denver. IDFK

    My wife's over it now that I bought Supper.

  20. About the trial though, yeah you're right it does suck. I'm pretty sure all 4 of the Broncos involved do not have very high regards to treating women with respect. Especially those that do not act like ladies. I think they were the opposite of ladies haha. Hint to any women reading this, Don't get hammered with a guy and agree to go home him. If you do the consequences are on you because there will be no proof. Just your word against his word. Definately not good enough. If the guy is rich and famous and has a good lawyer you're doubley screwed.

  21. Good on you Digger, at least she didn't drop the 'Now your trying to make me fat' line haha

    I think the team that was interested in him was the skins. Denver wants no part of him I believe and the feeling is mutual.

    I would have to agree with you on that statement.

  22. The main thing is I thought he used a date rape drug when I first heard about it. I had him guilty in my mind and thought he should be in prison. Turns out I was wrong. The girls were just drunk as far as we know now and pretty slutty. There was no proof of when he had sex with her just that he did. In fact I even heard rumors about the DNA test having holes in it as far as proof. Cox had a good lawyer. Some Harvey Stienberg, who is the Broncos(or Bowlen's)guy. I still think Cox is scum and I'm glad he's gone. What went down that night was not right. I don't care if the girls were slutty and hammered. It's over and for once the Broncos didn't end up looking bad in it. Some one else can take the chance on him now. IMO he will screw up again. It's just a matter of will he get caught or will he get off again because he's a professional football player?

  23. Well the way I look at it is she said they had only 4 shots, who knows what those 4 shots were. Maybe they had something in it double strength, so that 4 becomes 8, which would get a woman pretty wasted.

    Plus like you said to many holes in the evidence to convict. I agree with you Cox is scum. Lets move on and hopefully Cox gets his due one day.

  24. I thought this was interesting.


    Looks like McGahee wants more money.

    And this may be a problem:

    Cash flow problems? Broncos football boss John Elway has said that his team's 2012 cash salary budget will slightly exceed the salary cap figure, which the NFL has yet to determine. The salary cap was $120.375 million in 2011.

    Before getting excited about the Broncos spending lavishly in free agency, though, consider that they will pay about $35.1 million to just three players — Elvis Dumervil ($14 million), Champ Bailey ($10.5 million) and Von Miller (10.6 million).

    Included in Miller's compensation is $9.148 million of deferred signing bonus due March 31.

    Add in the $5 million salary owed linebacker D.J. Williams, and the Broncos have $40.1 million allocated to just four players. That leaves them with about $80 million for the other 49 players on their active roster, an average of just $1.63 million per.

  25. Ain't gonna happen. Fox already said his carries will go down. Pay him more to work less? Get real. I think our FA RB need just got higher. I would say trade him but what team would want a 31 year old RB who is unhappy with 2 mil/Yr? You know what I want? Sign Cedrick Benson, give him a contract that pays way more with better performance. Then if McGahee is not happy, offer him the same deal. See who wants to work for their money instead of getting paid before they make the plays. I love incentive type contracts.

  26. As for the other problem, NFLPA is trying to get the NFL to up the salary cap. Some teams are stuck behind the eight ball on it. It should be done next week some time and should solve our cash flow problem.

  27. Same I would pay old backs like that on incentives. But it looks like Klis was wrong....again. Mcgahee denies it all and that it was never confirmed with him. We will see, but never quote the DP for truth.

    Hopefully we get money soon so we can sign those fat FA contracts haha.

  28. Read that. I hate the DP.

  29. One of the reasons why I like IAOFM is because they point out the stupidity of DP often.

  30. Not a fan of them either. I love doc's Musings, but can't stand rummaging through the Tebow hate to read it.

  31. Yeah I skip over that stuff, some of it is spot on other stuff is weak. But doc's stuff is great.