September 12, 2009

2009 Team Captains

Defense--- CB Champ Bailey
S Brian Dawkins
ILB Mario Haggen

Offense--- QB Kyle Orton
C Casey Wiegmann
TE Daniel Graham

Special Teams ILB Westley Woodyard


  1. Haggan has been a nice surprise for us

  2. Man its a ghost town here, whos ready for some football tommorrow!

  3. Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals; Friday Injury Report

    Denver Broncos
    S Josh Barrett Shoulder Did Not Participate OUT
    DL Le Kevin Smith Knee Did Not Participate OUT
    WR Jabar Gaffney Finger Limited Participation Questionable
    G Chris Kuper Ankle Limited Participation Questionable
    RB Knowshon Moreno Knee Limited Participation Questionable
    QB Kyle Orton Right Finger Limited Participation Probable
    QB Chris Simms Ankle Limited Participation Questionable
    S Brian Dawkins Hand Full Participation Probable

    Cincinnati Bengals
    CB David Jones Foot Did Not Participate OUT
    T Andre Smith Foot Did Not Participate OUT
    T Scott Kooistra Knee Limited Participation Questionable
    WR Chris Henry Thigh Full Participation Probable
    S Roy Williams Thigh Full Participation Probable
    QB Carson Palmer Ankle Full Participation Probable
    Posted by Digger_24 at 4:17 PM

    Digger_24 said...
    Orton is going to start barring any fluke injury to his finger before Sunday. I am so pumped for it all to begin. Cincy is pretty good and we are away so it could be tough, but I see a 23-17 victory.

    9/11/09 4:36 PM
    bronco#80 said...
    man cant wait for this Sunday, today was a very good day today. I dont know if u guys remember, but i got a torn hamstring right before the football season started. Weve already played three varsity games and were 2-1 and 1 JV game 1-0. I havent been able to play during the season yet and i went to the doctor today and he cleared me to play. Im all healed up. i will play in our JV game this Wednesday! Im so excited and pumped. Man i want to hit some one! so bad! so bad!

    9/11/09 8:26 PM
    bronco#80 said...
    oh and marshall is playin this Sunday. Mcdenver said he had a good week of practice and he liked what he saw. So thats good news.

    9/11/09 8:29 PM
    BroncoPrincess7 said...
    LOL 80... glad to hear you can get back to playing football. Happy for you. Have fun hitting people around on the field! haha

    9/11/09 10:53 PM
    bronco#80 said...
    thanks princess, cant wait till tomorrow when the official first football Sunday kicksoff.

  4. If I wake up at about 8 tomorrow the game will be on in 3 hours. Cool. Good night. Gonna dream of Bronco victory now.

  5. good night Digger, we need a win tomorrow

    I need a win. If we loose I don't know if I even want to watch the rest of the games after ours. First I have to figure out a feed to watch it. It's not on here. Aussie you always know where to watch it on the comp. A little help please.