June 29, 2010

Madden 11

Ok guys I am doing a bit of a post on Madden 11, which as we know comes out in August. This article will probably be useful to the likes of us gamers, Doc, 80#. Now you are probably thinking that this will be an article about how good Madden 11 will be, but instead I have a beef with this Madden and EA in general. So lets being with the new features that we will be getting this year:

Improved Run blocking, so blockers pick the right guys and create better holes for running backs.

New game flow and gameplan, so games only last 30 mins instead of an hour. So you can run plays much quicker and make better decisions.

Dual Stick Control, better player movement and motion.

New Locomotion, so players run differently and at correct speeds/acceleration, and have better running motion.

Catch Tuning, different catch animations and more realistic catches.

Better Online Multiplayer up to 6 different players that player specific players.

Oh and Drew Brees is on the cover.

Check this link for the updates. Madden Update Blog

This is a bit of the advertisement or spiel that Madden has released about this game:
"Madden NFL 11 redefines the way you experience the game of football. It's simpler: From 350 plays down to 1, the all-new GameFlow system puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback to execute an authentic, situational game plan, one play at a time. It's quicker: 60 minute game times reduced to as little as 30 minutes; spend more time on the field and less in the playbook. full games, half the time. It's deeper: Madden NFL 11 is feature-rich including all-new 3-on-3 Online Team Play, improved animations, more intuitive controls, and Madden NFL Ultimate Team ... all to the play-by-play of the most exciting voice in sports, Gus Johnson."
Sounds good, a lot of good new features. And they do look awesome and will be a massive improvement to the game play. But this is where the beef starts. Now I think this is all good and well but my problem is with what EA did next. They went and said this:
"In the meantime, we’d like to address some areas of the game that we know are hot on many of your radars, specifically the Franchise and SuperStar modes. Last year we delivered Online Franchise and while it was received very well by community and press, the usage was among the lowest for any of our gameplay modes. What this said to us was that Franchise mode as whole needed more than just a new access point, it needed a complete refresh. As most of you know, Franchise mode debuted in Madden NFL 99 on PlayStation, and since then, we’ve been adding on layers and layers of code each year to make it the most authentic experience possible. As console technology has evolved, it’s become increasingly more difficult to evolve the mode in-kind, since we are handcuffed by the limitations of the code from so many years in the past. To re-write Franchise mode to take full advantage of the PS3 and Xbox 360 would take well over a year to do, which is why we’ve taken the approach we have up until now. With that in mind, we made the decision to focus this year’s development on making the core areas of Madden NFL better, namely the AI, animations, playcall, and online play. While that meant not making any major overhauls to Franchise or SuperStar, we were still able to make some notable improvements while we prepare for the future. Specifically, we improved franchise stats (especially season rushing yards and season sacks), in-game injuries, Super Bowl presentation, NCAA Draft Class tuning, and we even completely re-created over 8000 players in 32 draft classes. We also added the new Meadowlands Stadium as the 2014 Super Bowl site. However, the biggest addition to Franchise mode this year is Game Planning."

Ok good so they have told us what they are doing but here in lies the problem and my beef with EA. They have told us what is in this game and what will be in next. Madden 11 will have awesome game play and that experience will be great but without the superstar and franchise modes updated as well (to acceptable standard) then M11 (Madden 11, got tried of writing it so much) will be half finished. Talking of myself I play franchise to get the players I want and to do all the business stuff, some play for superstar or for the online play. And for me M10 had a terrible franchise a put the game down after 3 months haven't picked it back up. In comparison this was the first Madden I had bought since M06, which I had played religiously for the last 4 years! And overall I thought M06 was a better game than M10. They stripped down the game, tried to simplify it trying to rely on the game play. But I don't think they realised that the game modes and game play go hand in hand. That both need to be on par and then go beyond that level to be above all other games.

Now I am going to make some suggestions, I don't think there is room for both modes on the one game. Because you have to sacrifice stuff in one for the other. I think it is about time EA realized that Superstar should be its own game. I know that would be difficult but a game devoted to becoming a football superstar is better than the sh*t that they have put out lately.

I feel that the franchise mode is what makes this game for the offline player. And it has been overlooked for so many years, I am so happy that they are rebuilding and making it what it should be. Madden Gamers like myself have been screaming for an update like this for years. And since EA has done this to other games in it's stable it is about time that it is happening. But then why put out M11? Maybe wait, build a solid game that doesn't need all the patches to fix bugs and release just the one title, next year. Call it 'The Madden' or 'NFL Madden' or something like that.

The problem is Madden 11 will be a half finished game, sort of like a prelude to Madden 12 which will be a far better game. To part with my hard earned cash and pay $110 (AUD) for a half finished game seems a bit rich. I probably still will get it because I want to try out the new game play. But after a few months I will put that game down, since I now know that there will be a better game next year. And M11 will be in the shadow of massive games to come out like GT5 and Killzone 3. I am seriously thinking that this game is a waste of money, I may wait till next year, haven't made my mind up.

I don't know what the f*** I am saying, just frustrated with these fat cats. Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts or anything else. ~ Aussie Out!

Pics from IGN.


  1. No comments? Most have been a busy day for all.

  2. Indeed i know i have been busy. About Madden 11, i totally agree with u Aussie. I have been playing M07 and i think i like it better than M10. Im a big franchise player also and the M10 game isnt so good for franchise. Not sure if i will get this game either.

  3. Also talking about the 4th of July. Whats everyone doin! Are u doin anything Aussie? haha. I thought i had plans, but those crashed today. Me and my cousins were goin up north to a place called Angel Fire, sorta mountainish. Well anyways we arent going cause one of there close uncles passed away today. So as of right now, i think i might be stayin home for the 4th.

  4. Yeah 80# indeed. M10 was terrible for that, the salary cap penalties were gay. I hope M12 is above and beyond all these game.

    As for July 4th got nothing planned, is a Sunday so probably relax watching footy.

    As for you, maybe get a ton of fireworks.

  5. That's sad to hear about your cousin's uncle... my condolences to him. As for having to stay at home on the 4th... just get some awesome BBQ to eat and chill out... BBQ solves any problem. lol That is like the 1 and only good thing about KC... the BBQ is endless and it actually tastes good, real good! I tried talking my mom into going up to New York just to see the fireworks there but it probably won't happen. She & my dad did that one year... it wasn't planned or anything, they just did it as a spur of the moment thing. I've always wanted to go up there for the 4th but won't be this year.

  6. Hey 80,
    Me and some friends are gonna get together and BBQ and play ultimate frisbee once it cools down on the 4th, you are welcome to join us.

  7. Ya Aussie. Im really looking froward to M12 also. Also your goin to watch what? footy? And u have to know that im going to get alot of fireworks and have alot of fun with those were ever i am on the 4th. And BBQ is always good Princess might have some on the 4th. Sounds really good right now actually. ha.

    Jazzy: Thanks alot for the invite. My dad was sayin today that we might go camping for the weekend now. Nothings forsure yet, but what ill do is talk to him tomorrow and see what were doin and stuff and ill ask him if it would be alright. So ill get back to u tomorrow. Thanks Jazzy.

  8. Haha Rugby League, I will be watching that. And camping sounds good, since you have fireworks it will be even better haha.

  9. oooh. Had no idea. haha. And ya at least i kno i will have lots of fun with the fire works. :)

  10. Hey Jazzy. I talked to my dad about it and it didnt go to well. Well my family and i are going camping tomorrow and will be back Monday so i will not be able to come. I wouldnt of been able to come anyways probly. My dad was telling me he doesnt want me meeting up with some guy over the internet that i just knew thru this website. Kinda sucks. I know your a good guy and got your life right and evrything, but my dad is pretty strict with things. Well right now i have my drivers permit so i cant drive by myself, but in a few months i will get my provisional license and will be able to drive by myself and then i will be able to hang out with u. Hope u understand man. Thanks for the invite again.

  11. Hard 80#, but you got to understand your dad is just looking out for you. You never know Jazzy could be a serial killer haha. I guess your dad just needs to meet Jazzy first and ok it. Yeah I would be worried like him. Oh well, when you are old enough to make decisions like that for yourself then it will be sweet. But while you are in his house you better stick by his rules.

    Anyway enjoy camping.

  12. Yo 80,
    No worries at all. I totally respect your dad for that. Not enough parents love their kids enough to protect them like that. I will be a dad in 6 months and I know like aussie said, that he is just being a good dad and looking out for you. The world we live in is crazy, bunch of psycho's out there. Props to your dad. Did you and your family happen to catch the Extreme Makeover, home edition that happened a few years ago out here? That was my family that was on the show. I would have been in it more, but I got married 7 months before it all happened. Thought that would at least be a cool connection if you guys had seen it. Anyways, stay safe and have fun going camping.

  13. Interesting Jazzy, where you live? I can probably find that espiode online haha.

  14. Actual could find it by last name, has a list on the ABC site.


  15. Albuquerque, New Mexico - Martinez Family

  16. Not sure about this, but I think you said you live in New Mexico? So guessing the Martinez family?

  17. Haha damn found it, Season 5 - ep 20, damn I am good.

  18. So you are in the show Jazzy?

  19. http://abc.go.com/shows/extreme-makeover-home-edition/episode-guide/martinez-family/224884.

  20. Yeah saw that but you in the show?

  21. Well,
    I mostly am in pictures in the background in their house. I had a spot, or so I thought on the show, when paige interviewed me while I was installing a light in my sisters room. They had me do a few different takes and made me put tape over the broncos logo on my hat. But I guess I didnt make the cut. They had over 100 hours of footage to compact into a two hour show. And it would have taken up too much time for them to explain how I fit in. My dad always jokes about how my wife owes him a room an extra room in the house, since they would have built me one if I still lived with them. They actually came a year earlier for the initial interview, and I was there for that. But heck, when you meet the right one, it is worth it.

  22. Haha yeah jazzy, sucks, put in the hard yards and get cut haha.

    Well you in this vid?


  23. lol you guys are funny. Looks like I came on just in time.

    80 - I wasn't going to say anything but I can't help it... just had to say that your dad is just looking out for you. My mom has always done the same for me, more so cause I'm a girl and we're "easier" targets for that online stuff. Thing is most people don't know who I am and what I'm capable of - defending myself in any way. I've had a few "friends" online ask or bring up meeting in person and I just won't go there. I don't trust anyone (or at least the number of those who I do trust I can count on both hands). I don't want to go all preacher on you but just obey the Bible... respect your mother & father - I'd say that applies at any age 8 or 80... so long as you live under your parents' roof you should see that he's looking out for you. I've told you before you're a good kid... I know you see that and I know you're smart enough to listen to your parents. That's all I really have to say about that... I saw you guys talking about it and I had to give my 2 cents.

  24. Haha nice Princess, yet you missed how I am like stalking Jazzy haha, but watching this vids, your family was very deserving of the makeover jazzy.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVu5jmrPkhM&feature=related

    I found a news clip from it, It show me walking to the left of a guy with a guitar at 52-57 seconds in the video, tall skinny, white boy with a cup in my hand

  26. May have to download that episode to see if Jazzy is in it haha.

  27. No I meant to overlook your stalkerish comments. lol Naw, I just got focused on what I wanted to say to 80... I forgot.

  28. Haha Jazzy that is the link I gave and I thought that was you having no idea where to walk haha nice.

  29. Haha funny, anyway we found Jazzy! haha

  30. oh snap, we posted the same video, so yeah, look at the 52 second mark

  31. haha, I watched the clip... I saw frizzle frizz!! hahaha

  32. Haha very nice gang, well I got to jet talk to you guys later.

  33. Alright boys, I'm tired... just came on here to see if there was anything new in Bronco Country. Just anxious I guess for them to sign Doom but unfortunately I heard somewhere that they weren't going to sign him till late July/early August... grrrrrrrr. Guess they just want to tick me off... its working.

    Night fellas

  34. Haha Princess I have been saying that, based on the Kuper deal. 41 days since he signed his tender to the time he signed long term deal.

  35. J-Friz, since you're a fantasy guru wanna look over my team and tell me how I did? It's a 10-team league

    QB Matt Ryan, Atl QB
    RB Frank Gore, SF RB
    RB Beanie Wells, Ari RB
    RB/WR LeSean McCoy, Phi RB
    WR Andre Johnson, Hou WR
    WR Chad Ochocinco, Cin WR
    TE Visanthe Shiancoe, Min TE
    D/ST Broncos D/ST, Den D/ST
    K Jay Feely, Ari K
    Bench Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR
    Bench T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Sea WR P
    Bench Donald Brown, Ind RB
    Bench Leon Washington, Sea RB P
    Bench Tim Tebow, Den QB
    Bench Derrick Ward, TB RB
    Bench Owen Daniels, Hou TE Q

  36. Haha,
    Sure. So you have a solid running back group. you could use some help at WR. Johnson is the best in the game, ocho is inconsistent and unpredictable, so he could be good or he could be terrible. Keep in mind they have antonio bryant on the team as well. Nicks has potential. I really like him as a bench player who could put up stellar numbers. housh is getting old, as is his qb. Do your bench players match up good with bye weeks? Thats an important factor.

    So your starting 3 rb's killer! Bench rb's subpar. I would look for another starting qb to back up ryan, not sure about drafting tebow just yet. I think you could get him in free agency in most leagues. But he does have sleeper potential, as I am sure he will get a shot at some red zone play, but I don't see him starting this year. And ryan is a good middle of the pack QB. Do you get points for receptions in your league????? With a 10 team league, I think there may still be some good free agents that I would rather have instead of ward and washington.

    Overall, if you keep up with the free agency and you don't have any major injuries, you have a legit shot at the playoffs. But make sure you get another back up QB. Nice draft doc! And when did you pick? I don't know how you got A.Johnson and F. Gore? And once again, stellar RB's!

  37. Yeah doc, like Jazzy said how did you pull that off?

  38. I had the very last pick in the draft. And I had to pick Tebow as a back-up QB because I made a deal with my friend. I was never in a good position to draft a QB so I waited and just loaded up on running-backs. I originally had Crabtree and Vernon Davis but I traded them for Shiancoe and Ochocinco. I know it was a bad trade on my end but I didn't want my entire fantasy league to rely on the 49ers offense.

  39. In most drafts you are considered very lucky if gore or johnson are still available at 10th pick. Both are usually gone by the 8th or 9th pick. I understand the whole 9ers situation, but I would have kept them. Shiancoe turned out to be alright last year. But his performance all relies on favre and his return and his health. And crabtree has major potential.

  40. So im back!! Had a pretty good time camping. Fished alot and caught alot. Was fun. Also i know my dad is just looking out for me and i remember when Extreme Makeover was in ABQ just never got to watch that episode. Thats pretty cool that your family got to have that. And about your FF roster Doc. Jazzy covered it really well, he is a guru! haha. Just dont like the trade u made at all. Thought that was pretty bad.

  41. Also thats great u got Gore and Andre Johnson.

  42. Yup doc,
    Bad trade, but I understand the logic- You can't count on all three 9er players to consistantly put up big numbers from week to week. I would have traded them individually to different teams. Might have gotten better value. Thats not to say that the 2 you got in the trade cant out perform the two you got. Both TE's have had one good season to their name. And Ochocinco has had a long career with a lot of productive seasons, and only a few stinkers in the middle. So time will tell. Good logic though.

    And welcome back 80! glad you and the fam had a fun camping trip. Fishing is so much fun, especially since you caught a lot.

    I had a blast at the 4th of July party. So we BBQ'd and played ultimate frisbee, and once it got dark, we brought out the glow in the dark bracelets... orange for one team and blue for the other. We had a glow in the dark frisbee too with glow in the dark end zone markers. And about two minutes into the game, the parks sprinklers unexpectedly came on. So we played ultimate in the sprinklers for about an hour and then went across the street and watched the fireworks.

  43. One last funny story,

    So yesterday I did a mock draft and this guy started bragging about how he had the best draft. I disagreed and he started telling me that I am stupid and that I know nothing about fantasy football or even football in general. I am pretty sure my team could beat his any day. Now his team isn't bad by any means, and I will tell you what I didn't like about his draft, but after you guys give me your input. What do you all think?

    My team:
    1. Ray Rice (Bal - RB)
    2. Roddy White (Atl - WR)
    3. DeSean Jackson (Phi - WR)
    4. Tony Gonzalez (Atl - TE)
    5. Mike Sims-Walker (Jac - WR)
    6. Jay Cutler (Chi - QB)
    7. Carnell Williams (TB - RB)
    8. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ - RB)
    9. Thomas Jones (KC - RB)
    10. Eddie Royal (Den - WR)
    11. Donovan McNabb (Was - QB)
    12. New Orleans (NO - DEF)
    13. Chester Taylor (Chi - RB)
    14. Jabar Gaffney (Den - WR)
    15. Matt Prater (Den - K)

    His Team:
    1. Rashard Mendenhall (Pit - RB)
    2, Cedric Benson (Cin - RB)
    3. Tom Brady (NE - QB)
    4. Anquan Boldin (Bal - WR)
    5. Percy Harvin (Min - WR)
    6. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Sea - WR)
    7. Clinton Portis (Was - RB)
    8. Braylon Edwards (NYJ - WR)
    9. Greg Olsen (Chi - TE)
    10. Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
    11. Tim Hightower (Ari - RB)
    12. Devin Hester (Chi - WR)
    13. Joshua Cribbs (Cle - WR)
    14. Chaz Schilens (Oak - WR)
    15. Joe Nedney (SF - K)

  44. A lot of Denver players for you Jazzy.

  45. I know nothing about FF but you think he picked enough WRs??? Geez, half his roster are WRs. Thought that was weird... then again, what the heck do I know. lol

    Glad you guys had a good 4th... ours got rained out. It was cloudy all day Sunday and the one time it decides to rain it waits till people start shooting off fireworks. It started pouring when the city started doing their fireworks show - bad timing. And then its supposed to rain every day this week... gonna put me to sleep! That weather makes me tired. Girl can't catch a break over here... hot & humid... more hot & humid... then its just plain icky sticky humidity, now its all rainy. Can't wait till winter time, I'll be happy when there's snow everywhere. ha

  46. I'm sorry and I'm going to be 100% honest I like his team better. You don't have a solid #2 runningback. I love your WR's in Jackson and White and Sims-Walker but I don't like the Denver WR's as your bench. LT and Thomas Jones would've been great picks but its not 2007 anymore. KC is going to give the ball to Charles and McCluster A LOT, so no Thomas Jones. Carnell Williams has been historically plagues by injuries and with Tampa Bay's depth at running-back I only see him getting 5 carries a game. Their is my 2-cents

  47. Yeah,
    some would say three is a lot. The only starter though is Prater. I drafted Gaffney and Royal because I think one of them will be our #1 receiver and be a good bye week replacement. Not sure which one though, so by the time one of my starters has a bye week, I will know which one is the most consistent. Most people are saying that denver has a weak WR crop, but I think we will have a better team this year than last. We will have three guys out there who can do some damage with bay-bay. And they can't double team all of them. Plus Orton should do better with a year under his belt.

  48. Sickness, I have now put up the Broncos Blog, BB logo as the icon, you can see that on the tabs and the address bar, haha very nice.

  49. Takes a bit to load in IE.