June 22, 2010

Broncos Blog - Website Updates

What up guys and gal, as you can see I have been doing some updates to the site. I still have a few things to go, but I got tried last night and had to hit the hay.

So what do you guys think, would like to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas.

Few things I am still planning on doing:
  • Fix Sidebar, includes titles and colours (the thing on the right)
  • Fix colour scheme. Been thinking about this a lot. Maybe grey background and then orange borders/container (inside of the blue ones)?
  • May add Orton or McD to title bar?
  • Fix up comment box
  • Nav bar at the top
Any suggestions? love it, hate it? ~ Aussie Out.


  1. Damn was meant to stop at 11 now quarter to 12, gay, catch you guys on the flipside.

  2. I like it.

    And Steve Smith broke his arm playing flag football for his charity.

  3. No Orton in title bar. He goes to other bars.

  4. Haha funny doc, ok maybe McD?

  5. lol @ Doc. That was good.

    Anyway, I like the new look... I'd definitely think you should stick to Bronco colors only... no grey or anything, just orange, blue & white. Don't know if you could do this but it would be cool if you could put orange & white flames as a the background and then keep the blue where it is. I made a notebook for when I was in school and I took a piece of paper & drew orange & white flames as a background then wrote "Denver Broncos" in blue... pretty sweet if I may add. lol But either way I like the new look but again, stick to Bronco colors!

    And I guess I'd be fine with McD's picture on the title bar. lol Would be cool too if you could put a pic of Bowlen up there too cuz after all the Broncos wouldn't be the Broncos without him. I'd say he deserves a spot up top. Players should stay on the side like they've always been.

  6. Great Princess love the Bowlen idea, him and McD will be added to the top.

    And orange and white flames mmm(scratching chin thinking)? I will see what I can do.

    And it isn't finished yet alot of playing still to do.

  7. I just threw out that idea about the flames cuz I think it would look pretty cool in the background... no big deal if you can't make it work. Worth a try though... it may end up being too much in the background?? You asked for ideas, so there ya go!! Make that happen & I just might call you Superman. haha

    Oh and not that any of you will really really care but I finished that photo album I was working on for my mom when she & my dad went to Australia (and yes, they left me behind to go.. ha ha). lol Must say... its my best work yet so now my summer is officially free and looks like I'll be pretty bored til August. I put up a new post with the TC schedule. I'm getting excited!!!!!! :D