November 24, 2011

Game 11: Broncos Vs Chargers

Over the last 5 games the Broncos have gone 4-1. Last week the Broncos returned home after winning games on the road. They managed to get a big win on prime time last Thursday against a good team in the Jets. This week the Broncos are going on the road again to hopefully beat the Chargers. If the Broncos can beat the Chargers on the road they would have then beat all our division opponents in their own houses.

It is Charger week and I think it is about time we beat these guys. I can say we all hate the Raiders, there is nothing more distasteful, disgusting to a Bronco fan than the Raiders. But these Chargers or more specifically Philip Rivers are building our discontent towards them. The Chargers would be easily number 2 on our list of hated and in recent years the battles have been dirty. Whenever we play these two teams there are a lot of penalties and pushing and shoving. I expect this game to be close and hard fought.

I will say this, I hate the Raiders more but I have found it much easier to get material on the Chargers. They are just easier to pay out, the Raiders...well they just suck. So expect a lot of pictures in this one.

A word on Philip Rivers...dude WTF, man am I the only one sick of your crap. Your stupid faces and terrible play?

Oh sweet, I thought I was the only one. (I needed an excuse to use this picture :P)

Match Ups
Again it is Champ Vs Jackson, so far I think Champ has been winning this and I think that will continue.

This will be the first time we see Gates this year. I believe it will be Woodyard or DJ's job to cover him.

The Chargers O-Line is injured and playing backups. Our front 7, mainly Von Doom better have a field day against these guys.

The Chargers are struggling with injuries on both sides of the ball. For the offense I would like to see some better run blocking this week. The unit wasn't very good last week but that was to be expected against a good Jets defense. They should be able to open holes up for Willis to have a big day. Their pass protection was good last game I think they are improving.

Storming Mormon needs some touches!

Tebow needs to hit a few more passes. Watching the game last week it looks like Tebow is putting everything into the ball. His balls ain't really catchable. I think he is trying to hard and has been firing hard rocks. That isn't needed when throwing curl routes. He needs a bit more touch on the ball and then I think the completions will start happening. His accuracy last week were solid.

Why to watch
Tebow Time, baby, with a chance to put a fork deep into the Chargers' psyche and season, and keep Denver's division title hopes looking good. The Broncos are refreshed having last played on a Thursday night, while the Chargers remain in self-destruct mode.

Inside story
Who would have thought Tim Tebow would be one of the five best fourth-quarter QBs in the NFL, while Philip Rivers would lead the league in fourth-quarter interceptions? Do the Chargers have the will and determination -- to say nothing of the talent -- to stop the Broncos' run-heavy, option attack? The Broncos' pass rush will be a factor against the Chargers' faltering offensive line.

Injury Report
David Bruton (S) Achilles Limited
Cassius Vaughn (CB) Hamstring Limited Limited
Daniel Fells (TE) Concussion Limited Limited
Brian Dawkins (S) Ankle Full Full
Willis McGahee (RB) Hand Full Full
Julius Thomas (TE) Ankle Full Full

Malcom Floyd (WR), Hip, DNP
Tyronne Green (G), Hand, DNP
Marcus McNeill (T), Neck, DNP
Shaun Phillips (LB), Foot, Limited
Louis Vasquez (G), Ankle, DNP
Scott Mruczkowski(OL), Concussion, Injured Reserve
Luis Castillo (DE), Tibia, DNP
Marcus Gilchrist (CB), Hamstring, Full
Ryan Mathews (RB), Knee, DNP
Bront Bird (LB), Ankle, Full
Jacques Cesaire (DE), Knee, Full
Antonio Gates (TE), Not Injury Related, DNP

I said this one will be close expect Tebow to score late and put this game away. I am feeling a 24-14 score line. I think we can get 24 points if not more on this Chargers team. I wonder if they will run the option against the Chargers? Maybe, either way I think Decker, Royal and Thomas are in for a good day.

Go Broncos! Destroy the Sparkles! ~ Aussie.
Also for some reason I couldn't stop making these....


  1. BP is going to say something about all the cheerleader pics. I like them though LOL.
    I think we have a good shot at this one too. Why? Magic. What is the most important thing about magic? Distraction. Everyone on the planet is fixated on Tebow, but our defense is getting ignored pretty much. I have a feeling they are going to go wild. I can't wait. It's on TV here too!!!! Is it Sunday yet?

    Love the new pics on the Honor Wall. The McGahee one may be a little to close up. There were others that were the same thing only further away if you like them better. This one fine to me if you like it.

  2. On the Rivers pic I thought it was going to spell something downward, but couldn't figure out what it said. NOTHING! I am so blond.

  3. Haha I should have done something like that it would have been funny. Maybe an different order.

    I think the Chargers know how good our defense is but I doubt they can beat it.

    I will have a look for a better picture of Willis.

    Can't wait for Sunday!(monday) haha

  4. Haha. What time of day Mon.?

  5. Here.

    Guess what. I typed in Mile High salute and one of the pics was the one you did a few posts back of Orton. Did you make that one or find it?

  6. The game is at 4:15 so that is about 6am for me not bad. But I start my new job Monday, so I will be wrecked for it haha.

    That is a good photo. The problem is when I shrink it to the right size to fit in the sidebar it makes McGahee too small. What about this one?

    And that one of Orton going off into the sunset? Yeah I made that, if you look the Orton on his jersey is backwards :P

    Also one of the first ones I made and my favorite that I see everywhere is this one.

  7. That's the same pic as the one you have up now only a different angle. If it works on the cut down it looks great.
    That is one fat baby on the Rivers pic.

  8. Yeah I think I will give it a go with that pick and see how it turns out.

    The fat baby is what makes it so funny haha, Philip Rivers...

  9. How about that one of Willis? Better?

  10. Oh yeah! That looks great. Love it. I wish some of the pictures were in orange jerseys. Oh well, next year :)

  11. So do I, but there ain't enough good ones.

  12. Holy shit we know how to pull out a win!

  13. Hell ya we do. This becoming rather fun. I'm not complaining about any type of win ever again. I'll take it. Next up Minn. It's about a 3.5 hour drive from here and I can get tickets for about $85 apiece. Do I want to go or save $ for Christmas and watch it on TV? I think I have to go with save the $ and hopefully get the orange Miller jersey I put on my Christmas list.

  14. I will take them anyway I can. And that is s tough decision, see the Broncos live or get a Miller jersey? That's a toughie, also how awesome had Doom been! Now 5.5 sacks for the year, he should also get 10+ for the year.

  15. Wow, what a ending to that game. I was so nervous I couldn't even sit when it got to OT. Was at my raider fan friends house watching the game and he thinks I'm completely crazy, lol, maybe I am.... Crazy about this team & their rockin' defense. Holy macaroni & cheese, they are a ball of fire as of recent, lovin every minute of it ;)

    Gonna do my best to get the post game up by no later than tomorrow night. Work schedule is changing & its crazier than I am LOL

    And since I haven't been on here to comment, just gotta say I love the new pics of McGahee & the addition of Miller. I voted for him but couldn't get enough votes in. That kid is a freakin stud. Will be a HUGE playmaker for us, we'd be idiots to ever let him go (as long as he stays as hot as he has been all season). That sack on Rivers, man I could not stop laughing & cheering... all 3 of them. Those sacks were huge for us. Loved seeing Doom get in there & lay one on Rivers. I was just watching but it felt good to see Rivers fly into the ground ROFL.... Cannot remember the Chargers ever being this bad, they sure have gone belly up which is fine with me.

    Chiefs just suck... wait til Orton gets his butt in there. hahahahaha Omg, will have to show those games on comedy central cuz it'll be so funny. LOL A few KC fans that I often see think Orton will work magic in KC, I can't stop laughing when they say that. Are you kidding me?? I think they rigged the BBQ sauce around here, lol lol.... I'm on a roll, can't stop

    Catch ya later Broncomaniacs lol ;)

  16. You and your Raider friend are spending a lot of time together, no going to the dark side haha

    That write up tomorrow will be sweet.

    I am loving Von Doom! the Vikings better look out.

    I also think that is funny but we do the same thing. We think the new toy will always do better with us haha.

    And Digger I think I got away with the cheerleader pics as she didn't mention them :)

  17. Yet. Now that you said that, you'll hear about it from her. Her post game should be good because she is so excited. I hope it includes the SD kicker pissing on the sidelines. You're right she seems to be getting close to the edge, hanging out with a Raider friend this much.

    Orton may do alrighht as a Chief at first. Eventually he will regress to his old self.

  18. LOL, yeah right, me go to the dark side??? You guys must think I'm crazy, NEVER will I become one of "them".... I'm Orange & Blue for life. If he wasn't such a cool guy I wouldn't be spending this much time with him. I give him crap for being a raider fan all the time

    Ok, I promise the post game will be done today... spent all day yesterday with my raider friend LOL Was showing me how to play Madden, and I gotta say that game is SWEET!!! He got a 70 inch TV, holy cow, made the game even more ridiculous. haha

    The Von-Doom package we have is unbelievably awesome. I don't think the Viks can hold off these two. They are hungry for some fresh meat, ahaha, Von is a killer.

    Oh I noticed the stupid cheerleaders, just blew them off though lol, can't really stop you can I?? Nice try though :p

  19. The SD kicker was peeing on the sidelines??? ahahahaha, thanks for the info, probably peeing on himself for missing not 1, not 2 but 3 FGs bahahaha

    He knows he sucks, LOL, too funny

  20. Madden on 70 inch screen would be sick, maybe if we didn't call him the raider fan all the time may be better, if he had a name then we wouldn't have to refer to him as the raiders fan haha

    And we got to have cheerleaders, for every thousands of pictures of tebow there has to be some cheerleaders. If there were no cheerleaders then the NFL wouldn't be as big as it is now. Why? Because us men wouldn't have an excuse to watch other men run around in tights.

  21. What! You need an excuse to watch men in tights? I need cheerleader pictures 'cause I'm a perferted old man. I REALLY LIKE THE ONE ON THE LOWER LEFT. I won't go into details why because of BP, but yeah baby. I know you and your Raider friend are platonic right now BP but that's not where he wants you and him to be :). I know he's a Raider fan so I should't give a hoot about him, but take it easy on him, would you? He's an old guy who has met a good looking girl who likes football as much as he does, believe me he's whipped.

  22. Miller had surgery on his thumb.
    McGahee out sick.

  23. Madden on the 70 inch is sick... really sick. I can't even describe it, just awesome

    LOL @ Aussie. Whatever the reason you may need pics of cheerleaders, I know its a "guy thing" which is why I don't get it and I still think they're stupid. haha

    I know he really, really likes me. I can't tell you how many conversations we've had about that. I appreciate your concern & advice, believe I really do. I won't let it get out of hand. I'm unbelievably strong around guys, I can & have been able to handle him. Its bad enough I'm friends with a raider fan, I won't let it go any further, LOL... trust me.

    I swear that's against some kind of Bronco Law. ROFL And I just want to be friends, that's about all I can handle with a raider. By the way, his name is Jimmy...

    Goin to work now on the post game like I promised ;)

  24. That ain't good, we need both those guys, especially Miller. yikes......

  25. Man I hope both can still go, also a bonus of winning is that injuries hurt less, explains why our roster is so good right now.

    Haha I agree Digger, mmmm cheerleaders.

    And princess I had the same thoughts about Jimmy as digger did, but really didn't think it was my place to say, but we know you can held yourself.

    Hurry up with the post game! Haha