January 19, 2012

Broncos 2011 Review: Offense

The 2011 Broncos offense was the tale of two stories, or really two Quarterbacks, Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. With each taking a turn at the position the team went in slightly different directions, one preferring the pass and the other wanted to run. The Broncos had a productive year gaining over 5000 yards of total offense. That was mainly due to the number 1 ranked rushing attack that the Broncos put together once Tebow took the reins. The Broncos passing game on the other hand wasn't very good, especially when you look at these stats knowing that guys like Brees, Brady and Stafford went over 5000 yards passing by themselves.

The Broncos passing stats look like the following. In total between the two quarterbacks 429 passes well attended and only 217 passes were completed. That is a percentage of 50.6% of passes being completed. On those passes the Broncos gained 2434 yards at an average of 6.3 yards a catch and 152.1 yards a game. Definitely not the prettiest stats. The longest pass of the season went for 56 yards. The Quarterbacks threw 20 touchdowns and 13 intercepts on the year, not bad numbers. But the worst one was the amount of sacks that we took over the course of the year. In total the quarterbacks were knocked over 42 times for a lose of 274 yards. This will need to improve if we want to keep the QBs healthy.

The run game looks much nicer compared to the passing numbers. Over the season 546 run plays were called for a total of 2632 yards and an average 4.8 yards per carry (not to shabby). The longest run was for 60 yards and we had a running play go over 20+ yards 20 times this year. The big stat for me is that we averaged 164.5 yards a game this season which is an amazing total. We only managed 11 touchdowns on the ground though which I would hope improves next season. With these stats the backs also had 11 fumbles, 7 of which were lost. The backs will have to do a better job holding onto the ball next year.

Finally there are the receivers and their stats are of course very similar to the passing stats. The key stats to note are the total receiving yards which were 2708 (doesn't include yards lost for sacks as the passing does) for an average of 12.5 yards a reception. 20+ yard passes were completed 36 times and they averaged 169.3 yards a game which is a surprising low number, compared to the 249.2 yards our opponents averaged against us. The receivers also had 6 fumbles and lost 3, again hold onto the ball! The receivers managed to pick up 1010 yards after the catch but this is low compared to our opponents number of 1899 or is this a poor reflection on our defense?

The Broncos gained a total of 286 first downs this year, 129 by rushing, 130 by passing and 27 by penalty. They had 214 third down attempts and converted 66 of them at a 30.8%, this surprising isn't a bad number compared to the opponents 218 attended,73 made at 33.5%. One big area for improvement next season is in the penalty department. The Broncos were penalized 101 times for 842 yards. That is pretty much 8 and a half touchdowns given up by penalties. I would like to see this number halved next season.

There is some good and some bad here but there is definitely room for improvement on the offense for the 2012 season.

Individual Stats

Tim Tebow
Tebow had a good year starting most of the games for the Broncos and winning a lot of them. His passing numbers are not pretty but acceptable. They are as follows:

Tim Tebow271 12646.5 17296.4107.4 56124.462.23322572.9

Tebow's completion percentage was only 46.5 percent of his passes which is pretty low. He will need to get that up about 10 more points before I am happy with it. He needs to aim for 55% next season. Because of this his average yards a game suffered and so did the amount of passing touchdowns. What he did do well was protect the ball and not throw intercepts. Over 11.5 games he only had 6 intercepts and this compared to Orton's 7 over 4.5 games it is a good number. His QB rating of 72.9 is also nice compared to Orton's 75.7. Tebow also had 33 sacks which is about 3.3 a game where as Orton had 9 at about 2 a game. This I think is the reason why Orton had more intercepts then Tebow as he tried to get rid of the ball where as Tebow protected it. I think it was a good decision to change to Tebow. But there is massive room for Tebow to grow throwing the ball next year.

Tebow also had a really good year running the football. His stats are below:

Tim Tebow1226605.4325647.16235

Tebow's 660 yards were second on the team but he did lead the team with 6 touchdowns compared to McGahee's 4. His 5.4 yard average was also really good. His biggest problem is holding onto the ball, he had 6 fumbles and lost 2, improvement is needed in this area.

Kyle 'Fainting Goat' Orton
Orton had a rough start to the year and didn't have the nicest stats, check them out:

Kyle Orton1559158.79796.3186.05285.274.594975.7

Kyle Orton5173.413003.4002

Orton's 58.7% completion rate is where we want Tebow to get too with the ball. Orton was I say average if not OK as QB for this team, what did him in is the 7 intercepts in 4.5 games, Foxy didn't like that.

Willis McGahee
Had a great bounce back year and topped the rushing numbers for the Broncos.

Willis McGahee24911994.86010479.93352

His 4.8 yard average was very solid. He only had 4 touchdowns though, I would like to see him get some more. Plus get rid of those fumbles, having 3 and losing all 3 is bad.

His receiving number are also interesting, he didn't do much in total but when you realize he only had one completion from Tebow over those 11 games it makes you wonder what changed.

Lance 'Drops' Ball
Ball had a productive year on the ground as the number 2 after Knowshon went down.

Lance Ball964024.2342125.11125

Lance Ball16321489.313419.3111308

He had a solid average of 4.2 yards a carry and even got himself a touchdown. His receiver numbers were ok, but a RB that is targeted 32 times and only gets 16 catches is a not pretty. For example the Patriots game, was either 2 or 3 down he gets a check down pass thrown his way for the easy first but it bounces right off his hands. This happens too much for Ball and is one area I know Knowshon can improve for this team.

Spencer Larsen
The Storming Mormon, I think is under used in this offense. He has great hands and can run the football. Plus he was one of our best blockers this year. I hope to see him kept around for a few more years.

Spencer Larsen14443.16002.8003

Jeremiah Johnson
3rd string running back that only saw limited action towards the end of the season but I would like to see more of him, he just seems electric.

Jeremiah Johnson14775.525109.6004

Eric Decker
Was the top receiver for the Broncos this year. His number don't look impressive, none of the Broncos receivers do but they all did some nice things.

Eric Decker449561213.9856938.31118829

For Decker I love that he got 8 touchdowns this year. I think he is a big possession receiver that can be moved around a lot. But he will need to fix his stone hands that he ended the season with. He also had one carry, one incomplete pass and a punt return for a touchdown.

Demaryius Thomas
He didn't play the first half of the season due to injury but he came on really strong the second half of the year and in the post season.

Demaryius Thomas327055117.2447950.10011224

There is a lot of room for Thomas to grow next season and I would like too see his TD numbers improve. He is a big strong target in the endzone

Brandon Lloyd
Played only the first half of the season but still had better numbers then Royal did all year. I think he is the veteran presence that our current corp lacks.

Brandon Lloyd193328314.9044570.8104915

Matt Willis
Didn't get overly involved in the passing attack this year and was the 4th receiver on the roster, even he did better than Royal.

Matt Willis183626714.8142316.7009915

Again more TDs and getting more involved next season is a must or he will be replaced.

Daniel Fells
The only tight end to do anything significant this season.

Daniel Fells193125613.5332416.0218813

He did have 3 touchdowns this year but I expect the return of JT and improvement from Green will mean Fells becomes an after thought.

Eddie 'Jam Me' Royal
Oh Royal what has happened to thou.

Eddie Royal19491558.2126112.900698

Eddie Royal7486.911004.0003

Royal's numbers are bulimic, he really should do better as the oldest receiver on the roster. I don't know what has made him disappear this year but I do know he has struggled since last season to get off the jam/press. He needs to improve and take a normal sized contract if he wants to stay, but I doubt it, I don't expect him to be around come April.

The Big 5:
It is pretty hard to get statistics on these guys but I will say this I am really happy with their progress.

Ryan "Hold'em" Clady
Clady has talent, top ten talent but I think he lacks a bit of confidence. I think he still is a bit worried about that knee and this lead to a lot of holding calls on Clady. Hopefully with another full offseason he is more confident in himself going forward and he cleans up those penalties. Plus grow your hair back dude, you need that badassery back.

Zane 'Puller' Beadles
The amount of times I heard people say Beadles was a great puller I still can't believe I laugh everytime. For this reason alone he should be kept in the starting line-up. For most of the season he was the weak link in the offensive line but there is always one. He is an above-average guard that plays at a slightly lower level then the guys around him, but there is still improvement this is only his second year.

JD 'Trash Can' Walton
The Trash Can for me is the most improved player along the offensive line. He did look bad occasionally when he didn't get much help from Beadles but his play usually was top notch. The one thing I did notice is he struggled a little with NTs right over the top of him. He will need to get better dealing with these dudes and pushing the DL back. The difference from year one to year two was amazing and I am happy to kept him as our starter going forward.

Chris 'Franklin is a big motherf***er who can mess your leg up, can I play left guard?' Kuper
I hope he comes back at 100% as he is the leader of this squad and one of our best players. Also a big shout out to Russ for stepping up in the final few games after Kuper went down.

Orlando Franklin
The Big O didn't start the year off great in the passing game but improved out of sight over the year. There is still improvement to be made but he really took to the coaching and improved to the point that I am happy to keep him at RT.

In conclusion a very young group of offensive players that really only can get better. Hopefully with an offseason together and a bit of chemistry made this Broncos offense can produce big things in 2012. ~ Aussie.


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    JD Walton
    Orlando Franklin
    Quinton carter
    Demayrius Thomas
    Elvis Dumervil

    As nominations for the honor wall, should there be any others?

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