January 31, 2012

Pro Bowl Post Game

The Pro Bowl for the first time in awhile was an interesting or exciting game. There was no passion or desire in this game, no war at all. It was just the top talent that didn't make it to the Superbowl have some fun and throw the pigskin about and well it was entertaining. The final score was 59-41, a total of 100 points were scored! The AFC won the shoot out and once again showed the AFC has the better players (does this mean the Pats win the Superbowl?). This game resembled that of an college game. Where there is no defense and the offenses run wild and that was the case for most of this game. The 59 points by the AFC set a Pro Bowl mark, and the 100 points scored by the teams combined was the second highest, a touchdown shy of the 107 scored in 2004.

The NFC team took the early lead when Champ and Revis didn't bother to cover Fitzgerald on his two touchdowns. But then Brandon Marshall went into beast mode and caught 4 touchdown passes for a pro bowl record to give the AFC the lead. That plus the AFC defense tightening up a bit sealed the win for the AFC team.

Interesting to note Newton finished 9 of 27 for 186 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions, Tebow smiled at that.

Miller showing off his camera and Champ playing with his son (Sign that kid to a future contract!)

Broncos Players:
Six Broncos took part in the all-star game, and rookie Von Miller led the way on the defensive side of the ball, he had a team high six tackles and a sack. He should have had another one but he was not credited with the sack.

Champ Bailey recovered a fumble and made three tackles and Brian Dawkins chipped in two tackles for the winning AFC squad. It was good to see Dawkins still running around. I would like to see him back for another year.

Elvis Dumervil didn’t record any tackles in the game, he was too busy playing patty-cake with the O-Linemen.

On offense, Ryan Clady saw plenty of time along the offensive line, though most of it came at right tackle. Just like in Clady’s first Pro Bowl in 2010, the offensive linemen pick positions by seniority, so the fourth-year left tackle was pushed to the right side of the line.

Willis McGahee carried the ball four times for 23 yards, recording one catch for 20 more yards.

Actual there was 7 Broncos that took part in the all-star game. The other was not a player but the beloved red hot cheerleader Becky. Thanks for doing the Broncos proud.

That is it for now. I will have a few more review pieces in the coming days. ~ Aussie.

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