February 7, 2012

Broncos 2011 Review: Draft Picks

Last years draft class looks to have been a success and has provided the team with a number of good quality players to move forward with. The Broncos made a total of 9 selections in the draft and each player is still currently with the team. Their seasons and information are as follows:

Von Miller - 1st Round, 2nd overall

Miller was selected with the 2nd pick in the draft and with that comes a lot of expected greatest. Which I believe Miller lived up to. He was the phenomenon and worth the 2nd pick and ever penny on his contract. I think Miller was the best player to come out of the draft this year...until he got hurt and had to wear the cast. If Miller can stay health and he continues to progress his sack numbers could be crazy high in the foreseeable future. His season totals are below:

Von Miller50146411.5778400002000

All I want Miller to do is become a complete linebacker. Learn to play the run and drop into coverage. Then he may become one of the greatest to ever play the position. It will be interesting to note how Del Rio uses Miller on defense next year.

Rahim Moore - 2nd Round - 45th overall

I dubbed Moore as Rahim 'Miss' Moore 'Tackles'. The number one reason he was benched was because he could not tackle. He started the year off well with the big highlight hit against the Bills but soon faded after that. I do not know why really? He took poor angles and struggled wrapping up the ball carry and there was no real reason for this. For now I am putting it down to nervous, lack of confidence and Rookieness. He will need to improve if he wishes to see the field again and not be another 2nd round bust.

Rahim Moore283310.00121181800100

Like I said Moore has talent, that is why he was drafted. But to play defense in the NFL you have to tackle. Till he learns that he will ride the bench and if he doesn't work it out in a year or two Champ will be playing in his FS spot.

Orlando Franklin - 2nd Round - 46th overall

Orlando was taking with the very next pick after Moore in the draft. The Big O didn't start the year off great in the passing game but improved out of sight as the year progressed. There is still adjustments and improvements to be made but he really took to the coaching and took his play to the point that I am happy to keep him at RT.

Nate Irving - 3rd Round - 67th overall

As hard as it has been to find a replacement QB for Elway it has been just as hard finding a replacement MLB for Wilson. Irving was the next great hope at MLB for the Broncos. His first year was a wash though. He played mostly special teams and barley saw the field. Even though the player ahead of him struggled all year long and lead the team in missed tackles. But I still have hope for Irving for two reasons. One it is hard to play MLB in the NFL, you have to be the QB of the defense and it takes time to learn opposing offensives, what calls need to be made and in what situations, running the D. The second is I have a feeling Irving was red shirted in much the same way as JT (Julius Thomas). Coach Fox has given Irving the year to get accustomed to the game and the defense. I expect big things in Training Camp this year.

Quinton Carter - 4th Round -108th overall

For me Carter was the pick of the draft. My reasoning being when you pick second overall you are meant to hit big with that pick and we did with Miller. In the 4th round it is a bit of skill and luck. To get a player of Carters calibre in the 4th round was a great pick. Carter started the year on the bench but with Moore's struggles and Dawkins injuries he saw pretty of playing time. Which he excelled at, he is a force over the middle and he tackles correctly most of the time.

Quinton Carter4511561.040000000000

For me he is too slow to play Free Safety, I see him as more of a banger like Dawkins at strong safety. For next season I want Carter to keep improving and learning the defense. And also carry over those picks from the playoffs into the regular season would be a big plus. But number one learn not to lead with your head to tackle, I would hate to see you in a wheelchair. Hit'em hard but with the shoulder.

Julius Thomas - 4th Round - 129th overall

Going into the season Thomas was known as a player with a high ceiling but a lot of work to do. It showed, Thomas struggled greatly with the blocking aspect of his position. He caught a few balls before he sustained a high ankle sprain injury and he struggled to return to the field for the rest of the season. Fox effectively red shirted Thomas for the year to get him more use to the physicality of the NFL and to hopefully understand the nuances of his position.

Moving forward this next season could be make or break for Thomas. If he can't make it physically in the NFL then he probably never will. Some of that is mental and it will be on him to over come it. He has talent and I would like to see him succeed.

Mike Mohamed - 6th Round - 189th overall

Mohamed had an interesting year. After being drafted he was released by the Broncos at the end of September. But was signed to the practice squad the following day. This is where he stayed till the end of November when he was moved to the active roster. His play was limited to that of special teams.

When you get later down in the draft it is hard for these players to make it in the NFL as most lack that raw athleticism that the NFL players have and Mohamed is one of them. If Mohamed can continue to improve and get better he may one day find himself in the starting rotation. For now he needs to continue his work and excel on special teams.

Virgil Green - 7th Round - 204th overall
Green is a little different to Mohamed in the sense he is extreme physically gifted but had a bit of an injury cloud. Green played the entire year for the Broncos and was one of their better blockers at the TE position. He only caught 3 passes on the year and will look to improve that. Green is not the biggest TE, he is in that tweener mold between WR and TE, much like Shannon Sharpe but he is more than fast enough. The saying 'too fast for LBs, too big for safeties' comes to mind with Green.

His ceiling like JT is very high and the Broncos FO I believe really likes him. Hopefully we see him get a bit more improved in the passing game this coming year.

Jeremy Beal - 7th Round - 247th overall

Beal had much the same year as Mohamed did. After being drafted he was released by the Broncos on the final cut day. The next day he was signed to the practice squad. He was the only drafted player to not make the first day roster of 53. Beal was signed to a future contract at the end of the year and will be back fighting for a position on the Broncos in 2012.

Beal going forward has a lot of work to do. He is a sack machine but has timed really slow for what ever reason. He needs a big camp and preseason to get a position otherwise he will go back on the PS or be released into obscurity.

Make sure to chill out and relax as FA is coming. ~ Aussie.


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    I've ALWAYS hated the Patriots. Get on my last nerve.......

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    Yeah they get on everyones nervous because they are always in it. Hopefully sometime soon the Broncos are in the Superbowl :)

  4. Yep, making good money for my little self. lol They are brutal hours... good thing I only have those hours once a week. My original schedule was set up to have me start at 4:30 three days in a row. I said NO freakin way is that happening. So got it changed so that I only have it once. I only did for church & football on Sundays haha I get off in time I can make it to at least part of a service and then it the schedule had started while football was still going on and I would've had to work through several Bronco games. No way is that happening. lol

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  5. I don't even need to see highlights of the game. Just knowing the Pats blew it, cause I know they had the lead for a long time, is satisfying enough haha

    Next year's SB would be a good start for us. lol I'm ready for the big win again, bring it!!

  6. I didn't mean moving in the sense of moving home, I meant career path, changing jobs. But you covered that anyway.

    I won't expect you to leave your mom, but you do need to get back to colorando haha Bronco country!

    And that is an interesting career path, a airport officer, is that like a customs officer or a security guard for the airport? But I know you would be a bad mofo no matter what ;)

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    It would be interesting and really I'm not sure I'll go through with it but I'm seriously considering it if this other potential job doesn't work out. I guess you could look at like a security guard for the airport but they're dressed just like a typical police officer you see. Not even sure what all they address at the airport other than handling insane people who try to bring guns through security or cause scenes or make threats. In general, its a pretty quiet airport, not a lot of activity in the sense of passengers acting nuts like you would see more often at the LA airport or in NYC... the bigger cities.

    I just need to make sure I really want to go through with it. Was thinking if that's what I ended up doing, I could stick with it for about a year or so at least and if/when we ever get back to CO then I could try to transfer with that job and work for the airport police in Denver. A lot more action than what the officers see here. I know that for a fact. Just can't seem to decide if I'd really like it or not. Just determined to follow in my dad's footsteps is all. There's nothing right now that I would just absolutely LOVE to do. Might as well kick some butt while figuring it out LOL

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  8. It can't be too bad, there has to be something enteraining in Missouri to do?

    It would be an interesting job to do and probably pretty quite where you are, but when it goes down it could get a bit crazy. But it could be a good stop gap while you work out what you want to do. At least with this position you would be able to frisk Tebow next time he comes through ;)

    Haha I thought you would like that, I know your sweet and bubbly but when it goes down hulk Ashley comes out haha, either way you should be fine with whatever you do.

  9. Oh and what did your dad do for a living that you want to follow in his footsteps?

  10. I promise you there really is nothing exciting to do here in Missouri. The most entertainment you get is 4 hours away in a town called Branson. I've never really been to the Lake of the Ozarks but I got a lake in my backyard, whoop dee doo!! lol People ask me what fun stuff there's to do in MO and I draw a blank.... go check out the farms??? LOL

    Got that right, when stuff goes down at the airport, its pure craziness. And funny thing is right now, its all happened on my days off. One day a lady tried to go through security with 2 film canisters filled with marijuana like it was no big deal. Police came and had to arrest her. Apparently it wasn't a big charge because she was able to leave on her flight the next day cause I saw her and was told the whole story. Insane....

    lol I don't know about being able to frisk Tebow. The officers get to escort the buses they travel on to & from the stadium to hotels & back to the airport and when some teams come through the actual terminals there's a few officers standing by in case some crazy fan tries to bull rush one of them lol I might be able to get more privileges with that job when it comes to that stuff than what I do know. Although seeing the entire team so up close when I worked their charter, I was in 7th heaven. I literally could've reached my arm out & touched Tebow if I was nuts enough LOL Probably would've got fired though... so worth it haha

    I wouldn't exactly say I'm bubbly. I just don't come across as a threat to most people right off the bat. Takes a lot to tick me off but when I am, you best watch your back. lol Hulk Ashley, that's a new one

    He was a police officer... Just never had the guts to go through with it I guess lol His dad was an officer too

  11. Haha there has too be something fun to do but I guess if you live there long enough you probably have done it all.

    That is too funny, some people do the stupidest things.

    Escorting the team would be pretty sick.

    I figured your dad was an officer, I am pretty sure you have told me that before. What does your mum think? I would except that she would be concerned being your mother and all but supportive.

  12. Howdy.
    What's up BP? Or should I say BA?
    Iwas reading your resume above and could help but think that if you get an airport security job you could end up doing cavity searches. Sweet gig. Dream the dream.
    4 hours from Branson and about 4 hours from Digger. My daughter is only like 1 hour away though. She's in Des Moines. I think you two would hit it off well. She is much like you sound like you are. My wife and I went down there a couple of weeks ago to visit her and meet her new boyfriend. I missed the turn, next thing you know we see a sign that says welcome to Misery. Just kidding, Missouri. It took an extra 2 hours to get to Des Moines. I'm such a dizzy blond.

  13. Wahaha missed the turn off... I bet your wife is never going to let you forget that one.

    Cavity search = win, if it is Tebow ;) otherwise :( haha

  14. No cavity search is not = win, even if it is Tebow.

    You are correct sir, I will never live that one down.

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    Your daughter sounds like a cool person

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  21. That sucks BP. At least it's just the sniffles. Flu is going around up here. I got my shot, but yeah. B.A. was for badass. She is a cool person. She was working at Hooters and worked her way up into a management position, but left there to go back to bartending. She loves that. Interacting with people. I keep thinking she will get sick of it. Drunk people annoy me now that I'm older. For now though, she's getting by on her personality and good looks. That won't last forever. As long as she's happy, her Mom and I are happy. I wish she was closer, but she hates small town life (not that Des Moines is that big either). She'll be 25 in a couple of months.