July 2, 2012

Broncos sign K Matt Prater

It has officially been done. The Denver Broncos signed Matt Prater today with a four-year deal worth $13 million. The contract included a $3 million signing bonus. John Elway released this statement on the announcement.

"Happy to announce we have signed kicker Matt Prater to a new four-year deal. This was the final piece in setting our roster for camp, and we are thrilled Matt is going to be a Bronco for a long time. Matt has developed into one of the NFL’s elite kickers and is a big part of our team."

Elway went on to say that "This was the final piece in setting our roster for camp, and we are thrilled Matt is going to be a Bronco for a long time," via Twitter.

Prater, who took over as Denver's primary kicker in 2008 following the departure of Jason Elam, had an eventful 2011 season.

Four of the eight Broncos victories in 2011 came on Prater field goals, and two of his overtime kicks(52 yds. at Miami and 51 yds. vs. Chicago) tie for the third and fifth-longest overtime field goals in NFL history. Prater also kicked a 59-yard field goal against the Bears to send the game to OT. He also was named the AFC's Special Teams Player of the Month for his December performances.

Prater converted 19-of-25 field goals and all 30 extra point attempts last season. He led the team with 87 total points and finished first in the NFL with his 70.1 touchback percentage on kickoffs.

"It feels amazing, it's something I've worked for since I was a little kid," Prater said Monday. "I'm super excited and very thankful to Mr. Bowlen, Mr. Elway, and the entire organization."

"As far as the process, it's kind of tough, especially when the practices started because I wanted to be there. But in the end I knew it was gonna get done.

"The Broncos made it pretty easy, my agent (Frank Bauer) did a great job. I'm excited to be back."

Denver had used its franchise tag on Prater earlier in the offseason, but the seventh-year kicker had not signed the one-year, $2.654M deal, instead skipping the team's recent OTAs with negotiations ongoing. The two sides had faced a July 16 deadline to agree to a long-term deal.

Prater has been sensational as a Bronco. He seems to be getting better each year. He has converted more than 80 percent of his field goal attempts (90-of-112 / 80.4%) in five seasons. The key to Prater’s game is his confidence. He has made 28-of-29 fields goals attempted in the fourth quarter or overtime.

During his time with the Broncos, the soon-to-be 28-year-old has been remarkably effective from between 30-39 yards (23 of 24) and beyond 50 yards (10 of 13), but has oddly struggled on short kicks (15 of 17 from 20-29 yards) and from 40-49 yards (12 of 23). Last season, Prater was a woeful 3-for-7 from that longish range.

Prater has a monster leg. Prater has the highest field goal percentage from 50-plus yards in NFL history. He has made 12-of-16 career attempts in that range.

Similarly, Prater was more successful on FG attempts at home (10 of 12) than he was on the road (9 of 13).

Entering his sixth NFL season, Prater now ranks second in Broncos' history with the 80.4 percent field goal conversion rate, just behind Jason Elam (80.6 percent).

The Broncos signed Prater off the Dolphins practice squad in 2007.

The deal ensures Prater will be with the team when training camp opens with physicals and meetings July 25. The first two-a-day session will be July 26.

"Those guys are the best in the business," Prater said. "I love working with those guys and I actually missed just being here and hanging out with those guys. I’m excited to get back and working with them."

With a long-term contract inked, Prater is ready to focus on the upcoming season with no distractions about the future.

"I can’t even put into words how I feel right now – how excited and thankful I am,” Prater said. “We have a great group of guys from top to bottom from the head coach down so it’s going to be a lot of fun."

Only two Broncos remain unsigned: second-round choice Brock Osweiler and third-rounder Ronnie Hillman.

Prater is a great resigning ~ Aussie.


  1. FINALLY!!!!!!!! Enough said about this other than happy to see Prater will continue to be a Bronco

    Sorry guys I've been MIA, busy with work & hangin out with friends. Will be gone for (hopefully) about a week starting this Sun or Monday. If my boss can get my hours covered I'll be gone a week. If not, I'll be back on Wednesday. Going back out to CO for my aunt's birthday, on Wed lol

    I'm still trying to work on those articles I said I would do. I haven't forgotten about them. Time consuming and just need to find the time.

    Catch you guys later

  2. Hey Princess, we figured as much.

    Whenever you do those articles will be great.

    Also have fun at your aunt's bday and wish a happy one for me.

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  5. You G, you planning on signing up for the fantasy keeper league?

  6. I think he's on vacation or something.

  7. Yes been away for a while on holidays.

    Yes Jazzy I am in for fantasy football.

    Also bummer about Doom, we will wait and see where it goes.

  8. I trust him when he said, "The truth will come out." That to me says he's not worried about what happened to be detrimental to the team and neither should we.

    Is it winter in Australia?

  9. As do I.

    Yes it is winter here and it has been bloody cold.

    Also guess where I went for my vacation, it beings with an H, ends with i and takes forever to get there from Australia.

  10. Report out big money offered to Clady:


    Broncos visiting victims of the Aurora shootings.


    Cool to see B-Dawk hanging with the team.

  11. Yo G, Do me a favor and sign up as soon as you can for the broncos fantasy league. We need to get everyone signed up asap so we can set a draft date. Spread the word!!!! AND COME ON CLADY!!!! AND COME BACK B-DAWK!

  12. Ok will do Jazzy, I will do it once I get home.

  13. Hey Jazzy all signed up.

    Do I have to tell you my keepers?

  14. there should be a way for you to pick your keepers from the league page. I will confirm that it is what you think it is as far as compensation, and we will go from there. But you can also tell me on here just for the sake of telling. We are still missing 4 guys, you think you can help me hunt them down?

  15. Give us the names and I will try to remember where each is from.

    Ok cool I will have to have a look at my keepers later.

  16. Damn you went to Hawaii when it's winter there?

  17. Yep went to Hawaii but it was in the summer . It is winter here where I am. So I went from 0-5 degree days to 30+. Nice and toasty.

    Only problem with it being summer is there is no surf! Winter in Hawaii is surprisingly better!

  18. You butt!!!! You went to Hawaii???? Not cool man, NOT cool. One place I have always wanted to go


  19. Well, McGahee's Mauraders aka darrin p just emailed me and said he doesnt have the time this year, so he is out. So I am looking for a new owner for his team. Playmaker7 is always super hard to get in touch with, We might have to replace him too if we cant find him. Jet Li's finest is my brother, he takes forever to do stuff, bug time slacker. The last guy my cousin said he will find out from him. So really just Playmaker7. hmmmmmmmm. I know he used to be on db.com. I have him on facebook, but he rarely checks that. And same goes for anyone else in the league, shoot me your keepers from the yahoo league site. Lwts see how this new method they put in works.

  20. By when Jazzy? I can't tonight.

  21. The Princess lives! Yes it was quite nice but it does remind me a lot of our own Gold Coast. Great weather, great beaches and heaps of pretty women :P

    Well Jazzy ask Princess to do it :P Digger could ask the guys over at DBTF if any of them is interested.

  22. I do have one offer out to another broncos friend of mine. If she doesn't want in or if anyone else drops out then we will ask at the other site. I would love it if princess would play, but I know she is not fantasy football playing girl. If you do change your mind princess, let me know.

    And digger, do it when you feel confident in who you want to keep, but same as last year, just make sure it is at least 3 days before the draft.

  23. 3 days before the draft got it :)

  24. Yes I live on and on lol Glad you had a good time but I'm jealous

    Probably won't talk me into it haha Hopefully will be busy with a new job. My mom's supervisor offered me a part time job working the ramp for United so today I had to fly up to Cleveland and do a physical, turn in a bunch of paperwork for my FBI background check and some other tests. I'll know tomorrow hopefully whether I passed the physical. Only major thing I've been worried about, a couple of days for the other stuff.

    And then tomorrow my wisdom teeth are coming out. And I found out I have 5 wisdom teeth not just 4. lol Got a little baby tooth under the one that hurt the whole time I was out in CO. Will be out a week to recover per Dr.s orders... Life is so peachy ain't it!.......

  25. I appreciate the offer Jazzy, just not sure right now if I would have the time. And if I did, like you said, I'm just not a fantasy football girl. So don't count on me

  26. Wow, new job Princess, I am hoping that is great news. Plus you not pass a physical...I highly doubt haha

    Getting your wisdom teeth out is not going to be fun. But you do get to have ice cream and custard for a week :)

  27. So it looks like we have one more drop out in the league. But the other drop outs spot has been taken. So you guys are welcome to find one bronco faithful fantasy owner who would be willing to play for hopefully more than just one year. And as for you G, You just have to make the draft this year. You are on a streak.

  28. It is good news. I'm excited, need something different. lol You would be surprised how tough that physical was. Wasn't super hard but no piece of cake either. There have been a lot of men & women who haven't passed it. They make it towards your advantage but you still have to work hard to get high scores. Was quite the experience

    Yeah I'm not looking forward to this other than the ice cream lol just ready for it to be over with and get to sleep in for a week and be a bum haha before I'll be on the go go go for training. 3 weeks of it... yipee......

  29. Princess hmm? haha

    I will do my best Jazzy but if I draft my own team then I will surely dominated the competition haha.

  30. Glad to hear it Princess. What you have to do? Run a mile, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 chin ups etc?

    A week off before three weeks of hard training will be good. But don't pack on the pounds with all that ice cream lols.

  31. Not even close. Hard to explain but they strap you to three different machines, one to test your lower back strength, your legs & your arms. The equipment is hooked up to a machine that adjusts to your strength and you have to do 2 sets of 5 reps and while doing so the machine puts resistance on you forcing you to push and pull against the machine. And there's a computer where you can see the marks you get as your doing everything. Tough to explain, much different than what you're thinking

  32. lol I won't, I'll probably hardly eat anything

  33. Ok resistance type machines. That is pretty cool, must have been fun being a lab rat trying out the machines.

  34. It was interesting, I would've had more fun if a big job wasn't on the line for it lol

  35. Come on I bet you ace'd it with ease. The super physical Princess, half woman, half raider destroying machine.

  36. LOL we'll see, I hope I did. Hopefully I'll know tomorrow, gonna be a long day tomorrow

  37. Well it at least is another day closer to Training camp! :)

  38. Heck yeah!!!!!!!!!! Bout freakin time, going crazy over here.

    Deprived of football.......

  39. I know I can't wait to see and start talking some real football again.